Visa Controls Brazzers Content?- UPDATED

UPDATE I have been ordered to remove the posts from Khrispy by Brazzer’s legal department. I have complied. See story here


NL- This is an OP/Ed

Lotsa talk on forum boards lately about who really is in charge of adult sites content. A specific complaint is that Porn Star Punishment, a Brazzer’s website that was all about tough love (lol), has been removed and the scenes all taken off of Brazzer’s because Visa is pulling their power and saying what can and can’t be on the site.

If this is true that is an amazingly scary amount of control.

When fans posted various complaints that some of the favorite scenes were now missing from the site, a Brazzers employee does answer them. Basically he says that many of the scenes are being "re-edited" I read that to mean, things that Visa objects too are being removed.

Scenes where the girl is dressed like a cheerleader and has pigtails have a problem because Visa doesn’t want anything that could be construed as child related.

Here is an answer posted by the Brazzer’s employee Krispy

Quote Originally Posted by Khrispy



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It actually gets more and more absurd, here is a statement from a forum poster

No BS, no excuses – Khrispy has even stated before that we can’t have zombies in scenes because it’s too close to necrophilia – it’s all because of the compliance board. Whether you believe that to be the truth or not, it is.

So they can’t show any activities that might be related to high school activities, nothing that has people drinking alcohol, nothing that is rough, and of course mustn’t forget the zombies need to be removed. It’s so ridiculous it’s comical. If you would like to read more on this topic here is a link to the forum-


  1. Sandy Bunz

    The banks and bankers control almost every aspect of todays world. Sad but true. I think that the worlds
    people would do better if the Constitution was followed to the core and the banks were put in their place by a just monetary system. As it is all the politicians and media feed off the banks freshly printed paper. Ron Paul would could cure the mess if the people voted him in and ignored the medias propaganda.

  2. tdpNate

    Don’t forget…Brazzers was the ones that did

    They’ve since taken that site down too, but you can read old scene descriptions here:

    No matter how much Brazzers wants to whitewash their past, some of us will NEVER stop to make sure people know exactly who these people are.

    Hi Fabian!

  3. origen01

    Bull. This story is complete bullshit. Brazzers can always create a different payment processing structure that offers more degrees of separation between the pay-site, the merchant and the credit card companies. There is absolutely NO reason VISA should have any idea what kind of content Brazzers is producing. Hell, they shouldn’t even know that they are processing payments for Brazzers….

    Does Manwin think we’re dumb? The truth is, they’re shutting PSP down because it’s not making money. Full stop.

  4. Jerkuliscious

    I saw one or 2 of the scenes on their, pretty f’n lame. Kink does it better, Facial Abuse does it better. It is like that 18 & Abused, or something like that. I check out that stuff, because the chicks are hot, not because the “abuse” is believable.

    The bigger and more white washed Brazzers/Manwin gets, the more strength will be given to the Facial Abuses, GirlsDoPorn, BackRoomCastingCouch sites. You don’t get the big box, multiple sister sites, but you do get quality entertainment.

  5. Gomer

    Brazzers could always just give away their scenes for free. Then they wouldn’t need to take any orders from Visa. Just sayin’ 🙂

  6. Larry Horse

    Why shut down a site and not leave it up “dormant”, like so many other megasites do. Gomer, that would be ironic, the content thieves, giving away their stuff for free. What was Visa’s reaction to being in business with a defacto/accidental(?) money launderer? Did they have a problem with that? I saw Aristotle Alexander’s name up there, he’s a longtime guy in judging porn bs, and if he says it is not bs, he’s probably 100% right.

  7. Karmafan

    Manwin has long been rumored to be a money launderer for middle east terrorist groups. They have tried very hard to hide who their owners really are. There have been stories about it in the past year or two in the newspaper.

    In fact I posted one on here sometime last year.

  8. Larry Horse

    I have my own ideas on Manwin, like the timing of a major torrent bust in the Ukraine from a couple of years ago and a large Euro business deal of theirs.

  9. RickMadrid

    That is really amazing! Middle Eastern Terrorist Laundering money through MANWINNIE !!. Facebook is full of fake female performers and the try to “HUSTLE” you for money on facebook. SURE!! Watchout for more scandals and Scams. They’re cooking out there too and I wouldn’t put it pass ManWinnie to be involved too! Have a good Sunday !

  10. aristotlealexander

    By the way, this is the post that khrispy said was “bang on correct”:

    This is what happens when you try to go big-time like Manwin is.

    More to the point, we already know that they’ve taken out a huge loan to try to buy as many companies as they can to try to turn themselves into some sort of porn conglomerate. Because of that (and the fact that they’ve already bought a few companies like Twistys and Digital Playground already), they can’t take the risk of any hiccups/interruptions in their crown jewel business in Brazzers. Which is exactly what not being able to let people pay by Visa would do. Even if you assumed all the people that subscribe in the US pay with the four major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover) are evenly distributed (which it isn’t, and more people pay with Visa than probably AmEx and Discover combined), they’d be risking losing 25% of their US customers. And, again, that’s just pretending that Visa isn’t international. Because of their ambition (and that loan), they’ve set themselves up as the perfect company to be pushed around by outside financial forces.

