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What Ever Happened To Raven Alexis…

beautiful photo by Holly Randall


I have three reasons for writing this story at this time.

1. I don’t want the subject of this story to invade the important truthful story I will be writing about in the next post.

2. My heart has finally healed enough to deal with the hurt and betrayal I feel every time I think about this.

3. My readers deserve answers to what I think about the Raven Alexis/Cancer debate.

I have talked to so many people over the last six months about Raven Alexis; friends, roommates, relatives, exes, husbands etc… I have also given confidentiality to several conversations I have had. Therefore, I will state that all the things I say are my opinions taken from talks with all the people involved in the situation, but I will not say who said what.

I have also talked to Alexis many, many times. At first with loving friendship. But as time went on and I asked harder questions, her answers became shorter, and non-specific. I asked the questions she did not and would not answer. The last few discussions with Alexis, I got no answers, she was sarcastic. She mentioned her lawyer several times. One thing Raven repeated often to many people was that she took no money for herself. That seemed like a strange thing to say. But when I thought it out and looked it up, if people collect money by saying they are ill and they are not, they can be charged with crimes.

I cared about Alexis very much. I still care about Alexis. Alexis told the world that she had cancer, that she had devastatingly painful brain tumors, that she lost her ability to walk, that she was having seizures daily, that she was going to be receiving only palliative care (Care that relieves pain or symptoms, but doesn’t provide a cure.), that she was was terminal.

Alexis did a toy drive for sick kids. Toys were purchased and delivered to the children. If you bought toys, you did a good thing and made sick kids’ holiday happier. I promoted this toy drive on my site, and am happy that it was for real.

There is a lot of  information relating to Raven’s medical condition, including things I’ve been told her doctors said, that I can’t even mention, because I don’t want to violate her rights to keeping that private.

I also did a lot of talking about Raven and her cancer and how brave she was and how sad the whole thing was on my site. I thought I was being supportive and helpful. I am sure many people supported her because of what they read on my site. For that I apologize.

My mother died of cancer and it runs in my family. Several people in my family have died from cancer. I have suffered through many painful cancer deaths. Because Alexis said she was suffering with cancer, I could relate. I suffered with her and her family. I cried for her many times.

Most of you have read by now that Raven starred in fetish movies as a sick and dying girl. In the movies she pretended to have seizures, she pretended to die. 

Raven said she had seizures due to her cancer. A person who was present during one of her seizures did a test and reported to me that the seizure was fake.  (I have all the details, but have to keep them to myself to keep confidentiality)

All of the information that Raven posted about her cancer, brain tumors, pain and suffering was been removed from her site, her twitter, her blog in January.

Raven was unable to walk in December, In January Raven had moved into her own house. In that same month ads on escort sites and travel dates all around the country were found with Raven’s name and picture on them.

Raven now has pretty much dropped off the radar. Her twitter account had been made private, and now it is gone altogether. Her tumbler account has been deleted. All the links in the stories I did on her now lead to no where. She has disappeared.

In my opinion,  Raven faked having terminal brain cancer.


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65 Responses to “What Ever Happened To Raven Alexis…”

  1. areyoukiddingme Says:

    So does that mean you are going to be returning the Christmas present Raven gave you? The cheesy looking hair barrette thing. You are real gullible Cindi!

  2. origen Says:

    “In my opinion, Raven faked having terminal brain cancer.”

    I concur.

  3. Kelli Says:

    Apparently she is currently working as a high priced call girl through Pamela Peaks. She serves both LA and Vegas area for $2200 an hour, in-call and out-call and is “full service”

  4. pornster Says:

    Wow, to fake terminal cancer – Jeesssuuuusssss Fuuccckkkinnnggg Chhrriiissstttt!

    Porn whores are like taking a typical lying, narcissistic, good for nothing, waste of space high school dropout and putting them on steroids. Wait, think Sharon Stone’s seedy character in Casino and putting her on steroids TIMES TEN.

    Porn whores will say ANYTHING, do ANYTHING, with their train-wreck existence to destroy more lives than just their own.

