Manwin Responds to Thylmann’s Arrest

NL- Manwin issues a statement which says basically, nothing…

"Manwin’s managing partner is currently the subject of an investigation by the German tax authorities and accordingly, no conclusion was reached in this matter—as of the date of this release.

Manwin’s global operations remain unaffected and, as is customary with our company, we will not comment on pending legal matters.
At this time, we request that the media respects the privacy of Manwin associates, employees, as well as their families.
We are grateful for the support we received, and look forward to having this matter resolved. Until then, there will be no further comments."


  1. Larry Horse

    Like I’ve said before, this story reeks, this guy cannot be that stupid. I would like some journalists in Canada track down the three guys who started Brazzers, wonder if the German tax guys talked to them, same with the IRS. Is the old IRS case between Manwin and the Feds available to read? Are those cases, even if its a settlement, open for foi requests? I wish we could find Mr Whiteacre a few million for a budget to make a movie about this stuff, it would be a hell of a movie.

  2. Karmafan

    I posted the entire news story about Manwin/IRS and their trying to hide who really owns it here 2 years ago. All traces of the article seem to have disappeared.

  3. Larry Horse

    I remember that story. These three guys from Canada all have the same sort of blog style where they try to sound legit, there must be a connection between these guys and what has happened. Anyone know anyone who shot for them before Fabian took over?

  4. Karmafan

    I remember the IRS tracked the owners back to some sort of mid east gangsters or terrorists but was hard to figure out who really owned the company because of all the shell corporations.

  5. Larry Horse

    On the one document there is a lot of money coming or going from Israeli banks, and big money with Canadian banks. I think there was a reference or inference to money laundering.

  6. Before it was Manwin it was Mansef and mansef got hit for illegal wire transfers to isreal…..they forfieted 12.5M and agreed to sell off the company

    enter Fabian who supposedly bought mansef and renamed it manwin

    now that fabian is in jail….who steps up as front man…..Feras Antoon who was president of Mansef

    Today a lot came out in Die Welt its not looking good for scumbag Fabian or for Manwin

  7. Larry Horse

    I am thinking Fabian is the fool more than the Fuhrer, looks like he brought in money…but it was money to a group of people who needed to get lost for a while after the IRS hit. Has anyone seen any of the three Canucks who ran Mansef, also if you look at Manwin’s Canada people, they are all from the same college, Concordia in Montreal. This story needs a legit no bullshit journalist on this side of the ocean to pry into this shit, one with access and one who wont get killed.

  8. Jerkuliscious

    Well, French Canadians are always my fall back option if something can’t be blamed on Jews, so the 2 in cahoots would make sense.

  9. Larry Horse

    These guys do not seem to be Quebecois, Jews? I am thinking East Europeans or maybe there really is a Cyrpiot connection, there was porn billing to Cyprus before Mansef/Manwin. I think Concordia is a “white” school ie English dominated.

  10. Michael Whiteacre

    Thylmann has been released on bond. Of course, brilliant legal analyst Mike South previously reckoned that he didn’t think Fabian would be out of jail until next Christmas, due to the severity of the charges against him. LOL

  11. Larry Horse

    There is a great story behind this, maybe the Germans can unravel this. I have always speculated that Fabian was behind the big torrent bust in the Ukraine a couple of years ago, I am thinking now that it was one group of gangsters putting another out of business, but the ones going out of business were not with Manwin. Odd thing is that gangsterism is not a German tradition…well outside of the official gangsterism of the Stasi of East Germany and of course the Nazis.

  12. Bill

    @ Mike South

    Hey Mike, can you shed some light on who this Michael ‘WhoCares’ Whiteacre is?
    I see that he is a big blabber mouth on this forum, but what does he do?

  13. Michael Whiteacre

    How does ‘what I do’ have any relevance to me pointing out that you’re a fanboi retard who simply regurgitates things he’s read on other sites?

    What the fuck do you do? Let’s see your face, troll.

  14. jeremysteele11

    Come on, this Bill is Coco Loco y Estupido… the holiday lonliness is hitting her hard so she’s one woman gangbanging on Michael.

  15. Jerkuliscious

    Holiday is not till Tuesday. No way she had enough dough to get an adequate amount of boxed White Zin to last from Friday to Wednesday. By this time tomorrow the withdrawals will be setting in, and the real ugliness starts.

  16. Larry Horse

    I guess Nick East’s book is available free. Monica is still around? Fabian is having a white Christmas, wonder if he’ll drop dimes on the real criminals behind Manwin.

  17. jeremysteele11

    Nick should make his book free, so he can read more people telling him how aweful it is. His prediction that his scripted “insights” would make him a millionaire have fallen about $999,960.00 short.

  18. Larry Horse

    Nick wrote that book in 2005? Jeez, I think we all should get it to put it ahead of those crap books Luke wrote, especially his weird crypto-Jewish crap. Why didnt he pick a real slacker religion, being an Orthodox Jew is hard work and Luke is actually a born schnorrer.

  19. jeremysteele11

    I checked amazon and you’re right, Larry, it says it’s free on kindle.

    This book is so stupid, annoying, boring and gay, just read his promo ( Nick hates gayness and sees it in everything whether it’s real or not, but acts so gay and doesn’t see it in himself, including that tranny he insisted was a hot chick. Strange):

    “What would you do if an angel asked you to write a book? Would you do it? Would you sit down and take the time to write your story and be painstakingly honest in your account? Well, I was suckered into it somehow, and this autobiography is the result! I never wanted to write it—I really didn’t—but my guardian angel asked me so nicely that… Anyway, now it’s too late to turn back. Oh well… If you’re up for it, come with me on a magical roller coaster ride to real worlds, imaginary worlds, Grateful Dead shows, run-ins with the law, the adult porn industry, soul mates (notice the pluralization), and trips all around the country. I hope you enjoy! — Michael Scott Turner”

    And how pathetic, Nick East has to review his own book to try to generate interest.

    4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    “Spiritual Journey Begins Here” August 22, 2006
    By Stone and Mortar
    “A friend convinced me to read this book, and at first I was skeptical. It was a very interesting look into the life of someone outside of the mainstream, but strangely familiar to all those who thought they were “lost” at one time in their life. The insight of the author’s own internal journey is an inspiration for others.”

  20. jeremysteele11

    i forgot to mention its batshit crazy, in case u cant tell…. coco mofo said its amazing and changed her life which is even more proof it sucks… so order your own free copy of the orión compass today

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