“Revenge of the Petites Is A Hit!

June 5, 2012 — TARZANA, CA — AMKingdom.com is racking up rave reviews from critics and fans with its mega-hit feature, “Revenge of the Petites.” Available exclusively through Exile Distribution, the 3-disc set contains nearly 8 hours of content, including the original feature movie, extended sex scenes, interviews, and a behind-the-scenes documentary.  Retailers and distributors should stock up and cash in on this one-of-a-kind release, as the reviews show “Revenge of the Petites” stacks up as the most highly acclaimed adult film of the year.

In “Revenge of the Petites,” petite and nerdy Marie and her best friend Skin embark on their freshman year of college.  They soon realize college life is not as easy as it seems.  Subjected to the taunts, teasing and practical jokes of the tall and beautiful girls of Theta House, led by the vicious Vanessa, Marie and her friends are left with no choice but to join a sorority for other petite girls.  When one cruel, practical joke by the girls of Theta House goes too far, the petites have enough. With the help of a former member of Theta House, the petites set out to get their revenge in the hilarious and heartfelt coming of age story with an adult twist.
“Revenge of the Petites” is an original feature capturing the essence of the 80’s hysterical coming-of-age comedies.  It is the first feature to successfully merge niche markets like petites, hairy, and exotic with traditional adult elements. Tying all the niches together is an original, feel-good story with heart, as well a huge budget, 23 adult stars, 30 extras, and original music. CraveOnline.com, British GQ, AVN, XBIZ, and other high-profile media outlets raved about the film’s red-carpet theatrical premiere in Los Angeles last month; the DVD release has continued to generate outstanding press.
Named an XBIZ Editor’s Choice, Managing Editor Dan Miller hails the movie as “a funny and thoughtful homage to American coming-of-age comedies such as ‘Revenge of the Nerds,’ ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High,’ ‘American Pie,’ and even ‘The Graduate’… more than just a sex movie. The film looks great and captures a nice nostalgic vibe that should have viewers digging through their old VHS tapes for a John Hughes fix.”
Gram Ponante of Fleshbot.com writes, “’Revenge of the Petites’ really does evoke innocent fun movies like ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ and ‘Weird Science.’ Not only does it appeal to the demographic that would remember the reference material, but also their elders…. it is also sweet, and you just want to do horrible/wonderful things to Marie McCray all the way through it.”
And Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals, Ph.D., a visiting scholar at the University of Southern California, sums up “Revenge of the Petites” as “one of the most refreshing films I’ve seen in a long time… All the components of this film are woven together in a way that is both refreshing and a nice nod to days of porn-making long past.”
  Rare for an adult film, “Revenge of the Petites” features an extremely large cast.  In addition to Marie McCray, Vanessa Cage, and Skin Diamond, “Revenge of the Petites” stars Celeste Star, Dani Daniels, Cassandra Nix, Ashley Jane, Zoey Kush, Riley Reid, Kris Slater, Sativa Verte, Heidi Hanson, Katie St. Ives, Seth Dickens, Victoria Rae Black, Tia Cyrus, Nina Devon, Hayden Hawkens, Leilani Leeanne, Talon, Sarah Shevon, Trinity St. Clair, and James Deen.


  1. jeremysteele11

    There can also be a surgically enhanced horror flick called ‘Revenge of the Implants’. Explanations should not be necessary.

  2. Bill498

    Hi I’m not a porn person, but I know people who have worked behind the scenes to make the movie Revenge of the Petites. My friend worked on that set and what he told me about what he saw one day, I just have to share with all of you.

    He told me that he found Kim A.T.K’s owner and the male star of that movie Seth Dickens, in a closet together. Now Kim was in the process of giving Seth a messy blow job, and spit was splattering on the floor. After that a violent argument between my friend and Kim broke out, while Kim’s face was turning red, after the embarrassing discovery was made.

    My friend was then offered a $1000 dollars to keep his mouth shut! He was then threatened with violence, if he didn’t keep what he had seen under raps. Maybe the movie should have been called, Revenge of the Homo’s? Where Seth, a big ugly homo has sex with women, that he’s not really into. Then he goes on to have his gay fantasy’s fulfilled with A.T.K’s owner.

    It’s also been reported to me, that they have been seen entering alone into Seth’s apartment together. I guess everyone now knows how Seth really keeps getting work from A.T.K’s owner. Bill

  3. RickMadrid

    Why is everybody always fucking with Seth? he’s cool and did what he had to do years AGO for this Mom and kid brother and didn’t like it one bit. So now he is getting is dick sucked by a Woman and you’re all complaining? WTF??

  4. Bill498

    I was talking about the owner of A.T.K who’s named Kim, he made the movie Revenge of the Petites. He is gay and so is Seth Dickens, and here’s my prove that they have been seeing each other intimately and sexually for over 3 years.

    About 3 years ago a source who was close to Dickens, was told to go hide in the bedroom when an older man came calling. He told this person that this man paid him for blow jobs. The source spied on Dickens and later found out that the man was Kim A.T.K’s owner. Dickens was paid $500 for the sexual services he rendered to him.

    As for Dickens being straight because he shoots with women here’s a few questions for the porn world from sources close to the case.

