Free BJ’s From Sara Jay & Angelina Castro in Miami!

YouTube Pulls Sara Jay’s Entire YouTube Page With Over 4 Million Views
The Miami Heat victory parade evidently is not over.  The adult twitterverse abuzz now that Lebron James’ Miami Heat won the NBA Championship last week over the Oklahoma Thunder. Why? Miami based pornstars Sara Jay ( & Angelina Castro pledged on twitter to give all of their followers a BJ if the Heat won the title, using the hashtag #TeamBJNBA.   Sara Jay has over 230,000 followers ( & Angelina Castro has over 100,000 followers (… and counting.  The chatter became so large that YouTube disabled Sara Jay’s popular Official YouTube Channel after her #TeamBJNBA video got over 120,000 views in just over a week (at the time her Channel had over 4 million views).  Both girls are part of Vicky Vette’s popular VNA Network of websites (  Sara Jay is an Urban X Hall of Fame Winner with a number of industry nominations and credits. Castro was named one of XBiz’s Top 100 Newsmakers in Adult in 2011 and is a frequent guest on mainstream Spanish television.

Sara & Angelina announce they are fulfilling the #TeamBJNBA pledge & are hoping that they may even break the World Record for most blowjobs in one day.  They are inviting their twitter followers to go to popular adult swingers club Miami Velvet on August 2, 2012 for a free no strings attached blowjob in honor of the Heat’s victory.  Sara & Angelina have Officially applied in writing to the Guinness Book of World Records to set an Official record.  The unofficial record for blowjobs in a day is believed to be held by Summer Nyte at an event hosted by Ron Jeremy in 2005.  Details of the upcoming event are being released at

Sara Jay is quoted as saying: "The #TeamBJNBA stuff has been blowing up like crazy. We’re really going to do what it takes to give anyone who is a follower an opportunity to get the thrill of a lifetime. Hopefully we can set a record at the same time although I wonder how many people will show up.  I am gonna be fascinated to see how many people have the balls to actually go through and get a BJ from us.  We have no idea if it’s going to be 10, 100 or 100,000. It would be awesome to break a world record for something…. even if it is oral sex! Either way, we’re standing by our pledge."  Cuban born Angelina Castro adds: "#TeamBJNBA was never a joke. I am thrilled the Heat won & hopefully we can make a bit of history.  If 100,000 people show up I guess we are going to be on our knees for a long time so I am going to buy some knee pads. A promise is a promise."
Angelina & Sara also announce that they will host a #TeamBJNBA Afterparty on August 3, 2012 at Miami Velvet.  Sara notes: "I have a feeling that I am gonna need a drink or two…. or twelve…. after the event on Thursday."  Angelina adds: "If more than a 1,000 people show up, we’ll still be giving BJ’s on Friday Night… it’s gonna be a hell of a party! Ha Ha!"
Sara Jay can be reached at                                                                                                                                                         
Angelina Castro can be reached at
Interviews can be arranged by emailing
Miami Velvet’s site is


  1. jeremysteele11

    Are they gonna suck each until they bust, or just a few slurps and then “next”? I presume they’re gonna use toxic rubbers, right… “safe sex”. I was fucking my 20 y.o. g.f. with one and the condom tore her vag. Condoms have well over 100 toxic synthetic chemicals which cause rashes and ruined the fun. Couldn’t feel nuthin and it blocks the normal lubricant the body creates. I’m glad we’re off that shit, now.

  2. Karmafan

    Usually world record GBers use fluffers and when the mope is about to pop he jumps in and is done and gone in 30 seconds. It’s the next dude in line’s turn.

  3. Third Axis

    MavRick: #1 (out of two) in the Straight Mope Division of Midnight Media.

    Enjoy our West Coast buds there in NY, high-roller. Maybe someday you New Yawkahs can learn to grow something worth smoking.

  4. jeremysteele11

    Please don’t associate said mentally deficient dipshit with us Neü Yawkahs, 3rd.

    Happy Indepedence Night!

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