Penny Flame’s Book About Leaving the Industry…

NL-This is former porn star Penny Flame’s new book. I look forward to reading it. She is an excellent writer.  I have a feeling this may not be too kind to the porn industry, but i haven’t found out any details yet .. It comes out in July

This is the description on Amazon-

Former porn star, reality TV personality, and blogger Jennie Ketcham presents a strikingly honest, disarming memoir about her descent into the emotionally numbing world of pornography and addiction and her path toward recovery.
Jennie Ketcham pulls back the curtain on sex addiction from a uniquely female perspective, tracing her descent into pornography and addiction to sex, drugs, and alcohol. Her interpretation of her dad’s warning that “guys only want one thing” to mean “if you use your sexuality creatively, you can take over the world and own all the men therein,” combined with the trauma of her parents’ marriage unraveling, led her to lose her virginity at thirteen. By eighteen, she was nude modeling, and, as her increasing involvement with pornography began to take its toll on her relationships, she thrust herself further into the enticing world of immediate gratification. Eventually, she was participating in hardcore shoots and answering only to the name Penny Flame.
     When Penny entered Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew to drum up publicity for the porn Webcam studio she managed, she encountered what she least expected: The beginning of her road to recovery. Now, Penny Flame is Jennie once more—she is back in school, in a committed relationship, and has reconnected with her father. As two stories converged, that of a troubled young woman who flees intimacy and that of a woman breaking down emotional barriers and building a new life, I Am Jennie is a poignant and honest memoir, and an eye-opening account of sex addiction and the toll it can take on women.

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  1. Michael Whiteacre

    “Her interpretation of her dad’s warning that ‘guys only want one thing’ … combined with the trauma of her parents’ marriage unraveling, LED HER to lose her virginity at thirteen. By eighteen, she was nude modeling, and, as her increasing involvement with PORNOGRAPHY began to TAKE ITS TOLL on her relationships, she thrust herself further into the ENTICING WORLD of immediate gratification.”

    “By eighteen, she was nude modeling” — like she had no choice in the matter; because of her home life, it was a fait accompli! Notice it’s “she was nude modeling” — not “she CHOSE to do nude modeling.”

    Obviously I haven’t read the book yet, but if it’s slanted the way this blurb is, we know exactly what we’re in for. To quote Shelley Lubben’s brother, Chris, “We are in a poor condition as people when our mistakes are always someone else’s fault.”

  2. jeremysteele11

    I wonder how many times she hooked up with people she met at Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings. That would make a good movie.

  3. Karmafan

    Why do some porn stars make a career and a good amt. of money off porn and then once they leave they savage the industry and people on their way out?

    When the shit was going down why didnt you get up off the bed, put your clothes on and WALK OUT THE FUCKING DOOR of the set?

  4. jeremysteele11

    Although this promo suggests her dad might’ve been to blame for her becoming a sex addict, I don’t read any suggestion that she’s claiming porn itself victimized her.

  5. Michael Whiteacre

    Jeremy – It depends on how you read this sentence: “her increasing involvement with pornography began to take its toll on her relationships” — she CHOSE porn over a conventional relationship. Pornography itself did no such thing. The industry didn’t come looking for her in her house; she sought out the industry.

    Karmafan – Why? To sell a book or get a reality show.

  6. Shelly

    First, isn’t it a bit strange to have such a HOT book cover about someone who’s trying to recover from sex addiction?

    Second, Penny Flame last year trashed Nica Noelle of Girlfriend Films on her HuffPo blog. She claimed she quit one of Nica’s films because she didn’t like the premise of the video (sex between stepsisters) – Nica responded on that she fired Penny because she was visibly drunk.

  7. XXXenophile

    For the most part, Jennie hasn’t said really anything bad about the industry. Soon after her time on Celeb Rehab, there was Twitvid of her at that year’s AEE convention hanging around with friends.

    For the most part anything negative she says about the industry tends to run part in parcel with anytime she’s on TV with Pinsky toting his “porn is bad” line.

    Something tells me the industry as a whole will get a fair shake, but sure, there’s going to be individuals raked over the coals (who may or may not actually deserve it depending on what people actually know/remember).

  8. mackyd34

    Porn is filled-like other professions with people have problems. Now I haven’t read Jeannie book and likely will not because I think you can see where this is going! It makes me wonder why a person like Penny has to problem’s had has or had and such people Jenna Haze or Belladonna or Bobbi Starr don’t have. I think answer is simply. She had these problem before see got in the industry. She would have the same problems if she work in business or anything else she wanted to get into. But I guess what bugs me the most is when they are done with the porn business or they get drummed out because they can’t show up straight. They blame the business…but the problem is staring them right in the face. I hope I’m wrong on this but I don’t like the smell of it!

  9. RickMadrid

    MAN!! what a really good fuck she was. I received a picture the other day of me and Penny going at it on a shoot 3 years ago. I said…..ohhh yeah I almost forgot about that one. How in the “fuck” can you forget Penny Flame. I will always think Jenny was one of the better ones in the Biz then.

  10. jeremysteele11

    Any job can take it’s course on a relationship, but blaming the job… I don’t see the case being made here by anyone, so far.

  11. jeremysteele11

    The most troubling part of this book’s sales pitch is the repeated use of the word “descent” and combining sex/porn with drug and alcohol use. But understandably, I think one can definitely become emotionally numb from the constant cum and go usury. We should take into account that porn generally promotes sexual addiction and it’s usually not about encorporating other realms of reality and existence. But regardless of what her sentiments are, thanks for the cautionary tail.

  12. JohnIan

    “The industry didn’t come looking for her in her house”

    Popped in my head…

    Logan’s Run.

    The gem in her hand started to blink. Sandmen come to her door, ‘You have been chosen by Carousel to do XXX hardcore, non-hotel cable friendly PORN’.

    Run Penny, Run!!!

    Sanctuary could be the Playboy mansion.

  13. jeremysteele11

    She could’ve titled this autobio “The Flame Burnt Hard…” or “Jennie Knows How to Ketchum”.

  14. RickMadrid

    Hey Jeremy it was a COHF shoot and it was august 2008. Flame burns up the cohf shoot…Burnt up we did. It was a very hot fucking day in the valley too.

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