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Info On How To Use The Performer Subsidy Fund

Performer Subsidy Fund: What You Need to Know from

Adult Production Health & Safety Services ( is happy to announce the Performer Subsidy Fund, which will provide subsidies to performers for monthly STI testing. If you are registered in APHSS, you have tested in the month of August and we have your address, you will receive a check in September to help subsidize your monthly testing costs – even if you have not performed with Manwin.
The Performer Subsidy Fund (PSF) has been initiated by adult producer Manwin; the company has pledged $50,000 a month from August 2012 – December 2012, when the fund will be reevaluated. One hundred percent of the funds contributed to PSF will be divided in equal portions, and dispersed to each performer that has tested that month, for each time they have tested (if more than once).

For instance, if 1,000 APHSS-registered performers test once in one month, each will receive $50 (based on the original contribution amount from Manwin). Other producers also are invited to contribute to this innovative pilot program.

Here’s a list of FAQs that will tell you more about PSF and how it can benefit you. Please, help spread the news, and encourage fellow performers to sign up for We appreciate your support.

Performer Subsidy Fund FAQs
 1.      What is the Performer Subsidy Fund?
The Performer Subsidy Fund (PSF) is a fund initiated by Manwin, and implemented by FSC’s program, to subsidize performers for a portion of the cost of their tests.

2.     How much is in the fund?
Manwin has agreed to contribute $50,000 to the fund monthly. All of those funds will go to performers. If there are funds left over after performers have been subsidized for their tests then the remaining amount will go into an emergency fund to cover the costs of physician expenses and testing in the case of an HIV positive result.

3.     How much will performers be subsidized?
Performers are paid per the number of times tested. If a performer tests twice in one month he/she will be reimbursed for two tests. The amount will vary from month to month, depending on how many performers tested each month and how often. The maximum amount paid for a series of tests is $120.

4.     How will it be determined who has tested?
FSC will get that data from the APHSS database. Test dates recorded in the APHSS database on the first day of the month through the last day of the month will be counted.

5.     Are all performers eligible?
Yes, they simply need to sign up to the APHSS database – make sure that FSC has your address and that your testing facility enters your information into the database.

6.     How do performers sign up for APHSS?
Performers can sign up by going to Make sure to tell your testing facility that you want your information included in the APHSS database.

7.     What if I am already signed up for APHSS?
Then all you need to do is contact FSC and give them your address. Call (818) 348-9373 or

8.     I am worried about my privacy–is the APHSS database like AIM’s, and am I in danger of my personal information and test results ending up on the Internet?
No, the APHSS database shows just the date tested and if the performer is available for work. The database uses only legal names – not performer names and the only information kept on the database is email and phone number. Performer addresses will be kept in a separate accounting database solely for the purpose of dispersing checks to the performer.

9.     Is Manwin the only company contributing to the fund?
Manwin initiated the fund but FSC will invite other producers to contribute as well.

10.  When does it start?
FSC will begin tracking tests August 1, with the initial subsidy payout happening the first half of September.

11.  When does the program end?
Manwin has committed through the end of 2012. At the end of the year we will do an evaluation of the program and Manwin and the other participating producers will decide if it makes sense to continue.

12.  What if I have more questions?
Contact FSC at (818) 348-9373 or

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2 Responses to “Info On How To Use The Performer Subsidy Fund”

  1. Larry Horse Says:

    Jim Powers and Dan Leal gonna scrape up $5? What about Hirsch, and of course the Pirate Hunter? And of course NA and the evil empires in FLA.

  2. Caesar Says:

    Negative. Dan’s production cost are through the roof and having to run and hide to shoot elsewhere without condoms, its killing him. Jim Power’s can’t keep a steady directing job these days. Florida producer’s say they’ll pay into it, but do not give your social sercurity number and driver’s license out to the FSC and Manwin.

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