Batman Shooter Update

op/ed NL-Alleged Batman shooter JImbo, has told jailers that he doesn’t remember anything and doesn’t know why he is in jail. Previously he had asked them how the movie ended. HmmmSo he doesn’t remember that either? Or did he miss it because of all the shooting that was going on? Sounds to me like a lame attempt at fakery. It has also come to light that he sketched out and wrote up his plan to assault the movie goers in a notebook that he sent to his college psychologist the day of the shooting(friday) It was found in the mail room on Monday.

Jimbo had been planning the assault for months, stockpiling weapons and ammunition. Receiving deliveries of them at his apartment.

To backtrack a little, after his arrest he warned cops that his apartment was booby-trapped. They found it full of things ready to explode include bottles of gasoline.

So this guy planned way ahead, drew it up, set up his apartment bombs, dressed in riot gear and loaded up with weapons, fired on and killed 12 people and now doesn’t remember any of it? Ahhh, i don’t think JImbo is as smart as he thinks he is. Seems like a bad attempt at an insanity defense to me….


  1. Caesar

    Yes Will-I-am..that’s a excellent choice. Are send him the the California state Prison and let the Mexican Mafia have a drill on the butthole.

  2. Karmafan

    Fuck no….

    This guy looks soft and wimpy. Let him go to prison for the rest of his life and get his shit pushed in hard and painfully every night. Guys in the can love people like him. Death would be too easy.

  3. Third Axis

    @Caesar, you grew up in the same house in TJ as Ricktard Madrid. Went to the same school too. Nice try, just not bright enough.

  4. origen

    Nah, the current system is cool. Let him suffer for about ten years in prison. Make him feel like there is hope in living. Then execute his ass.

  5. Jerkuliscious

    Hey man, we agree on something. I’ll only add that he should get ass raped 3x a week by the prison’s AIDS ward.

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