Sex With Animals…

Having sex with animals is pretty much illegal in the U.S. Not so all over the world though. As a matter of fact in San Antero, it is celebrated. What do you think of sex with animals?

Bestiality is a rite of passage in San Antero, a small town in Northern Columbia. 
During Festival del Burro, Donkeys are dressed up with makeup and wigs and paraded through town. Then the males in the town celebrate the holiday by having sex with the donkeys. For many male San Antero teenagers, the donkey is their "first" sexual conquest.

At this year’s celebration there were donkeys dressed up and Obama & Shakira. I wonder which one was more popular with the boys?


  1. Google is your friend…a search would have told you that this is complete urban myth

    There is a donkey festival but it does not include sex with donkeys….good lord

    NL-Well then The Economist and hundreds of others have it wrong. I checked plenty to make sure.

  2. jeremysteele11

    I was in a porno called “Eat at the Blue Fox” which narrates about a live donkey sex show )where Tijuana “entertainers” would have sex with them). From what I’ve read though, the Tijuana story about live donkey sex shows is urban legend. However, in Columbia, this is an actual festival which acknowledges sex with donkeys as a necessarily prelude to becoming “experienced” and not so nervous before trying to mate a female.

  3. jeremysteele11

    Ok Cindi. It’s over. Goodbye. Delete my responses to Chelsea Romero’s aliases. Why don’t you give this site to Rick Madrid.

  4. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL

    I have to disagree Mr I used to go to boys town on the other side with my crew and they had a donkey show. And a pig show..It was a very controlled environment as far as the animals were concerned..kinda of gross..Ciudad Acuna, Mexico Now i haven’t been back since the Zetas took over so i don’t no if they still do it..

  5. what i said was that the festival del burro in san antero it is in fact urban legend that they have sex with the donkeys.only a few sites that have questionable rep report it as such and its a carbon copy of cindis story.

    the more reputable sites point out that its urban legend

  6. RickMadrid

    OK!! I’ll take it and hire chelsea as my cheif moderator and get rid of Third Axis. And get more better interveiws on here. Seeya Jeremy Steal…

  7. Third Axis

    Aww, gee, MavRick. Do you feel some kind of threat from me? That’s probably because myself, and Jeremy, are the only regular posters on here who call you on your stupid shit. Like your empty, bitch whining death threats from last year, tough guy. You’re a little jail-bait bitch, taking it from barely bigger bitches in the Towers. What happened there, MavRick? Never stepped up to Dan Leal or anybody else, did ya? Empty talk, you stupid mouth-breather. And still having trouble bringing wood, I’m sure. Well, except in the circle jerk with thirteen other bukkake mopes to help your visual. Retard. Best for you to stay in Florida with the other raft refugees. Oh, and how’s that $10,000 gig workin out for ya, softie?

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