Kick Start Your Adult Project with FleshStarter


By Erika Icon

from YNOT – After his adult-oriented projects were rejected by mainstream crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, Jack Campbell set out to start a crowdfunding platform that wouldn’t turn up its nose at sex. The result,, is expected to debut Aug. 10.

At launch, according to Campbell, the site will contain more than 30 projects seeking funds. The first 30 were submitted within 48 hours of a previous pre-launch notice.

“Our whole team is just as excited and enthusiastic as possible at the amazing initial response we are getting from across the adult, LGBT and other marginalized communities not presently served by mainstream crowdfunding sites,” said Campbell, chief executive officer of pleasure product company Ntimate Inc. “At this rate, it is clear to us that there is an enormous pool of creative talent in this sector in dire need of early funding to get their projects going. And we are happy to be able to provide a modern, robust platform that gives them access to the crowdfunding method.”

More than a year in development, FleshStarter accepts a broad range of projects —from DVDs to websites to anime and animation to naughty lingerie and adult novelties. Each project is allowed to present a pitch video, a main project image and short descriptions that are PG-rated for public viewing. To access the site’s interior and view more detailed project pages — some of which may display explicit materials — visitors must register and verify their ages.

Campbell said FleshStarter works much like mainstream market leader Kickstarter: Projects post a funding goal and offer rewards to those who pledge specific amounts. Funds are collected and disbursed only if the project’s funding goal is met or exceeded within a specified time period. The all-or-nothing method encourages participants to push their projects via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) and other self-promotional and marketing strategies. The site takes a percentage of the project funds raised.

For more information or to submit a project, visit


  1. derangedfunk

    offbeatr launched Aug 9th from what i can tell, and it appears that they are fully capable of accepting credit cards and all that?

    why does jack say that they are the only ones? their site is delayed now til the 27th?


  2. mcforlife

    Well offbeatr launched but fleshstarter still may be the better product. for many reasons. from what I heard fleshstarter takes checks to fund which is more secure than credit card.

    secondly the site design is clean, it reminds me more of kickstarter which is nice.

    And i bet fleshstarter will have a lot more projects when they do launch. sure there’s delays but its probably because the project creators are spending a lot more time to create awesome projects rather than letting any old project on.

    Looking forward to the awesome launch, they said htey had over 40 projects in 2 days when the announced.. so im expecting some big things..

    Im getting my wallet ready for this one.

  3. derangedfunk

    I am not particular to any product – but I do know design and functional when I see it. Its hard not to choke up my dinner when looking at fleshstarter and trying to take it seriously.

    Offbeatr has a good idea of what they are doing from a usability standpoint and user experience perspective. It is logical, and seems to function well. Fleshstarter appears to be fraught with errors, and other missing links and other basic elements that should go into a website.

    How do you figure that accepting checks is more secure than credit card? Are you f&@king insane? You have zero guarantee on any ACH transactions. At least with credit cards, VISA/MC/Discover/Amex covers your transactions in the event of fraud. None of that with Checks/eChecks.

    As far as their site being clean, at first glance it might be, but once your eyes adjust to the shock of having their corneas shocked into temporary blindness, you will realize that they seemed to make an attempt to rip off kickstarter, and did a piss-poor job of it at that.

    Finally, from what I can see, they have launched. There isn’t anything on their site. How do they expect to keep people on their site?

    On last inspection of their FAQ’s, did you notice how they pretty much state that payments to the project creators from pledgers is on the honor system?


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