Dave Cummings On Piracy & Sledge Hammer

Dave Cummings–Porn Star
April, 2012    

Just when I was beginning to worry that the piracy was quieting the Porn Industry so drastically that this monthly column would be hard pressed to fill a late-April "From The Trenches" edition, all of a sudden a flood of news has recently emerged.

Sadly, in something that I think might possibly have been preventable if piracy had been nipped in the bud by criminal and/or civil prosecutions and convictions, a respected nice guy porn actor has recently lost his life. His stage name was Sledge Hammer.  Maybe you’d like to Google his name to see a  photo of an All American porn star; he performed in many hundreds of porn releases.

 I read that Sledge might possibly have been somewhat depressed by the dive in porn bookings, and its effect upon his financial ability to make a living; after all, because of piracy, less porn needs to be made so less booking are available for porn performers. Why should companies endure the costs of making new porn when production costs often outweigh revenues from
new releases that are criminally uploaded and subsequently downloaded (some might use the term "stolen"?) by the masses of viewers who "take" the copyrighted porn without morally/ethically/lawfully paying for it. The adverse side of piracy negatively affects jobs, families, the economy, etc. In this case, piracy might even have been a contributing player in the death of Sledge Hammer.

IMO, perhaps the loss of Sledge Hammer might possibly be somewhat related to: some/many of the "illegal" tubes and other sites that didn’t adequately police uploadings, and/or downloadings; to the people who looked the other way when copyright infringements were committed; to those uploaders/down-loaders who convinced themselves that "porn is free", when they should realistically have known better; to the advertisers on those sites; and, to the owners and employees involved with the aforementioned.

IMHO, some of the folks referred to in the above paragraph might want to ask their God’s forgiveness. Sledge Hammer died, and it might possibly be related to the piracy. Maybe some folks rightfully need to feel badly about their role in the piracy and the crime of copyright infringement, AND the fact that Sledge Hammer has passed away. RIP Sledge.

The 2257 record keeping matter was in the news this week. The Free Speech Coalition’s court challenge was initially dismissed by a judge, but
perseverance triumphed when a three-judge Appeals decision this week unanimously sided with the Free Speech Coalition and required
reconsideration by the lower court. It seems to me like 2257, as written for enforcement, is an affront to our American Constitution. Hopefully, this matter will be properly fixed. You might want to Google U.S. Code 2257 for additional background. Congratulations Free Speech Coalition—ya’s rock!!!!
It’s approaching summertime, so let ramp up our use of sun block; and, PLEASE don’t drink and drive, or engage in any cell phone use that might distract you.

Be well, happy, and healthy; and be nice to yourself and others just for the sake of being nice!
Dave Cummings


  1. Well if you are right Dave you might want to reconsider any relationship with AVN because they would be culpable. (AVN Owners own uploading.com)

    Also any Manwin company because with the Reality Kings Purchase they have pretty much every top tube site in the world.

    Porn has a cesspool.

  2. jeremysteele11

    “From the trenches” is how I described “Porn Star For Rent”. Gee, when is the “producer” gonna finish it, already?

  3. “In this case, piracy might even have been a contributing player in the death of Sledge Hammer.”

    This is, by far, one of the dumbest fucking things I’ve ever read. It’s also disrespectful as fuck, because it basically puts a company’s bottom line before someone’s life, and tries to justify it by correlating the two.

  4. Karmafan

    There are 2 kinds of porn fans that download content illegally. The 1st is a younger person that grew up in a time that they have never bought porn and don’t intend to buy porn. They don’t know anything different.

    The older average porn fan that has been viewing porn for any decent length of time and buying their porn remembers how often they got fucked by sneaky dishonest porn retailers. They have little sympathy for the porn industry as its considered getting revenge against the industry for fucking them over so many times over the years.

    Its going to be hard to turn the mentality of either group around. Live CAM shows are one way of getting money out of the porn viewer. There must be others.

  5. jeremysteele11

    I guess that’s called “karma fucking you in the ass”, Karmafan?

    The way to turn things around has to do with something I’ve talked about in private for years; bringing porn to the next level. That’s as much as I’m gonna say, though…

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