Advice From Mike South- On Ira Isaacs

NL-Ira was found guilty on all counts and awaits sentencing

Ira Isaacs And Some Lessons For Porners
OP/ED By MikeSouth from

First of all let me state up front that I am no lawyer, I don’t have a law degree and I don’t intend to get one.

But one doesn’t have to be a lawyer to know that wrapping your head in a white towel and running through the local military base while carrying a suitcase and shouting "Allah Ahkbar" might be free speech, it certainly isn’t a good idea.

There is a lesson to be learned here for everyone in porn.

You see Ira Isaacs was not even on the feds radar, he might still be selling his scat and animal porn if not for a fundamental mistake.  Two of the people that worked for Ira walked into the Department of Justice and handed them one of Ira’s scat tapes.

The allegations were that they were under diminished capacity when they agreed to make the tapes, they were addicted to drugs and were doing it out of desperation, Ira made the promise that the tapes would never be made available in the United States but were for overseas purchase only.  they also alleged that Ira supplied them with drugs and or alcohol prior to the shoot.  When they discovered that Ira was indeed selling the videos here in the states they felt that they had been deceived and they used Ira’s own words against him.  He told them that legally he could never sell the tapes here, here meaning in the United States. They went to the Department of Justice and handed them the case.

This is not entirely different than what happened to Max Hardcore.  While Max was probably on the radar at least two performers he had shot seem to have been involved in his prosecution by making complaints to the Department of Justice.

Recently someone associated with the Free Speech Coalition, Michael Whiteacre made fun of me because I made the statement that I interview the girls I shoot in person, and usually twice.  I also generally like to maintain a friendship with them.  Whiteacre proved himself to be a total idiot as I am sure that you can see.

Now if you are in Porn Valley and you get your talent from an agency and all that, it isn’t as important, but it is still important.  If you don’t shoot in Porn Valley and/or you shoot more edgy content it isn’t just important, it’s imperative.  It is an absolute must to deal honestly with talent, tell them exactly what is expected and exactly what will be done with the content and don’t lie about it.  be a decent human being, vet your talent and weed out the ones that are obviously doing it out of desperation, treat them well and show some humanity fucking up someone’s life will bring you bad karma, ask Ira or Max about that.

While I am on the topic, how many of you are paying travel expenses for a girl to come shoot for you?  If you are and you are transporting her across state lines you are in direct violation of a federal law called the Mann Act.  While this may not be on the DOJ’s radar at the moment don’t think for one minute that they can’t or won’t use it against you.

And finally, be very considerate of your neighbors, if they start complaining that you are shooting porn in the neighborhood you ARE going to get busted.

Use common sense, be a good human being and don’t abuse or deceive the people who shoot for you.  It is your front line of defense.

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  1. Michael Whiteacre

    Mike again demonstrates his obsession with me, and his knack for missing the point entirely.

    My point wasn’t that being on friendly terms with performers is a bad idea — I too am on friendly terms with a lot of performers, and it is indeed an excellent idea for a plethora of reasons. My point is that interviewing them before a shoot, and being “friendly” toward them does not make them your friends, as you claimed. That’s not what friendship is, Mike; it’s mere friendliness. For example, during PWL, you and I maintained a “friendly” working relationship…

    Moreover, friendship is no guarantee that someone won’t turn on you; it’s no prophylactic against conflicts, complaint or lawsuits. As any attorney would tell you, people fuck each other over every day — good friends and even family members. If they didn’t, attorneys and prosecutors would be out of business.

    Sure friendliness is a good idea, I grant you, but even more important is treating people fairly, holding up one’s end of the bargain, knowing the law, and not giving anyone ammunition to use against you. If you do all that, they’ve got nothing on you. If you fail to do that, no amount of “happy birthday!” text messages can keep you safe, buddy.

    And of course, once again South drags out his favorite whipping boy — the trade association for an industry whose success, he has admitted, runs counter to his own interests — into this piece as a red herring.

    Hey, Mike, how am I “associated” with Free Speech Coalition? What is the nature of our association? Please elaborate on that one for us if you’ve got the balls.

  2. jeremysteele11

    If some guy is inside a military base running around with a towel/turban wrapped around his head with a suitcase screaming “God is Great” in Persian, the chances are this is yet another inside job. After all, how did the guy get in there in the first place? Sounds like a practice run for the next excuse to go bomb some country and rape them of their resources and real estate. Bankers know war is big business.