    Almost always, always, always these low-life porn whores are just hustling to get money out of victims pockets..and almost always, always, always all the money they cheat, lie, and steal for is just wasted down the drain for nothing..just like their pathetic, souless, greedy, depressing lives.

  5. Karmafan Says:

    This whole thing is a sad situation all around. Even if she did not have cancer and the whole thing was faked she still needs help, just of a different kind.

  6. Jerkuliscious Says:

    I guaran-fucking-tee her lawyers are as fake as her cancer.

    Closest she ever came to cancer is probably having some warts frozen off her cunt.

    She was also doing cam shows right before the escort tour, after the fake cancer story broke. Screen caps are in the XPT thread titled, “Raven Alexis is Low Life Scum.” It is a fun read.

  7. christianx Says:

    kelli with all due respect, if you think any girl is getting 2200 an hour in the year 2012 for a 1 hour job, you are delusional. 99 percent of the girls would be ecstatic with half of that for 1 hour.

  8. AIPChristina Says:

    Be be fair christianx, just because she is charging that much doesn’t mean she is getting work. That being said, there are plenty of filthy rich men that would pay that without even thinking about it.

  9. Jerkuliscious Says:

    Yep, I hear there is a HUGE market to bang fake cancer patients. Almost as high of a demand as fake Full Blown AIDS.

    Also, I’d guess that is what the agency charges. She would probably realize 1/2 of that. And if you went around the agency to book directly, I’m sure 1/4 of that price would get the job done.

  10. tigger_lover Says:

    Jesus Christ. Does anyone really need attention that badly? I’ve known for a while now that she faked the whole thing, but it still shocks me. For many people, terminal illness is a real thing, and it is horrible and terrifying both for them and for their families. I don’t really understand why she would want to do that to her loved ones.

  11. jeremysteele11 Says:

    People fake cancer or AIDS, or finding the cause of cancer or AIDS, for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  12. RickMadrid Says:

    That is soooo Crazy! She probably needs attention.

  13. chichiladouche Says:

    Christian is right. I wonder if this rate includes her connection fee. A few of those people have run far away from the porn industry.

    Christian you are listed as “available” on Pamela’s site. Care to comment?

  14. jet_tits Says:

    I’d still hit it. Probably tip her extra if she faked a seizure during, and then climaxed by faking death.

  15. MonicaFoster Says:

    I don’t think all this mess needs to be re-hashed in regards to this poor girl. Isn’t it bad enough that she was lured into doing porn, had dreams (which she still could fulfill if she is focused, has drive and some business savvy) of having her own studio and making her mark on the adult entertainment industry – only to have those dreams ripped away from her due to her not playing the “game” and/or having a strong will to retain her independence and has had her image forever tarnished by the jerks who consistently promote her (but don’t compensate her nearly as much as she should be)?

    I chalk up this situation to temporary insanity and a little desperation. That’s IT. Leave her alone. From my observation she is TRAPPED in the illegal escorting lifestyle and I bet if she had the confidence and means of doing something else she would. Do you all really think a woman with kids would continue in this lifestyle if she felt she had a viable alternative? I don’t think so…

    Much of moving along in life has to do with having the confidence to do so, and comments like the one’s above don’t help.

    Why are you people so damn mean!?!?! What are you trying to do? Depress the woman even MORE?!?!?! You’re a bunch of sickos!!!

    Women like this one need a “do-over” and they deserve to be given a break. She’s made many people a lot of money so being that many of you writing here and reading this worship the dollar rather than God and Jesus Christ – rather than bashing her you should be kissing her ass.

  16. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL Says:

    This post is almost as transparent as Obama’s new illegal alien policy..Raven isn’t in hiding i talk to her on regular basis and this post is nothing more then a attempt to get her to comment directly to this blog… I consider LIB to still be a weapon for PORN..Not a tool for cheap traffic..You have a top 80,000 alexa ranking..You want to do something positive? Show the bullshyt with AHF, show Lubben for what she is, go after the people that take food out of the mouths of the people you interview..This attempt at forcing her to talk to you is sad..

  17. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Yeah, but you also used to back up the stupid, crazy MoFo and were even willing to get into fisticuffs over her. Sad.

