Triple X Modelz Up For Sale

Randy Dean here with Triple X Modelz and Skin Talent Models

We want to release the sale of these two companies! Triple X Modelz is closing its doors and will not reopen in definitely! These to domains are up for sale. If you would like to buys these domains please contact us at 818.564.6714 and we will discuss price thank you

Randy Dean
Talent Director
Triple X Modelz


  1. Jerkuliscious

    Quite interesting, as I’ve been considering expanding my internet portfolio. I am willing to start the bidding at a 12pack of PBR cans and a half pint of Majorska Vodka. If the models come with the deal, my offer lowers to a 6-pack of Golden Anniversary.

  2. RickMadrid

    This is here is Randy Kaupos. He scamming away and trying to come up like the Filthy Methed ” out” wood that he is. Adios Amigos..

  3. RickMadrid

    Don’t even think about trying to buy this 4 girl talent agency. Talk to Nadia Night about his real “winner”. Looking to find some estupid sucker out there and its not even worth it. What a pathetic fucking joke.

  4. candycumz

    Hey everyone my name is Candy Cums and guess who gave me this name ?? Randy Dean/Randy Kaupos!! Hahaha bet u woulda never guessed !! Well I am here to inform all that this guy Randy is a SCAM & CON ARTIST !! IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN MY WHOLE STOREY ABOUT WHAT HAPPEND WITH ME AND RANDY U CAN EMAIL ME @ !! But this I do want all to know he is a ex druggie and he lives in a narcodics annonomouse house LMAO and claims he owns 3 x druggie homes as well as xxxmodelz!! Also don’t let this guy take pics of u cuz he will go to angeles forest LMAO in the woods but they will look good until he tells u he “lost” ur pics they magicly deleted outta his phone !! Well anywho I have a lotta dirt on this guy so plz feel free to email me to here my whole storey !!

  5. Jerkuliscious

    You didn’t fall for the audition BJ in the woods didja?

    XXXporntalk dot com has a section called the Shit List, which was developed to post stories about the Porn Industries shit heels. You should post your tale there.

  6. triplexmodelz1

    luke is back 
    Candy Cums
    Barbie Taylor 

    Wow you guys wanna talk all kinds of shit on me! Your track hookers and you have pimps! Oh yeah men of leisure (Pimps) ! Check it out the only other time i have responded to a blog was what rick madrid said about me which i thought was funny and i think this is funny! All you guys have nothing better to do! Look i can say this! I have never lied,used or ever treated you girls with disrespect! Ive always been up front about everything! And everything i have ever said to you was truth! And no one can say different! Rick Madrid hates me over 50 bucks i didnt pay him for a scene he did and made an armature mistake and he did came fully inside of isabel caruso! But i do thing a certain way and it works! You guys can keep talking crap about me and thats fine! I didn’t realize that im so important to all of you!  Wow arent i special! Now to candy cums your a player and you have a pimp and i saw that first hand when we went to vegas! Which because of your and barbie taylors games and lies was a failure! You and barbie taylor! Didn’t you leave one of your sister hookers there because she didnt act right? Yes you did! And even barbie taylor left the day before we left because of all your drama? Yes she did! Didnt you and barbie taylor create a scene in front of my hotel door? Yes you guys did! And you want to talk shit! Ok got to much time on your hands your pimp dee isnt doing his job very well is he

    Now on to another lower form of things namely ******** stage name Dawn Summers
    When i met you were living with this guy stuart and when i interviewed you at stuarts apartment dawn and stuart told me that dawn was escorting and they were seeing each other. And Dawn Summers is calling me a pimp.I have no ties of friends who own escorting companies nor do i condone that. I know alot of agencies do that but i dont! Dawn,Kidda Nightly (Who Has Mental Issues) were both doing that out of stuarts house! Then Dawn Summers told  me all kinds of lies about Chris Jordan from Kiss Talent! Which were untrue and i did call dawn out on her crap !Dawn Chris couldn’t get you work so chris dropped you off at dic pusani (tony davis) and he had you working as an escort! Then you went to this dude scott and he couldnt get you any work! Huh seeing a pattern here! Then scott calls me and hands you off to me! I went and interviewed you put you up on the triple x web site! Everyone that i tried passed on you! Wow surprising!  Then since we were together i decided that you could be useful in doing other things! Then things were not going any where with this and you were  escorting which you have gotten in trouble for in Washington way before me.  so what do you do you break up with me like you did with stuart and latch yourself to one of my roommates! See a pattern here! Isn’t that funny! Dawn you played me and i was the dumb ass and let it happen! Your a con woman,liar and you get men to care and love you then when stuff gets hard or doesn’t go your way then take off and create a bunch of drama! Well then after we broke up you still want to be on my roster after the crap you have said to me! Sure you were for 12 hours then i woke up and pulled you! I even did a press release about you becoming apart of this industry on management level! 

