Mr Marcus Has Stage TWO Syph

This is part of an interview Marcus did with the Daily Beast  where he says he has stage 2 syph, perhaps thats why the shot didn’t work?

Read the whole thing here DailyBeast by Richard Abowitz

Q: What were the symptoms that sent you to the doctor in the first place?

A: What I noticed is that I was getting a rash, which turned out to be stage two. So, stage one came and went, and I was only recognizing stage two.

Q: So, you didn’t notice anything was wrong until you were already in stage two?

A: Right.

Q: Do you have any idea how many people you had been with while you were contagious?

A: Before I got the shot, I don’t know. I don’t know. I wasn’t working as frequently as some new guy or something. But I had some scenes. I could say a handful a scenes, a handful of girls. I don’t know the number specifically. We are trying to find out. It could be 10 or less.

Q: Then you also did three scenes, according to reports, when your test was still positive where you altered the test. Do you know how many of these people have tested positive for syphilis?

A: No one has come up positive for syphilis. There is no one I’ve been with who had it.

Q: So, as far as you know, even today, you don’t know of a single person you exposed who got the disease?

A: Right.

Q: How hard was it to fake a test?

A: Honestly, it wasn’t that hard at all. I sat in my office. I had a copy of the test. I literally folded it once. It made me pause. And, I decided to make a copy of the test, and that made it look like a regular test. That was stupid. It wasn’t necessary. All I had to do was explain that I had taken the shot and I had been treated. I could have explained it. But I thought it would be a lot harder to explain it. It was very bad judgment.


  1. Michael Whiteacre

    Geez Cindi — you ask, “perhaps that’s why the shot didn’t work?”

    We have NO evidence that the shot didn’t work. No evidence has yet been disclosed that he infected anyone at all, but certainly not after he took the antibiotic treatment.

    It is generally assumed, however, that, since he contracted it some time before his July 12 diagnosis, he probably infected some people — but we still do not know how/when he got it, or whether or not it was he who brought it into the US industry.

    From what I’ve been reading, the average time between exposure and the appearance of a second stage rash is about 7 – 12 weeks (this is an average, and the period can be even longer). If his rash began around July 10, we could be looking at potential transmissions going back to the beginning of May or earlier.

  2. chichiladouche

    Michael I wonder when the production date is on this one?

    (NL-Link goes to 404 error now)

    I’m blown away they allowed him to film when it was obvious at the time that SOMETHING was wrong.

    Bang Bros uses a lot of Florida based talent, do you know if that group of talent is being offered the shot or being advised to get tested. Have South Florida companies stopped shooting as well?

  3. Michael Whiteacre

    I can’t see the link, but I’ve already seen some awful pics like that of Marcus. It blows me away, too.

    Yes, Florida talent are being offered the shot and advised to get tested. I don’t know who, if anyone, is shooting in Florida, but I assume some (non-Manwin-afiliated companies) are.

    The mission now is Identify, Treat, Interview, Repeat. People who are known first and generation exposures to Marcus have been contacted, as have others who worked with him early on in instances where it may not yet be determinable whether he gave it to them, they to him, or whether they were co-exposed by a third party.

    While it’s certainly unfortunate to hear of performers being notified and diagnosed positive (albeit, with a curable STI), I take comfort in the fact that it indicates that the genealogy of the outbreak is being constructed, so that the spread can be curtailed. This process would have been a whole lot easier if people had worked together, but it is advancing.

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