ALTA Dissolved by Shy Love

Shy Love: ‘I’m dissolving ALTA’

The Agency Licensed Trade Association being shelved in the interest of
‘adult-industry unity’

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Talent representative Shy Love has announced the
immediate dissolution of the Agency Licensed Trade Association, a trade
group for adult-industry representation companies that was started earlier
this year.

"This is a time for the adult industry to present a united front to face our
problems, both from outside and within our own ranks," Love said. "In the
interest of adult-industry unity, I am dissolving ALTA and recommending our
members ally themselves with LATATA, the Licensed Adult Industry Trade

ALTA was started in January of this year with four member agencies: ATM/LA,
which is owned by Shy Love; Motley Models; OC Modeling; and Type 9 Models.
It served as an alternative to LATATA, which was founded in 2009. ALTA
encouraged new talent to sign with licensed representation, and published
the State of California licensing agency website where talent could confirm
that their representative agency was licensed to operate in California.

"We’ve got too much on our plate to waste time with petty bickering," Love
said. "I’m taking this first step to help build the unity we need."


  1. RickMadrid

    Why doesn’t Shy just buy and merge all the talent agencies into ONE big talent agency and be done with it! And bring some “Standards” to the LA porn market instead of just signing on ne talent and saying” Go to work!. The “directors” will train you, and teach you about nutrition, and supplementing and staying away from Viagra and caverjack and all the Bullshit hard on pills a Dr. will prescribe. I sure love my talent agency!

  2. Third Axis

    Yeah, Rick, your “talent agency.” Oh boy. Creative Artists Media Group, Inc. (or is that ink?). A “division” of Midnight Studios? The first has no actual website, just a (free!) Facebook account. Clasy (yes, only one “s”). And Midnight is a Go Daddy candy wrapper. Again, clay (no “s” at all this time, sorry). You one main dud. Now go do a jack-a-mope and buy an “e”. Viagra rules.

  3. jeremysteele11

    “I sure love my talent agency!”

    If only he could see how stupid he is, 3rd, he’d fucking jump off a building.

    If stupidity was a crime, based on his level of dumbness he’d get the electric chair.

  4. RickMadrid

    Its 150Pm in South Florida and I’m finally getting up and heading for North Miami. Hey Thres-anues. I know you’re a Former Bukkake boy too and probably a PornDan sucka ass. For your information. I don’t own the agency. Kirk and James Kerndt own the agency along with investor’s on the East Coast that are Energy executives. The website is down for Maintenence and more scene and modeling pics are being attached. The facebook site is something Kirk is doing for his “kicks” are whatever you want to call it. Now, Third anuses..Straightness is who and what I am. I heard Jeremy and you did a scene together and you were his”bottom”. I guess both of you haven’t it pretty bad fiancially, but that what YOU got to do…That’s what YOU both got to do. At least Jeremy admit’s he is GAY/Bi, and done gay porn with condoms. He is sooo brave. Now I’m done talking with all you jealous ass gay guys. Go find something to do and have a good weekend…

  5. jeremysteele11

    Hey Rick, how’d you go from getting $75 bukkakes to getting $10,000 per scene? (That’s funny they make you take a fucking PCR/DNA HIV test to jerk off. Hahahah! That leaves you about $50 in the hole) Why would anyone pay you that when you couldn’t even get it up for Bob Field for $200.00? How could anyone get paid without signing a model release? How come you are so incedibly fucking dumb? Inquiring minds wanna know. Why are you avoiding all the tough questions?

    And don’t worry. No homos want to fuck you. So, relax with your repeated fucking obsessions over and over and over. No women want to fuck you, either. I’ve seen pictures of you on facebook with your backwards baseball cap. You got the dumbest look in your vacant eyes.

  6. jeremysteele11

    And Rick, you just said you (for who knows what reason) were in Long Island (what part? I’m from there), now you’re suddenly in South Florida.

    There’s dumb and dumber, and then there’s Rick Madrid!

    Shame on your mother for not having used birth control!

