I’m DONE With Raven Alexis

Concerning my story about Raven Alexis-Truthfully for the first time ever, I’m not asking for /allowing Raven’s "side of the story". I’ve heard plenty of her "sides" and I’m done with it.  I will not ever speak to her again. So with this post, I am DONE with Raven Alexis.

But I didn’t want to end it without putting up some of the comments I got. There were SOOOO many twitter messages to me via DM,  I wish I could put them up, but I keep DM’s confidential. I can however put up some of the public ones that were made. So here they are…



  1. So the LA porn industry exploits the girl, drives her into depression and delusion, she allegedly “fakes cancer”, continues through the gateway of which porn is into illegal prostitution and lastly is metaphorically burned at the stake for being what I can only call temporary insanity.

    This is wrong. The girl could read these tweets, have a panic attack, get depressed and go over the edge. Why are you virtually lynching this woman? Have you no heard the phrase “He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her”?

    Look, if the girl collected a ton of donations, encourage her to return the money and let that be it. Stop this!

  2. erasend

    re: Monica Foster’s defense

    Since probably not see other post, will repeat here:

    Other people’s shitty behavior isn’t justification for your own.

    Besides there are a thousand and one ways to get into porn and equal way of getting out. People do it everyday of the week. If she was too weak willed to do it…well see first sentence above.

    BTW, your excuses are completely negated by her own behavior. Faking cancer for months, maintaining and keeping up with the lies, then defending the story for months with threats of lawyers is not the behavior of a victim. That is the behavior of someone that has not problem making other people their victims. That isn’t a one time, spure of the moment lapse of judgement. That is a repeated and constant effort at deception over a long period of time.

    As for the “lynching”, pointing out the truth is not by default a “lynching”. When was the last time someone volunteered to give up money they basically stole through deception? I can’t think if any. Most had to be forced to through courts and even then that usually falls far short of what was taken. But since you feel a good talking too will right all wrongs, I am sure you are reaching out to Raven as we speak to back up words with action.

  3. Walter


    How do you know Raven wasn’t depressed and delusional prior to entering porn? And since you mentioned that quote from the good book, you’ll be the last person in line to throw the stone correct?

    While I have your eye, why don’t you stop blaming everyone else for the issues you have in your life that you brought and continue to bring on yourself? It’s really sad watching you try to threaten and extort people now. Maybe you need therapy? Maybe medication? Maybe hospitalization or rehab of some sort? I mostly only see your comments here but it appears that you’ve been in a downward spiral for quite some time and only getting worse. If you don’t get help it’s not going to end well.

  4. Bottom line – if she really “faked cancer” that is wrong, and if she gained any funds due to the “faked cancer” then she should return the funds – however this is a virtual public lynching (I don’t expect any LA porn industry – or those attached to or who kiss LA porn’s ass – to agree with me).

    To whoever “Walter” is? WTF are you talking about? You sound like a lunatic in regards to the false portrait you’ve attempted to paint of me. Rehab? I am not on drugs nor do I abuse any substances. Extort? Get real, I am not looking for money from Los Angeles pornographers – get real 🙂

    Your last sentence Walter looks like yet another threat on my life “If I don’t get help it’s not going to end well”? What does that mean? Are you saying someone is going to physically harm me? I sure hope not. Hell, it’s not my fault I have to go public with how James Bartholet introduced me to a cocaine dealer at Crazy Girls at Angelina Valentine’s website launch party…that’s the fault of those in Los Angeles porn who consistently promote him and have him around the active talent. Hmmm, maybe his introductions to such shady people are what led to Hunter Bryce’s death…who knows? I’ll explore that on pornstarhookeralert of course.

    I’m just helping law enforcement to the best of my ability as someone who enjoys and respects the privilege of being a United States citizen. Illegal prostitution is wrong – the sooner the Los Angeles porn industry realizes that the less of a hard time they’ll have…

    Hell, if illegal prostitution wasn’t in effect Raven Alexis wouldn’t be enabled and none of you would be virtually lynching her.

