! Gauge ! & Aurora Snow Appearing in Philly


( PHILADELPHIA, PA ) – The City of Brotherly Love is about to get a huge does of love, or something like it as hall of fame adult film star Aurora Snow invades Philadelphia with a special guest. During her feature engagement at the famous Gold Club, Aurora will be joined by friend and XXX compadre Gauge.

Back in her performing days, Gauge frequently shared the screen with Aurora, including a scene which featured the two fresh starlets in pigtails that has become so iconic it still pops up years later. However, this is the first time the two fan favorites have teamed up for a feature dancing gig.

Aurora and Gauge will be sharing the stage to help the Gold Club celebrate its eighth anniversary.

June 21st-23rd fans will be treated to a special triple header of XXX action. Both Aurora and Gauge will hit the stage for their individual performances and then return at midnight for very special show that brings the adult entertainment superstars together on stage for the first (but hopefully not the last) time.

“I can’t wait for this one,” says Aurora. “It will be the first time Gauge and I have made an appearance together. She is a great performer and I hope this is just the beginning for us. We are going to really enjoy each other and put on one heck of a show for the fans. I look forward to several other engagements together.”

As always, there will be lots of give-aways and a special meet & greet for fans after each show. Aurora and Gauge will have DVDs, 8x10s and other items to autograph. Best of all, both performers will be available for lapdances for that up close and personal show.

Don’t miss Aurora Snow with special guest Gauge at the Gold Club in Philadelphia June 21st thru the 23rd.

The Gold Club
1416 Chancellor St.
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 670-9999

Visit www.AuroraSnowStore.com to purchase all things Aurora & to see more of Aurora Snow please visit www.AuroraSnow.com and follow her on Twitter at @MissAuroraSnow

For all things Gauge go to http://www.ilovegauge.com/ & follow her on Twitter at @gaugepornstar


  1. Satyric

    These 2 fine ladies are officially in the MILF zone, cumback to the screen Guage you and Aurora have your hottest years ahead of you.

  2. Jerkuliscious

    Shit, I wish I knew about this earlier. I met the owner of the Gold Club at Exxotica NY. He gave me his card and told me to stop in and he’d take care of me. Maybe I can get there Saturday.

    I hope Gauge does some knew scenes. I need to see hand stand anal in 1080p.

  3. max softcore

    Gauge looked like a methed-out hillbilly in her mugshot. i wonder what she looks like up close. She was fine when she started out though yo…

  4. Larry Horse

    That’s an old pic of Aurora, not that there is anything wrong with her now. Sad thing is that if the Gold Club said Ronnie the Limo Driver Mund was coming out as a Guest Announcer they would get a far bigger crowd.

  5. Jerkuliscious

    Maybe 5 years ago, but nowadays the only numer smaller than Stern’s listenership is his wife’s IQ. Both are probably floating in double digits. Dude only does a little over 100 live shows a year. That doesn’t maintain an audience, it merely maintains a paycheck.


  6. Larry Horse

    Stern is the only thing keeping Satellite Radio solvent, he’s made them billions of dollars in revenue. They’ve pissed it away on sports and people like Oprah. Now these guys are getting millions of dollars in free advertising by Stern being on America’s Got Talent.

  7. Jerkuliscious

    Stern’s audience is dwindling rapidly. If Sirius lost more than 100k subscriber’s if Stern didn’t re-sign, I’d have been surprised. They didn’t even notice when Bubba left. They get next to no XM people that pay extra for Best of Sirius. Stern can’t get good guests and delivers lousy interviews when he does. The entire show is based on product placement, so he can fill his pockets w/o giving Sirius a cut.

    Karmazin is running a fire sale on his shares, because he is out the door shortly. When Malone takes over, Stern will no longer be a priority, because the true value of the company is the satellites.

    Free advertising on a show no one watches is hardly worth millions. Debut episode down from last year’s. Yeah, Stern Nation turned out in droves to watch it. You must be living in 1989, if you still think Howard is relevant and influential.

    To be clear, I was a fan and loyal listener, from the NBC days until about a week after Artie’s suicide. The show is no longer funny or interesting.

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