Manwin Supports APHSS Testing

Subject: HIV Testing for Performers Under Manwin Line of Products.

After long and extensive research about HIV testing in the adult industry, Manwin has taken position on this matter. We believe that what is mentioned below will greatly improve safety for performers when it comes to testing practices.

Starting on July 1st, 2012 any scene purchased by Manwin will require that the performers have a HIV-1 Aptima RNA Qualitive Assay test not older than 15 days.
Clinics will need to be chosen from . The clinics that use the Aptima test are Cutting Edge Testing & Advanced Medical Testing Center.
The reasoning behind these measures is simple. The Aptima test is an excellent test to which can detect infection earlier than many other HIV tests available. Also we are supporting the APHSS program because of the strict rules and regulations that clinics need to have in order to be part of the program such as having access to a doctor on site should any tests return positive. These regulations are catered to promote safety to the way the adult industry functions.  

We truly believe that these initiatives reinforce our stand to provide an even safer and more controlled work environment, while allowing performers to have access and support from a doctor and medical team in cases where an infection is detected. We hope this initiative will be an example for other companies to follow.

 We Thank You for your support.
Franco Lipari
Vice President, Production


I posted this on April 23-

FSC Identifies TWO tests for HIV; one Approved by Brazzers?

NL-Let me just start out by asking why, when there are two closely matched tests,  we would push a test that so far is not sanctioned by the FDA, and is only used off-label? Not that it is right or wrong, because it was done by AIM before, but just why? Why would it be something important for FSC to mention right now? Rumor is that the why is because Brazzers wants to use only Cutting Edge Testing for their performers, and the Abbot test is what their lab uses….

Mr Thylmann has not yet answered my request for confirmation on this.


  1. commonsense

    All this talk about HIV testing really does not add safety to performers. Kindly let me explain in a non-antagonistic way. First, and foremost as long as there is the massive amount of talent that escorts outfront or under the radar, other performes that don’t and do not have unsafe sex are at great risk. And this is why condoms need to be mandatory. Please let me explain a performer goes on and overnight escort job and gives at very least and which is quite common a BBBJ, on saturday, and had a scene to shoot on wednesday, what if that person was infected on saturday night, and tested the two weeks before and everything was clean.
    Let me be more specific ****************** just came off last week from a week of escorting and then went for a test yesterday based on her twitter with a photo of her at test center, no say last thursday she was infected, and the test comes back clean this saturday. the window is too big. The escorting must stop. what these girls will do for money in private is unbelievable. we are taking $7,500 10 $10,000 for an overnight, plus tips for extras. Condom use needs to be medically mandated, and i fully support monica fosters website. Law enforcement is actively trying to stop this. just look at the big agencies in NYC that have been busted in the past three years. In addition Body miracle is no longer around. Soon lita chase will get hit hard, pamela peaks, and the next one i believe will be brigette adair.

  2. Larry Horse

    If Fabian talks I would be surprised. The investment he’s made staggers me. Of course I would like an interview with Alison the Pirate Hunter, with my long time questions, where is all the new content? And why are the 2257s in Panama City, Panama?

  3. RickMadrid

    I think its Crossover hiring time for LA. The agents are loading up on recruiting all the Bi Boys they can find and BOOM! we’re going to see another ‘OUTBREAK’!. So why keep on Denying what the REAL cause is and stop bullshitting at FSC. Fsc needs to stop licking ass and get down to what the cause is and “check” those agents that are the CAUSE.

  4. commonsense

    Monica Foster:
    Get your site started it is easy. just look at new york escort eros, los angeles escort eros, and see the big names. I know new york law enforcement is tough on this because most of the talent is crossing state lines, and the money involved.

  5. I am unravelling this whole testing thing on my blog…its not that hard to see whats happening. I know how much Fabian paid for that Aptima machine and I know why the FSC is blocking Talent Testing from APHSS and I know how manwin is playing the FSC like a piano…

    parts 1 and 2 are up part 3 the end goes up tomorrow

  6. Michael Whiteacre

    TTS refused to conform its practices to the standards set by APHSS and refused to join. This is a matter of historical fact.