  18. origen Says:

    Nobody is forcing Raven to do ANYTHING, Sean. go away

  19. areyoukiddingme Says:

    Go back to your slime pit, shyt blog Sean AKA TRPWL. Nobody cares what a nobody like you thinks or says!

  20. Karmafan Says:

    MF do you ever actually go back and read the bullshit you type before you hit the send button? I think the girls that actually get “lured” into making porn is a very small percentage of the girls that become porn stars.

    You make it sound like she was standing on a street corner minding her own business and some dude snatched her off the street and put her to work making porn movies.

    They enter the porn film/escort business to make money and some decide to shove their money up their nose or in their arm and things go downhill from there.

    I feel sorry for her kids. They got a long life of shit to deal with now.

  21. MonicaFoster Says:

    I think it’s quite possible Raven was lured. She was a prime target (especially considering how much her looks reflect Tori Black’s – but with boobs).

    It’s very likely that Raven Alexis is a true SEX TRAFFICKING victim and I feel the Los Angeles porn indutsry is doing their best to discredit her now and paint her as a “villain” in effort to continue to capitalize off of her content and to ensure she goes away quietly and never speaks out.

    Considering how she attempted to remain independent and control her OWN website and future endeavors my hypothesis I feel is quite on point. If she’d played the game and submitted to the porn powers that be, I don’t feel her temporary act of desperation with the cancer (and who’s to say she was NOT told she had cancer by some porn doc) would be an issue.

  22. Jerkuliscious Says:

    @CocoLoco, “I chalk up this situation to temporary insanity and a little desperation. ” How many times have you used this excuse to justify your behavior? Sure the insanity is temporary, it only lasts from birth till death.

  23. pornster Says:

    It’s ridiculous to suggest a person faked cancer due to “temporary insanity”. We all know what this psychopath did, she lied and acted like she had a terminal disease because she’s rotten to the core and will do anything for attention and money. A N Y T H I N G ! ! !

  24. commonsense Says:

    In sum Cindi you did the right thing, i think sean tompkins is a complete ignorant uneducated person. Monica should refrain from commenting she is doing such a good job with her hooker site that will come out. Monica this girl faked a very serious disease asking for money sympathy, and i have grown to learn that cindi likes to give benefits of doubt to people.
    raven alexis based on this one act has a mental illness as so many in this industry have whether from before entering or get after entering.
    I actually think derrick hay is good for these girls he tries to instill structure, discipline and responsibility. derrick ignore all the jealous people

  25. Larry Horse Says:

    Pamela has a lot of exaggerated rates for performers. Derek Hay good for his girls? Maybe for non-prostie work. Also there is a staggering about of hypocrisy in the comments in this thread. As for Raven, you look at Hollie and see someone really sick, Raven? who knows, but it stinks.

  26. chichiladouche Says:

    @Larry Also there a quite a few of those performers listed that have fallen off the face of the earth and don’t want to be found or contacted. Also a lot of them would rather be contacted directly so they don’t have to give someone else a cut.

    Jay Huntington has a active rentboy ad and has had one for many years. A lot of the guys listed are hooking for other men. Ask Christian about TJ Cummings and the (now gone) sugardaddy money he was getting. Criss Stokes, Dale DaBone, Julian, Charles Dera, and Johnny Castle are hooking through gay porn pimp David Forest. Memphis Blake stopped shooting porn 2 years ago and has a boyfriend.

  27. christianx Says:

    she literally wants to blanket the entire industry of both men and women. then she can bait and switch them to whoever she actually does have. its a time honored escort agency trick.

    I haven’t spoken to Pamela Peaks in years. Nor do I escort. I enjoy being the pimp more than the escort.

  28. Jerkuliscious Says:

    Don’t quote me, go check South’s archives, but I believe the fakery started as a cover for a re-emerging eating disorder, triggered by her contract not being renewed? Maybe if South stumbles through, he could provide a link and get hisself some clicks.

