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Richelle Ryan From London on The Superbowl

NL- Thanks for doing this piece Richelle & pics Christian

YAYYYYY my NY Giants are the Winning Superbowl Champs!!! by Richelle Ryan

I was in London for the Superbowl and made sure that Christian made reservations at this American Sportsbar so I could watch my team kick the Patriots Asses!!! Since London is 5 hours ahead Christian and I decided that we needed a disco nap before we left for Picadilly circus to watch the Superbowl since it was coming on a 11:30 pm across the pond. We took the tube into piccadilly circus and found a yummy pizza spot to have dinner at before we went to the bar. Once we got there we couldn’t get a table so we had to stand and watch the game.

What Christian and I found funny was people were wearing random teams jerseys. In the U.S. if your team isn’t in the Superbowl you wear regular clothes, well in London they only show 1 American football game a week during Football Season so for the Superbowl people wear their favorite teams jersey. We couldn’t get over all the different jerseys we saw….Cowboys, Dolphins, Steelers, Falcons, Colts, old school throwback jerseys. Christian and I couldn’t stop laughing at that…best line of the night was when we first got there and saw all the random ones people were wearing Christian said "is there a fucking contest going on" LOL I of course wore my favorite player from the NY Giants #44 Ahmad Bradshaw jersey.

I found some guy in the bar dressed up as Captain America in a Patriots jersey so I had to get a picture with his silly ass, even tho his team sucks! haha ]

I also made sure I packed from NY Giants rally towel to wave around. The game was great and as you can see in the 1 picture I was going CRAZY when Ahmad Bradshaw got the winning touchdown for us and we won the game!!!!!

I was beyond words and was jumping up and down like a mad woman!!! I felt bad for Christian because he had to hear me the whole way to the hotel about how awesome my Giants are. The game was over at 3am our time and we took 1 of those big double decker buses back to where my hotel was.

I was worn out from all the screaming and jumping I did and passed out on the ride back to the hotel hahahaha

It was such a great experience being able to watch the Superbowl in a different country, the only bad part was we missed out on all the cool American commercials :( bummer! I did youtube all of them once we got back to the hotel. I also loved Madonna’s half-time performance, at first I wasn’t that excited that she was doing it, I wanted my girl Lady Gaga to perform but once Madonna started rocking out and I saw Nikki Minaj and Cee-Lo I thought it was Un-Real! I especially loved when she did "Like a Virgin" considering that was 1 of my favorite songs from her, I even caught Christian singing away to it LOL

Congrats to my team the NY Giants on becoming the World Champions and Mr. Elite Eli on his MVP award, you deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go Big Blue baby!!
Richelle Ryan


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269 Responses to “Richelle Ryan From London on The Superbowl”

  1. Karmafan Says:

    Obviously Richelle knows nothing about football. The game was very close and the Giants squeezed out a win. They did not kick the Patriots asses. Pat’s been to the Super Bowl 5 times in the last 10 years and won 3 of those times so I would not say the Pats sucked either.

  2. jeremysteele11 Says:

    As a lifelong Giants fan, I agree with Karmafan.

    The Giants kicked Atlanta’s asses and even Greenbay’s (most favored to go all the way), who wouldn’t have scored the only two touchdowns they did if the referees hadn’t made horrible calls -an amazing feat). The Patriots kicked their own asses with lots of dropped passes. And, no, the Giants didn’t win the game when Bradshaw ran into the end zone. There’s a reason Eli told him to drop down on the one yard line (which Bradshaw messed up). If the Brady Bunch hadn’t dropped passes during the final 57 seconds, who knows how it would’ve turned out. Although both R.R. and I were cheering for the same team, I have to say her sports analysis is embarrassing to 2nd graders.

    I still find the Giants win over the Pats in the Superbowl 4 years ago a tad more satisfying than this one, in spite of the fact that Eli is a master at quarterbacking, compared to 4 years ago. With all the crazy plays, including ripping balls out of hands during tackles, it had a couple of moments of divine intervention in the Giants favor.

    And Larry, who cares what color Coughlin’s skin turns when it’s freezing and high winds? I do agree that Belichek looks like he could be living underneath a freeway overpass.