  5. erasend

    “illegal prostitution” is a bit redundant. Its like saying “illegal murder”. By definition prostitution is illegal. Also pretty sure they know its illegal. Just don’t care because the money makes it worthwhile. Otherwise they wouldn’t do it and be perfectly happy being a cashier or something. But lets see…doing a minimum wage job where might be lucky to get $10 an hour or possibly making $1000s an hour on your back. Or in this case make that lying about a serious medical condition. Gee shocker on what direction some choose. Not making a value judgement (unlike you), just pointing out the strong economic motivations at play. Realizations of “illegal prostitution” has nothing to do with it.

  6. You’re not very in the know Erasend…prostitution IS legal is Carson City, NV so I’m correct in specifying “illegal prostitution”.

    Please use Google before commenting.

  7. Walter

    MonicaFoster, when I wrote “If you don’t get help it’s not going to end well” I meant that you come off as a person who is getting increasingly worse and unstable, and that behavior usually leads to attempting to hurt yourself. I do not know your financial or insurance status but many parishes and counties have community mental health services which provide free or low cost help to those in need. I don’t want you to try harming yourself.

  8. I’ll never hurt myself Walter. I’m not suicidal at all nor am I unstable. Someone who daily maintains the schedule that I do and works as much as I do on my various projects and physical fitness level proves to be very sane.
    Tonight PornstarHookerAlert will be launched “Walter” (but since I’m just an “unstable” little silly woman who’s not “relevant” I doubt you are TOO worried – lolololol). If anyone from the Los Angeles porn industry mafia attempts to off me and attempts to fix the scene to look as if it’s a suicide (like it’s been done with many others attached to porn who didn’t play the game), everyone close to me will know the truth. I know your kind is under the delusion that I’m alone, isolated, and don’t have a friend in the world – but you are wrong…very wrong.

    I think you need to stop posting right now “Walter” – you’re making this blog look very threatening.

    I’m chopping down your tree, and there’s not a damn thing you can do to stop the swing of my axe.

  9. jeremysteele11

    Walter Says: I don’t want you to try harming yourself.

    Walter. She’s stupid, crazy, and evil. Let her harm herself, instead of others, for a change.

  10. jeremysteele11

    I think you have a correct diagnosis, Walter. MoFo should look into the Substance Abuse Mental Health Administration… because, logically, there is a connection between drug abuse (which MoFo admits) and mental illness… and logically, when a person actually says stupid shit like LIB is run by the KKK, people are stalking them and threatening to kill them, based on no evidence nor even any claims… well, logically, the brain is damaged… screws are loose…. cards are missing from the deck…

    The problem with the mentally ill is that they usually never come to terms with their illness. Some mechanism keeps them resistant to what is obvious to everyone else. Facts and points are made and the ill person acts like they were never made… ahem!

  11. Walter

    jeremysteele11, I do not know if she is dual diagnosis but she does not need to be in order to take advantage of the mental health services that can be found through that URL I posted above.

  12. Jerkuliscious

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder, it has been gone over before. She will never admit to having a flaw, so she will never seek help. It causes her to alienate people, so there is no one close enough to her, or trusted enough, that she would listen to them when they tell her she needs help. The fact that there is no magic pill for it, just long term therapy, also makes it less likely she ever gets the help she needs. With the “Black and White” thinking, first time a mental health professional says something she don’t want to hear, she gonna stop seeing them, and start the process over from square one.

    I think it could be handled with a 30 day, LSD based reprogramming regimen, but Kacey Jordan and Tanner Mayes have first dibs on my basement chains. When you leave a cult, you need your brain cleansed of their BS. When you a crazy broad, you need it cleansed of your own BS.

  13. jeremysteele11

    It’s too much for her ego and false sense of identity to recognize and admit she is fucked up mentally, Walter. It doesn’t matter how many times you confront her with the same point(s) which prove it. It’s like it was never said. Deep down she knows she is fucked up in the head. That’s why she has to keep lashing out on everyone else and making more and more and more enemies, including people like me who were always nice to her, until she flipped the fuck out. Her constant crusades are attempts to escape the sad reality of how damaged she is. Focus on “them” instead of herself.

