1. Jerkuliscious

    Stupid, Stupid Jets. First for trying to make the trade. Second for being so giddy about the potential media blitz and backpage headlines, THEY DIDN’T READ HIS F’N CONTRACT before announcing the trade. He got advance payments on his salary for the next couple seasons, probably for salary cap reasons, so the Jets would owe Denver $5million, on top of the draft picks.

    Anyway, the trade is on hold, the Jets look inept and Jacksonville & St. Louis are potentially back in play for the bible thumping non quarterback.

    Rumor has it that Rex Ryan wanted the trade to go through so he could get an eyeful of Taylor Swift’s feet close up.

    My Jets looked poised to accomplish special things only a year ago. Now I am getting the feeling of the Coach, GM, QB, and many others being shown the door by the time 2013 comes around.

  2. jeremysteele11

    The Jets haven’t won it all since I was 4 months old. That’s a long time ago… Bryan Adams could write a song, ‘The Winter of 69’. The Jets looked lousy for most of last year. And it’s no wonder Rex Ryan stuck his foot in his mouth considering how much of a foot fetish he has. The Jets and da Mets, are for sure not sure bets. And Denver was hoot-tooting Team Tebow all last season. That woo-hoo was sure short lived.

  3. Karmafan

    Denver made quite a gamble trading away a potential franchise quarterback for a current one thats been broken. What happens when Manning gets a good head/neck shot and is out again?

  4. Jerkuliscious

    Who is the Franchise QB you are talking about?

    Franchise QBs cost 2-#1 picks (Palmer) or 3-#1’s and a 2 (RG3). Jets were gonna get T-bo and a #6 for a 4 and a 7. If T-bo had Franchise QB potential, why didn’t one of the 30 other teams offer more?

    It wasn’t about winning football games for the Jets, it was about ticket sales and media exposure. With Jacksonville, it is straight ticket sales. Only player on the team worth his weight in shit is Jones-Drew, and he’s going to be too old by the time the Jaguars are any good again.

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