  3. Larry Horse Says:

    I still think Coughlin is a raging rectum. Eli saved his job again. C3XXXL almost looks like a real guy in these pics, I am sure he will be back to Transfattyfucker shape in no time. After watching some trailers last night can someone teach Talon how to fuck a broad, man has he got a weird ass thrust, when I want to see hot actresses fucked I want to see them pumped properly. I bet they would agree too. Richelle knows enough about football to wear a Giants’ jersey, in one pic I see Cowboys, Skins and ick Browns jerseys.

  4. Karmafan Says:

    At least in New England and New York we have teams to be proud of. Imagine being a Lions, Seahawks, or Browns fan?

    When they go to their home games they wear 2 paper bags on their head. If one breaks they still have another bag in place so protect their identity. Its embarrasing to be known as a Lions fan.

  5. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Holy Shit, Nick East is stupid beyond comprehension.

    I got woken up from some much needed sleep at 1AM by a blocked number which called 3 times in a row so I finally answered yelling “Who the fuck is this who keeps calling me?”. Then he mouthed off to me telling to to contact Darrah and have her remove this:

    As I was extremely tired from very little sleep (I had a 5AM call for a commercial yesterday) I told him I had to get up early in the morning but that I will see what I can do, so to get him off the phone. He says “Thanks pal” and hangs up. Then the piece of stupid shit calls again 15 minutes later, so I turn the phone off. However, now I can’t sleep. I told the piece of shit to let me sleep and I’ll handle it in the morning, he says o.k. but he keeps calling. What an idiot!!!!

    In actuality there’s nothing I can do even if I wanted to, as Darruh is M.I.A.

    On my behalf, I have Lucky Starr on my voice mail saying “You’ve reached Jeremy’s personal secretary. Please leave a message and he’ll call you back. Have a wonderful day”.

    Nick East just left me this message with his gay voice which goes:

    “For the record no one is fooled by your message which reads ‘This is Jeremy’s personal secretary’. Actually it’s kind of creepy… I’ll call you until this post gets removed completely because you’re responsible for it and so is Luke Ford and so is Darrah…”

    No, Nick East. You’re one of the dumbest fucks in porn. I have you on audio tape saying the reason you “know” that I was the one who broke your van window which was parked on the street was because I didn’t offer to help you clean up the broken glass. You’re so stupid that you’re too stupid to understand how stupid you are. Go ahead and keep calling me. I’ll either turn off my phone or change my number, and kick your ass next time I see you. You still owe me several hundred dollars rent which you say you don’t owe me because you say I broke your van window which was parked on the street. I thought this issue was done with. I had agreed to drop it and move on but you keep harrassing me, so I guess it’s time to settle it, moron!

  6. Karmafan Says:

    So what does Nick East have to do with football Jeremy?

  7. Larry Horse Says:

    Doesnt matter, its a funny story.

  8. jeremysteele11 Says:

    My phone now has a total of seven calls on it from “number withheld”/Nick East, including this morning. Go ahead and make this a new headliner
    thread if you like, Cindi. Seriously, Nick East might be dumber than Sophia Mounds. At least Sophia has said here on LIB she that was wrong and made up a lot of serious fucked-up lies about me.

    I really, really, really should do an op/ed piece on Nick East. You guys will seriously be amazed, shake your heads and laugh your asses off.

    I’m very pissed off. As always, with all the times this stupid piece of shit has fucked with me, all I’ve tried to do is live my life, yet this brain-damaged piece of stupid shit keeps acting up.

    He is stupid beyond belief. There may be a ceiling to how smart a person is, but the depths of Nick East’s stupidity are bottomless. Here are just a few examples so that you will understand what he can not understand.

    1. When we were roommates he would regularly accuse me of drinking his pepsi, beer, eating his fruit loops cereal, etc, which I never touched but he’d always insist he just bought. You’d look in his room and there were empty beer cans littered everywhere.