    1. If he was only doing gay scenes for the money because of his mothers illness. Then why did he have a John off base when he was in the Marines, who payed him for blow jobs and sex prior to his mothers illness? A man that he didn’t stop seeing until he moved to Dallas Texas this year.

    2. If he’s not gay, then why did he continue to shoot transsexual scenes and gay scenes, even after his mothers death?

    3. If he’s not gay, then why does he have 3 friends whom are all bi-sexual?

    4. If he’s not gay then why did he force his girlfriends, and the women in his life to leave the apartment, so that he could hang out alone with male friends all night long?

    5. If he’s not gay, then why does he play down his gayness by leaving as many comments to female porn performers on Twitter and Facebook, saying sexually explicit things? He has told a source close to him, that the reason he does this is so that porn producers, directors and other important people in the XXX industry would stop assuming that he was gay! Why would you think that people would assume your gay, if your not gay?

    6. Why did he have dinner on his previous birthday with the man who set up all his gay scenes, if he’s not gay? If the scenes where so vile and disgusting to him, wouldn’t he hate the man who got him those scenes?

    I believe that the cover that Dickens was so disgusted by being forced to shoot gay porn, because of his mothers cancer was a lie. This person has lied to everyone, about being straight!

    It’s disturbing and disgusting to your industry, when non-porn professionals, know about porn’s dirty laundry.

    The only people who don’t want to believe the truth are the very people in the XXX industry. Many, many, gay men are very nice and cool people! I’m a grip in main stream movies, and the gay community is full of cool and wonderful men. Men who are proud and don’t lie about being gay to other people, unlike Seth Dickens.

  5. Larry Horse

    Is Bill Sammi or Sophia/Linda/Jade or the woman Seth allegedly knocked up? Good point about Seth still working tranny/gay long after paying the family’s bills. Of course some will ask about Talon being in the movie and his past of shooting gay stuff, in that case who cares. What I want to know is why Talon was never used in a Batman parody as the Joker, there is some plastic surgery gone bad.

  6. Bill498

    Dude you’re a dumb ass, I’m not Sophia, Linda, Jade or the woman Seth suposedly knocked up. I’m me Bill open your eyes to whats going on around you. I just feel really bad for the other male performers who don’t suck the producer’s or director’s cocks. Man! I guess in porn you have to do what you have to do. It disgusts me that you hate this Jade/Sophia character so much, that you refuse to see the truth for what it is.

    Do you want to know why porn doesn’t sell anymore, it’s because alot of the actors are really gay and don’t even look like they like the sex, and are only doing it for the money!

  7. AIPChristina

    Bill, how many people that watch porn give a crap about the guy? Unless the guy is distracting during the scene (making weird noises or can’t keep it up being a couple examples), most people don’t care. They are watching the scene for the woman.

  8. Bill498

    Most actually do, and you are just wrong AIPChristina and that’s where the problem lies. No one in your industry cares if the content that they are producing is even HOT. Unless hot is no longer important either?

  9. This is Sophia Mounds and like my only day off, some of my internet friends had sent me messages regarding a post by an LIB commenter that is claiming that I’m some guy named Bill. I have no idea what he is talking about? I am not the only person that has beef with Seth Dickens, yes I dated him, but no, I would never-ever, say some messed up stuff like that about him. He’s crazy and lives down the street from me, and I’m terrified of the man.

    He has body slammed me, grabbed me by the neck and threatened to smash my face in! So I don’t want to mess with him.

    I dumped him on Memorial Day, and the next day after I had respectfully ended my nightmare relationship with him, he then texted me asking me, if I was still coming over on Wednesday? I’m not kidding! The reason I dumped him is he kicked me out one week, after losing a job…after talking too Kim who said; “I wasn’t pulling my weight financially in the relationship?” In 4 weeks I gave him over a 1000 dollars. Then Seth told me he was kicking me out for my own good? Knowing that I would be living with a 95 year old, Alzheimer’s patient…who wakes up at 4 A.M – 6 A.M every morning. Knowing that he told me it would motivate me to get a job with dental and health insurance.

    He’s living in fairy land, there was 65,000 jobs created this month and they were all part time. So I dumped him, because he had promised to help me, but as soon as something serious happened he dropped me off at the curb. But he still wanted boyfriend privileges twice to three times a week, it’s been 10 days now that I haven’t spoken to Seth. After treating me like Stella from that movies Stella’s got her grove back…where the guy throws her out…I don’t want him back!

    So after two days of not talking too him, and working back at a strip club, because I lost my job. Stripping is a job that I really didn’t want to do, but I’m good at it…and it’s not like I had a choice, with my health the way it’s been lately.

    So on the second day of not talking to him, a crazy, fat, ugly, cellulite filled nasty…the kind of girl that Seth gets for his down-low porn scenes, shows up at my club. It’s 3 P.M on a Wednesday. White girls rarely show up to that club. She’s the type of nasty beast that Seth would be seeing on the down low. Anyway she tries to get hired at my club, doesn’t ask to tryout just jumps up on stage in front of the club manager, and starts taking the clothes off her fat ass. She’s so hideous that I can’t find one thing besides her hair that was nice to look at. So I looked away, while our manager just rolled his eyes up at the ceiling.

