2012 Official BBWFanFest Rises Above Controversy, Imitators

2012 Official BBWFanFest Rises Above Controversy, Imitators

LAS VEGAS, NV – July 3, 2012 – As so happens with every innovative, groundbreaking idea, imitation “BBW fan events,” complete with controversy, have sprung up in the Las Vegas area in an attempt to compete with the 2012 Official BBWFanFest, held at the Tuscany Suites and Casino, July 13-15.
The 2012 Official BBWFanFest is a unique event and the first of its kind, conceived and developed meticulously for nearly a year after having other shows refuse booth space to plus-sized models for not being “height and weight proportionate” and ostracized for showing off their curves. The convention is a weekend-long celebration of plus-size adult industry performers, also known as BBW performers. Fans of the niche will be able to meet performers and models, get autographs, take photos, buy videos, and get to know many of the stars they had previously only been able to see online or on DVDs. The show will consist of a tradeshow, an awards banquet, seminars, workshops and parties.
“It is our intention, with the creation of BBWFanFest, to allow BBW talent the ability to showcase their work, celebrate their curves, and explore their sexiness in an environment welcoming of all sizes, shapes, ethnic backgrounds, and any other typically “prejudicistic” features that have discouraged talent from appearing at other shows in the past,” said Event Organizer Kari Anthony. “We want to also give the fans a unique opportunity to meet their favorite stars and have a trade-show-like experience with girls they would never have the chance to meet at any other time.”
Unfortunately, attempts have been made recently to replicate the hard work that has been invested into the 2012 BBWFanFest. In some cases, the attempts have resorted to slander and bully tactics in a malicious attempt to diminish the value, name and branding associated with the show. Though imitation may be the best form of flattery, the malicious attempts to discredit BBWFanFest have caused some concern for both the organizers and talent associated with the show.
“I am so proud and honored to be a part of BBWFanFest,” said BBWFanFest-attending adult performer Desiree Devine. “It has been a long time coming for this type of event at this magnitude. The BBW adult industry is without a doubt on the brink of eruption into an entirely new level of exposure. I am very excited for women of our industry to be recognized and rewarded for their deserving hard work.”

“We encourage anyone involved with BBWFanFest to participate in all of the events associated with our show, and give this first year a fair chance before making any preconceived assumptions or believing any rumors that may be spun from imitators,” added Anthony. “This is a time of celebration, not further splitting and petty bickering within our community. We are extremely proud to present an amazing event and weekend long show.  ”
The 2012 BBWFanFest Awards Show red carpet event, hosted by April Flores and Kelly Shibari, starts promptly at 5:30pm on Saturday, July 14, where BBW stars will be dressed for the occasion and lined up for unique photo opportunities as they are the highlight of the event.  A private banquet is provided before the actual ceremony, along with entertainment, to get guests ready for the Awards ceremony starting at 8pm. The 2012 BBWFanFest Awards Show is open to those who purchased Awards Show passes.  The Official 2012 BBWFanFest Awards Show Afterparty, sponsored and hosted by Plush Night Club, immediately follows the Awards.
The convention continues throughout the weekend, with seminars each afternoon, a tradeshow floor consisting of models, vendors and workshops, and parties each evening. From The White Party on Friday night, the Awards Show and Afterparty on Saturday, to a pool party on Sunday, the weekend promises to give unprecedented access for fans to interact with their favorite plus-sized performers. A detailed schedule of events is available at http://BBWFanFest.com.
BBWFanFest 2012 will be held July 13-15, 2012 at the Tuscany Suites and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Tickets for the event and additional information can be obtained by going to http://BBWFanFest.com.
For model and vendor booth inquiries, please contact Daryl@BBWFanFest.com.
For advertising, press and media inquiries, please contact Platinum@BBWFanFest.com.


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