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NL- The other day, someone asked me if I hated Mike South. I said OMG NO! I guess we may come across as adversarial with our occasional bickering. I think Mike has an ego bigger than the fish he catches, and we don’t agree on lots of issues. But bottom line is, MIke’s heart is in the right place. He is a loyal, warm, caring guy who is passionate about his viewpoint. That’s what I look for in a friend. And Mike has been my friend, for a very long time.

From MikeSouth.com

XBiz Summit Day 1
By MikeSouth
May 16th, 2012

This is so far shaping up to be a very interesting trip and I will write more about it in depth in thge coming days.  Today was the first full day of the conference and I was surprised at the quality of the show, it’s actually quite good.

I attended most of the seminars but two stood out, one was the Pornhub seminar on how to make money on the Pornhub tube site.  The guy doing the seminar was obviously ill prepared and basically thrown to the wolves by Manwin.  He kept referring to female hispanics as "Latinos" and he didn’t know the difference between a rate and a ratio but the real fireworks came when the floor was opened to questions. To say it got heated might be an understatement, he got a real taste of just how well Manwin is NOT liked in the industry.

More on this seminar and the outcome next week.

The second standout was with industry attorneys, but this one stood out because it was Good,  Excellent even.  If you guys ever get the chance to hear J D Obenberger from XXXLaw.com speak you absolutely should do it, J D is smart, engaging, passionate and without question one of the most professional speakers this industry has.  He had very kind words to say about several people in the industry.  After this seminar I spoke with Diane Duke and offered honest and solid advice.  I was approached by several of the attorneys and thanked for the work I did getting pornwikileaks shut down. Two of these guys told me I was a hero, one of them told the same thing to the audience.  I reminded them that it was a joint effort and that on behalf of everyone involved I appreciated the compliments.

I will be writing more on this as well.

I want to thank everyone who reads my site and came up to me with warm welcomes, attaboys, thank yous and well wishes.  Comments like that mean more to me than any award.

I had some reservations about participating here with Pornhub being a sponsor but I was given the latitude to speak my mind and that was all I wanted.  I am glad I came, Thank You to Dan Miller, and Alec Helmy for giving me that opportunity.   My panel is at 4PM on Thursday, hope to see everyone!

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  1. commonsense

    thanks mike for always keeping us informed. JD is a very capable attorney. What did Fattorosi have to say about the pornwikileaks considering his e-mail exchanges under vanessa blues acoount with donny long.

  2. Fattarosi didn’t have anything at all to say which wasn’t surprising. I am not surprised though that he laid low for a year and then crept back into porn and it seems everyone forgot. It saddens me for him that given who his wife is, he would associate with a misogynistic, anti-Semite bigot like Donny Long.

    He owes everyone in porn an apology for not stopping pwl when he could have and I do believe he could have. Im quite sure of it even.

    But then I guess I shouldnt be surprised many of the performers who were begging me to have their names removed are listed on Donnys talent site and there are people in the industry that send Donny money every day….proving JimmyD right once again, it’s impossible to flunk out of porn.

  3. commonsense

    I guess anything for money. But i would think or hope that ,ost top talent that are aware of fattorosi and pornwikileaks would be afraid to trust fattorosi as an attorney at this point in time. Also i don’t think he is really a very active lawyer, he advertises he has associates i don’t believe that to be true. you can confirm by calling his office. most busy lawyers don’t have time to twitter like he does.
    if i am wrong please point out. i know for a fact that the big studios do not even really know about him. JD, and some others have established a respectable name in porn law, and capable attorneys

  4. Michael Whiteacre

    Hey Mike, define “working with.”

    There’s literally ten attorneys I can think of off the top of my head who support the legal goals of FSC (vis-a-vis the unconstitutional condom law, 2257 and Cal/OSHA) but have no formal relationship with the organization. Do you suggest that interested parties (including non-adult industry entities), attorneys and other individuals should REFRAIN from assisting the industry’s trade organization when they support its goals on principle? Or that a small group like FSC should turn away help or advice? Didn’t you say that Diane Duke even gave your dumb ass some of her time at the XBIZ show? You’re not an FSC member — are you “working with” FSC now?