    And hi Larry.

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  12. origen

    I’m sorry, Aristotle but I don’t understand why they couldn’t use a third party payment processing service that conceals the nature of the content…

  13. Time to clear some misconceptions here

    First Discover and Amex do not process for adult material on the internet.

    Second almost 80% of the business is done on Visa

    Visa is a private company and can refuse to process for any reason/site/whatever they wish. They do not have to process for anyone they don’t want to and they don’t even have to have a reason.

    finally the third party processors are also bound by Visas decisions, if Visa pulls the plug then CCBill for example can no longer accept Visa for adult sites. Thats why CCBill doesnt accept Amex or Discover for adult sites. Third party processors exist for people who cant or don’t want to get merchant accounts.

    If the government really wants to shut down porn all they have to do is leverage VISA USA to stop processing, that’s the chink in our armor

  14. Larry Horse

    Aristotle showed why he is one of keenest observers in porn. Nice to know Manwin is watching us. I used to make the joke about starting my car when I was saying things about the Earl, wonder if I should start checking again in reference to Fabian the Fuhrer.

  15. jeremysteele11

    The Earl of Pimpwitch. Who came up with that one, anyway? I still haven’t found Pimpwitch on the map.

  16. origen

    I respectfully disagree, Mike. I mean, I agree with all that you wrote but I disagree with the idea that third party payment processors (such as CCBill) couldn’t offer a sufficient degree of separation between the content provider and the credit card companies. I am baffled as to why VISA would object to Brazzers content in the first place–or how they would even notice the content. Please explain, Mike as I am thoroughly confused…

  17. Origen I will do the best I can first lets take the CCBill thingy. CCBill basically sublets their merchant processing account, I admit that may be an oversimplification of what CCBill is but in general that sums it up pretty well.

    As a VISA Merchant which CCBill is CCBill has to abide by all of VISAs rules and regulations and so does anyone CCBill processes for. Some examples…porn sites may NOT display the VISA or Mastercard logos, do so and CCBill will drop you. Interestingly enough my merchant account for a brick and mortar store REQUIRES me to display the logos. Visa decided a while back that they would not process for any site with content that is not explicitly consensual, thus the sleeping sex and the hypnogirls type sites lost processing and most disappeared.

    Now therein lies the hitch with CCBill, the sites that use CCBill for processing are NOT hidden from VISA as such VISA periodically checks them and if they say a site has to go…It goes, there is no appeals process, it’s just gone. So there’s no way that CCBill will risk their merchant account and as large as CCBill is VISA could drop them and never see any effect on their bottom line.

    Now we have been talking about VISA-USA here the rules for VISA Europe are different, but if you get a merchant account through VISA EU then you have to have your business in EU and deal with the banks there etc. Is it doable, yes probably, is it worth it? No not unless VISA USA stops processing adult.

    Hope dat helps

  18. origen

    Thanks Mike. You have cleared up a lot. Just one last hurdle: How does VISA (or CCBill) know the type of content for service they are processing? Isn’t what’s being billed on CCBill something like Manwin Group or some other opaque name?

  19. The Credit Card bill shows up with whatever name you use BUT CCBill knows who that name is and so does VISA

    Before CCBill will accept your site you must provide them with a user/pass to your site, they review the content and give you a yes or a no. They then periodically re-review your content to make sure you are still in compliance.
    and yer welcome man

  20. Larry Horse

    Geriatric Gene says that Fabian has bought Evil Angel. Another thing I saw in the so called other news organs that Pink Visual is starting up a new anti-piracy campaign. So Alison can hunt pirates but Pink Visual is producing less new content than even Roy. Wouldnt you like to have new content to drive sales?

  21. bobt03

    There’s a simple reason Visa is concerned about who it processes payments for, and it’s the same as Discover and AmericanExpress. It is a publicly-traded company. Bad press can erode the value of its stock price in the eyes of investors. What’s more, Visa has to borrow money in the public markets so that it has the funds to process all those payments and transfer all the funds. Bad press affects who is willing to lend money to Visa and at what interest rate they are able to borrow. The last thing they need is the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal or the SEC asking whether they support sadistic or child-themed porn. It’s really that simple.

  22. Carnal Comics

    Mike South says that “Discover and Amex do not process for adult material on the internet.” On the join page for Kink’s Bound Gangbangs website, Discover is listed among the payment options. Many of the sex scenes are rape related and yet Visa is also listed as a payment option.
    Jamie Gardner

  23. Heres why gene should have been skeptical…EA is just a distribution company they dont own any content, the individual producers own the content, EA just distrbutes it so Manwin would have to buy the catalogs from each producer….im pretty sure EA doesnt even own buttmans catalog.

  24. Walter

    Gene Ross read his cards and determined that one day there’s going to be horseless motor carriages and big flying metal birds that people ride in to go from place to place.

  25. Jerkuliscious

    Is Gene Ross really an alkie that can be bought and sold for a pack of Dutch Masters and half a bottle of gin, or is that one of those porno Urban Legends you here about?

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