    She knows many people have said she has mental disorders (is crazy) but her conclusion, of course, is that all of “them” are crazy, not her…. “LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL”.

  14. Third Axis

    Monica is nothing more than your typical run-of-the-mill crusading christhead. Blind religious belief such as hers transcends the delusions of mental illness, drug use, or simple ignorance and stupidity. Hers is the brain on “god.”

    To whit:
    “Countless pornstars (both male and female) are trapped in the world of illegal escorting and prostitution. Sometimes it’s the only way they can survive financially between legitimate adult content production shoots (considering that adult content isn’t shot as often as it used to be), and other times they are intimidated into continuing working as illegal prostitutes by their pimps who may threaten to out them or hurt their loved ones.I know and have known MANY adult entertainers trapped in the world of illegal escorting and prostitution and can no longer ignore their suffering and their silent cries for help.

    I am free of the illegal escorting lifestyle and could easily walk away and never think about the issue again, but I know that’s not the right thing for me to do. I truly believe that God and Jesus Christ have put me on a mission to assist in cleaning up Earth of the negative and evil beings that have no problem with using, abusing and exploiting God’s greatest creation – humans. In my view the Los Angeles porn industry is a MAJOR AXIS OF EVIL and THAT MUST CHANGE.”

    [“I truly believe that God… put me on a mission to assist in cleaning up Earth…”]

    Monica, we hear your simple cry for help—with the emphasis on simple.

  15. erasend

    LOL, because around 1% of the world makes it legal, you think “illegal prostitution” is a necessary statement. If you were that consistently precise it would be one thing but since you are not… well I guess what matters is you maintain that illusion of being right (even though you are not).

  16. Jerkuliscious

    Monica only thought about the religion angle, because bitch is jelly of Lubben’s tax exempt status.

  17. jeremysteele11

    I think its fair to assess that some bible thumping former(?) addicts (&/or current addicts with a new compulsion) may have been thumping those bibles on their heads too many times;

    “But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”
    – Matthew 5:28

    Yes, good point, ajs.

    So, its too late anyway, might as well go all… the… way!

  18. Third Axis

    Yeah, see, that’s the thing, folks. Monica simply doesn’t know her scripture. Yet, she spouts the usual jihadist shiite. It’s like this: either you accept the WHOLE law, or you accept NONE of the law. If you profess the christian doctrine(ation), then scripture—the bible—is absolute. You’re not allowed to cherry pick parts to suit your own agenda, disregarding the rest. “Lust” is lust. You may not partake of it in any regard, and you may especially not inflict it upon others. Jesus let the whore off the hook, but told her to, “go, and sin no more.” Alas, I myself do not accept the absurd concept of “sin”; however, our dear sisterbride Ms. Foster does, and, as a self-professed christian, must “flee far from it.” End of the… “Greatest”… Story… “Ever Told.”

    Monica Foster is a hypocrite, poser christian for a dollar. Doubly damned (if you believe that shit…). What say you, damned whore?

  19. Rover1020

    Just wanted to add my two cents here. I have been friends with Raven Alexis for 4-5 years. Before she entered porn and after. Just spent three days with her last week. So here are my comments for what its worth:

    1.) First off, alot of people advertise as Raven Alexis on Eros and other escort services. They are all fakes…..just people trying to cash in on her name. When the first eros ad popped up, Raven was not even in NYC that month. The phone numbers and email addresses don’t add up either.

    2.) Raven does know/hang out with a few celebrities and rich guys who support her in Vegas and LA.

    3.) Raven has no intention of getting back to porn or being an escort (by definition).

    4.) Raven has a lovely condo in Vegas with her two kids. I have been to her house and it is very nice for livinng and raisinng kids. Dirt Jr. lives down the street and they remain pretty close and help each other out.

