CASTING CALL- Will Ryder’s Wiz of Oz

NL- I’m guessing the face above will be played by James Bartholet? I want to know who are going to play the munchkins. I’d like to be in THIS movie, non sex role of course, don’t want to scare the audience AWAY, lol

(Hollywood, CA ) X-Play’s 3D mega parody production of The Wizard of Oz XXX is entering the casting period and all interested actors and agents should contact producer Jeff Mullen and send a photo or photo link and the name of the role they are interested in playing.

Numerous parts will be available in what will be a rousing pornographic adaptation of the classic 1939 MGM movie that starred Judy Garland as Dorothy.  The porn musical is being directed by Will Ryder and production will take place this summer.  All roles are open.

“If you can sing that is a plus but that doesn’t exclude you from winning a part so send a photo,” stated Mullen.

“And I say this directly to the new girls; we will be looking at many unknown girls so don’t be shy to try just because you haven’t been in a big movie before,” Mullen continues. 

“Stars are great and we will have them but we will also uncover some diamonds in the rough and help them become an overnight sensation in what I promise will be the most perverted adult movie of all time.”

Producers are looking to cast Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Wizard, Glinda the Good Witch, the Wicked Witch of the East, the Flying Monkeys, Auntie Em, Uncle Henry, and numerous munchkins plus some horny high school dropout type girls Dorothy meets hooking on the yellow brick road.

X-Play recently wrapped principle production of Animal House XXX their fall blockbuster co-production with Adam & Eve Pictures which is Ryder’s follow-up to Not the Three Stooges XXX which is being distributed by Pulse.   

Actors interested in a movie role in The Wizard of Oz XXX should send photos or a photo link ASAP to Jeff Mullen

Disclaimer: This movie is not affiliated with MGM or anybody that helped create that wonderful feel-good movie plus if you appear in this parody there is a better than fifty percent chance you might end up in hell.


  1. dicpusini

    Midgets are Brandon Irons, Jeremy, and Bridget the Midget. All are the same size and all would make great female midgets.

  2. Larry Horse

    Rob, that may be the best point ever made about Parodies, just like those movies Paul Norman used to make and of course the Zupko “classics”.

  3. Karmafan

    I’m with Rob. I fucking hate parodies. Some of them are slightly OK but the ones based on super heroes and stuff like Smurfs or in this case the Wizard of Oz are fucking stupid.

    Oh BatmanXXX, the AvengersXXX, HulkXXX, (etc…) are about as erotic as watching the grass grow in your yard. All these parody movies are something ya can show your friends so they get a laugh at how fucking awful they are. Its like the guys making them forgot that they are making a porn movie…

  4. Axel Braun

    I gotta tell you, Will…been staring at the grass growing in the yard of the house that Batman XXX bought me, and it is pretty fucking erotic 🙂

  5. RobfromMarketing

    This is America, and I have no quarrel with someone making a buck, all I was trying to say was “porn parodies” are fucking stupid.

  6. Third Axis

    I have to agree, from a purely wankable standpoint, parodies don’t hit the money. But they do make money, and a lot of it. So I have to consider them in the same vein as “cult” films, or B movies, or Blaxploitation: They have a certain novelty value that lies apart from good writing or acting, or even production value. And they are usually just plain fun and entertaining to watch. I don’t think most people buy parodies to masturbate to—although there’s plenty of good ‘ol hot sex in them for that—but to watch with friends, get drunk (or re-e-e-a-l-l-y stoned), and have a laugh. Almost every parody is comedic, so their angle is apparent, I would think.

    I don’t make the previous statement to belittle the writing/acting/production values of today’s parodies, either, because the majority are very well produced, some notably so. Ryder, Braun, and Myers particularly, spend a respectable amount of attention and money on their work, and it shows. That’s why it makes these guys loads of money, folks.

    There’s more than enough new gonzo and all other niches of porn for the wankers (pun intended). Viva diversity!

  7. origen

    Why doesn’t anyone in porn valley make any real films? Hardcore flicks but with the visual standard of something Jaeckin’s “Emanuelle” or the flicks of the Golden Age.

    Buttman came close with “Buda” & “Fashionistas” but the cinematography (and not Belladonna) sucks balls, tbh…

    David Aaron Clark (“Asia Noir” & “Pure”) was probably the best but his dialogue needed some work…and porn performers aren’t really actors.

  8. origen

    Honorable mentions to Ninn Worx and Marc Dorcel but I’m not really talking about Glamour. I’;m more like interested in directors like John B. Root. I’m kinda a fan of neo-realism and would like to see more it in porn…

  9. origen

    Didn’t mean to leave out Joe D’Amato…

    Asians mix sex and comedy so well. Mak’s “Sex and Zen” is seriously LOL and the sex transitions are flawless…

  10. Larry Horse

    Axel and Will couldnt carry DAC’s luggage. Parodies show little creative thought, and who wants to see a Wizard of Oz parody. Fifty Shades of Grey makes sense, Batman? Huh?

