Alexis Ford Accuses Teagan Presley of Not Paying Her Bar Tab…

NL- Did I really just write that headline? I feel like I am on People’s court, lol.  Story on Mike South about Alexis Ford saying Teagan & Josh didn’t pay a bar tab at BLUSH. Slow news day I guess. But since Tea & J are friends of mine I checked into it. Josh says they haven’t been to that club since October, when they went to see Alexis TEXAS & Blush says it never happened. So the story is TOTALLY WRONG! Alexis Ford recently split with Adam & Eve. Teagan is a long time contract star with Adam & Eve, think that has anything to do with it? just saying…

Teagan Presley Skips on a 700 Dollar Tab at Blush?
By MikeSouth of
May 28th, 2012
According to Alexis Ford, Teagan Presley and her "douchebag boyfriend Josh" skip on a 700 dollar tab at a club where she recently featured at Blush in Pittsburgh, PA.  They didn’t even tip the waitresses.
Here’s her tweet about it
"24 May 2012 @AlexisFord: Once again thank u to the broke ass pornstar who came to blush and ran up a huge tab and aint pay shit fuckeditup for the rest of us"

She later did an interview with a local radio station and calls out Teagan. 
Good for Alexis for calling these two asshats out.


  1. Don’t know about Teagan and her husband not paying their bar tab but I went to see Teagan dance as the feature dancer At the Claifornia Girl Bikini bar in Anaheim, CA a couple of weeks ago and I was very disappointed by her stage performance! Firs, she had all her close friends and family around her for support (I guess) and to show the club was full. Before she goes on the stage, she and her entourage had a private booth all to themselves and having fun all by themselves. I don’t know about you guys but whenever a performer is featured at a club, she usually gives opportunity to her fans to come up and say hello, get polaroids and even lap dances. Wellm Teagan did not of that! She was too buys with her circle of friends in their private booth, drinking, dancing and having jolly good time! Which is fine if that’s why you go to a club, but if you are a feature dancer, I don’t think it’s the right attitude. Then, when she finally went on the stage (being about 45 minutes late), all she did was walk around and demanding the small audience to clap and cheer. 2/3 of the seats around the stage was taken by her friends! She then realized the 4 or 5 guys who were not part of her friends, were not that enthusiastic, she then started flipping her finger at them!!! She carried on with her walk around the stage while her husband handed over a DVD to throw to the fans. She kept teasing then and then guess what?, she throw the DVD at one of the people of her own group of friends!!!! Coincidence? I don’t think so. The later on, she started giving away posters, again, guess what? She gave those away to hr fiends sitting around the stage also!!!! She was up there for about 4 songs, not much dancing at all, kept on flipping her finger at the side of the sage where her friends WERE NOT sitting! And the that was it! Her husband then came over on the stage and picked up the dollar bills which were mostly from her own friends! It was really sad to see how low Teagan has sank! I left after that and would never go see her dance again!

  2. AIPChristina

    Nice rule of thumb is to not post something as fact unless you can confirm it from two sources. I’m not saying this didn’t happen but Cindi you did the right thing and contacted Teagan and Josh and got their side and the tweets from Blush pretty much say it all.

  3. ST94

    Then, by your own logic Christina shouldn’t Cindi have contacted Alexis Ford as well?

    And of course Blush is going to say “nothing to see here.” That way they don’t piss off Teagan and ruin any chance of her returning.

  4. TeaganPresley

    First of all, let’s get this right. Those friends were Pornstars: Sophie Dee, Gianna Michaels, Andy San Dimas. I was doing a signing next to my booth because that’s where the club wanted me to sign at. If it was not clear where I was signing then that is in no way reflected on me because the DJ was announcing it as well. Secondly, I was hanging at the bar with the customers for awhile as well. And was even taking shots with customers. If I had had any movies or dances people had wanted I would’ve been much obliged. I wouldn’t criticize my dance moves when there are far worse dancers. I just don’t do pole tricks cause I tore my pectoral muscle so it is physically impossible for me. So, yes me doing more stuff on the floor, etc. is all I can do. And if you listened to the song I was playing that’s why I was flipping people off was cause I was playing into the songs I dance to. I was a ballet and jazz dancer before I ever did this. So, I do know how to dance to the beat and rhythm of the music and I was wearing flats not 7″ heels due to my knee injury lately. Sorry, you didn’t like it. It’s like shoes what something you may not like and people do like.
    Lastly, I loved California Girls. They liked my performance and they are the ones paying me.

  5. AIPChristina

    I would also like to point out that while I have not seen Teagan dance in person. I have seen video of her at a club and she can definitely dance.

  6. Teagan, Thanks for the post and I can certainly understand if you have injuries you can not dance well but usually when people have injuries or are not feeling well, they take time off. If you don’t feel your 100% maybe you should take some time off from your live shows until you feel better so your fans don’t get short changed and you can perform! You mentioned other club dancers, to be honest, the club dancers did a much better job than you did! And as for your “friends” in the audience, yes, I noticed they were fellow porn stars and were there to show support but I think when you are feature dancing, your focus should be your fans, not your colleagues! You get to see and work with your colleagues on other occasions but its your fans that don’t get to see you as often. And you didn’t explain why you kept throwing your posters and DVDs to your colleagues rather than your fans? Is that related to your injuries also? Or just pure coincidence???

  7. RickMadrid

    Alexis; Now its your turn? Tell us MS .Penthouse Model why are u accusing Mr Tegan of this?? Mmmmmm?? inquiring minds would like to know?.

