Brazzers- Now NOT Accepting TTS Results ?


According to this story that I posted last week that was on Xbiz, Manwin was going to accept tests from TTS. Well this week, they aren’t. A note sent out from one of Brazzers Production Managers states that they are NOT accepting test results from TTS until further notice. For now all tests must be Aptima RNA Qualitive Assay  which are done at Cutting Edge Testing and may not be older than 15 days.

So does this mean that APHSS is no longer working with TTS? Or has just Brazzers decided they didn’t want to work with TTS? I’d love to be a fly on the wall when all this back slapping/ back stabbing is going on… sure does feel like high school


  1. RickMadrid

    Thats because California has really slowed with shooting productions and most of the girls are either getting 500 to 600 and maybe 800 a shoot, so if that is going to be the case and only performing once and MAYBE twice a month on a “booked” shoot why pay $120 for CuttingEdge that I like and trust and know I can get rid of a sore on my cock at the time I’m there to treat and not be “refeered” to another facilty then that’s cool. But TTS is charging 110 bucks and if you come back “positive” for a sti. you have to go to some Dr on Roscoe Blvd in Northridge. So talent has the choice for testing and Manwin doesn’t want to have people “boycott” performing for them. The Industry is surely dying and getting over regulated in porn Valley. North Vegas sounds good, Doesn’t it??

  2. Larry Horse

    Could Manwin be talking themselves into a Sherman Act(Anti-Trust) action with the testing? Not that the Feds would do something pro-performer, though with Manwin being defacto based overseas, maybe the Feds could be interested.

  3. Third Axis

    Really droppin some science on us there, MavRick. Really? Production has slowed? We never would have guessed. Yet, for a mope who works so little, you still acquired a sore on your dick (maybe get the wife tested, huh?). Guess times are hard—well, not in your case—in the “straight division” of Midnight Media.

    Manwin isn’t the whole industry, brainiac. What that company does won’t define what myriad other production companies do, nor will it decide the direction of medical testing in L.A. county. Don’t give them so much credit. But I wouldn’t expect you to be that smart anyway.

  4. RickMadrid

    Bad news Axis, The sore was from your mother! secondly, Hollywood is in the Shitter and production reports my agent received from billionaire investor’s don’t want to put money into Hollywood and Motion picture business. Its not a business anymore. Oh just to get your knicker’s wetter…my production I am contracted with just recieved $ 200,000 for more porn shoots. Now think about that Nick?? that’s a lot of porn and alot of LA girls are going to get work. Have a fabalous Hollywood Evening Nikki!

  5. Third Axis

    Funny, MavRick. But sorry, my mother’s been dead for over a decade. Must have been your own. What you know about Hollywood or the motion picture industry would fill an extra-small condom half way. It’s currently making bigger budget productions than at any other time in its history, along with the recent 3D boom, and the massive digital conversion in the theatrical distribution/exhibition segment of the industry. Last year broke every record standing, and this year’s receipts are already almost double that. Don’t speak about that which you obviously know nothing.

    Incidentally, I don’t live in Hollywood; not even in L.A. county. And who is this “Nick” you have a boner for? Your stupidity and lack of education continue to amaze all of us. However, please keep talking about all the money behind your flaccid “career,” because it’s one of the few bright spots here to keep us amused. Dan Leal is ready for your close-up, Mr. “porn star.” Say, “ahhhhh.”

  6. Third Axis

    Awesome that your “production [you are] contracted with just received $200,000 for more porn shoots,” MavRick. Maybe finally Midnight Studios can build a website, or stock toilet paper in the crapper. You crack me up, dude. Actually—and I think your statement is absolute bullshit, anyway—any money Creative Artists Media Group, Inc./Midnight Studios might get their hands on will go toward shooting the gay porn that they mainly produce. Like for Falcon and Lucas. The two of you mopes in the “straight division” are gonna have to wait. Although I’m sure there’s a job for you on-set. Just grab that roll of paper towel and the spray cleaner and start mopping up the jizz.

  7. Anthony Kennerson

    Ummm…I really hate to bust in on this smackfest, but is this really true or just a rumor?? The Free Speech Coalition just tweeted that they have no recollection of Manwin/Brazzers saying that they wouldn’t accept results from TTS; and as far as they know, the current position is that once the machinery is set, TTS test results will be accepted into the APHSS database.

    Maybe the protocols haven’t been fully set as of yet, and the production manager jumped the gun??

  8. RickMadrid

    The only reason Manin is backing down because the talent doesn’t want to pay more for testing. $ 110.00 is tts fee in LA. And that’s all they want to pay for 200- 300 for male talent and 500 for females. I like CuttingEdge and NO , they not owned by Manwinnie.

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