New Evidence in Jack Venice Rape Case

NL- Jack’s mom has put up a petition to the governor to re-open or dismiss this case. You can see it here

Since October 2008, Christopher Jack Reid aka Jack Venice has been serving a Washington State Prison Sentence of 9-years-to-LIFE for a crime he did not commit.
After serving 4 years as a Marine Corps machine-gunner, in Southern California, Japan, and Iraq, Chris worked as an adult film actor in Los Angeles for several years.
In September, 2007, between shooting two movies in Washington State and Vancouver B.C., Chris took a road trip to Pullman Washington to check out the scene. After meeting WSU students Kyle Schott, and Colin Davis at a bar near the campus, the three of them had many drinks of alcohol.
When the bars closed, Chris and his new friends went searching for other parties. At 04:30AM, a woman called 911 to report a sexual assault. She said she was staying the night there because her friends lived there, and she woke up to find two males in the room she was sleeping in. She told police one of the males was fingering her.
Kyle Schott admitted to placing his finger in the woman’s vagina.
Christopher Jack Reid has always maintained he was never inside the house where this took place. He went to other houses with these men but, not the one where the accuser was assaulted.
Despite several witnesses seeing three males at their homes, Kyle Schott and Colin Davis claim that Colin was never at any of the homes, that I was just Kyle and Chris, and that Colin went home when the bars closed before any homes were entered.
Kyle Schott and Christopher Jack Reid aka Jack Venice were charged with Rape in the 2nd degree, and several burglary charges. Kyle took a plea deal and agreed to testify that Chris was with him in that room. (Kyle was released from serving his 13 month sentence in early 2009).
Police caught Kyle Schott in many lies while they were interviewing him. He admitted this during the trial. Therefore, at trial, the prosecutor had to rely on other evidence to place Chris in the room. It came in the form of testimony from Kyle Schott claiming he handed Chris a condom. And, the state’s expert DNA witness, Lisa Turpen, told jurors that she obtained a DNA profile from a condom wrapper found at the crime scene, and that it was a mixture of at least 3 contributors. She said that Chris, Kyle and the accuser’s profiles were all present in the mixture.
BUT IT WAS A LIE!!!!Here’s why: In 2011, three DNA experts reviewed the DNA testing data from the analysis conducted by the Washington State Crime Lab. Three names were Dr. Greg Hampikian (Idaho), Dr. Iris Shultz (Germany), and DNA Specialist III. Dan Slowinski (New Mexico). According to these experts:
    1.    Though Kyle Schott and the accuser’s DNA were present in the mixture obtained from the condom wrapper, the same can not be said for Christopher Jack Reid’s DNA.
    2.    There were actually 4 contributors to the mixture obtained from the condom wrapper, rather than just the 3 the jury was told of.***NOTE: There was sperm found in the accuser’s vagina after a rape kit was taken and examined in the crime lab. The state claimed the sperm belonged to the accuser’s boyfriend (Tyler Cornell), who she claimed to have had unprotected sex with three days prior to the assault, At trial, jurors were told by the prosecutor this same lie. Now the state admits that tyler Cornell’s DNA was never tested.
Thus, years into his prison sentence, Chris discovers that the prosecutor lied about whose sperm was found in the accuser’s vagina——thereby raising the questions: WHO IS THE MYSTERY MAN??
The prosecutor kept from Chris and the jurors the fact that the accuser identified Colin Davis in a photo lineup.
Nobody ever told Chirs he was facing a LIFE sentence before trial.
The state claims to have destroyed the 911 recording.
The state also destroyed the audio recording of an interview the accuser did with police moments after the 911 call.
From prison, Chris has proven in court that Prosecutor Dennis P. Tracy allowed falsified documents to go to prison with Chris. The list goes on and on. There is a lot about the case and ways you can help at
Please sign this petition to Free Christopher Jack Reid, or give him a new, fair trial.


  1. RomanT

    I don’t know Jack Venice or much about the case besides what been posted here. I can’t claim to know if he’s guilty or innocent, I only know how I view the limited circumstances I do know.

    So my questions would be:

    1. Why was Jack there? What production company was he shooting a movie for in Washington St? It makes a bit of difference to this story if he went to do a specific movie and he was being shot by someone or was he the shooter? What female talent was he working with up there? If he was up there to shoot his own material it changes the ” ohhh I was just up there to shoot a couple movies and decided to take a road trip” story substantially. I’d like to know the style of the content or if the 2 movies in question were ever released. Not that there’s anything illegal about going around shooting your own content (or if thats what he was even doing), it just changes the context of the story a bit from the perspective of why he might have been in Pullman. Again, this point only speaks to his stated purpose for being in town and if it was truthful. If he wasn’t truthful about that its hard to believe the rest.

    2. Why can’t anyone step forward and say he was somewhere else at the time this all took place? After admitting to breaking into “other” homes with his new friends where did Jack go before he alleges ” they” broke into the final house without him? Did anyone see him in a different location?

    3. Why would the victim want to see the one guy that didn’t do anything still in jail, but the people that actually committed the crime out free?

    Im not saying that Jack is guilty or that I wouldn’t support a new trial if thats warranted in his case. But I do know from personal experience, ( I had an uncle that got out of jail last year for a drug conviction in the 80’s) that guilt or innocence has little to do with a prisoner working every possible angle to get out as soon as possible. The uncle I mentioned above was still trying to prove his innocence only months before walking out of federal prison.

    He was guilty.

  2. pornster

    First of all, Christopher Reid aka Jack ain’t innocent, otherwise he wouldn’t be in prison.

