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More on Luka, Suspected Murderer/porn performer- His “Manifesto”…

WARNING- This story contains very sickening details

If you haven’t read the other story. Start with the story below this one to get you up to speed…

Reading through Luka’s blog entries, you find he is very against government, law enforcement, judges and the media. He feels as though he has been unfairly treated and that everyone is out to get him. I detect some definite "conspiracy theorist" tendencies. And of course with this kind of writing, makes you wonder about possible mental illness symptoms he expresses, like paranoia. This guy definitly has a "manifesto" for how things should be in the world, and the world is not complying. The video that Luka allegedly made shows him killing and dismembering a person, feeding part of the person to a dog and then parts of this person started arriving in the mail to Canadian government agencies. This story is so bizarre that if it was a movie, everyone would say it’s too over the top. Rumors are spreading across the world about Luka. In Spain they are wondering if he made the movie to sell as a Snuff film. I’ll keep up on breaking developments. But I wanted to show you a little bit of Luka’s writing. When you read it now, knowing what we know, it makes his words a lot scarier…

Excerpt of what Luka Writes- In our lives, we will all encounter idiotic people, negative individuals who thrive on drama and inflicting distress onto others, the best way to deal with these imbeciles is to ignore them. I for one know exactly who I am and what I am, other people’s opinions do not define my life. I wish to have nothing to do with the spot light, media or any other outlet that invades my life or privacy. If others seek to label me then that burden lies on their shoulders not mine. I have a realistic sense of reality and if others choose to believe ficticious stories that are written about me, but so not actually involve me or the truth then thats a pity they are so naive. The fact remains, I am an average citizen who wishes to live my life as privately and quietly as possible, unfortunately my prior career choices did not allow that and so I made a change.  Learn from your mistakes and move forward in life, dont live in the past. This blog is an outlet for me to speak the truth and is an alternative to the misinformation and lies circulated.


Excerpt of what Luka Writes-Trailblazers and people with new ways of thinking are never popular. When people are afraid of you and your ideas, their instinct is to silence you and make you go away. When people claim they hate you and your nothing, then why do they sit and write ten page articles about you? I find it so absurd. Why take all the time to write about how much you hate someone, spend your life writing about people you hate? Wouldn’t that mean that the person you hate has consumed you and won? Is this really hate or is it jealousy and admiration cloaked in hatred?


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6 Responses to “More on Luka, Suspected Murderer/porn performer- His “Manifesto”…”

  1. max softcore Says:

    Conspiracy theorist. Did fag porn. Wow, it’s Germy Steele all over again.

  2. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Hahahoho Softwhore, I’m laughing like Ed McMan. I’m laughing so hard, I’m crying, my ass has fallen off and I’m rolling on the floor. Actually, I’m stomping on the floor I’m so angry. Were you not hiding behind your anonymous computer I’d have you in my next snuff film, and dismember your little mini-me member. Then ask my audience whether they think snuff is enuf.

    But, in our lives, we will all encounter idiotic people, negative individuals who thrive on drama and inflicting distress onto others, the best way to deal with these imbeciles is to ignore them. I for one know exactly who I am and what I am, other people’s opinions do not define my life…

  3. Puyfai Says:

    LOL @ Max.

    Even funnier is that JS wrote, “A mentally ill person who’s been involved in porn? Why, this is unheard of!” It is like he lacks any self awareness.

  4. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Stop it Mrs. Garcia. Your meal ticket husband ran away. NL-We are NOT starting this again….

  5. RobfromMarketing Says:

    Got my popcorn.

  6. jeremysteele11 Says:

    and I’ve got the hot butter, I’m sure you’ll like it.

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