Octomom’s First Stripper Job…

BY JOSE LAMBIET of  http://www.miamiherald.com/

Picture from Wicked

With Rihanna’s Rude Boys blaring inside the Playhouse South “gentlemen’s club,” the single mother of 14 known as Octomom kicked off a new career as a stripper.
Nadya Suleman, the 37-year-old Californian who made worldwide news in 2009 when she delivered eight babies, was showered with dollar bills as she took her first awkward dance steps late Friday in West Park.
She appeared in a domination-themed outfit that included an Eyes Wide Shut mask, thigh-high black leather boots, garters, shorts, black leather gloves to her elbows, a corset — and a riding crop!
One of the dancers at the club cracked up when Suleman first started swaying her hips by the club’s main pole.
“She’s really stiff,” said a girl who identified herself only as Jennifer. “Oh my God, she can’t dance. But it’s good for the rest of us girls because she made it a busy Friday night. We’re going to get extra tips.”
By the time dawn arrived Saturday, about 400 people had been lured into the club by Suleman, twice as many as usual.
Suleman, meanwhile, figured out fast that stripping isn’t as easy as the pros make it look.
She had as many problems shedding her clothes one by one while staying in a semblance of rhythm with the hip-hop tunes she picked.
At one point, another stripper helped her remove her gloves.
While Octo’s obviously altered breasts earned raves from the audience — which included almost as many women as men — the rest of her didn’t grab anyone’s imagination.
Still, folks bought T-shirts that read: “I saw Octomom naked at the Playhouse South.”
A source at the club said Suleman was paid $5,000 for her one-night appearance, two 12-minute sets. She also got tips and sold autographed photos on stage for $10 each. An additional $25 bought a picture taken with Suleman.
Was it worth it for Greg Louis, the joint’s owner?
“The phone’s been ringing off the hook,” Louis said. “Several people asked me if it was really Octomom or just an impersonator.”

NL-Any of my buddies in Florida see this? I’d like to hear your thoughts…


  1. Larry Horse

    She has got to boy/girl. This car wreck has to get to the ultimate piece. Also, someone has to get this money to the kids. I hope Demi/Gina doesnt pull a Mark Carriere and Jack Gordon thing, where they took all the money John Wayne Bobbit should have made off his tapes.

  2. origen

    America is fucking sick. People who pay to see this should be ashamed of themselves. How can this woman have NO sense of self-respect whatsoever?

  3. Third Axis

    Just the fact that she squeezed EIGHT FUCKING KIDS out of that clam is enough to turn me off entirely. I can only imagine the stretch marks on her… ugh. And speaking of those eight little gifts from god, who’s taking care of them while this useless media whore is tarting herself all over creation? She represents the lowest depth of cultural ennui. Just burn your dollar bills instead, fellas. Then at least you can smell the foolish waste of your money.

  4. KidRibz

    At this very moment someone is walking the aisles of a Wal Mart in Florida wearing a tee shirt that says ” I Saw Octomom Naked at Playhouse South” I can almost bet on that. And that person (or people) are as proud as a peacock.

  5. Justlamar

    Hello, Cindi
    Unfortunately I did not make it out to see “Octomom”,dance at the Playhouse South…nor can I say that I would have gone to see her at T’s Lounge either…but what I can say is that Im a regular patron of T’s Lounge and would have seen her show/performance/dance…stumble and trip on stage for shits & giggles…as just for the shock & awe factor of it…in all i honesty I think it came down to money for her…she didnt want to do many shows…cause she most likely new the longer she was in town she would be ripped apart by all types of people ridculing her for doing what maybe she can only do now, BARE IT ALL…on screen and stage!
    And I do not know how much Playhouse
    South charged at the door, but I would not have paid to get in the door, even at my fav establishment “T’s Lounge”
    So yes, all in all, Im sad that I missed the freakshow, media-whore, attention-grabber Nadya Suleman aka “Octomom”

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