    @ chrissy, How the hell do you bait and switch at that dollar amount? She make the johns pre pay on credit cards? Shit, I know dudes that turn and walk when the Brazilian ho is 45 instead of 25 for 200roses. How many dude’s gonna gonna drop a couple grand and be OK gettin scammed?

    And w/ all the hoes on her site, you would figger Pam get up enough dough to upgrade from that bobo Geo Cities lookin site.

  29. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Christian, I’m glad you’re enjoying being a pimp, but what do you think about that recent “anonymous” person’s post about getting busted? I won’t ask you how you feel about it, because I don’t think feelings have any relevance to you unless it’s about you.

  30. Karmafan Says:

    It is a shitty site like a high schooler made it 10 years ago. In some cases the girls name and info are near another girls picture on the line below, sometimes its above. A hell of a mess.

    If a guy drops 1.5k large (prepaying) expecting Raven to show up at his hotel room and some other girl shows up instead saying Raven couldn’t make it I would be afraid for the girls life. I had to LOL when I saw Houston was $2200 an hour. Best looking girl on that site is Alexis May.

  31. chichiladouche Says:

    Michelle Braun (Nici’s Girls and Bella Models) was infamous for baiting and switching.

  32. christianx Says:

    i didnt say i was a pimp, i just said i would rather be the pimp than the escort

  33. christianx Says:

    sorry, I should have clarified. When the person calls and asks for Girl A, the agent doesn’t say yes, she just says that Girl A is not available today, but she has Girl B C D E F available. Most guys don’t bite, but sometimes they do, and if so, then the strategy works. Not exactly bait and switch but close. its SOP for most agencies.

    Jeremy, for someone who has been around so long, I find it odd that you think that empathy is a trait common among people in the biz. Since when do you care about anyone else succeeding but yourself? You don’t and nor should you. It’s not a team game.

    Once again, the 2200 rate is not true or real. 1000 is the median rate IMHO.

    As for the recent “anonymous” post, I think that all escorts understand that it’s an illegal activity that can potentially be very lucrative, and lengthen a career in porn as well. But at the same time, there are inherent risks associated with prostitution. Every job involves a roll of the dice, and sometimes you come up snake eyes. Such is life.

  34. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Sorry, Christian. I must’ve heard it wrong.

    Anyways, since you ask, I don’t know how common empathy is or isn’t. I think I’ve always cared about others, whether it came across or not. You have a cynical view of the world. All people care. But if all you got is yourself, what do you got? And I ain’t talking about the material things you can’t take with you, but the spiritual things which are the only thing you take beyond this world.

    I know Bill Margold believes he created himself after God created the world. Do you have a similar view about yourself?

    End of Swami Salami lesson.

  35. christianx Says:

    i am not entirely cynical. I do feel bad for you that you couldn’t figure out a way to continue to be employed in this business.

    as for material/spiritual – i envision myself living to be 100. so I have a lot of things I want to accomplish before I reach that point. Why worry about something 65 years down the road? The people who say life is short are fucking idiots. Life is very long.

    And comparing me to Bill Margold is utterly ridiculous, but for you I guess not out of line with most of your conclusions.

    Enjoy your day Jeremy, I know that I am enjoying mine.

  36. origen Says:

    “as for material/spiritual – i envision myself living to be 100. so I have a lot of things I want to accomplish before I reach that point. Why worry about something 65 years down the road? The people who say life is short are fucking idiots. Life is very long.”

    says the man who almost had an HIV scare…

  37. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Life is short if you’re having the time of your life non stop. Life is long if you’re imprisoned in whatever various ways, tortured, etc. I guess if you want to live a long life then there should be some trials and tribulations. And that’s the only way a person can grow, anyways.

    I gave it my best, Christian, and followed my own path. I had left the business after my first year and 1/2 trying to have a relationship, turned down work from John Leslie, etc. I came back about a year 1/2 later as the biz continued to explode expodentially with lots of people named Steele, and was content with working and being seen less. I’ve dealt with a few too many mentally and emotionally damaged people in the business, who were also spiritually vacant. My main interest has always been doing something creative. Feel sorry for me and the many people who were participant in Porn Star For Rent because that, by far, would’ve been the best, most hilarious porn bts masterpiece documentary ever. That abusive shithole non-producer had many thousands invested, including a friend who invested 4 grand and he still won’t finish the projects because he has no conscious and is an inept former crackhead.

