Monica Foster Joins Up With ATR’s Marc From The Dark

NL- Press Release I just received. Monica and Marc, interesting pairing….

AdultTalentRe partners with Monica Foster and other adult film stars to bring you a series of new porn industry related webcasts!

Popular and controversial ex-pornstar, but active webcam model, author and artist Monica Foster (best known for her official website and others) has teamed up with ATR to bring its viewers a brand new interactive and informative weekly live Q&A series of webcasts available via live broadcast and podcast on www.AdultTalentRegis – The Adult Film Industry Online Social Network, of which she will be headlining with the first show of her series beginning Thursday March 8th at 8pm PST entitled "Monica Foster for ATR" broadcasting directly from Las Vegas, NV. “The pilot show will host a live discussion on the hot porn industry issue of the newly established Los Angeles condom mandate which have been covered by national news outlets and has left many Los Angeles adult entertainment industry professionals confused as to what exactly will be the fate of the porn industry,” Monica says.

ATR is also proud to present another online icon and adult film actress Sandra London (www.ToLiveAndGrindI who will also be beginning her weekly show entitled “The Grind” every Sunday at 5pm PST.

Active viewers are encouraged to participate in the webcasts via chat and by connecting live via their own webcam mic and headsets from home. has been a long standing staple of the adult entertainment industry and has served as a social networking platform for pornstars (established and new to the business) to enable them to safely connect directly with directors, studios and agents. Currently ATR hosts a membership base of over three thousand members of the adult film industries worldwide.

MarcFromTh eDark hopes that the addition of live weekly streaming interactive shows to the network will encourage many within the adult entertainment industry to get on board with ATR, which is a vital piece of the puzzle of the new wave of adult content casting and production. "We’re very interested in hearing new show ideas from others who are interested in hosting weekly shows on ATR as well," Marc says.

Contact MarcFromTheDark via www.AdultTalentRegis and follow him on twitter @marcfromthedark and @ATRTweet. Find ATR on Facebook via the Page http://www.facebook. com/AdultTalentRegis try and group (over 10,000 members) http://www.facebook. com/groups/ s/.

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  1. BigDickDaddy

    These two jokers couldnt make a dime in the porn business if they tried.

    Calling her an ex-pornstar is a stretch. Calling her a hooker that accepts checks that bounce is better.

    Marc is obviously the next Wankus trying to be the next KSEX.

    KSEX was a complete and utter failure except that Wankus got a couple of free bjs out of the deal.

  2. Oh, but all I ever WANTED was to shut the fuck up and be a good little whore – unfortunately I was forced to keep running my mouth by so many who just couldn’t cut the crap and leave me alone…

    BigDickDaddy – I would have gladly renounced the label of “porn star” quite a while ago, but you see, Radar Online labeled me as such – as have all those pesky adult titles (which I’m sure you perceive as typos) which IAFD lists under my stage name. Gosh – if I didn’t know better I’d think I’m still an active pornstar being that IAFD lists me being active into 2012 (even though we all know I’m just a “hooker” who’s name sells DVDs – therefor my footage will be re-issued for who knows how long).

    I guess I just have to deal with being known as a pornstar indefinitely… Being that I can assist the few shining stars in the industry such as MarcFromTheDark who’s a true “crossover” with their new projects by lending my essence, I’m OK with it however (Marc was showcased in the mainstream on ABC’s Karaoke Battle you know – he has the voice of an angel…we sang songs in my garage a few weeks ago)

    If only I was more of a game player – just imagine how well a porn parody of the Dykstra situation would sell if yours truly were featured in it. I’d even be willing to do such a project as of current providing the right person approached me…

    But alas – so many have tarnished my view of the LA porn industry – even people (directors) that I trusted, invited into my home while I lived in Hollywood and agreed to even take a strap on to.

    Again – WHY wasn’t I assigned a more prepared handler? Who is running the Dollhouse nowadays? Someone obviously needs to clean house and get better trained handlers assigned to the Dolls – oops I forgot – it’s already underway via Manwin 🙂

  3. Jerkuliscious

    I wasn’t even trying to needle you. It was just the first thing that popped into my head.

    What is the Dollhouse, an agency?

    We need a description of the activities Dykstra and you were involved in, and I’ll get started on the script. Considering your condition, I’ll guess the strap on comment in the next paragraph was a tell.

    With only one Dykstra session, would you mind if it was a scene in an Athlete themed porn? We get Bibi Jones w/ some Jacked up Russian to play Gronk. Jesse Jane w/ a white trashy lookin dude w/ a mohawk to be Chuck. Might have to go look a like for a Jenna/Tito scene, but we could check Faces of Meth mug shots for one. Getting a Hispanic to bleach his hair shouldn’t be tough. I’d throw in Kobe/Whore he buttfucked scene, and maybe a bonus BJ scene of Mark Wood as Roethlisberger in a shit house stall, trying to force the chick to swallow.

    Anyone else get the feeling Mark Wood’s crowning achievement would be playing Goofy in This Aint Disney XXX?

    ^^^There is a hard troll I’m leaving out, cause I’m not trying to tweak Coco Loco. I hope she realizes I passed it up, when someone else uses it.

  4. RickMadrid

    Does Gia Jordan post on here? Who is this Girl above me? It’s great!! Who is jerkulicios? Please tell us…this is too much? Love it! give us more here in Sin city!!.

  5. Karmafan

    People buy porn DVDs because Monica Foster’s name is on the box? When the fuck did that start happening?

  6. Jerkuliscious

    Rick, you gotta be trollin me, right?

    First, I aint a broad. I might be hung like a broad, but my fat nut sack the lil fella rests on says I’m a dude.

    Second, I definitely aint Gia Jordan. You would probably have to duct tape 3 Gia’s together, just for me to have some fun on a see saw. Plus, I’m witty, not cunty.

    Glad you enjoyed the post though.

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