  11. Axel Braun

    Dear “Larry Horse”, carrying somebody’s luggage was never one of my aspirations, and neither was getting an award for creativeness…even though I can assure you that there’s way more creative thought in a well-produced parody than in most gonzos. Oddly, I fail to comprehend your constant display of hatred towards a specific, and clearly popular genre…an ancient latin maxim says “De gustibus non est disputandum” (in matters of taste, there can be no disputes). We live in a free country: if you don’t like parodies, just don’t watch them. Thankfully for me and Will, there are plenty of people who do 🙂

  12. AIPChristina

    Axel, you are exactly right. People bitch about parodies and while some aren’t worth watching, at least there is a story involved and not just 5 scenes without any context. I actually just got my review copy of Dark Knight XXX the other day and I hope to get it reviewed sometime in the next couple days.

    As for people that don’t like parodies and think they are stupid, there is an easy solution, don’t watch them.

  13. Larry Horse

    I do not watch them. I am kind of jaded on plot porn for the most part. I think we were spoiled with people like Kirdy Stevens, Robert McCallum, and Henri Pachard(when he made features). PT did a decent job with his stuff, though he did do similar parody style work in recent years with Vivid…and will probably do more. Leslie made Dog Walker but then never really had an encore.

  14. It always amazes me how many people bitch about parodies. I don’t recall ever hearing a single good thing about them yet magically and mystically they somehow sell like mad.

    I’m sorry but I agree totally with Christina … better than another mindless gonzo movie with 5 random scenes. I’ll take a “stupid porno parody” any day over that poo.

    If anything cheapened the industry it was that genre, not the parody.

  15. Larry Horse

    Gonzo is cheap and easy, Ed Powers was kind of funny which helped, not intentionally. Randy West seemed to have class with his gonzo. Sad thing is that we see a lot of folks with no talent make a nice living with Gonzo. Axel and Will have evolved from that. Of course in the end its the girls. And if Grip and Cram, Jim Powers and his cum mopper Thrust and their fellow traveler Porno Dan are reading, what you guys produce is dogshit.

  16. RickMadrid

    Johnny Thrust Jumped ship on Jim and went to Brazzer’s. Jimmy’s got a new Cum Mopper and I heard its Third Axis. Times are hard for wanna-be actors. He’s got to pay for his viagra.

  17. OK now my feelings are hurt. It actually takes some serious genius levels of intelligence and creativity to create an entertaining parody that sells. For example with this new project I have to solve a series of major problems of complex engineering that keep popping up in our production meetings for Wizard of Oz XXX. The biggest problem of all is do I call it Wizard of Oz XXX or Not the Wizard of Oz XXX or Wizard of Oz: a XXX Parody? I have not been able to sleep well as I cannot make up my mind. I need help deciding so maybe some fantastic advice is in order. Much appreciated.

    Apart from that perplexing issue I have to work on the script, the music, the sets, my tan, the CGI, the exact proper hue of yellowish gold Home Depot paint for the yellow brick road. I also have the immense problem of how to get the cock out of the Tin Man’s costume! There is no zipper! I cannot cut a hole in tin it could rip his cock and balls to shreds! I am not sure our insurance will cover that claim. I have to admit I might not be intelligent enough to figure this one out so I am going to go visit the great and powerful OZ…. (Axel Braun’s house) for advice and crack open a beer, watch his grass grow and discuss this overwhelming problem with him. Who knows if he can’t figure it out (And he’s a member of Mensa!), I might have to cancel the entire production and instead shoot 5 hot chicks getting fucked next to a dumpster. My buddy Jim Powers can give me some good advice on capturing the erotic sensuality of such a scene as he is amazing at many things that being one of them. Oh by the way, I actually like watching that kind of porn too so I’m right there with some of yous guys. My point on all this is who gives a shit?

    Does anybody have any casting choices for the characters of Wizard of Oz XXX?

  18. RickMadrid

    Will-am..First of all, Lucky Starr would be a good Dorothy. She is talented and can dance,sing and suck and fuck like a real pornstar. Second, The lion should go to Dick Chibbles, He desperatley needs work and calls everybody all over the place asking for gigs or he’s going to quit the “Industry” and we can’t have that, He has and never done any cross-over work like Roy Garcia, Huh Roy?. Jack Vegas would be a great TinMan. He’ll make that cock get through that suit with no problem. He needs work to and as far as we know, No former and recent Cross-Over work and he’s a good guy. How about bringing Tessa Lane as the “wicked witch of the North? She a cutie and needs some real Alist porn company exposure and better marketing than her Unlicensed Agency is giving her. Then again, Christian X above here can also do the TinMan too. Be back with more.

  19. Karmafan

    Why not take styrofoam and spray paint it metalic silver? Tin Man doesn’t have to be wearing tin as long as it looks like tin.

  20. RickMadrid

    GREAT! karmafan Sytfoam will work and maybe some rubber around the crouch area. How about giving Jeremy “i need a gig” Steele, The scarecrow chacther? that work. Off to the casino ,later…..

  21. Third Axis

    Here’s some perfect casting: Ricktard Madrid as a Flying Monkey. He’s already a knuckle-dragger and won’t need to remember a single line of dialog—which he’s clearly incapable of doing—just the occasional grunt. For a nice comedic twist, you can paint some zebra stripes on him, like one of those little burros in Tijuana. Add a little straw sombrero and let the kids ride him around for photos. Pinche mula.

  22. Larry Horse

    Thrust is at Brazzers, man I thought those guys were smarter than that, or is he mopping up jizz there? Now C3X as a member of the Lollipop, now that is a genuine parody idea, maybe C3X should make the film.

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