  7. RickMadrid

    Germs: I’ll have to keep going over this because your so fucked up on that CRACK and Cocaine I’ll really need to go jump off a bridge. I was in Manhattan and I caught a flight to shoot for Robert Odonez, today, Filling holes, is the project and I’m working with a new girl Katilyn. Any nosey fuck! Carmen Luvana who you all know and love contacted me for this Rebeca Linares Project that she is doing and wanted to knock out “10” scenes with her. YOU ALL KNOW SHE IS RETIRING. And she is getting married and model Coordinating for MPE. And this is for Playboy and Don Alamada is the Director. I told her to hire you as my Fluffer Geremy…Beilive me! this will be the first time I have a gay/bi male performer from Hollywood, Fluff me on the side during down time. Come Jeremy…You need the money and you would love Argentina and would get you ready for THE NEW LA type of Porn. Shame on your Mamma for not having a Miscarrige. It should for all of us , Happened. Jeremy go get a WIG, You’re just living a foolish life in hollywood. YOU life is going no where…NON-UNION extra.hahaha! How can u support youself on Welfare and 80 dollars a day bullshit work,Living in a filthy, crackhead Hollywood apartment complex? At least I don’t have to pay hookers on Sunset to fuck me, and yes Jeremy I do have steady females on the side of this business. Loooooser!! Seeya soon !

  8. jeremysteele11

    Welcome to the Retard Network via LIB, Ricktard.

    You lost this battle of wits a long time ago and put your own name on your epitaph when you said you make TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS PER SCENE X 10.

    This is even way dumber than when MoFo claimed LIB is run by the KKK or when NickE said he’s gonna be a millionaire selling his book.

    End of discussion. Stop avoiding the obvious. I was insulting a doorknob comparing your IQ to it.

  9. Third Axis

    Rick, don’t you mean you’re working with Robert ORDONEZ? (We know you’re pretty spelling challenged.) And this would make more sense, since ORDONEZ is a 40-year-old homosexual male model (check his work on Model Mayhem, and his orientation is fairly obvious). Nothing wrong with that in any regard, but you sure do a lot of work “filling holes” with homosexual male models for a guy who is from the “straight division.” I’m not buying it, Mavrick.

    I only bring it up since you run your fingers about cross-over talent so much.

  10. Third Axis

    Sorry, all my fellow/femme LIB-ers. Don’t mean to belabor this issue with MavRick. I’m the last person to be homophobic, being a straight man with many gay friends and professional colleagues in the entertainment business. It’s just that I get heated over people who come on here and constantly talk shit about the industry, and especially imbeciles like him, who dribble illiterate nonsense on almost every thread, bragging about their stupid shit without the common sense to even try to use (even remotely) proper English spelling or grammar. (Honestly, it makes posters look unintelligent. So sue me for caring.)

    So MavRick gets poked with a stick for being a dick. My apologies to everybody else*

  11. jeremysteele11

    Taking a break from the kind of action Rick can not get either personally or professionally to say…

    Hey Rick, remember when we were on friendly terms and I told you what RoyakaBDD already told you, that it was obvious that it was you coming on as a female pretending to be the biggest fan of Rick Madrid. I told you via email and phone that it was really obvious it was you pretending to be a female fan of you, and you never denied it. You were silent. You were an idiot to do that in the first place and I politely pointed out then that it makes you look dumb (no surprise, as you are, and extremely so, not midly so). And you saying that, not only do you get paid ten thousand dollars per boy/girl scene, but didn’t have to sign releases proves you are one of the top dumbest people ever in or who ever tried to get into porn. You can’t dispute these points, all you can do is pull MoFo moves- insults and change the subject. Holy Shit, U R DUMB!

  12. jeremysteele11

    and while my last comment is on moderation, Rick is so obsessed with crossovers and gays because of all the times he stood in a large crowded room standing with a bunch of other dudes jerking off. Performing in bukkakkes are a gay man’s fantasy, that’s why there was always one or two feeaggeots staring at me more than the sperm coated girl.

    Just remember, Rick, you actually have said you got paid ten thousand per scene and didn’t have to sign releases. And, as both the Godfather of 3 inch POV told you before I also told you, you were coming on LIB pretending to be a female fan of yourself. It was so ridiculously obvious it was you Rick that I pointed it out when we were on friendly terms and that it makes you look bad, and you never denied it. You’re pitiful idiot! You need to brag over and over ridiculous things because you’re a loser. It’s been obvious to everyone else for a very long time.

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