NBA Tries to Put Team BJ Out Of Biz


The National Basketball Association (NBA) is trying to block use of its name and to take over the rights to the url’ in connection with the follower Oral Sex Giveaway being set up by Miami based pornstars Sara Jay ( & Angelina Castro (  Sara Jay & Angelina Castro pledged on twitter to give all of their followers oral sex (a BJ) if the Heat won the NBA title, using the hashtag #TeamBJNBA.  Sara Jay’s followers swelled to over 236,000 & Castro’s to over 106,000.  After the Heat’s victory, Sara & Angelina announced they would fulfill the #TeamBJNBA pledge – hoping to maybe even break the World Record for oral sex in a day.  In details set up at, the girls invited all their twitter followers to go to popular Miami adult club Miami Velvet on August 2, 2012 for free no strings attached oral sex in honor of the Heat’s victory.  They have Officially applied in writing to the Guinness Book of World Records to set a record for oral sex in a day and planned to stream the event live at their websites, &
In a letter, the NBA has demanded the following by Monday, July 9:

"It has come to our attention that [you] are using NBA Intellectual Property without authorization, including on the website and Twitter page!/teambjnba (collectively the “Websites”), to promote an event by including references to the Miami Heat and its players. The Websites incorporate the “NBA” trademark in the domain name and account name and prominently feature NBA Intellectual Property — including the Heat team logo.  Furthermore, NBAP has confirmed [you are] using a photograph depicting the likeness of Heat players Chris Bosh, Lebron James, and Dwyane Wade without their authorization and in violation of their rights.   [Your] unauthorized use of NBA Intellectual Property is an attempt to capitalize on the fame and goodwill of NBA Intellectual Property and tarnishes the reputation of the NBA and the Heat. NBAP has not authorized [You] to use NBA Intellectual Property in any way and [Your] unauthorized use; therefore, constitutes among other things, trademark infringement, trademark dilution, false association, and unfair competition"
The NBA has demanded that the entire website & picture be pulled off the internet & that the url ‘’ & twitter handle ‘@teambjnba’ be transferred to its ownership.
Sara Jay is quoted as saying: "This was all supposed to be fun.  I supported the Heat and sent them TONS of followers during the season.  Can’t they let us fans like us have a little fun? The NBA’s slogan is ‘Where Amazing Happens’… if offering 300,000 followers free oral sex isn’t amazing, I don’t know what is."  Angelina Castro adds: "As anyone knows who follows my twitter, I lived and breathed Miami Heat basketball all year. I am upset they are taking the fun out what we are trying to do. No one thought we were going to go ahead with the event.   We aren’t hurting anyone. Does NBA stand for ‘No BJ’s Allowed?"
A representative for Sara Jay & Angelina Castro says they are in the process of determining a response by the NBA’s deadline.


  1. While I understand and appreciate their enthusiasm for a great blow job, I also very much understand the NBA’s side of this.

    You can’t very well bitch about people stealing from you with one hand while in the other doing exactly that from someone else.

    No disrespect meant to the girls but it’s just not right.

  2. AIPChristina

    You have a point Kelli but if some guy did the same thing, meaning using that picture of “the big 3”, using the Heat and NBA logos and all that on a site where he said that he would donate 100k to some charity, would the NBA be in all a huff about this. Of course not, they would probably promote one of their great fans giving so much to a charity in celevration of his favorite team winning the championship.

    No, this is all about them giving out BJs, obviously. I mean legally speaking, there is nothing the NBA or the heat can do about the pic of Sara and Angelina in front of “the big 3”. It’s is a publicity photo and therefore not sole property of the Heat.

  3. Anthony Kennerson


    What, exactly, is Angelina and Sara stealing??

    All they did was to take an image of Heat’s Big Three and photoshop their own images in front of it.

    And, all they did was to reward their members and Twitter followers for their favorite team winning a championship.

    Plus, they never said that they were endorsed by the NBA, either.

    Obviously, the NBA has all the right to protect their trademark property and “brand”…but this is overkill to say the least. What harm would it be to just let it ride and just say that this isn’t sanctioned by the NBA??

  4. All images and likeness of those players in their uniforms belong to the NBA. The word NBA belongs tot he NBA. The logos and team names belong to the NBA. While it is true in this one case the girls were only doing it as a reward for the NBA fans, it doesn’t change the fact that the method of which they went about it violated the trademarks of another party.

