Riley Steele Will Be Missed-UPDATE

NL-Riley Steele Tweets-"Come on guys it was all in good fun I am not quitting or retiring I love porn and theres no way I’m leaving DP"   Well I gotta say crying while you are talking is an odd way to make a joke video….  Me thinks you just changed your mind and are now trying to blow off the vid. Which is fine with me. Didn’t want you to leave at all!


NL-Riley Steele is an asset to the porn industry. With her drop dead gorgeous good looks and sweetness, plus her comic acting ability and sexy scenes, she will be missed. I hope she reconsiders and is grabbed up by another company. She has already proved though, that she can make it in sexy mainstream movies and might just have a new career in the softer genre.

Jesse Jane & Riley Steele photo by Chris Broddy of Sugar Bear Media


Xbiz writes- VAN NUYS, Calif. — Riley Steele, the Digital Playground contract star, has called it quits.

In a feed tonight on her MobyPicture site, Steele said: "I just wanted to post an audio stating that I am quitting porn. I am not going to be do anything else. I, as well as BiBi Jones, have been promised a lot of things and i have not been owned up to anything. I am so sorry to all my fans and … I have to just let this go."

Steele, before starting her adult film career worked at Starbucks and at a golf course snack bar, met porn star Jesse Jane at the signing for "Pirates," where Jane advised her to get into the adult film business.

Steele later contacted Joone, founder of Digital Playground, who signed her to an exclusive contract. Her first scene was in the 2008 film "Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge," and she later starred in more than 40 movies, all for Digital Playground.

Steele, a 24-year-old native of San Diego, won the 2011 XBIZ Award for Crossover Star of the Year for her role in "Piranha 3D."


  1. RickMadrid

    Good Luck! She’ll do good else where. LA is a fucking shit hole with too many transplants and Third Axis Liberal that are hoping for another 4 more years of Bullshit from a Liberal Hollywood Money sucker. Its time to look at other avenues to go and they Porn industry is dead. Riley is very smart and will do good at anything she’ll go and do.

  2. RickMadrid

    Don’t be surprise! They’re alot more leaving and its just going down the shitter in LA. Just heard thi afternoon another new company going up in Vegas.

  3. Jerkuliscious

    Women on their periods should not be allowed access to recordable means of communication. Keep everything verbal, so anything you say can be denied the following days.

    So the readers don’t label me a misogynist, same goes for drunk and lonely guys late at night. If I had a nickel for every buddy that made an ass of himself to some broad, via text or voicemail……

  4. Third Axis

    “One” new company opens in Vegas… Wow, that makes how many now? Three, four? You move to Vegas, MavRick. You think L.A. is a shit hole? N. Vegas makes Chatsworth look like fucking Beverly Hills. People are fleeing Lost Wages in droves. One of the highest foreclosure rates in the country. Violent crime rate too. Oh, and it’s hotter than hell. Please move there, mope.

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