  7. areyoukiddingme

    @Michael Whiteacre Wasn’t Healing Wave a part of APHSS as a testing facility? Didn’t you vigorously defend them Ari until they were ceremoniously kicked out of APHSS because their standards & protocols were not up to snuff? Why should anybody listen to anything you say about the subject?

  8. Michael Whiteacre

    Since we’re on the subject of credibility, let’s do some Mike South math, shall we?

    Mike claims AIM made $90 profit on each test. AIM charged $110 for years, and later raised it to $120.

    I received an email earlier from a source who had, shall we say, intimate personal knowledge of AIM’s lab costs. It turns out, AIM paid $50 for every PCR-DNA HIV test, and $25 for the gonorrhea/chlamydia test. That’s $75 right off the top to the lab.

    My source writes:

    “Mikey forgets AIM had to pay the employees, rent, insurance, workers comp insurance, utility bills, phone bills, supplies, and everything else any business has to do. Now after all of this, and more, let’s see Mikey come up with $90 profit. Is he really that stupid? I ask this question of you honestly, not as a joke; is he really a backwoods hick who cant even figure out how much it costs to do these types of things? Is he really that stupid?

    “Oh yeah, here’s the kicker: AIM only charged 25 bucks for the gonorrhea/chlamydia, the same price they paid. That’s what non-profits are able to do when done correctly.

    “I finally figured it out. The reason the porn industry is broke is because everyone went to the Mike South School of Porn Economics. Your retail price is $110 or 120 and your cost is $75. In the MSSPE, that $35 – 45 left over [before expenses] somehow becomes a $90 profit.”

  9. jeremysteele11

    Well Michael, porn people might not necessary know how to add or subtract, but at least they know how to multiply… actually, that’s not good either.

  10. I know what AIM paid for those tests of course I know they had to pay employees, they also had to pay rent etc. Thats why they needed to sell the PCRDNA test instead of the ELISA test they couldnt make enough to stay in business Jesus I gotta draw a picture yer so dumb. That doesnt mitigate the fact that AIMs profit on the test was 90 bucks.

    My source is Labcorp

  11. Michael Whiteacre

    I’m glad your source is Labcorp, however AIM’s labs were Heathline Clinical Laboratories, and Westcliff Clinical Labs. My numbers are confirmed by reps from the labs in question.

    110 (or 120) minus 75 does not equal 90.


  12. Third Axis

    I truly enjoy this battle of wits between Whiteacre and South. Although, to term it that implies that there are wits on both sides with which to be battled. Consider that Mr. Whiteacre does verifiable research, has actually been present at many of the meetings related to these events, and also lives in LA, where the US porn industry is centered. His information sources seem to be solid.

    Mr. South, on the other hand, has not been anywhere near the industry for some time, resides somewhere far away from where these events are occurring, has to my knowledge not been present at any of these related meetings, and is probably unable or unwilling to divulge his sources of information. He’s just a guy holding a fish.

    Game: Mr. Whiteacre.

  13. Michael Whiteacre

    Thank you, Third Axis. There is so much bullshit and misinformation being typed into South’s site daily, it’s simply mind-boggling.

    For instance, his claim that FSC blocked TTS — TTS refused to join APHSS, and would not conform its practices to APHSS standards — among other things, it has no referring physician of its own.

    When you dont have a referring physician it makes it pretty much legally impossible to provide any HIPAA-protected information to a third party or program such as APHSS.

  14. Michael Whiteacre

    Oh, look — reported today:

    Talent Testing Service CEO Sixto Pacheco told XBIZ Thursday that belonging to the Free Speech Coalition’s Adult Performer Health & Safety Services (APHSS) approved list of performer testing labs is “not in the best interest” of TTS.

    “After speaking with countless producers and performers, FSC agreed to organize APHSS,” Duke said. “The idea was to build on AIM’s program and learn from their mistakes. FSC understood that having many providers would make it difficult for anti-industry zealots like [AIDS Healthcare Foundation] to target one facility. Talent Testing was testing some industry performers and naturally FSC contacted TTS as a potential provider.”

    Duke said that among several issues she and Pacheco discussed would be if TTS was willing to talk to FSC’s attorneys in the event that Cal/OSHA came to them demanding all patient records.