    Every resident of California — and of the USA — has a stake in seeing unconstitutional laws challenged and overturned.

    Are you really this fucking stupid or do you think the people who read you drivel are?

    It’s actually stunning that you think you can drive traffic to your piece of shit site by beating the same drum over and over again ad nauseum. Moron.

  5. commonsense

    First off Micke whiteacre tone seems to be inaapropriate. Please support your statement that it is unconstitutional to regulate business in california by the government.
    Also lot mike south give an explanation. maybe fattorosi is being given referrals from FSC, like i believe he is from the escort agency pamela peaks. I would like to say that it seems like fattorosi wants to be like you whiteacre, not a lawyer. i mean that in a positive way you have a law degree but had a passion for the adult entertainment field instaed. I believe that is the sense i get from fattorosi. That he wants to work in the porn business. You never hear about him in real legal circles like you do a paul cambria or jd.

  6. Michael Whiteacre

    No, YOU sound more than a little stupid and disingenuous as usual — because you never have any reasoned response to criticism. You’re incapable of formulating a logical argument or counter-argument.

    You don’t win a debate with “LOL”, fuckstick, you just look like a lonely, scared idiot. You’re the Newt Gingrich of porn bloggers: you sound like what an idiot thinks an intelligent person sounds like.

    Mr. “porn insider” who hates porn people, you’re simply an attention whore, a blowhard and a moron, and everyone knows it — even you.

    How sad it must be to be you, old man.

    The difference between you and Michael Fattorosi is at least HE has some connection to the adult industry, and his own interests are aligned with its survival and success.

    The difference between you and Donny is HE had a much deeper and stronger connection to the porn industry that you despise than you ever did or ever will.

    I can’t WAIT to pull the trigger on all the shit we’ve got on you, buddy boy. People are lining up to burn your little playhouse down, South. And that’s a motherfucking fact.

    Take some consolation in knowing that there’s not a goddam thing you can do about it.

  7. Larry Horse

    I can’t WAIT to pull the trigger on all the shit we’ve got on you, buddy boy. People are lining up to burn your little playhouse down, South. And that’s a motherfucking fact.

    Better someone credible like Whiteacre than Gene Ross, who I bet was in with Donkey.

  8. commonsense

    Mike white acre acts erratic at times based on his writings, going from being nice to some one and they really rough. By the way is Mike whiteacre a lawyer, or disbarred lawyer. Also what does he do in the industry that can yield a living wage. I don’t see movies produced by him. what is his employment.

  9. RickMadrid

    Doesn’t Micheal work for Pure Play? Will Ryder Productions? I thought someone told me he was in with David Scott and Will Ryder as a Ass’t Director and or writer and or something in that field? Right Micheal?

  10. Michael Whiteacre

    @Rick – Nope. Scott, Jeff and I go way back, but I’ve never worked in the production of a hardcore movie. Plenty of simulated/softcore, but never XXX. I did shoot Jeff/Will for an anti-piracy PSA back in 2010, but that’s it.

    @commonsense – I’ve never been disbarred, either. I simply changed my mind about a career in law not long after graduation. I’m self-employed and I shoot whatever interests me. Shooting hardcore never interested me. Right now I’m prepping two music videos for my dear friend Houston, and doing the sound mix for episodes 3 & 4 of “The Devil and Shelley Lubben.”

  11. origen

    There really is no rivalry between the two Mikes–or at least there shouldn’t be.

    M.W. has done some great advocacy work and South has done some kick ass reporting. Well done to both…

  12. jeremysteele11

    Gawsh, gee Larry. Thanks. The Standard is or should be: “Ethics, also known as moral philosophy; a branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong behavior”.

    Concepts of right and wrong… some have none, such as a person who calls another “asshole” because they didn’t like being woken up at 3AM by constant texts sent in bulk regarding dancing and/or escort activities, who then publically, writes “I never liked fucking your ass” in retaliation. Or a crazy MoFo who jumps in who has absolutely no knowledge whatsoever about the experience but starts attacking and insulting as well.

