Christy Mack Responds

NL-Thank you Christy

Christy writes- It would be kinda hard for me to get 20,000-30,000 likes on nearly every Instagram photo(except those of my dog) if I bought my number, wouldn’t it?

It would also be hard for me to receive over 400 tweets an hour when I’m active on Twitter, with 300-400 favorites, and another 200 retweets on photos of my dog.

Go ahead, verify ALL of my social networks. I haven’t bought a single follower.


  1. MrFake

    Plenty of girls get the same amount of likes and favorites as you do without getting the amount of followers you somehow gain in 10,000 chunks.
    BTY, how do you explain that?
    Dear christy those of us that keep up with these things know you can buy likes too!
    My biggest issue with you is that you claim not to care about such things (even make fun of other girls for it) yet lie, cheat and scam behind everyone’s back.
    For a girl who doesn’t care you sure seem to have learned a lot in the last 3 days?

  2. AlixJabber

    For me Christy Mack is the most beautiful & sexy girl on the planet, she is perfect for me, perfect boobs,ass, face, eyes, pussy, smile, personnality, she is funny, adorable, smart, her voice is so sexy…I like her style, everything.

    So, she doesn’t need to pay me to follow her on twitter & like her pics…it’s just ridiculous…

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