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NL-Interesting thread on GFY.com  This is only a small part of the discussion. Go read the whole thing here http://gfy.com/showthread.php?t=1081438

Mike writes
-This deserves its own thread…remember where I told you to please deny that you offered Derrick Burts 10K to recant?

Your response:

Mike, I sleep. Weird, I know. And no, I offered neither 10k nor any other amount to Derrick.

Feeding bullshit is fun. I am bored sometimes, just happens…


Now Im gonna show you for the lying scumbag you are

On Sep 5th, 2012 You contacted Derrick Burts and told him that he had valuable information but that Manwin was not the right company to get consulting from him. You then refered him to James Lee and told Derrick that James would sign a contract with him to help campaign against AHF. You told him that James lee was awaiting his call. You said that his offer was "higher than anything AHF would pay him"

On September 10 at around 7PM after meeting with James Lee Derrick told you personally that he would not recant everything as you wished because everything he said was the truth and that there is "no price on someones health and safety"

Now you might say you didn’t offer to pay Derrick anything but we all know who is paying James Lee and you personally contacted Derrick to send him to James Lee and told him James Lee would pay him

So what does all this prove?

It proves once again that your word is shit, you are a lying scumbag.

What say you now Fabian?


Nathan-1) You asked me if I offered Derrick Burts 10k.
2) I said no, I did not.
3) You then prove me wrong by saying that I told Derrick that Manwin is not the right entity to get consulting from him, but since James Lee runs the campaign against the condom campaign from AHF he likely is a good one to talk to.

Specifically what I said was: "Your experience with everything I think is very valuable to someone working directly against the condom initiative. We (Manwin) are not the right person to get consulting from you."

Your reasoning is as awesome as always… you have claimed I pay James Lee, thus I am James Lee, thus I offered 10k…

FSC’s campaign against the initiative is supported by multiple parties, inside and outside of the industry. So it was hardly me that offered him 10k to work together with them and help them get the message across.

What James Lee asked him to do I have no idea. I definitely did not ask him to "recant".

BTW, one thing might be of interest to some people here too, which you have not mentioned… I told him that we are not the right entity to hire him after HE ASKED ME if I wanted to offer him more than AHF is paying him.

I had originally emailed him a week or two earlier because I never heard his side of his case’s story from himself directly. He started talking about AHF paying him.

Just so people do not put words in my mouth again… I am not saying Derrick was paid by the AHF to lie! He simply was paid by the AHF to help them campaign against the industry.

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  1. Michael Whiteacre

    So let’s get this straight — Derrick Burts, who is being paid by AHF to help them hurt the adult industry, is on such friendly terms with Mike South that South publishes his emails and salutes him on his site.

  2. Michael Whiteacre

    And here we go .. from a press release by the campaign against Measure B today:

    Derrick Burts had previously been in discussions with the No on Government Waste Committee seeking compensation of $10,000 in order to not appear in any AHF ads and campaign materials.

    “Mr. Burts had previously been in discussions with us in order to be paid $10,000 by the opponents to Measure B. Even though he agreed to the amount and be paid, the Committee eventually decided not to complete the agreement, nor make any payments,” [communications director James] Lee said. “Burts had disclosed to us that AHF had previously paid approximately $7,500 for his support and he indicated he wanted more money. We can only assume that Mr. Weinstein met his demands for increased compensation after shopping himself around to the highest bidder.”

    Lee further disclosed the Committee had also been informed that Darren James had been compensated by AHF and that AHF had approached other performers in a blatant attempt to throw money at people in tough economic conditions in order to take advantage of them.

    “It’s worth asking if AHF can find a single performer who has not been paid by them to come forward and be a passionate advocate for a measure that taxpayers and the business community, especially outside of the adult entertainment industry, are beginning to seriously question,” Lee said.

  3. You can try and paint me any way you like but I prefer the truth, and for the fSC to say they refused to work with Derrick is an all out lie. I have the documentation proving it was Derrick that said no thanks.

    Derrick has no reason at all to like me nor I him, Im the guy that outed him remember, all I care about are the facts and the fact is you idiots are violating the most basic of PR rules and its going to cost you big time. Never ever try to drag the little guys through the mud thats EXACTLY what AHF wants you to do….It may not ring hollow in porn circles but the people who vote will empathize and hand you your ass.

    Didn’t anyone over there take a single poly sci class?

    While we are at it since Diane and James Lee are so for the cause Im sure they wont mind foregoing their payments for this…RIGHT????

  4. Michael Whiteacre

    1) Derrick Burts, who’s being paid by AHF, has EVERY REASON to like what you’re up to — you run an anti-FSC website. That’s why AHF flunkies like Burts are talking to you and sending you information. You’re an AHF mouthpiece.

    2) Derrick Burts is a conniving liar with a long civil and criminal court record (he’s currently on probation). He has changed his story more than once and he weaseled out of taking a polygraph test when he couldn’t change the questions to his liking.

    3) I took more than one PolySci class — I have a degree in Political Science from a great school, New York University, and it leads me to conclude you’re full of shit hillbilly boy.

    4) It’s “forgoing” as in ‘to give up or renounce,’ not “foregoing” as in ‘what came before this.’ Idiot.

  5. Well moron I reckon you need to brush up. because the strategy of dragging derrick and darren through the mud will back fire on you. thats basic PR right there, never beat up the little guy.

    You may accuse derrick of lying but I have the documented paper straight from Fabian hisownself. so whatever he did in the past he is telling the truth here and the FSC isnt AND they know it.

    and look I know you are a complete idiot and a fool but to say I support AHF is as ludicrous as saying I support the FSC. You are both playing games and neither of you gives a rats ass about the talent.

    You wanna continue go right ahead….the day after the election its all moot.

  6. Michael Whiteacre

    Wow, you’re actually trying to spin this story on AHF’s behalf to say that it’s not relevant to Burts’ credibility that he was soliciting and fielding offers from AHF’s opponent earlier this month?

    Mike South, AHF apologist.

  7. Michael Whiteacre

    South to Fabian on GFY (with corrected grammar): “Derrick may be paid by AHF to tell the truth, your offer…ahem James Lee’s offer, was for him to lie….”

    So, according to Mike South, Derrick “RentBoy” Burts is telling the truth on behalf of AHF.

    Mike South, AHF supporter.

  8. PeterRomeroxxx

    So Fabian steals content from Producer’s in Porn valley and post all that has been stolen on TUBESITES, and then try’s to run all the testing agencies in the industry, and then pay’s 50 thousand a month to peformer’s through the Fucking Stupid Clowns (FSC). Sounds like Manwin is trying to put that hand in some peoples cookie jar’s. How much do you get Whiteacre?

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