    “I made it clear that there would be no cost for speaking to the attorney, and that the purpose of the conversation would be to determine if Cal/OSHA had a right to the records,” Duke said. “I asked the question because Cal/OSHA, had in fact, demanded all of AIM’s patient records. At the time I asked Sixto the question, an injunction blocking Cal/OSHA from accessing AIM’s performer records was in force. Cal/OSHA lost the case, the injunction was made permanent and Cal/OSHA had to pay the attorney fees to ACLU who represented AIM in the case.”

    Duke said at that time Pacheco declined to speak with FSC’s attorneys in the event Cal/OSHA demanded patient records.

    “FSC takes performer privacy seriously and wanted to make sure that their patient records would not be unnecessarily compromised by anyone — including the government,” Duke said.

    Pacheco confirmed that he declined FSC’s request.

    “Ms. Duke wanted us to not provide patient test results before we spoke to FSC’s attorneys,” Pacheco said. “We indicated to her that us as a testing laboratory would be in violation of the law and we would not do this with or without the advice of her attorneys. As such we declined her offering to speak to her attorneys. We have our own counsel.”

    Duke explained that her dialogue with TTS continued after that.

    “Encouraged by some industry agents to continue the conversation with TTS, FSC met with TTS a few more times in an attempt to determine if TTS met the basic requirements to be an APHSS provider,” Duke said.

    “One criterion for participation in APHSS includes the requirement that the provider have a doctor licensed in each state of service to order tests. FSC has determined that this is essential for the well-being of performers in case of positive results and is required by law in many states.

    “Last month in Miami, TTS was asked for specific assurances that it met that requirement. I formed the opinion, based upon Sixto’s response, that TTS does not meet the licensed doctor requirement of APHSS.”

  15. origen

    I agree, Third. Mike South has really bamboozled us with his latest series on testing. No sources or evidence were given for his reports. It turns out most of the facts he used were WRONG. It makes him look really bad and untrustworthy. This is serious shit and he better get it right!

  16. RickMadrid

    well that is good! But, look at it this way, She is the only one that is getting out there and trying to get the better testing for us all. I personally don’t care, as long as it is better than AIM.

  17. RickMadrid

    I wonder how much the Apitima test would be for 30 days? if they test that way , instead of 15 days like Manwin want’s for their website shoots?

  18. jeremysteele11

    Rick! Where are those $100,000 b/g scenes you’re doing at? Can’t I see them off the web or something?

  19. RickMadrid

    Good Morning Jeremy!. Hey, First of all , We haven’t even signed the Contracts yet. Rebeca Linares is Directing and coordinating all this. You all know she is retiring?. And that’s what she is going to be doing. Secondly , Carrmen Luvana has been really sick and couldn’t make the trip up from Buenos Aires. So those two are dealing with it all Jeremy. $100,000 for 10 scenes, 4 star hotel for the stay, $ 10,000 cash advancement prior to the shoots. Retirement money wouldn’t you say buddy?. How are you doing Jeremy? still over at Type 9 and getting booked like “hot cakes”. Hey make sure all you go to the Huslter studios get together and get this stuff straighten out. Jeremy should become the CCO (cheif compliance Officer and help get this all coorinating and maintained. its 11 am and time to fuck! seeya guys..

  20. jeremysteele11

    Rick, do you seriously think anyone believes you? I remember when you came on LIB as some female talking and bragging about yourself, and it was obviously you. How long did you/have you been smoke/ing crack? No male gets $10,000 a scene, especially someone who’s known resume consists only of bukkake scenes.

    Everyone is shaking their heads and/or laughing at you. Get a clue, dude!

    Porn and LIB sure attract the mentally challenged.

  21. jeremysteele11

    And you got paid but didn’t sign any contracts for those big spenders on top talent to use that $10,000 per scene rate you already got paid for ten times, huh? Right.

    “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” – Albert Einstein

  22. RickMadrid

    Jeremy! this blog is you LIFE! Don’t fuck it off! what would you do without LIB?? Now I got to go get some really serious shiot done. I have your address and Ill send you some releases, when I get them and you jackoff to me and my female co workers performing…that’s the closes you’ll get to porn again..hahahahaha!! FOOL!!!

  23. jeremysteele11

    What’s my address Rick? How can you send me releases when you just said you haven’t signed any, yet? Ha ha ha FOOL! 😐

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