    Now I had just met the manager and he was really nice, I liked him right away, a great guy, and friendly with two kids. Oh did I forget to mention that this ugly beast of a chick was on crack and drunk. She told the manager give me two weeks and I will lose the weight and told him that some stripper had cheated, with who she thought was her boyfriend, and looked right at me while she was saying it. Anyway he told her NO that he wasn’t going to hire her, so she came back 2 more times, and the answer was still no.

    So when she came back a third time, this un-hot drunken mess was arrested for public drunkenness…now here’s where it gets horrible. She goes to the clink and then tells the cops that our manager had raped her, and I know in my heart that Seth with his big fucking mouth, told this crazy bitch where I worked…he didn’t necessarily tell her to come there, but the bitches he deals with are fucking straight crazy-druken-druged-up-messes. They are complete nightmares, and are the other reasons that I dumped his sorry fucking ass.

    You know what happened to our manager, because of Seth’s thoughtlessness? His big fucking mouth sent that poor man to jail! Because a crazy girl got it in her head that she was his girlfriend, and I was the enemy! She had no I.D..who comes to a strip club with no I.D?

    The only people that don’t have I.D’s are people who intend on committing crimes, and if the manager would of hired her, I know that I would have been the one going to jail, because I would have been kicking her fucking ugly ass. Anyway the manager went to jail for rape, he’s either going to serve time here or in Mexico…his kids may never see him again, and now he will be a registered sex offender for the rest of his life, and that’s the real reason why I will never speak to Seth Dickens again!

  10. As for my real everyday life…it’s great now that the head trip that calls himself Seth Dickens is out of it. I have my college grants, and finished my first college class, I have my room, and now I finally live in peace. So everything is getting better daily, although I still feel horrible about what happened to that poor manager. I know that things will work out, and my life will get better because I won’t be around that type of drama anymore. I deserve a great life and so do you. Never hang out with people who don’t believe in you, don’t support you emotionally, put you down or treat you like shit. They are not the only people in the world and can be forgotten.

  11. Larry Horse

    I dont hate Sophia, I am confused by her behavior at times, mainly Jeremy in the past and her off again on again stuff with Seth. I saw a pic of Seth in a Marine uniform giving the dual finger salute, disgusting. He is an embarrassment to everyone who has wore that uniform, be they gay or straight. As for the guy in scenes, yeah it can make a difference. Talon’s issue is that he cant fuck a broad properly, he has a weird ass motion that looks painful for the girl. I want my actresses to look like they are enjoying it. I crack up when I see Dirty Harry or Ron in a scene, oh and John Janiero, the black t shirt man.

  12. Seth Dickens makes soo many promises he can never kepp. I know the Sophia Mounds wrong for him from the very begining, I tried to warn her about him and now she had to learn the hard way sfter breaking up 4 times.

  13. Sophia, I understand your pain and I hope that you will never see him again. I hate him more than ever beacaue he called last month and asking for 1200 dollars for rent and he wants me to come and spend some time with him. Is Seth Dickens really that much of a loser?

  14. Karmafan

    Sophia sounds like an idiot. After the 1st breakup she should have known he was a douchebag. Ok maybe even the second. However guys like that don’t change. If you haven’t straightened him out after 2 tries give up and move on.

    Going back for a third and fourth time makes me think she permenantly wears a sign on her back that says “KICK ME”!!!!

  15. jeremysteele11

    I know Sophia so I would take anything she says with a grain of salt. As for Sammyanna, have you clicked on her name? Some funny shit, and I’ve pointed this out before but it still hasn’t registered. ‘Nuff said. As for what you said, Larry, about a certain performer who used to do gay stuff and got face surgery, funny you said that, as he felt the need to talk shit about me supposedly “ruining” a scene in front of my ex, for God knows what reason. That’s the nature of this fucking, too often times lowlife, business, I guess.

  16. jeremysteele11

    Total bullshit? You mean, “$10,000 per scene to a bukakke guy and no need to sign releases” bullshit?

    And have a good weekend!

  17. I heard a lot about this other woman named Kim who sseth dickens had an affair with for a few months while he was still in a relationship with sophia mounds, The also had dinner together after he dumped sophia month a week later, Now he was fucking kim in the closet while shooting the set of Revenge of the Petites. I wan to know more about this kim woman. What does she look like? How did he keep her in the dark?

  18. Seth Dickens had no trouble finding a girlfriend a month after Sophia Mounds beat his ass at the last swinger party when she caught him kissing another older woman in the bathroom. Seth is now has a new MILF girlfriend who is a veteran pornstar Caprice Capone. It wont last long.

  19. Larry Horse

    Thanks Sammy, I love any opportunity to say Semper Bi. Here is Steele’s latest message to all us LIB folk: tell LIB i said hello because i vowed never again…(there is some more but is a cheap shot…if it was for Roy, believe me I would post it).

  20. Karmafan

    I was wondering what happened to Steele. Thought maybe he lost his tin foil hat and was afraid to leave the house without it to go to an internet cafe and post here.

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