CONGRADS! To Vicky Vette- Miss Freeones 2012!!!!

NL- I feel like doing that touchdown dance for her. YAH!!!!! She also went over 300,000 followers today on twitter!

NL- I asked Vicky how it feels to be named Miss Freeones 2012. She said " a bit of shock, relief & happiness…. kind of like after a great orgasm…"

Also Celebrates Reaching 300,000 Followers on Twitter
Adult Superstar & current XBIZ Webstar of the Year 2012 Vicky Vette ( & is proud to announce that she has just been crowned Miss Freeones 2012.  Dylan Ryder, Bibi Jones, Sophie Dee, Kayden Kross, Sunny Leone, Phoenix Marie, Katie Kox, Abella Anderson & Julia Ann rounded out the Top 10.  Over a half million votes were cast worldwide by fans in the 45 day contest featuring 313 starlets.  The announcement was made Saturday night  on the main stage at Exxxotica Miami.  Other category winners were Siri (best Newcomer), Ariel Rebel (best Adult Model), Miss Hybrid (best OSCM & Best Euro) & Brianna Lee (Best Camgirl).  Vette celebrated at the Freeones party later that night in Miami.  The prior winners of Miss Freeones were stars Bree Olson (2010) & Sophie Dee (2011).
Vicky Vette is quoted as saying: "Finally, a MILF wins Miss Freeones! It’s an honor to win the crown of Miss Freeones. It’s one of the most sought after awards in the business.
Having come close to winning two straight years it’s definitely a relief to have this one under my bra strap.  The fan support on the net was amazing.  I don’t take anything for granted at this stage of my career so I am humbled by the success & internet support."
Vette is also proud to announce she has just passed 300,000 followers on Twitter today, becoming only the third adult star in history to ever do so (Jenna Jameson & Bree Olson being the other two).  On reaching 300,000 followers, the enigmatic star says: "I was kind of late to accept twitter when it first came out, but it is the best social networking tool to reach fans directly… bar none.  Yes.. 300,000 is a ton of people but I have a ways to go to catch Lady Gaga at 24 million."
Vette remains the #1 Followed Active Pornstar on twitter.  Vette was recently nominated by AVN for Best Solo Girl Website & named by XBIZ a Top Newsmaker in adult for 2011.  She also runs the popular VNA Pornstar Network ( which  just closed a deal with Fleshlight for a number of the VNA girls to have their own Fleshlights.  Her next appearance will be at Adultcon, Los Angeles, July 27-29 with a number of the VNA Girls.
Vicky Vette can be reached for comment at:


  1. Anthony Kennerson

    I’m sure that the usual haterade will now commence from folks like Bonerman that Vicky must have cheated to win….but the record will reflect the actual scoreboard.

    Congrats are also in store to Miss Hybrid, who won both Best Euro Babe and Best OCSM; Brianna Lee, who won best Newcomer; and Siri, who won Best Adult Model.

    And, major props as well to ladies of the VNA, whom captured 6 of the top 15 positions in the main category.

    And of course, great job to all the women who participated.


  2. Osyrus

    ***************** NL- If someone only visits this board to do rude name calling over and over about the same person, and it is pointed out to me, that person’s comment will be deleted, it adds nothing to the discussion.

  3. Anthony Kennerson


    You mean, that beautiful mature beauty-enhanced strumpet??

    There…fixed it for you.



  4. RobfromMarketing

    Really? This broad is on the wrong side of 40 winning this contest? I was never able to beat off to her videos, that crooked face/smile is boner kryptonite.
    Something doesn’t seem legit.

  5. Larry Horse

    For 46, damn damn good. Julia Ann is 43 and still has it. I think there is a graying of porn voters I doubt there was something to this, she just did a good promotion job. My votes usually went to Julia Ann and before the final round, Alia Janine.

