Dave Cummings on Piracy, Swinging & Condoms

 BY:  Dave Cummings-Porn Star
Nov, 2012

The piracy continues and seems to have a strong chokehold on many companies,
performers, crew, and other players in porn production -why shoot when you
might not even recover production costs, let alone make a profit! The
numbers of performers and productions has thinned considerably. My personal
access to sex via porn shoots is way down, almost nonexistent lately.
Thankfully, swinging continues in what seems like an expanding way, so I
have access to sex via that avenue.

The piracy has made my face more readily recognized as more and more folks
wrongly download porn from the Internet. Yesterday, during my daily exercise
walk on the beach boardwalk while wearing sunglasses and a hat for privacy,
I was approached four different times by porn consumers who recognized me
from downloaded adult films they had obtained off of the Internet. No, I
didn’t get any action from it, but last night a groupie coed brought a new
dorm girl by to show her that she actually knew me, and yes they both gave
me head before they went back to study; being an older porn star sometimes
helps me get laid by women who are into the "daddy thing" (Elegant Angel has
a whole series titled "It’s a Daddy Thing", and yes I’ve performed in a
couple of them).  Last night at a local happy hour, a military guy
approached me to ask a number of the usual porn questions—Do the girls
really cum, how do we prevent getting HIV/STDs, and how could he get into
porn. I guess it was good that I had ordered a salad, rather than having my
meal get cold while he fired off questions galore; I left early, just to
regain some privacy to be alone with my best friend, namely "ME".

At a couple’s house for a swinging party last week, instead of the normal
"go  slow" and early socializing that often happens, sex erupted within the
first 30 minutes. Parties with experienced swinger couples who have long ago
set their personal rules and boundaries, and have good communication skills
between themselves really seem to enjoy the No Strings Attached sex that
abounds. On my way home, I realized that I received oral from six of the
ladies, and had repeated vaginal sex with one of them much of the evening
(her guy enjoyed watching her, and I later noticed them having intercourse
in a stand-up doggie position in the laundry room off of the kitchen). Yes,
the pot luck food was good, too.

Well, the voters of Los Angeles County opted on Nov 6th for mandatory
condoms in porn shoots, something most of us porn people are not happy
about. I imagine that a lot of the remaining producers who still shoot in
spite of piracy are now reviewing their varied options. California and New
Hampshire are the two only States where porn production is legal. A lot of
insider people at last week’s Free Speech Coalition Summit were
brainstorming alternatives to dealing with or complying with the condoms
mandate. I sense that this will not be easily or quickly resolved. Between
the negative effects of piracy and the financial mess of mandatory condoms,
porn production as a business seems stressed.

The Xmas holiday season is approaching quickly. Drive safely, use sun block
even during this time of year, and enjoy life and family.

Dave Cummings

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  1. jeremysteele11

    Interesting. So Dave says swinging is on the upswing because perhaps porn is on the downswing? Do swinging girls give blowjobs with condoms on? What about latex gloves for handjobs? Dental jams? I figured by the title of this that swinging and condoms would be mentioned in relation to each other, but they were only mentioned separately. I still don’t buy this “voters choose condoms” vote. I still think money rigged this just like it riggs everything else. According to the California Secretary of State’s website, which is the official center for vote results, there are 3,334,495 votes that remain unprocessed in regards to Prop 37, which was struck down, allowing Monsanto and other corporate sociopaths to keep the public from knowing about the genetically altered foods they’re eating. Looking at the most recent report on the Prop 37 results, Prop 37 is trailing by 585,464 votes…. so how can Prop 37 have lost by half a million votes when over 3 million haven’t been counted yet???? Since Presidential elections have been proven rigged then anything goes anywhere. I just saw “The Dictator” movie, which is a real jackass flick, but near the end he makes some profound and insightful quotes about our so-called “democracy”, comparing Dick Cheney to other fallen dictators, and pointing out the horrible contradictions of our actions versus what it is we supposedly are and stand for as a “free” and “democratic” nation.. that we are no better than any dictatorship. We should keep that in mind in regards to our bogus elections, as well.

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