    Second of all, he didn’t go to WSU just to “check out the scene”, we all know he is an arrogant douchebag constantly bragging about his pornstar status and thinking any girl will fuck him.

    Third of all, Jack and his new “friends” were breaking into sororities thinking they could have sex with them. Why? Because Jack put them up to it and they went along! Naturally Jack is the most guilty, the other guys were younger adults that were more naive than Jack..not less stupid as NOBODY is more stupid than D-Bag Jack.

    Fourth of all, Jack was identified by the victim. Jack was also identified as the rapist by his new friend Kyle. Why? Because that’s what actually happened! The truth came out. Kyle handed a condom to Jack and Jack assaulted the girl.

    Fifth of all. Jack got a stiff sentence. Why? You can’t go breaking into houses and assaulting college girls. They will fuck you up man! The girls, the cops, the local legal system will fucking lock you up and throw away the key!

    Finally, Jack got what he deserved. He was out of control. He was your typical uneducated oversexed egotistical douche-bag. The kind you find in ex-marines who think their the King of the World. Even his girlfriend got back at him for being a douche-bag, that’s how much of a douche he really is.

    Thankfully, the justice system has taken the rest of Jack’s 20’s and at least half of his 30’s away from him. Jack will get out in a few years, maybe on some technicality or maybe a parole. This is designed to do one thing: To keep this douche-bag from breaking into houses and assaulting young girls.

    I think Pullman, Washington has a beautiful justice system and I think it works.

  3. ajs

    All signs point to yes, he did it.

    The outpouring of support this guy g ot in the industry was disgusting. I’ve seen unfortunate things happen to the women in this industry and people in the biz come on these boards and say how stupid they are and they are getting exactly what they deserve. But this guy pulls this shit and they want to drum up support for his legal fund, now we are supposed to petition too!?? Are you kidding me??!

    Were were all the empowered feminists pornstars in the industry while this was happening. You would think at least one of them would say something.

  4. Karmafan

    I wonder if race played a part in Kim’s case. Wasn’t she filming black gangbangs (some sort of IR scenes) out of her home or something?

    I know she was arrested for “distributing obscene material” but as far as I know she never sold or had anything to do with shit that was illegal (beastiality, kiddie porn, violent rape videos, etc…). Some of them Florida counties are still living in the 1920s…

  5. Gabe

    I have read both the Discovery Package and the Trial Transcripts and have found no evidence to support the crimes Venice has been accused of. While witnesses from Pi Beta Phi and Gamma Delta sororities testified that they saw him enter they did not call these incidences in to police beleiving that he was just another prankster, which he claimed to be. When he could not tell them who he was going to play a prank on he was asked to leave and did so. No witnesses claim that Venice approached them in a sexual manner, that he was attended by a camera crew, or that he carried a camera as the prosecution theorized. So far he can only be accused of trespassing but this is not why he was charged with burglary. Venice was accused of stealing a “Coke” from Pi Beta Phi and a beer helmet from Gamma Delta. Even though these objects were brought to the trial as evidence the testifying investigator admitted that Venice’s fingerprints were not found on these objects. Plus, no witnesses claimed to have seen him touch these objects nor did these objects leave any of these properties. The only “witness” to these alleged crimes was Schott who originally did not recall anything being taken or touched. Schott only claimed so after investigators either purposefully or by blunder, I don’t know which is worse, told Schott these objects were allegedly taken.

    At Kappa Alpha Theta, the scene of the alleged rape, again no evidence supports that Venice was there. The victim originally told the responding police that she woke up to find two men in the room with her. She did not get a good look at their faces but recalled that the man farther away from her wore a white shirt while the man closer to her wore a hat, a maroon shirt, and khaki cargo shorts. According to other witnesses Schott was wearing a white shirt while Venice was wearing a light grey to blue shirt and jeans that night. DNA evidence proves that Schott was there but not so for Venice. However part of the DNA that was found did not belong to either Schott, Venice, or the victim.

    After the trial both the defense and prosecution stated that they beleive that it was the victim’s testimony alone that led to his conviction; however, her testimony is not credible. Like I said, she first told police she could not recall any details of the men she saw. Days after the incident and after Schott admitts that he was one of the men she then claims Schott was the man next to her and suddenly the man farther away has spiky blond hair. Then a year later she points to Venice saying that he’s the other man and that she could never forget his face. She now claims that it was Venice who was next to her with his pants down and that she could clearly see his legs. Even though she said she could see his legs clearly she testified that she saw nothing remarkable about them and that nothing stood out. Venice has a bullet-bandolier tattoo around his thigh, it can’t be missed and is the first thing one notices about his legs. The growing details from each of her new claims is a disturbing red flag that her testimonies lack credibility. Even weeks before the trial when under questioning from both the defense and prosecution she admitted she was uncertain that Venice was the 2nd man. Never before the trial did she make the claim that she saw either of the two men with their pants down. Much of the details she tesified at court were never part of her previous statements to police. One police officer who responded to the scene of the alleged rape commented that the there was little to go by the victim’s report. She told police she was uncertain if she was touched and that she felt fine, only going to the hospital after police insisted that she go for a rape exam just in case, the results of which were negative. Although evidence supports she was inappropriately touched and that it was Schott who did so, there is no evidence that she was raped.

    From what I have read about this case I have come to the conclusion that the charges held against Venice have no foundation and are largly built on speculation. Evidence to support the accusations of these crimes is absent and testimony for these crimes is questionable because of weak credibility.

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