    Instead of dealing with the specific stated points and issues, throwing out insults as lame avoidance strategy. That means there is no standard, whatsoever, and thus, no qualification whatsoever for the “opinions” they express.

  13. Hey to have a feud you have to dislike the other person enough to care and the truth is Whiteacre gets all worked up over my criticism of the FSC…I know that and so I also know it makes his hair catch fire when I call him an idiot or a moron.

    So I generally do it to amuse myself, truth is it aint a feud on my part just something fun to do on the occasion when I drop in here and he has got his hair on fire over something I said….

  14. Michael Whiteacre

    @Mike – If you actually knew what you were talking about, or knew how to fashion an argument, you might be worth a feud, but since you don’t you are merely a slightly-amusing oddity: the “porn insider” who hates porn people.

    It’s not your criticism of FSC — if I get “worked up” it’s over the fact that yours is MINDLESS, uninformed criticism of all the institutions of the adult industry. I get worked up over the LIE that you are some kind of industry insider or oracle, and that you care about anything than chest-thumping self aggrandizement and traffic to your piece of shit site.

    For instance, if you actually knew anything about what’s really going on out here, you’d know that the person you claim I take my orders from is someone I have only seen once in the last SIX MONTHS — at the last city of LA porn/condoms “Working Group” meeting. You’ve never understood the nature or depth of my relationships with many individuals BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO HEAR ABOUT IT SECOND OR THIRD HAND. You only hear what I want you to hear, and my friends and I have been stringing you along for a very long time. You should hear us mock you.

    No one out here respects or trusts you, Mike; they either tolerate you for PR purposes or fear you because you run a site. You have no constituency in this business — you’ve just managed to bully your way into the conversation.

    Big man.

    Were you truly a trusted insider, you’d also know about the advocacy projects I’m working on RIGHT NOW with performers, shooters … you know, ACTUAL industry insiders. SCORES of people are involved and we’ve imposed a “hillbilly outsider news blackout.” When it breaks, you’ll be the last to know. You’re simply not in the loop, buddy boy, because we see you as an ENEMY of the adult industry.

    So, Mr. Clueless, keep putting your foot in your mouth; your idiocy is awesome to behold.

    @Jeremy – “Instead of dealing with the specific stated points and issues, throwing out insults as lame avoidance strategy.” Yep, that fits Mike South to a ‘T’ as well. Of course he claims he’s not actually avoiding answering — he just finds it “amusing’ to rely on insults instead of argument. What a disingenuous hillbilly douchebag.

  15. see what I mean?

    I was actually in this biz long before Whiteacre appeared and I will still be here long after he is gone.

    BTW the FSC are hardly industry insiders…itll be a fail like everything else they do.

  16. Michael Whiteacre

    Touch a nerve, Mike? No, actually I’ve been around since ’93, Mike. You don’t remember it, but I met you plenty of times back in the day. You were an unconscionable asshole back then, and now you’re just a bitter, old asshole.

    I will piss on your grave, buddy boy.

    @Rob — Who’s Mike South? He’s an old man in the sticks who’s idea of an exciting Saturday night is clipping his mother’s toe nails.

  17. Michael Whiteacre

    There’s as much truth in that as there is in the average post on your piece of shit site, Mike. Keep up the good work.

    Nah, I already have touched a nerve. And I’m going to touch a lot more. Bet on it.

    When the sit hits the fan, you cunt, I want you to know hit was me. I did it to you.

    We’re coming for you, Mike. And there’s NOTHING you can do to stop it.

    Fuck you.

  18. Michael Whiteacre

    Rick – Just another Mike South lie, using the real name of an ex-girlfriend of mine who was/is a performer. Shades of PWL … he and the Donkey have a lot in common — except the Donkey was more relevant to the adult industry in his day than South will ever be.

  19. areyoukiddingme

    @MichaelWhiteacre : What a hypocrite you are Ari. You said yourself that you have never made a XXX film & don’t work in adult industry. Now you go around playing adult business spokesperson. What a joke! Mr. South at least has worked in porn. I would take his word over yours any day. He doesn’t correspond with Michael Fattorosi or Vanessa Blue (alleged Donny Long accomplice). How about you Ari? Have any contact with either of them lately?