    5.) Now here’s the hard part……Cancer. I don’t really know if Raven had cancer or some other illness and I agree that she may well have used this to disappear from her DP contract. I could go on and give you alot of evidence that she was in fact ill, but I believe most people have already made up your minds. But if that is true, just let her go…. She’s was 24 yrs. old and could not take the pressure. So what? Young people make mistakes.

    6.) for those worried about her charity (I DONATED TOO), let me put your mind at ease. There is no way that Raven could have pulled off a cancer charity fraudulent scam without getting caught. The ACS and IRS would nail her to a cross. So if she stole the money, she would already be busted (maybe she was and is now payinng it back). Since she still lives in her original hometown with her same phone number and email address and web site, I doubt she’s on the runn from the law.

  20. pwltroll

    It seems like most of you idiots are more concerned with some retard who faked cancer than some girl who actually has it.

  21. Rover1020

    Well pwltroll—

    I’m not sure you noticed but the blog is titled “Raven Alexis”. So it would seem natural that the postings here would be about none other than Raven Alexis. BTW- you are the real IDIOT for reading blogs and then complaining about the contributors. So do us all a favor and go fuck yourself!!

  22. SlavojLiraut

    Rover1020 doesn’t know anything–ignore everything he says.

    For example: Dirt JR does NOT live in Vegas, and is NOT close with Raven. He lives in LA and, judging by his tweets, wants nothing to do with Raven because…well, because of the whole FAKING CANCER thing.

    Obviously this guy is just trying to be Raven’s defender–he obviously is very proud of the fact that he supposedly knows her (even though he doesn’t know that Dirt Jr lives in LA and has no connection wtih Raven at all).

    But what is most telling is that even THIS guy doesn’t even TRY to say that Raven really did have cancer. That’s the most damning testimony we’ve heard yet.

    By the way, Rover, just because Raven hasn’t got caught by the authorities (yet) doesn’t mean they won’t get her in the future, and definitely doesn’t mean she didn’t commit fraud. People get away with fraud all the time in this country. Your argument that she hasn’t been indicted or arrested so therefore she must be innocent is pure foolishness.

  23. Rover1020

    PS- I got the ex-husband and ex-BF mixed up. Dirt Jr. is the dick who started all the lies and rumors that all of you cling to and feed on. Raven is living just seconds away from her prior ex (Allen) who is helping raise the kids. She’s doing quite well and if we are all lucky, she might surface again in the public light when and if she feels up to it.

    PSS – Slavo….in the word of our forefathers “You can’t handle the truth”

  24. SlavojLiraut

    Which just goes to show that you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    (1) Her ex is the kids’ father (biological to one, if I’m not mistaken), so no surprise he’s there helping to raise them. Duh.

    (2) You haven’t denied that Raven faked cancer–you also haven’t named a single lie that Dirt Jr spoke. Basically, you haven’t said anything other than, “Yay Raven and Boo Dirt Jr.”

    (3) I don’t think anyone would be lucky if Raven “surfaced” backed into the public light–she’s already disgraced her family and kids enough.

    (4) Not ONE of our forefathers EVER said the words, “You can’t handle the truth.” And besides, you are clearly the one in denial. And by the looks of things, you are the ONLY one left.

    Good luck with that.

  25. hey rover, there are 3 times the posts in this entry about raven than the holly thread of people wishing her well, you stupid backwoods, Missouri fagget

  26. Rover1020

    Nice pwltroll—-

    You think people in Missouri are backwoods? LOL…
    Look in a mirror brah. Your last post has too many punctuation and conjunction errors in it to even figure out what the hell your saying. Your earlier posts remarked that you “can’t believe everyone reads and comments on Raven on this post”. We all thought that one was stupid, but this last one sets the record for stupidity. You belong in the ignorant welfare state of California. BYW- The next time I drive over in my Range Rover and see Raven, I’ll be all shaken up that you called me a faggot.

  27. pwltroll

    Range Rovers are pieces of shit, bro. Sorry to tell you that. Just like your state, Missouri. It’s one of the worst states in the country and it breeds faggets like you. Get off the internet, you hillbilly.

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