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Manwin Chimes In on Testing



Manwin to Accept TTS Results

LUXEMBOURG — Following its new health standards and procedures mandate, Manwin will again accept performer submitted health tests from Talent Testing Service Inc.
As previously announced, and as of July 1, Manwin requires FDA approved tests, namely the HIV-1 Aptima RNA Qualitive Assay. The tests must originate from the clinics listed on the website as well as TTS.
"In addition, adult entertainers performing in scenes commissioned for Manwin websites are obliged to provide health tests that are no older than 15 days," the company said Tuesday in a statement. "In cases where a performer works for any of the company’s brands multiple times in a 30-day period, Manwin will pay for all additional tests, required due to the 15-day testing window, at any of these locations."
"Though TTS is not part of APHSS, Manwin and TTS have come to an agreement which allows TTS to provide performer test results to the APHSS information bank without joining the program."
TTS’ Sixto Pacheco said that some tweaks in display of test results were needed to seal the deal with Manwin.
"After discussions with Manwin, it was agreed that a small change on how we display our test results on our side will satisfy Manwin’s concerns and secure their continued acceptance of TTS tests." he said. "These changes make sure that a positive result is not distinguishable from an expired test. We stand by our commitment to provide the ‘best in breed’ testing methodologies and continue to work with our stakeholders to put performer health and safety first."
Manwin said that the APHSS program only displays availability of a performer based on both 15 days and 28 days testing  cycles. Availability means that a performer has tested clean for HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis. TTS will also work with APHSS, and other testing facilities, to establish joint procedures to follow in case a positive case should arise.
In a statement, Frank L., Manwin, vice president of production said, “Though we support the APHSS guidelines and procedures, we wanted to provide even greater flexibility for performers across the country to perform tests in a most convenient manner. We believe TTS provides great care and services, and are happy it has come to an agreement with APHSS.”

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3 Responses to “Manwin Chimes In on Testing”

  1. RickMadrid Says:

    How about gave in? We’re only going to take Aptima test for 15 days of testing…WTF??

  2. Larry Horse Says:

    Fabian ever talk to any journalist who knows a lot about porn who wont suck his balls at the same time? Of course he’s smart enough to keep buying while these other folks keep trying to extort money from old ladies and dead people. Hey, was the great pirate hunter at the FSC meeting, or was Alison too buys getting another award for her work at a company that puts out less new material than Roy Garcia.

  3. LUKE IS BACK » Blog Archive » Brazzers- Now NOT Accepting TTS Results ? Says:

    […] to this story that I posted last week  that was on Xbiz, Manwin was going to accept tests from TTS. Well this week, they aren’t. A […]

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