  6. bonerman

    again she spouts off about her amount of twitter followers yet refuses to deny or admit that she used a script to get them. Jenna and Bree follow less than 2,000 people combined yet Vicky follows 68,000 she did deny using a vote script for the contest but funny she didn’t deny using one to get followers. It would be pretty stupid to deny that I guess because it’s so obvious she did use one.

    Oh well, now she has $10,000 she didn’t have last week. It’s just fucked up to see Miss Freeones go to someone who’s Freeones ranking is over 200. Shouldn’t Miss Freeones actually be the most popular model on Freeones instead of a contest based on how many people you can coerce into voting for something they don’t even know anything about? Even after winning the contest her ranking is 217.

    Suck her ass all you want but reality is that she’s a cheater in the grand scheme of things and I would love to hear her deny she never used a script on Twitter.

  7. Anthony Kennerson

    Except that she has denied using a script for Twitter over and over again, both here and at other venues.

    Of course, she could deny it a million times, and you’d still be here calling her a liar.

    If you have a beef with MissFreeOnes’s contest rules, take it up with Petra and the folks there. I’m sure they’ll welcome your input.

    BTW, I suppose you would have prefered Miss Hybrid to win, since her site was a sponsor of the contest??

    Vicky won. Congratulate her, and prepare for next year.

  8. RickMadrid

    I’ll say congrads! she did good and will probably get it again next year? OR maybe Franchesca LE will come up and Slam something good out ??

  9. Lucas

    Freeones was gonna see to it that she won (irrespective of how deserving the other contestants were and how many votes they mustered).

    The mere fact that she works for Freeones alone should have disqualified her from competing.

    Keeping individual contestants vote tally secret throughout the contest smells of graft, bribery and vote rigging.

    I’m done with the Miss Freeones competition and I hope sponsors pull out too.

  10. Anthony Kennerson

    Errrr…Vicky Vette does NOT work for FreeOnes.

    Miss Hybrid’s website was a sponsor for the contest. Are you saying that she cheated as a result??

    And would you have made the same charges towards Sophie Dee or Bree Olson when they won?

  11. bonerman

    actually Vicky never denied using a follow script on Twitter. It would stupid of her to considering how ridiculously obvious she has. the Freeones contest is a joke. She has a big banner of her with her name on the front page announcing her as the winner but yet she can’t even get 1000 searches for her name???? There are girls who get less exposure and get 10,000 searches.

    She’s a cheater and Freeones contest sucks. Its got nothing to do with being Miss freeones.

    Vicky has no conscience obviously and I guess since she’s a mid 40’s chick doing porn there is none to be expected.

  12. Lucas

    [i][b]Anthony Kennerson Says:

    Errrr…Vicky Vette does NOT work for FreeOnes.

    Miss Hybrid’s website was a sponsor for the contest. Are you saying that she cheated as a result??

    And would you have made the same charges towards Sophie Dee or Bree Olson when they won?[/b][i/]

    Dude, your blind devotion and futile attempts to defend this cheater is not only astounding but pathetic.

    Here is what she herself said on her last thread: [b]I do quite a bit of business with Freeones[/b]. Here is the link, go check it out. .

    And NO, neither Miss Hybrid nor any of the other contestants does any WORK for Freeones. Being sponsored and actually working for Freeones are entirely different things.

    Sophie Dee and Bree Olsen were DESERVING winners. Here’s how you prove it. Go out onto the streets and randomly ask a hundred porn fans to name their top 50 pornstars and I can assure you NOT ONE will mention Vicky Vette. Thats how unpopular she is.

  13. bonerman

    here is something to prove to all of you who ran your mouths and made big claims about this cheater not cheating and it being impossible to get or buy twitter followers.
    here is an app that verifies real and fake followers. its clear with her amount she follows but this is validation to her cheating.

    I know that you suck asses wouldnt believe it if you have video of her buying and using the service, but for anyone not sure, here is proof it exists and you can run her twitter id and see that more than 70% of her followers are fake

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