Belladonna Done With Sex on Camera

pic from twitter

Belladonna just finished shooting an indie movie called "Stripped". She was glad to get back home to her family and her life. She now uses her real name on Twitter, and recently she tweeted some surprising news-

Michelle Sinclair ‏@BelladonnaENT
It’s true that I am no longer interested in having sex on camera. That chapter of my life is finished. I’m ready for my next challenge.
The things I will be spending my time doing are: aerial silks, school, acting, dancing and of course being the best Mother I can be.

Michelle Sinclair ‏@BelladonnaENT
I haven’t had sex on camera since January and have been thinking about this transition for sometime now.



  1. jeremysteele11

    Congratulations, Michelle. Sex for everyone else can take away from sex for yourself (and your significant other).

  2. Larry Horse

    Mean Gene Ross says his cards predicted this; Gene, open up that 1.75 of Skol Vodka, make a nice screwdriver, lite up a cheap cigar and congratulate yourself on something a five year old with an old maid deck could have seen.

  3. jeremysteele11

    I’d rather play the slut machine than the cards.

    This reminds of Michael Aleister Crowley Tierney. You know, they both liked to visit whores alot… shelling out that dough. But if they had to pay for prostitutes what does that say about the power of their black sex magic?

    Speaking of black sex magic… gotta go eat a clam for lunch…

  4. Jerkuliscious

    Anyone think the old drunkard actually pulls cards, or does he just make the shit up? He should read some whore cards on video and post them shits on You Tube. Maybe he could get a table at AVN or EXXXotica and charge fans to read their shit. He could get around paying tax on the income by just bartering for airplane bottles of booze.

    “Whatcha got kid? 3 Old Grand Dads? Alright, have a seat and we’ll make this quick, the broad behind you has 2 Johnny Blacks.”

  5. Of course he makes it up…case in point I knew about the NBA/Sara Jay/Angelina Valentine thing days ago I could have posted that I read a bag of porn chick weed leaves and predicted that shit.

  6. Karmafan

    The NBA has lawyers putting a squash to that now, sadly the BJ record will never happen. Too much publicity.

  7. Jerkuliscious

    Well, if he isn’t actually pulling cards, then I feel jipped. Does he at least use the meanings of the cards properly?

    W/ that cloak Cindi wears at the top of the page, she should do some chicken bone reading parodies. Mike, you get a set of crystal tits. Then we can get TRPWL to huff some exhaust fumes like the Greek oracles. See if the prick cuts and pastes that shit.

    He nicked my Aurora/Gauge review, so I been drummin up the hate.

    P.S. I told Aurora I saw the release here, to let her know who’s helping out.

  8. Michael Whiteacre

    “I knew about the NBA/Sara Jay/Angelina Valentine thing days ago…” It’s Angelina Castro, not Angelina Valentine, Mike…

  9. Anthony Kennerson

    As far as I can tell from Angelina’s and Sara’s tweets, the blowbang is still on, regardless of what the NBA says. The NBA only called for the website and Twitter ID to be pulled, not for the event to be cancelled.

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