Exclusive Interview With Black & Beautiful Ana Foxxx + Pics!


 by Jon

Photos from Smash Pictures


1. Can you tell us a little about your background?  I was born and raised in California.Growing up I was really shy, but sexual.  Although I didn’t lose my 
virginity until I was 17, I was masturbating much much earlier. I was really curious about everything.

2 How did you get into runway modeling and what were some of the best moments?  

I actually stumbled upon modeling. I was discovered  at a grocery store and ended up going with it. The best moment in modeling for me was leaving it and taking what I learned from it to stay ahead of the curve in the adult industry.  Directors always comment how I am a natural in front of the camera. Modeling help me with that and taught me a lot about myself, but I wanted to take my career further. I’m grateful for the experience, but I’m happy where I’m am.

3 Why did you decide to go into porn? How did your family take it? 

It wasn’t much of a decision to shoot porn because my lifestyle is already similar. So in a way, I’m just doing what I already do, I’m just a little more famous now. My family doesn’t see me shooting porn as bad news. Actually, they agree, I have a pretty cool job.

4 How did you choose the stage name Ana Foxxx? 

I decided to choose a naughty and a nice name, Ana is a really sweet name that I think best describes my appearance. Foxxx is a little naughty and I think it says a lot about my personality.

5 What can you remember about your first scene?

 I remember my first scene like it was yesterday.  I learned a lot about making sexy faces. But most of all I remember how fun and carefree it was.

6 Can you tell us about your scene with Rico Strong in Smash Pictures The Bartender? I believe it’s based on a real life experience…….

Rico and I had so much fun! I was turned on by the idea of taking flirting to the next level, I tried to get with a real bartender that night. I found out you can’t actually suck a bartender of while he’s on duty, but off the clock is other story. He was nice and for the effort, he gave me and my ladies whipped cream to suck off each other instead.

7 So far it’s every position except anal. Have you decided when you’ll do this and which performer would you like to take your anal cherry?
I don’t have a set date, but I do plan on doing anal sooner than later. I wanna give a performance  to remember. I don’t have anyone in particular that I want to take my cherry I like to be surprised.

8 You did your first girl girl scene with Laylani Star in Lesbian Sistas. Which do you prefer most in real life girls or boys and why? 

It’s  a little hard to choose between the two, but I prefer boys over girls. I’m taller and stronger than average girls so I like to feel dominated in my personal sex life. Something about hard aggressive sex
 gets me crazy hot!

9 Can you tell us about you scene with Nyomi Banxxx in Smash Pictures Finger Lickin Girlfriends 2. What was it like working with her? 

Working with Nyomi was a actual dream of mine! I had been a fan of hers for a while before meeting her. The whole time I was on set with her I couldn’t wait to touch her! She’s absolutely stunning  and the sex with her was even better!

10 You like being choked from behind. Are there other fetishes you’d like to try on camera? How extreme would you be prepared to go? 

I want to explore forced orgasms. I love sex so I can’t put a limit on my sexuality and how far I’d go. I’m somewhat of a dare devil and I’m willing to try everything once.

11What do you like about doing cam shows? 

I like cam shows because they are unpredictable. You can’t script the sex your having because it’s based on  audience’s requests. Cam shows are a good way to explore positions and even learn a new trick or two with instant feedback from your fans.

12 What was it like being on the Dr Suzy show? 

The Dr Suzy show is a Blast! I always try a new sex toy on her show for the audience. Before her show I only had one sex toy, now I own nine. Her show is really educational and hands on :)

13 What new scenes should fans look out for? 

There  are a lot of scenes  ready to launch this coming summer. A word to the fans is to keep a eye out I blast each scene as soon as it comes out. Make sure you comment about my scenes on the forum such as Adult Talk DVD and Freeones.  I created a profile and will comment back 🙂 If you go to idealgirls.myphonesite.com you can request me to do a personal scene just for you!

14 When you’re not in front of the camera what do you like to do in your spare time? 

I’m usually at the beach running keeping my body in shape or masturbating (to keep my body in shape). I love the ocean morning noon and night. I masturbate every single day at least once.

15 Where can people find you on the net and will you be having your own
site shortly? 

My fans can chat with me on twitter at @AnaFoxxx keep a eye out for my website coming soon.  For bookings please contact Ideal Image Management via email at Isiah@idealimagemanagement.com  You can also call me now at idealgirls.myphonesite.com.  I’m definitely not hard to find. I love my
 fans and love what they have to say.


  1. So you’re telling me that not ONE of you closet racists who comments here can say a damn thing about this sexy young woman? See, that’s why the Republicans have started a war against porn – they see all you LA creeps for the prejudiced scumbags that you are and want NO open affiliation. In case you didn’t notice, Larry Flynt put the word out he’s begrudgingly on team Obama – TIME TO KISS SOME BLACK ASS you fuckers! The Obama administration know about the Porn Valley BLACK RATE!