    Thank God my dad turned down investing money because consdering all that’s been invested and lost, that would’ve been more than enough for me to go after that asshole non-producer by all means necessary, legal or otherwise.

    I wasn’t serious about a comparative question with you and Bill Margold. It was just an inquiry into what makes you tick. He’s one of kind… one too many. For a counselor he’s wished or contemplated death on many people, including myself, and that’s when I was still nice to the arrogant piece of shit/”counselor”.

    And any conclusion that I am serious about has solid facts to back them up. But people often get caught up with the final conclusion and instantaneously dismiss and scofe at that which sounds ridiculous. But, just because something sounds ridiculous doesn’t mean it’s not true. There are reasons people put out alternative conclusions but not too many give the data to back it up the review it merits. Some of the official versions of events are so ridiculous and defy laws of physics, yet people living delusionally in what they believe to be a “free” society, accept them because that’s what they’re told over and over. Life is like Alice in Wonderland. Once you jump down the rabbit hole, it all becomes stranger and stranger.

  38. christianx Says:

    origen, can you please inform me as to when exactly I had an “HIV scare”? huh? how do you figure that? because I am in the adult business?

  39. jeremysteele11 Says:

    My motto is “HIV doesn’t scare me”. As soon as someone can provide a test that actually finds it, without a manufacturer’s disclaimer which admits, “presumes to be infected” based on arbitarary markers of presumption (verses finding a virus, or retrovirus, itself) which differ from lab to lab, country to country, perhaps I’ll be afraid.

  40. Larry Horse Says:

    Gotta defend the Transfatfucker on this one, he was not in the biz in 2004. 2009 involved that piece of human excrement Seth Dickens shooting for that other piece of crap Tom Moore, and the last one involved queer as folk conman Derek Burts. Moore is the only one with a shaved head. So no scare as far I as I know, but ask Gene Ross, maybe his cards said it. As for being a pimp? Were you acting as one in England big guy?

  41. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Actually, now that I re-read things. I realize I didn’t read it wrong, Christian.

    First you said (see above), “I enjoy being the pimp more than the escort.”

    And then you said, “i didnt say i was a pimp, i just said i would rather be the pimp than the escort”.

    I can’t say things are true just because I hear/read them, just because I read you saying one thing, then another… again my question was regarding “anonymous” person getting busted and how do you feel about it. I think you said “nothing”. This would be especially shitty if you were/are a pimp.

    After all, this slutty person went nutty on me like I did something wrong. Like some comments stated, I guess doing that shit can fuck you up, psychologically.

  42. origen Says:

    Christian, you ALMOST had an HIV scare in the UK several months ago.

  43. christianx Says:

    me personally? no, i had never even met the girl who said she contracted it. I have never been anywhere near an HIV scare thank you very much.

    and I most certainly was in the biz in 2004, I did 155 scenes that year.

  44. origen Says:

    All this blogging about “oh, I’m gonna live till I’m 100” is ridiculous. You never know if this day would be your last. Why don’t you be humble at least about that…

  45. Larry Horse Says:

    2004? Well apologies, but now I got to double check 2004 titles for your name so I can avoid them.

  46. goatlord Says:

    Christian says its not a team game

    I think he learned that from Lee Stone

    Christian tried several times to be friendly with Lee, but he would have none of it. He wouldn’t give Christian the time of day.

    Lee is in it to win it. Its about him, not him and Christian. No team here.

    Lee would rather lifts weights and look in the mirror. He won’t even give workout tips or demonstrate proper form.