  8. AIPChristina

    I don’t know if Teagan will respond or not but the reason she may not have taken time off is because the injury occurred a short while before she was supposed to dance and it wasn’t enough time to cancel. After all, the club probably already paid for advertising and maybe she felt that as long as she could move, that it wouldn’t be fair to them if she didn’t show up.

  9. It’s a shame because it’s the customer/fan that gets screwed! Especially the ones like me who drove 45 minutes from LA to Anaheim to see her! The club made their money and Teagan made hers and partied hard with her friends at the club! I guess the injuries didn’t stop her from partying and lap dancing with her friends at their VIP booth!

  10. TeaganPresley

    I don’t need to take time off because of my knee. I’m not suppose to have knees by the time I’m 30. This issue is nothing new to me. The giant heels make me jam my legs into my hip sockets and my ankles messed by supporting the weight and being so rough when I dance. I actually prefer my soft shoes because especially clubs that have a sort of thing carpet, it’s easier to walk, and when I have to crawl around the bar or stand up and dance on the bar, I have more balance. The reason I had thrown stuff to them was because they had given me money for them. They had paid for the movies, etc. And it was the guys from the site sup69. I had done an interview outside with them right before my show. So, they are acquaintances, not personal friends. Secondly, those pornstars still had to pay for their drinks, etc. So, they were still a paying customer to the club. I tried to give everyone attention. Just like any club they had ules about how close you can get to people as well. I was hoping I wouldn’t get in as much trouble if I got closer to my friends cause I knew them. I’m used to being able to get up close & personal with the fans at the front of the stage. When I’m not allowed to due to the club rules/laws it always makes me sad. So, my whole point of even posting here, which I got off course with all the knit picking about everything is: I dance 40+ weeks a year on stage, and you’re the first person that’s ever said anything. So, hopefully, one day I can change your opinion at a different club. And let’s just leave it at that. You can find tons of stuff to knit pick about all day long. We get the point and let’s just leave it at that, maybe one day I will change your opinion. And thanks for coming that night as well.


    P.S; I was never lap dancing on my friends, that was one of the fellow pornstars that was doing that in the booth. And due to me having no people in line for me to service is why I was sitting up in that booth. If I had had people in line I would have taken care of them cause my signing was literally next to the booth where all my movies, etc. were spread out. So, call it a hearing & verbal miscommunication. I’ll make my presence of my signing more prevalent next time.

  11. @Teagan

    Whatever respect I had for you just got magnified….by a magnitude of 1,000. And I already had high respect for you to begin with. Way to respond with class to your critics.


  12. I can understand and respect the position of anybody that feels slighted or didn’t feel he got his money’s worth. We have all been there. However, I will say that in my many years in the adult business, Teagan is among the coolest, nicest and most persevering porn stars I have ever known. Although we haven’t worked together lately, she always seemed a bit like a little sister to me on our various movies like Not Bewitched XXX, Flight Attendants or Not the Bradys XXX. Even at parties, events or when I would run into her out of town I always felt a genuine welcome from her.

  13. jeremysteele11

    What sucks is when someone expresses their vexation for having been ripped off and then is punished further for it (as well as when insult is added to perpetuated injury). The inferred lesson is to instead proclaim “Thank you, sir, may I have another?”.

  14. Walter

    Since Will Ryder just commented how soon until Monica Foster goes on a rant that it was Will who used his shapechanging powers to look like Teagan in order to frame her as part of the Porn Valley conspiracy to destroy the global economy and increase the sugar content of Klondike Bars?

  15. Teagan, thanks again for your reply and explanation. You said the reason you throw the DVDs and the posters at your entourage or as you put it, “Acquaintances” who were all sitting around the stage was because they paid for them??? I always thought when Feature dancers throw their posters, and DVDs to the audience when they are on the stage that was suppose to be a trophy or rewarding the fans. If they are suppose to buy them from you before you go on the stage then what’s the point? We can always buy your movies online or at a sex store.

    If you put yourself in your fans place you undoubtedly see that they can be disappointed by your performance. Maybe it was the club being a bikini bar, maybe it’s a combination of you not being your 100%. I don’t know, but from my perspective, it was a let down and a disappointment. Especially when the house dancers did a much better job on the stage before and after your performance.

  16. TeaganPresley

    Posters are for free. In the clubs lots of other features sell dvd’s on stage. Sorry if the DJ didn’t make that clear when I was on stage.

    But Okay, I get the point. Now can we move onto some positivity.

  17. My last post on this topic: in the past 15 years I have been to many clubs when they had feature dancers, many big names like Christy Canyon, Nina Hartley, and many many more, They ALL without exception made sure they focus on their audience and fans, (not just their acquaintances). And when they passed out their posters and DVDs on the stage, they made sure it was random and NEVER charged for them! This is the first time I hear you say you sell them at your shows on the stage! It must be the crappy economy if that’s what you are doing!

  18. JamesBrownDWD

    This isn’t an attack on Teagan as I never have dealt with her and have no ill will towards her.
    There have been people whom I know that say there is legit bad blood between Alexis and certain people in Teagan’s inner circle.
    Could this have happened? YEAH. Did it happen? Nobody here is saying that it did nor does anyone want to get on either Teagan or the club’s bad side.
    Bottom line is before Cindi pulls an Obama (get one side of the story and then say that is that) would like to know if Alexis has any proof or more to add to the story.

  19. origen

    Desp69, dude, take a chill pill.

    Don’t blame Teagan. Strip clubs are a lousy place to work and attend as a fan. Not to mention ethnic cleansing for your wallet…

    Do you go to Burlesque shows? Everyone is a lot nicer and classier there. Harlow Gold in Long Beach is having a show tonight. I don’t know much about them since I don’t live in Southern California but I do know Burlesque shows are the shit and you will have a nice time.

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