    Nadia Night
    Didnt i book you with Playboy TV for a main stream shoot? Yes i did! The friday you were on set the production team fell behind and you got all upset because you didnt get your scene done and you called me to complain and i did tell you this wasnt a adult style shoot and i did tell you that? Yes i did! Now they booked you for another day for a shoot and you went and when you were done with your scene you wanted to leave and they haven’t finished and i did tell you that you had to stay! Now i got a call from jennifer the line producer for playboy tv calls me about your disruptive behavior and you being demanding to Jennifer’s assistant Noel and jennifer did tell me that you smelt of liquor and said that she thought you were drugs as well! Well your attitude and your behavior has put your name on the do not book list for playboy Tv . Now they were suppose to pay you for your time! You got a cab and left before they had a chance to pay you! So they called me and they said they would mail it to my home office.It never came! So on my way to vegas and It was a while since they said they were sending a check to you and i did everything i could so i said to you and i quote verbatim “ok nadia i will do you the favor since we are friends (so she said) ill go ahead and have a check cut for you money out of my pocket when i get back from vegas! I got home and the next day you called me and very rudely demanded that i pay you! After the verbal attack i had to endure for the third time from you i told you to go to playboy tv and get it yourself after i told you that i was removing you from triple x modelz roster. And i did have to cancel a couple mainstream shoots i had set up for you! Then a lot of texting went on and you said some stuff and i said some stuff. Then you text me that your friends wanted to talk to me. Well nadia i found out from one our mutual friends that you were dating a member or you were hanging out with outlaw motorcycle club so i took that as a threat.  Now it would have gone better if you didn’t have an attitude and come off crazy!  But you played a drama roll that i do not tolerate! So goodbye nadia night!!

    John (Red) Forbush
    After 6 months in state prison on a parole violation for selling credit card numbers to hackers i had no contact with guy then he texts me out of the blue! Well we start talking again and i did see a change in the guy! Well he wanted to his own modeling agency! and iI told him i didn’t think it was a good idea for him to do it because he has no idea what he is doing! And when model has sex with him he falls all in love like what happened with summer winters! Now the last time he worked as a recruiter for me! But his attitude and his mind is as of a thief! I would talk to him and he would ask what i thought of skimming from the female talent and his words and i quote ( whats the limit that i can ask for commissions i want to take 35 to 59%)! Then he got in touch with scott ready and got him to give you a job and quit the one i got for him! So we speak shortly after that! So he would call to ask questions and stuff always had a scamming thieving twist! Well this guy has been to prison putting a $200 hit out on a burbank cop! The guy he tried to pay to do it went to the Burbank police and told on him. The last conversation i had with him i guess he went to work with this producer scott ready and be was talking about stealing web site code from this guy! Look i said it before and ill say one last time john Red Forbush owns Sexy Modelz will scam you and he will lie to you! And he will try to rip you off. This guy is the fraud! He doesn’t even know how to run a talent agency nor dies he even know how to run a production or a company! This guy you really want to stay away from! His criminal rap sheet has that hit on a cop and the rest is all identity theft, running profiles and scams! 

    Now everything i have stated in this is factual and can be proven! I have always been on the up and up. Now i do admit i have made mistakes in this industry I’m only human! But you know i wont stop! Your words will never hurt me! And you can say what you want about me and make me look bad! There are three principals that i live my entire life by! And trust me I’m not perfect far from that! Those principals are honesty,loyalty and integrity! So that being said ill end with this! Hatred is an ugly thing! Haters just want to be you but are scared of the reality and success and haters keep hating and talk crap about you because they know they will never be you! So guys keep that hatred going cause its taking so far in life. You guys are a bunch of little high school girls who keep trying ti steal each other boyfriends! Grow up and speak the truth!

    Randy Dean Kaupos
    Triple X Modelz

  7. RobfromMarketing

    I don’t know what’s worse, trying to read Rick “Straight division” Madrid’s garble, or the posts from some of the folks in this thread.

  8. red

    This is red about this… Randy is a dope Fein. Still owes me to this day for talent I recruited for him I let it slide… Because he was broke… All the money that came in he smoked away I regret ever meeting this guy I figured if tommy Gunn knew him he must be legit boy was I wrong. about the 200 dollar bull shit I don’t hathis charge on my jacket. My father said if you lie with doggs you wake up with flees. Randy dean aka randy kaupos aka Dick Johnson aka randy Johnson from triple x models skin talent models evil ink talent or any new scam companies you are a scam a liar a sociopath and a thief. Also what identity th heft nevser been charged with that either. I have 1 felony for a terrorist threats case which I never threatened a sole. I have misdemeanor switch blade knife possetion charge. The reason Nadia didn’t get paid is you picked up the money and told them u would pay her. You didn’t your a thief. If you change the water the glass remains the same I advise everyone not to buy theses domains you will get the bad reputation they have. Randy claims he knows all these people most of which he met of sexy jobs and model Latham the other half he doesn’t know let’s expose randy Creighton for the fraud he is that’s his true ame so

  9. red

    Randy exposed me to crystal meth I’ve never done that before I’m in recovery. This guys old investor john is nice he gave me a job and a place tolive. Randy is so legit in the adult industry he lives out of a back pack moving place to place smoking meth changing his names and his domains. Doing test scenes. Now I have better things to do then this. Bye

