It’s Not Easy To Piss Me Off…

It’s not easy to piss me off. But you can do it. Many have tried and failed! But a few this week have done it!

In over 20 years time I have experienced  most of the good and the bad things that happen in this biz. I’ve dealt with the good guys, and the bad guys. I’ve been treated well, and treated like shit. I’ve talked to people in the biz who were the utmost in professional, and those that didn’t have a clue. I’ve interviewed the best in the biz and girls who didn’t know what to say, so they said things that were majorly bad for their careers. But in general, I kept the bad to myself, and what I put out was the good, the positive. Not saying everything I talked about was a promotion piece. I certainly like my share of gossip. BUT, I am thinking of using my expereince to teach lessons. How not to suck, like don’t flake on an interiview!  How to show that you are a responsible person and commited to your career. How to promote  yourself. What not to talk about during an interview. Just a late night thought. LMK what you think.

More to come. this is just a rough….


  1. AIPChristina

    As a fellow interviewer, I feel your pain on people who flake. Many of them I have actually gotten an interview out of but it was sometimes like pulling teeth. I stay pretty patient though, especially when I really want to have an interview to post from this person or I know they will give a good interview. Of course, I have been disappointed by other interviews that were prompt because the person I interviewed gave quick answers and didn’t elaborate. Obviously we both have some stories we could share. I won’t name names though because I don’t know what is going on with some of these people when they flake on an interview.

  2. Jerkuliscious

    Print what they give you. If they give a great interview, then good. If they give you a shit interview, then fuck em. If you are trying to rip them up and get them to say fucked up stuff, that’s one thing, but if you ask something simple, and they go off into left field, that is their problem. People will see you did nothing wrong, and the only people that will steer clear are the fucked up ones that know they gonna flake or say stupid shit that they shouldn’t.

    If the messes get outted as messes, maybe there will be less messes. If they are coddled and the fuck ups ignored, then there is no reason for change.

  3. Larry Horse

    Some get it, some do not. There was this chick on Stern one time who came in with Gianna Michaels. They played Wheel of Sex. It came up on an act that included High Pitch Eric, she flaked and would said she would do something else. Gianna got left in the cold because Howard and Bababooey stopped the bit. It was simple, do the act and get plugs for their websites. What a dumbass. People who usually say dumbass things to you in interviews say things like that to people who make decisions, so I dont think you are hurting them…unless you know or can tell they are impaired.

  4. Sandy Bunz

    I is rare that I have ever seen you loose yopur
    cool either in person or on your writings. Keep your chin up—Sandy Bunz

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