    Now post a nice comment about this girl and someone give her a contract (and not a BLACK RATE one – it’s time for EQUAL pay) RIGHT NOW!

  2. Karmafan

    Monica when was the last time you heard someone on here calling all black girls ugly or some other such comment?

    I don’t really see anyone here thats a regular poster being racist. I do see you making up shit like the KKK backs this site. I think its all in your mind or at least one of your other personalitie’s mind?

  3. Jerkuliscious

    No offense Coco, but I generally don’t pay attention until after the anal scene. The industry does need more black whores willing to be shit holed. She definitely a quality piece of ass.

    Is the black rate really cheaper than paler whores. From viewing BackPage and reading some reviews, a lot of the black whores quote you a low price, then upsell like a son of a bitch.

  4. jeremysteele11

    Dumb just keeps getting dumber. “OLD WHITE DUDES”, “KISS SOME BLACK ASS”. Who be racist? Coco Loco’s brain needs to be nigg__ rigged. And btw, the first person who ever expressed the phrase “nigg__ rigging” a car ro me was black (while he was helping me out with mine). It just sounds cool, actually.

  5. Stop acting like a stereotypical old white dude Jeremy – I’m starting to wonder if you have untreated syphilis that might be eating away at your brain, because NO ONE can possibly be healthy writing the craziness that you do.

    Now give Ana Foxxx a compliment and shut up you tiny little elf looking creature.

  6. jeremysteele11

    There are countless LIB features on WHITE people that end up having no comments. It doesn’t mean people don’t care about them, because no comments happen even with popular people. Nor is it racism against whites. In fact, some of my best friends are white… some are even OLD WHITE DUDES! Recently I did a silly thread which was meant to mock Shelley Lubben’s claim that porn kills and the only comment it got was from Fartz, who didn’t get it and is surrounded by his own bad fumes. But I would never imagine to blame the lack of response on racism and Republicans.

    The koo koo bird is always singing in Monica’s clock shop.

  7. Larry Horse

    Is there a lower rate for black female performers? Porn is the one area where equal pay would be detrimental between men and women. As for Ana, she is a pretty girl. Monica is starting to sound like a weird distillation of Angry Alice and Riley Martin from the Howard Stern show, crashed into Debbie the Pet Lady, also from Stern.

  8. origen

    I’m black but I don’t like her eyes. That’s why I didn’t comment.

    Sure, she’s attractive but she doesn’t spark with me.

    Even yourself, Monica, are better looking than this chick, IMO.

  9. Karmafan

    I’m with origen. She is attractive but too thin like a pencil. I prefer Audrey James or Tyra Moore for a porn girl of color.

  10. jeremysteele11

    Your insults is what started the severence of our friendship, Moronica. You butted in on Ashley Mercedes’s attacks which you could not possibly know anything about(as you were never there), and then started attacking and insulting me for responding to her. Then you changed the Youtube thing to a bunch of stupid insults and when I told you to remove it you called me “stalker”. There is no syphilis in the equation, just a brain-damaged, stupid piece of shit who has no ethics, whatsoever, and very little intelligence, saying LIB is run by the KKK, etc. NO ONE can say that LIB is run by the KKK without being extremely stupid AND unethical. And I’m healthier now than I’ve probably ever been. I’ve read that baking soda is great for curing cancer and that cancer is realted to a yeast/acidic/candida overgrowth. The key ingredient is sodium bicarbonate, which yeastie beasties can not survive or adapt to. Of course such knowledge would destroy the lucractive billion dollar cancer industry and it’s medieval “therapy”/murder methods.

  11. jeremysteele11

    There’s nothing wrong with her eyes and you guys wouldn’t kick her out of bed. I’d kick the Mofo out of bed because she’s certifiably insane. She’d start rubbing your dick and then 20 seconds later claim “r a p e”!

  12. jeremysteele11

    Seriously, Monica. If you can point out what I ever did to deserve your fucking abuse I’d like to know, but all you can do is change the fucking subject, you scumbag!

    And I know you don’t have the mental capacity to understand this, but you keep attacking me for my supposed appearance and size while decrying to the fucking world “racism”, which is based upon a person’s appearance… I mean how fucking stupid can you possibly get??

  13. You were an acquaintance of mine Jeremy, don’t fool yourself – you were never my friend.

    I think I might make a site called “Adult Star for Lease” – I bet it would be hit!

  14. jeremysteele11

    Eventually Cindi will approve my last message.

