Sledge Hammer’s Autopsy Report is in…

NL- I’m not going to make a medical diagnosis, but from that little bit of information it sounds to me like he was choked, threw up and was gasping for air and breathed it in. So sad and unnecessary…

by maria elena fernandez, christine Pelisek

A Los Angeles porn actor who mysteriously died in April after he was Tasered by police suffered “neck trauma,” according to new findings released by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office. In making its determination, the coroner’s office also said it could not rule how 39-year-old Marland Anderson—who went by the porn name Sledge Hammer—was injured, leaving the manner of death as “undetermined.”

The Coroner’s findings list “neck compression” as well as “acute anoxic encephalopathy and aspiration pneumonia” as the final cause of death. LAPD Commander Andrew Smith said the department’s Force Investigation Division is reviewing the incident. "We are conducting an investigation into this incident,” he said. “That investigation is not yet complete. We cannot discuss an investigation that has yet to be completed.”


  1. RickMadrid

    LAPD is sure fucking up BIG time this week, One lady thrown to the ground twice on a traffic stop, handcuffed, and on camera, 2 officer’s pulled from the street and reassigned and one Commander depromoted, and another woman died in custody in South Central LA in the back seat of a police car, and another guy in Venice beating for skateboarding on the wrong side of the street. Sounds like the 90’s are coming back to LA.

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