    Christian was hurt, but only briefly. He’s got tough skin

  47. 128 Says:

    Christian: “i didnt say i was a pimp, i just said i would rather be the pimp than the escort”

    Really? Check the msg 27, you wrote:
    “I enjoy being the pimp more than the escort”

    But anyway, are you trying to say that you were not a pimp while in England? well, not exactly a pimp, but the assistant of one – Kristyn Halborg? Weren’t you taking calls and answering emails (using your middle name, Michael lol) for her agency “UK pornstar escorts” in exchange of staying at her place? Weren’t you furiously tweeting US porn girls asking them to contact you to talk about “a business proposition”? Come on bro…

  48. jeremysteele11 Says:

    No feelings, too bad, who cares, tough shit… giving a fuck (or any sense of responsibility) is not in my job description. Nice.

    It’s time to decriminalize the pursuit of happiness.

    And btw, “anonymous” tried to do UK escort work through you, she told me, so, we know what that means…

  49. Mariah Milano Says:

    I have to say that reading your posts Monica how blame goes to everyone else, like the person who introduced you to the dealer, she must have been lured, someone was coerced into things…what the fuck ever happened to self-accountability? Seriously? is EVERYTHING everyone else’s fault? I had as tough a childhood as ANY of you and I’m sure it lead to some of the stupid fucking things I have done, but it was ME who did them, it was ME who made the stupid decisions when I knew they were fucking stupid. To sit and point the finger at everyone else is fucking cowardice and pathetic. Take some fucking responsibility and stop worry about everyone else. Focus on YOUR life and learn to be your own person rather than this victim who has been wronged by everyone…you do nothing but give meaningless people a lot of power over your life.

    And as far as Derek and LAD and I go, we have a very mutual respect for our roles in one another’s lives. They get me bookings for projects and I pay them their fee. They know my do’s and my don’ts so there is a very simple understanding between us. Derek has been honest and fair with me from day one. He has NEVER mentioned escorting to me, he has never offered me escorting opportunities so say what you want, there is no “alignment” there.

    And yes Monica, I have been outspoken about porn girls escorting. But in reality there are very few porn girls left. There are a lot of escorts who shoot movies on the side. But here is where you and I differ: I don’t want to blast them and announce who they are and expose them or whatever it is that you are wishing to do. For one that just gives them MORE business. Secondly it is wrong to do, considering YOU are one of the escorts!!!!!!!!! And if you are a fucking Bible thumper and on a mission from God to guide the hookers to the promised land…how the fuck do you justify the adultery you commit and are complicit in committing? Isn’t that a very serious religious crime, better known as a sin? Aren’t many of these men married? Isn’t that something that you take seriously as a person of faith?
    Every thread on this site is hijacked almost immediately. It’s sad and unfair to the original posted articles and it’s always by the same few.

    CXXX what up babe? :)

  50. Third Axis Says:

    All of this, “he’s escorting,” “she’s escorting,” is stupid. Come on, who cares, really?! There are undeniably many in the biz who actively work “off the rez,” but do you seriously think that anyone will admit it out in the open? It’s ILLEGAL!!! And it will bite this industry in the ass. Hard. It doesn’t matter where any of us stand on the moral/ethical/health issues. The idiots who escort will allow law enforcement and regulatory entities to come right on in and fuck things up royally.

    This is what happens when money is the ONLY goal.

  51. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Porn stars = legal escorting.

    Elite dating service = legal escorting.

    Sugardaddy = legal escorting

    Arranged marriages = legal escorting.

    Politicians = the worst (and only unethical) form of prostitution; compromising oaths and ethics for priviledge and financial gain.

  52. Walter Says:

    Great post Mariah. You made some excellent points. None of what you mention in paragraph 1 will happen until she receives some psychiatric help.

  53. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Yes, the MoFo’s retarded crusades are indeed ironic, Mariah, considering that, as sex work researcher and writer Gail Pheterson points out, the term “prostitute” has, historically, gradually taken on a Christian moralist tradition, being synonymous with debasement of oneself or of others for the purpose of ill-gotten gains.

    Furtherfuckingmore, using sex in any way to sell something can rightfully be defined as a form of prostitution. Thus, as R.D. Laing, in part said, we all are pretty much prostitutes. So… thus… ALL HOES SHOULD BE LEFT ALONE…. especially from those criminal elements which pose as elements fighting crime.

    This is simply a matter of consistency. Either condemn ALL whores or leave ALL whores alone!