    I treated you like a friend. You called me and we spoke many times. You called me when you were heartbroken and freaking out about some bi-guy. You text me inviting me to come visit you in Nevada. Don’t fool yourself. You became my enemy because you started attacking and then insulting me, feeling the need to intrude and be rude about something you could not possibly have known about. Then you rewrote our interview dissing me for alleged appearance and when I had issue with that you call me “s t a l k e r”??? You’re a bonafide stupid piece of shit. Stop fooling yourself. You sought me out, remember? I absolutely nothing but nice to you and then you publically dissed me and just had to get stupid as you are stupid (ex/ “LIB is run by the KKK”). If you had any ethics whatsoever you’d remove that “s t a l k e r” video, as you can’t even explain why you ever said that. People who have no clue how incredibly fucked in the head you are might actually believe or have believed that. Fuck You!

  15. You are a stalker, as are quite a few who post here currently and have posted here in the past.

    Again, you were NEVER my friend Jeremy – you were an acquaintance. You wanted to be my “friend” because you essentially wanted to be more popular (and make money) and you knew that by attaching yourself to me and/or my projects you might be able to. You were even willing to throw your gf / companion Lucky under the bus to do it. What a little prick you are. You’re just upset that have a sense of self worth and knew that working with you would do nothing but pull me down. I’m better than you Jeremy – and out of your league.

    Considering those psycho voicemails you left me I actually have to question whether or not you’re mentally stable and safe for any young woman to physically be around. You’re a desperate over the hill porn dude with nothing to show for it – I heard about how you posted Nick’s phone number on CL – that’s what CRAZY PSYCHOS do.

    Now keep going on and on and on with your weird ass comments – I might comment back from time to time to keep you spinning, but then again I might not. A year from now AdultStarForLease dot com or something of the like will be up and running – but Pornstar For Rent will still be something you wished would have worked out.

    Just think, if you’d applied yourself in life, you’d be able to buy some lifts like Hirsch has.

  16. Jerkuliscious

    “Thank you for contributing a compliment to Ana Foxxx Jerkuliscious. That’s all I asked.”

    You are welcome, Sweetnins. Now when you gonna let me introduce you to the wonders of buttfuckin? I’m so proficient, you won’t need to be high on pills, and I won’t have to rub your starfish up with coke. All you need is about 1/2 box of wine, some lube and a vibrator. Maybe a ball gag, if you aren’t down for ATM, cause all your yappin might kill my wood 😉

    You know how to reach me.

  17. who me

    My goodness, I just wish these 2(Monica and Jeremy) would just fuck and get it over with, this shit is getting so old between them.

  18. Jerkuliscious

    Miss Mammy been pretty lucid lately. I don’t know what changed in her life, but I hope it lasts.

  19. jeremysteele11

    You’re the dumbest piece of lying lowlife schizophrenic shit, Moronica. I’ve asked you over and over, how was I a “stalker”? When you made that shit up (as you’ve done with many) you were living in Nevada. Do you claim I ever drove there looking for you? Of course you’ll never answer this question, stupid.

    I still have the photo of your text inviting me to visit you in Nevada. Is that what you do with acquaintances? And again the point is you fucking started attacking me, butting into something which was none of your business, which you could not know anything about, assuming I was the bad guy, in spite of our friendly relations. And again, you sought me out. I never sought to be your friend. You sought me out. You’re the one in desperate need of a friend because you alienate everyone you deal with, including your family which doesn’t even speak to you. You would call or text me late many times, including your freakout about a bi-guy you were in loved with who wanted to be with another dude, instead.

    You want to bring up Nick East. He called me repeatedly from a blocked number, claiming I’m to blame for an old Darrah post calling him a douchebag. In contradiction of his agreement to let me sleep because I had to get up real early the next morning, he proceeded to keep calling me from a blocked number and harassing me. It’s called getting even with the piece of shit, you moron.

    Again, if I’m so out of your leaque, why did you seek me out? Why did you contact me in the first place? Why did you ask to do an interview with me?
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    There is no crime in getting older. We all do. Some look great for the age, others don’t. But there is something criminal about making up lies about people, claiming they’re stalking you, etc.

  20. jeremysteele11

    Again, the chain of events, Moronica:

    a. You contact me, ask to interview me.
    b. You start calling and texting me, including all your personal issues and invite me to meet you in Nevada.
    c. Ashley Mercedes attacks me on LIB. I respond. Then you attack me for responding to her. When I point that you should not be attacking me, don’t know the story and even told me you thought that some of the things she allegedly did you were not in agreement with, you changed the title of our interview and the write up to a bunch of insults and epithets.
    d. I ask you to take the insults down, you refuse. I leave voicemails in regards to that and your text messages which said you won’t change it, and because I didn’t like being insulted you call me “stalker”.

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    And how did I throw my gf under a bus you stupid piece of shit? WTF R U talking about, retard?