    Just as we in the industry fight so hard to have people not steal our stuff, the NBA feels the same way.

    I know that unlike dirt and scum who do purposely steal from us like MANWIN and all of their illegal tube sites, and in this case the girls truly meant no harm, but it doesn’t change the fact, intent or not, the NBA owns those things and like it or not, we can’t use them for any purpose without their permission.

  5. KidRibz

    First time poster long time reader. As someone who has been involved in the sporting industry for most of my adult life, I knew that it was only a matter of time before David Stern and the NBA tried to pull the plug on BJNBA. This is a league that dictates players dress codes to the extent that they must wear approved clothing even in off season interviews. This is the same league that forces injured players to play in the All-Star game. Not that Sara and Angelina were going to make any money off of this event but the NBA cannot stand the thought of someone else prospering off the NBA or it’s players unless it’s the NBA.

  6. jeremysteele11

    “forces injured players to play in the All-Star game.” – that’s fucked up. Does the “N” in NBA stand for Nazi?

  7. KidRibz

    It might as well Jeremy. Earlier this past season the NBA blocked the trade of a star player to a mid market team saying that it was in the best interest of the league. Later in the season it approved the trade of the same player to a large market team that was already pretty loaded. The mere thought of Sara or anyone else for that matter prospering off of the NBAs name would drive league officials insane.

  8. jeremysteele11

    I can’t believe Cindi deleted my comment. Ridiculous. Please pull head out of where sun don’t shine and become enlightened.

  9. jet_tits

    Cindi does us all a favor and deletes your rambling, off-topic diatribe, and you think she is the person with her head is her ass. Your ignorance is comical.

  10. Anthony Kennerson

    @Origen and @Kelli: I understand clearly what a trademark is, and I don’t oppose the NBA’s right to protect their property. I just think they are overreacting here.

    BTW…the blowbang is still on…it is simply being promoted under a different site:


  11. jeremysteele11

    You’re one of the dumbest lowlifes in porn, second to who you’re married to, pulling antics on female talent, etc. Who’s ignorant? Besides you have no idea what I said.

    Ok, if I’m on permanant moderation, fine, I’ve had enough of this place. Goodbye for the 28th time!

  12. KidRibz

    You know Kelli, you are right on about the whole copyright infringement thing. I was looking at it from a view of the league trying to micro manage everything that it possibly can. I know that this sounds petty, but it really bothers me that the league can dictate the clothing that the players wear in interviews even during the off season. To be honest what you talked about is the real point.

  13. Larry Horse

    David Stern did the impossible with me recently, he made me side with Jim Rome. Rome had asked him about how the Hornets ended up with the first pick in the draft. Stern thought the question was silly and wrong. It was actually legitimate as the NBA had owned the team and also the lottery has been under scrutiny ever since the Patrick Ewing year. As for Steele being on or off topic, its still far more relevant and interesting than anything that Jet Tits and her scumbag husband/pimp has ever said.

  14. KidRibz

    I heard that interview Larry, Stern was side stepping. There have beer rumors for a long time that the lottery is fixed. Stern is no doubt the worst commissioner in all the major sports, even worse than Bettman. You bring up another good point about the league owning the team, this is almost as bad as the Selig family being team owners. Jim Rome has a way of rubbing people the wrong way too.

  15. jet_tits

    Side stepping? When first asked by Rome if the lottery was fixed, Stern clearly responded, “No! Shame on you for asking.”

  16. Larry Horse

    Stern is arrogant and possesses off the scale hubris, Bettman is just a moron. There have benn rumors for a long time that the Knick ball in the first lottery had been packed in dry ice, so there was no way not for Stern to take it.

  17. KidRibz

    I feel that he is a side stepper jet tits, he is smug and arrogant. He has a look on his face when he answers a question that makes you think that he is lying. It is the same look that he has on his face when the crowd boos him at the draft or when he presents the championship trophy.

  18. jet_tits

    He is a lawyer, so smug and arrogant go with the territory. He answers questions rarely as a caring person, but mostly as a lawyer doing CYA.

  19. RobfromMarketing

    Ok, if I’m on permanant moderation, fine, I’ve had enough of this place. Goodbye for the 28th time!


  20. Karmafan

    Dude we are all on moderation from time to time. Live with it. Sometimes its typing a certain word or list of words that seem to make it happen (I think Coco Loco’s name is one). Perhaps its the length of the post or a number of posts in a short period of time?

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