  54. who me Says:

    MM the best part of your paragraph is the fact that threads get jacked by the same few or should I say 2……it makes it hard to even come to this site.
    There are a few threads that I would comment on, but somehow, some way it all turns to shit, when you keep reading the same shit in every fuckin thread from the same few people……this shit is really getting old.

  55. jeremysteele11 Says:

    who are you who me? if you got something to say then say it, if it gets old, read a book, find a hobby, join a group trying to change the world or go back to jerking off to free porn…

  56. who me Says:

    Who am I? I’m nobody, just a guy who likes coming to this site. If you feel attacked or didnt like what I said …….then by all means go ahead and dazzle us all with your constant wit, which will some how turn into a fuckin pity party….as usual.

  57. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I ask for for no pity and aim to avoid witlessness.

    But seriously, whatever I bugged you about, my apologies. You want me to go take a hike? I don’t give a shit. Ok.

  58. who me Says:

    Look Mr. Steele, If you go and look at the few threads I’ve posted on you will see that I have complimented you a time or two and even Miss Foster, I think you bring up some good points on some issues and you write well, but dude you have got to learn to let things go…its always the same shit and it takes away from most points that you try to make.
    You dont have to take a hike or give a shit……just give it a rest sometimes.

  59. RickMadrid Says:

    Amen!!!. Otherewise, Leave that cocaine alone!.

  60. jet_tits Says:

    @ who: key is to understand he is incapable of controlling himself. He has spent the past few years hijacking virtually every thread on this site. No matter the topic of the thread, it always ends up being about his issues.

  61. Larry Horse Says:

    Jet, go away. You and Royboy add nothing of worth to these threads. You never stop kicking Steele in the sac, evolve or go away.

  62. jeremysteele11 Says:

    ok who me thanks

  63. Rover1020 Says:

    Just wanted to add my two cents here. I have been friends with Raven Alexis for 4-5 years. Before she entered porn and after. Just spent three days with her last week. So here are my comments for what its worth:

    1.) First off, alot of people advertise as Raven Alexis on Eros and other escort services. They are all fakes…..just people trying to cash in on her name. When the first eros ad popped up, Raven was not even in NYC that month. The phone numbers and email addresses don’t add up either.

    2.) Raven does know/hang out with a few celebrities and rich guys who support her in Vegas and LA.

    3.) Raven has no intention of getting back to porn or being an escort (by definition).

    4.) Raven has a lovely condo in Vegas with her two kids. I have been to her house and it is very nice for livinng and raisinng kids. Dirt Jr. lives down the street and they remain pretty close and help each other out.

    5.) Now here’s the hard part……Cancer. I don’t really know if Raven had cancer or some other illness and I agree that she may well have used this to disappear from her DP contract. I could go on and give you alot of evidence that she was in fact ill, but I believe most people have already made up your minds. But if that is true, just let her go…. She’s was 24 yrs. old and could not take the pressure. So what? Young people make mistakes.

    6.) for those worried about her charity (I DONATED TOO), let me put your mind at ease. There is no way that Raven could have pulled off a cancer charity fraudulent scam without getting caught. The ACS and IRS would nail her to a cross. So if she stole the money, she would already be busted (maybe she was and is now payinng it back). Since she still lives in her original hometown with her same phone number and email address and web site, I doubt she’s on the runn from the law.

    NL- Really? I talk to Dirt Jr quite often, and he would say they are far from friendly..and I hear she was let go from her DP contract because her movies didn’t sell.

  64. Rover1020 Says:

    Dirt moved in very close to her and is active in raising their kids so I think there is obvious communication goinng on between them. I did not mean to imply they are great friends, but they do have a relationship.

    As for the DP contract, Raven was not really the box cover girl. They always featured several girls. So I finnd it hard to believe they could blame Raven for that. In fact, I don’t know why people still buy those high production movies. Everyone now prefers the raw type of porn. Oddly, I hang out with Raven but never watch her movies at all (unless she’s with Bobbi Star :).

  65. origen Says:

    Frank Lee Sprague – “She Lied”. (Great song for this situation.)

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