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How to be a porn star

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Batman Shooter- Has a AdultFriendFinder Profile

TMZ is reporting that James Holmes, the alleged shooter in the Aurora, Colorado Batman Massacre has a AdultFriendFinder Profile in which he asks- Will you visit me in Prison? His profile pic shows him with orange hair. A rumor on news sites says that he has that same orange hair during the shooting and that it was because he is the "Joker", Batman’s mortal enemy. Interesting that he answers the "Drugs" question with prefer not to say. He also describes his "endowment" as short/average… hmmm

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6 Responses to “Batman Shooter- Has a AdultFriendFinder Profile”

  1. Karmafan Says:

    Crazy ass motherfucker should have just killed himself if he was so unhappy instead of destroying the lives of so many people. Here is hoping he has a long life in prison getting assraped daily for what he did.

  2. Mike South Says:

    Can someone explain to me what this has to do with any fucking thing? Im guessing he had milk in his fridge and a drivers license in his wallet as well.

    God people are fucking stupid

  3. max softcore Says:

    Be patient, Mike. There is a faggot on here who posts pretty frequently who will explain how it’s linked in the whole conspiracy.

  4. areyoukiddingme Says:

    Another sensationalistic, meaningless headline from Luke Is Back to draw traffic to site. Getting a little bit desperate aren’t you Cindi.

  5. goldebear Says:

    Well, in this case, it is relevant in that it appears to foreshadow his crime. He’s got his hair dyed red, and alludes to going to prison: looks more like a creepy joke than a solicitation for sex. I think the media is also subtly linking his prurient interests to his desire to kill.

    As to why the media is doing exactly what he wants and making him a celebrity, glamorizing his crime, is a separate question; probably because people find it interesting.

  6. RickMadrid Says:

    PukeIsBack is getting Desperate. What does this pathetic piece of shit Peckerwood from San Deigo, that went to a Riverside University have to do with with a paste and pick site like this? I just get it? All the other sites isn’t reporting this. The guy looks like Third Axis though..Maybe thinks down South there are really getting bad in foreclosure country and lack of jobs at Mickey D’s was too much for him. Woods…

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