  20. tigger_lover

    Michael, are you saying that Mike S. is secretly doing something similar to what Donny did? ‘Cause other than that I don’t see what you could reveal that would be a bombshell. Or do you just have a personal beef with him?

  21. Michael Whiteacre

    My point is both he and DL are egotists with no actual relevance to the current industry who nonetheless feel the obsessive need to create websites to tell the world their every thought on every industry matter, diagnose every problem, and prescribe solutions based on their own uninformed biases. Sites where, daily, a band of flunkies comes to suck their asses and tell them how brilliant and right they are.

    Also, if you argue in opposition to their views, instead of a reasoned point-by-point reply you get called names. On PWL it was “you’re part of the gay mafia” or whatever; with South it’s “you’re a moron” or “an idiot.” No substance, just hate. An absolute refusal to acknowledge the possibility that their words are not absolute pearls of wisdom, and a refusal to defend their claims. IT IS because they say IT IS. Bullies and douchebags, in other words.

    On PWL if you spoke out, you got a wiki that called you names — with South, he retires to his piece of shit site and drags your name through the mud in a stupid blog post calling you names.

    There’s other stuff, too, and it will be revealed soon. Like what REALLY went on during the PWL fight, and how South’s tactics placed the goal of increased traffic to his site above both the cause at hand AND the wishes of his anti-PWL collaborators.

    It was simply: get something posted first, wonder if it’s good for the (purported) cause later. THAT is Mike South. His only true cause is Mike South. WE HAD TO CUT OFF THE FLOW OF INTEL TO HIM BECAUSE OF IT. We weren’t volunteering our efforts and placing our families, friends, and personal privacy at risk to build his site’s traffic. It was after we cut him off that the site came down. What he was doing was prolonging the saga — prolonging it while profiting from it.

    Haven’t you noticed that since PWL, South’s been somewhat alienated from virtually all of the anti-PWL team?

  22. Michael Whiteacre

    @areyoukiddingme — First of all, eat shit. Second, I don’t play porno spokesman. I don’t claim to represent anybody, I only advocate for my principles. One can agree or disagree, and I am always willing to defend my views — views to which I am entitled.

    Third, unlike South, he huffs and puffs, but I act. A year ago a group of dedicated performers and I engineered the largest-ever performer turnout at a Cal/OSHA meeting (with help from Cindi — one of the unsung heroes of that cause). Where was Mike South? Oh, that’s right, after predicting I’d fail, his response to my group’s success was to make the empty boast that he could have gotten “500” perfumers to show up IF HE’D WANTED TO.

    Considering the importance of the AHF assault on the adult industry, and South’s refusal to post anti-AHF stories, the question of why he DIDN’T WANT TO is easy to answer… (There are other questions too, like why didn’t people like the Red Queen turn up either? — but I digress…)

    I have long-standing POSITIVE relationships with many, many key industry players going back almost 19 years. In any case, I guarantee I know more people than you, a-hole, yet you still have a voice here. Someday if you make a salient point or a cogent argument, you too might be considered a quotable source. Until then you’re just a little bitch.

  23. tigger_lover

    Of course Mike S. had more traffic during the PWL fiasco. It was one of the few places to get info, however correct or incorrect. It would have probably benefited him to prolong the site’s existence, but personally I wouldn’t know if he did or not. I don’t always follow who’s still friends with whom; I haven’t had anything to do with the industry in years and would like to keep it that way, other than the occasional gossip. If the other anti-PWLers really no longer associate with him, that would indeed be interesting. Honestly though, I doubt Mike S. was in bed with Donny or anything. That would have been really obvious; like if he didn’t post so much info on him, or if the girls who contacted him for help suddenly had more of their personal business on PWL.

  24. Michael Whiteacre

    With respect, I didn’t come to this thread to entertain you. I came to rebut the nonsense propagated by a bitter hypocrite who is an enemy of the adult industry. Perhaps when we get the whole ugly story out, your interest will pick up. If not, G-d bless.

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