James Deen Signs Contract with Sinister X


James Deen is taking the mainstream world by storm, and that storm is bringing a low pressure system to the Sinister X Syndicate making things very cool.  Deen has been making headlines lately for his recent co-star work with Lindsay Lohan in the upcoming 2013 feature release “The Canyons” and although he has crossed over to the world of mainstream, he feels at home working in porno, and his new home will be with Sinister X Syndicate.

Today, Sinister X eagerly announced that Deen would be playing the male lead opposite Alexis Ford in Snow White XXX, playing the Prince, but not only that, he will also be cast as the lead in all future Sinister X produced features.

    “This guy James Deen is the hottest thing going in porn, and that’s why I knew I had to sign him to a deal,”

said Sinister X, as he rocks in his chair with a sense of accomplishment.

    “It’s not just the fact that he’s been showing up regularly on TMZ and is making huge waves, but he brings so much to the table as this guy has a female fan base that no other male porn star has, bringing more eyes and viewers to our product.  We are always looking for the slutty girl next door, or the next new starlet, but when I saw him on Nightline’s feature “Porn’s Boy Next Door” I knew it was a move I was going to pursue.  He has a legitimate fan base, a real cool vibe, not to mention good looks.  He’s already big, but this guy is just going to become even bigger, and I’m ecstatic to have him on board as part of the team.”

Deen is an award winning performer and AVN’s youngest actor to win the “Male Performer of the Year” award.  Not only will he be playing the Prince in Snow White XXX, but he will also be playing the lead in a new General Stone produced film homage of “Rebel Without A Cause” where Deen, will play James Dean’s iconic role.

Sinister X Syndicate head of sales Dave Peskin fills us in with even more details.

    “This porno parody version of “Rebel” will be the film homage to end all film homages.  We plan to put Deen in the iconic role, and if girls are going wild for him now, wait until he actually plays the character that epitomized sexy, rebel cool.  This film is going to be huge, and based on the brainstorm sessions we have already had, it could very well top General Stone’s last award winning feature “Taxi Driver XXX” which is a feat in itself.  We do our best to top ourselves each time we make a movie, and with the lineup of talent we have amassed,  this film will not be an exception, and could quite possibly be our most sought after film yet.”


  1. Larry Horse

    I thought James Deen was smarter than to work with Retarded Rob, of course good options are slim these days in porn.

  2. Third Axis

    Wow. That press release was a, “feat in itself.” There’s definitely a storm of brains going on at Sinister X Syndicate. With a name like that, I can only expect greatness beyond compare.

  3. Larry Horse

    Tera is with them too, but I am unclear still on what she is doing. Bet she will end up with James in some project, which isnt bad in that the illustrated man Evan wont be anywhere near her. As James vs C3X, have to give the nod to C3X, who’s not dumb enough to work with Rob and Lizzie.

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