  21. I don’t think Ana is too thin Karmafan – I think it’s mainly that these photos aren’t taken from the most flattering of angles. In time she’ll learn her angles and how to pose to her best advantage and that will make a big difference (for example, Jenna Haze is super thin but she REALLY knows how to pose and contort her body).

    Spin Spin Spin JS – old age is gettin to ya and all the bad choices you made and lies you tell are googleable. I wonder how well an “adult actor for lease” t-shirt would sell – guess I’ll know soon enough.

  22. jeremysteele11

    Spin, spin, spin is right Moronica. You continue to refuse to answer why you call me (and others) “stalker”. I know you’re dumb and have mental and ethical problems, but I think even you know I’ve never stalked you in Nevada. If I did then why do you keep ignoring this question? Because I had issue with you calling me “Balding 5’2″ D-List talent, etc.” after going off the deep end because I didn’t like you attacking me in the first place? I’m a “stalker”? How would you like if I kept caling you “nigg*r” over and over and over? Then you’d get upset and if I had Monica Fosteritis I’d say you getting upset means you’re “psycho”. Of course, sizism is fine but racism is bad. Well, you’re also a major racist against blacks and whites. You’ve also once said you worshipped Donkey Long. This is not spin, this is what you’ve actually said. You’ve also said LIB is run by the KKK. You’re as evil as you are stupid.

    I don’t like being called a “stalker”, would you? What if Lucky never knew me and read that and believed it, and she left me because of you, or some woman would’ve come in to my life, we would’ve done wonderful things together, raised a family, blah, bluh the butterfly effect has no limitation. But because some deranged piece of shit called me “stalker” she reads it and disconnects her number. Your head is on spin, spin, spin, but the laundrey is still dirty because the machine don’t work.

    Are we still having that boxing match, Moronica (the one you challenged me to)? You were gonna fight me on behalf of your new infatuation, Author Nick E. I still promise I won’t throw one punch.

  23. jeremysteele11

    (previous comment is awaiting moderation.)

    Thanks for proving I’m right, dummy. Age is irrelevant in this discussion. You making up that I’m a “stalker” (based on not even a claim from you that I came to look for you in Nevada) is just one of many points you repeatedly refuse to answer.

    You wouldn’t like being called “stalker” for no fucking reason.

    Do you remember how this whole war between us started? Do you remember inviting me to see you in Vegas, Ms. “Acquaintance”? Would you like for me to forward Cindi the photo of the text, Ms. Pathological Liar?

  24. If you’re out there Miss Ana Foxxx, I wish you the best! Ignore the loser who keeps ranting in this comment thread and make sure you put him on your NO LIST!

  25. origen

    Ana’s not too thin. She is fine. Actually, she’s slightly overweight from a modeling perspective….but for porn she’s perfect.

    I realized what kills the attraction for me: too much mascara. She needs to tone that shit dOWN.

  26. Jerkuliscious

    Who would bother putting Jeremy on their “No List” ? Might as well have MLK, Junior Seau and Abe Lincoln on your No List. Oh, and Brandon “I can’t enter the States” Irons.

    This lil hooker isn’t too thin, she is an athletic young colored girl. Nice and firm. This type of body is why I wanna taste me some of the super dark meat. Usually don’t see it on caramel or mocha whores.

  27. jeremysteele11

    That’s right, Count Jerkula. Porn, overall, is on my no list. I’ve moved into other realms. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. I’m sure everyone listens to The Turd’s advice, anyway.

    Did you read the news?: MCA is RIP!

  28. Larry Horse

    Way off topic, but how come guys like Steele, Dino Bravo, etc did not get more work with Jack Venice, Brian Surewood in the joint, Donny Long on the lam, C3X in merry ole England and so on. I was watching Milf Money, where Grip and Scam had Steven French, Dino, Steele, and Sergio, so I am guessing they spent a whole $800 total there.

  29. jeremysteele11

    As far as the $ figures, Larry, you got it right, but I’m sure they complained that’s $800 they could’ve spent on food and drinks at Acapulco.
    But I’m the scumbag for telling them not to hire me any more for what they were paying.

  30. Larry Horse

    Now I wonder what they underpaid the girls? Emma Starr was a newbie in that film, but then it was Kimmy Khan, Nicole Moore and Tara Moon. Not top dollar I bet. Wonder how much they paid Thrust to play the disabled kid in the helmet on Oh my god my mom’s fucking a negro one and two(?) A crisp $50 bill I bet. $50 more if he steam cleaned the couch.

  31. RickMadrid

    I thought , I read awhile back here that all this fighting and shit was going to cease per”CINDI”??. that the Advertiser who paid for this site bitched and moaned about it? Still going at it ,huh Jeremy and Monica??.

  32. RickMadrid

    Butt anyway I think this girl is going to be the next ‘Black” anal queen pretty soon. Hey Jay Hollywood!.

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