  3. RickMadrid

    Mike South is my hero!. You tend to hit the nail all the time when it comes to the issues hitting the Industry left and right and the way its going up there in LA. Alll Well I guess were going to see alot more Pornos going out of Businsess pretty soon in LA. Why is Mike always getting the news first hand before this RAG does??

  4. origen01

    Forget this story. I’m curious to know what Mike South and Michael Whiteacre think of the expansion of Manwin. I’m all for economies of scale but I think Manwin’s increasing acquisitions harkens back to the days of mob dominance. Dominance in distribution by a single company has the potential to establish a structure that permanently screws content producers (and performers) all across the Industry.

    In other words, how are the scene rates for performers going to rebound with a company like Manwin as an industry leader?

    Also, is it true that BangBros is staving off attempts at a Manwin takeover?

  5. Michael Whiteacre

    origen – I believe in competition — free market competition. If adult businesses fail or are swallowed up due to their own business model or practices, rather than being regulated out of business by the state, then that’s their own damn fault. And yes, others will probably suffer for it; you know, there won’t be a porn bail-out. LOL

    The adult industry is a decentralized collection of small prvately-owned companies, plus a few huge companies led by “giants” in the field. The giants are the ones who know how to do business, and who are forward-thinking. There is no requirement that they “place nice” — particularly in an increasingly difficult worldwide market beset by piracy.

    So, would I like to see more diversity, and more variety and competition? Absolutely. But, as it always is in transitional times like this, there will be consolidation.

    The greater threat to the well-being of performers and producers alike is the ill-conceived drive by meddlers like AHF to criminalize production. THAT is far more likely to bring the industry to something akin to the era of “mob dominance.” The single most important factor regarding the number of criminals in a given society — more important than education levels, wealth differentials, hunger, or church attendance — is, simply, what the law is. With the stroke of a pen, whole groups of can be made “criminals.” Criminals have even fewer, and far less savory, options than a Manwin-dominated market would afford them.

  6. origen

    “I believe in competition — free market competition.”

    You don’t think Manwin is a threat?

    Without competition $800 for B/G would forever be the norm–and maybe even cheaper. How would female performers be able to support themselves (without escorting) on that rate level? What kind of incentive would female talent have to enter the Industry in the first place. It would be the ultimate death knell for pornography as we know it…

    AHF wants to mandate condoms–it seems Manwin wants to crush Porn Valley altogether…

    No one should sell to these guys. In the short term they’ll get paid but it’ll screw the Industry in the long-run.

    Not to mention that Manwin is a sponsor of piracy…

  7. Michael Whiteacre

    I didn’t say it wasn’t a threat to those businesses, I’m saying that business owners who don’t know how to run their businesses competitively will always lose out to those who do.

    This is how economic cycles work — things sour, then someone comes in and buys stuff up.

    As for performers, the talent pool is overloaded right now — there’s not enough work for everyone as it is. People who are in it to make a quick buck, but who lack the discipline and proper temperament to succeed long-term SHOULD be disincentivized from entering the industry. However, there will always be people who wish to make their careers in adult entertainment. Pornography is not going anywhere.

  8. My stand on Manwin is well known Im all for free markets and competition but when you business model includes stealing content and giving it away on your paysites in order to devalue the competition so that you can buy them out cheap….thats not free market thats flat out corrupt.

  9. This morning I read a story on about Mike South. Gene Ross compared Mike South to Max Hardcore. He has a link to a previous article on adultfyi. According to adultfyi, South grabbed the hair of a stripper by the name of Brandy Daniels. Ross said this happened after Brandy accidentally bumped him.

    The latest article is sure melodramatic, Gene Ross says Mike South “roughed up” the woman up. Even if South did pull her hair (which he is quoted as denying), that is not the same thing as beating her up. Ross also has recently criticized South’s plans to speak at the XBIZ Summit 2012, an event sponsored by PornHub. It makes me wonder if Gene Ross has a
    personal dislike for Mike South. Robert Black, Ross’s former employer, has been criticized by Mike South.

  10. Jerkuliscious

    I don’t know Mike South from Adam, but Gene Ross’ opinion could probably be bought for a pint of gin and a half a pack of smokes. He is the Porno Dan of porn gossip sites. That is about the worst comment I can come up with for someone.

  11. Larry Horse

    I would throw in a sandwich. Now if it were Herbie Dingle Kernes, it would have to be a whole deli-tray. South is not awesome, but better than Gene, and way better than the two rag mags.

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