  10. candycumz

    To Randy Kaupos !! First off from the start I don’t have a pimp or boyfriend ha ha and neither does Barbie Taylor !! And second u don’t have proof of nothing lmao the most u have is txt and just to let u know its kinda funny how all these different people who don’t know eachother are all talking about rip offs u have done and all kinds of stuff and please do not get me started u fucking perverted lie’n no good female mind manipulater !! YOU ARE AN OLD MAN ON DRUGS OR AN X DRUGGIE BLACK MAILING AND MAKING GIRLS PROSTITUTE AND ALL KINDS OF BS !! ITS FUNNY HOW I HAVE GOTTIN EMAIL REPLYS ABOUT U RANDY AND CHRIS TOLD ME WHAT HE DID TO U LMFAO HA LOOSER U AIN’T EVEN GOT A FULL SET OF WHITE TEETH AND U SAY UR IN UR MID 30’S !! I HAVE TXT MESSAGES AND I ALSO HAVE A COPY OF THE PAPERS HE HAD ME SIGN !! AND I ALSO WILL HAVE SOMETHING DONE ABOUT UR SCAMING ASS !!

  11. candycumz

    818-477-7594(randy) Look I’m upset ! I dig you and d but I can’t deal with all this! I’m trying to give you a better life! I’m not built for that style of living! The whole purpose of this trip is to make money and dawn and I are tired,horny and grumpy! I’m trying to get you and Barbie rolling but I’m tripping a little ya know!! I’m not trying to be a dick! Im drinking alot because I want to have a good time. Not trying to deal with drama!! REMEMBER THIS TXT IN VEGAS RANDY OR THE BS LIE U TOLD US HOW U MADE US EACH OUR OWN WEBSITES FOR $6,500 THAT U NEVER MADE !!

  12. Third Axis

    Wow, this is like some kind of Squidbilly slugfest. It amazes me how these kind of people find each other. Must be fate.

    “…fucking perverted lie’n no good female mind manipulater !!”

    Must’ve penetrated right through her tinfoil turban, and into the core of her thinkin’ matrix.

  13. Jerkuliscious

    In light of the recently disclosed facts, I am now lowering my offer to a 40oz of Steel Reserve and a Peach Philly Blunt that may or may not be stale. I suggest you react quickly to this offer, because at 5PM tomorrow, my best and final will be a skunked tall can of Bud Light Ice.

  14. RickMadrid

    I’ll second that! I’ll Lower my bid to two cans of 211 and a dime of Crystal. And the can’s will be hot.

  15. triplexmodelz1

    Check it out dude i never once exposed you to anything and your lies and your criminal acts will put you right behind bars once again. See what you dont seem to realize is that i owe you nothing! And everyone in this industry will be weary of you! Your a scam artist and a con man!

  16. triplexmodelz1

    @rick madrid
    Dude you dont have room to talk! You are like a little girl who has just lost her virginty! Wah wah wah. Thats all you do rick madrid your a hater just like red,candy cums and dawn summers! All you guys know how to do is talk smack and be haters! Never can you back up nothing you say!

  17. triplexmodelz1

    @candy Cums
    Your just mad cause your a lieing drama track hoe who cant get off the street long enough to do this dee dont have you working enough huh! Yeah right

  18. triplexmodelz1

    So this will be my last statement! Your all liars and haters and you have any proof that i am what you say i am then prove it! Have an awesome life and farewell to you all! You guys are nothing but haters and wanna bes and im so glad ive moved up to better things! Hey rick madrid your a punk and a hater and did not tell the whole truth about why you didnt get that other 50 bucks did you! Your an amature and a lame

  19. RickMadrid

    There are alot of Loose adult’s in LA these days. Especially men. I just don’t know why?? Maybe the guys are spending to much time in WeHo.

  20. Third Axis

    Gee, “Say-sar,” or “Rick Madrid,” or whateverthefuck your name is this week, didn’t you work for this backwoods dipshit originally from Missouri? Wait, isn’t that the same state where your awesome agency, MIDNIGHT STUDIOS, the Production Division of Creative Artists Media Group Incorporated, is “headquartered.” Yeah, it’s located in Nevada, Missouri—the teeming heart of the porn industry in “The Show Me State.”

    Your agent must surely have his finger on the pulse of what’s happenin’ there in MO. I can see why L.A. scares the shit outta you, poser. You and Randy definitely have a lot in common.

  21. Third Axis

    Maybe your awesome agent will let you set up a “Straight Division” in West Hollywood some day. But first you’ll have to wait until the statute of limitations runs out on your various legal “indiscretions.”

  22. RickMadrid

    Hey fat ass Third Axis with a small cock in Temecula. What do you mean Nevada, Missouri? He has office’s in Manhattan and the CEO lives in Nevada, Missouri. He is putting another office up in Beverly Hills too. Tell us the Statue of limitation of what? Its all being taking care of with Attorney’s asshole.

  23. Third Axis

    I’m laughing, Say-sar.

    And your use of “Attorney’s asshole” is pretty funny too. If you can’t figure it out for yourself, ask somebody who’s relatively smart.

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