    One time following an awesome musical jam with a bunch of people (that Mr. Poontalk/Porn Star For Rent partially recorded), Nick accused me of using his shampoo. As always he said he just bought it, half of it’s missing and that I used it. Then I pointed out his was some shitty 99 cents store looking brand while I had a pair of organic shampoo and conditioner from the high priced health-food store, so why would I use his? And then the piece of shit had the idiotic audacity of labeling my friends “homeless people” (He also in the above babylon link claimed I was homeless, which I never was, and which is funny, as he was living in his van for some time, but anyone he doesn’t like apparently is “homeless”) and accusing “them” of stealing some of his shampoo! I said to Nick, “What did they do, go to the bathroom, take your shampoo and then squeeze half of it into their front pocket?” “No”, replied Nick East… “They must’ve used a zip-lock baggie”.

    Ho-Lee Shit!!!!!! This is a true story I know too well yet I still can’t believe it.

    2. Nick East wrote a book called “The Orion Compass”. He kept saying over and over, “I wrote a book. Check it out! I’m gonna be a millionaire!” over and over and over. He would say the same thing to Mr. Poontalk/Porn Star For Rent every single time he was over hanging out and/or filming me in the documentary. Mr. Poontalk said he counted Nick East saying this no less than 7 times to him as if he never told him before. There’s only one review of the book on amazon and obviously it’s from itself.

    3. Again, I just explained to Nick East last night that I would see what I could do in the morning, but that I had very little sleep and had to get up early, and what does the piece of shit do? He calls back again and again (a total of 7 times, past 3AM)!

    Oh Lord, why doesn’t thy maketh porn and me such a mental magnet? Haven’t thy any mercy?

  9. Karmafan Says:

    Sounds like the dude is hyper and has ADD. You are better off rid of a mope like that.

  10. jeremysteele11 Says:

    In his case, ADD would stand for “A Deadhead Douchebag”. Otherwise, it’s an insult to others with “ADD” status. He’s severly stupid, and braindamaged. I can only surmise that years and years of drugs, cigarettes, beer, bad diet and Grateful Dead concerts are the cause. He told me once he had diarrhea all the time, so he was obviously sick, nutritionally deprived and literally shitting his brains out, as the brain is the most vital organ in need of nutrients. I can state example after example but he’ll still refuse, as always, to come to terms with his own havoc-causing idiocy. He’ll simply lie to himself and others and/or change the subject as idiots do.

  11. jeremysteele11 Says:

    correction: “doesn’t” thy maketh should read “dost”

  12. MonicaFoster Says:

    Hmmm, Nick East was pretty damn hot in his day. Reminds me of a little Michael J. Fox – but then again Jeremy Steele did too. They would have made quite the duo if the opportunity for a Double Dude Private ever arose.

    Problem is, there can only be one. I wonder who would win in a fist fight? Pretty even match from my observation and experience.

    Arg – if only my brainwashing program had been more effective. I think all the little Michael J. Foxes need to refer to my blog as an outline to update their Handler manuals.

    Could I PLEASE have another treatment? LOLOLOLOL

  13. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I video recorded Nick East’s two voice mails while shooting Darrah’s porn star babylon site entry from over 3 years ago as a backdrop ( with his picture that shows his utterly stupid and deranged visage. If I can successfully upload it to youtube I’ll provide the link (although I’ve been having problems. It seems files are too big and I have yet to rectify it), but in the meantime here’s a transcript. Imagine a really gay guy talking to hear how he speaks it:

    Nick East, Voice Mail #1 (Feb 10, 1012): “Uhhh. For the record nobody is fooled by your answering machine with someone saying ‘Hi this is Jeremy’s personal secretary’. That’s actually kind of creepy and weird because, uh… DUH!… uh… what secretary would leave that message? It would be ‘Hi, you’ve reached the offices of buh buh buh. But it surely would(n’t?) be ‘Hi, you’ve reached Jeremy’s secretary’. Just for the record, ok? Anyway, uh, I will keep calling and messing with you until this post gets removed completely because you’re responsible for it and so is Luke Ford and Darrah needs to just remove it. And I think you agree by now that, Yeah, right? Ok, talk to you later. Bye.”

    Nick East, Voice Mail #2 (Feb 10, 1012): “Ok Jeremy, just so you know. You win. You want a fight? You got it. Ok, you guys have bullied me into fighting. And if you don’t want that to be the case, because I really don’t have a reason… and I don’t think you do, either. You deleted what you had to say. But if you can’t get Darrah to delete what she has to say then ALL of you are in for a fight. And I accept! I don’t want to though. (Come on?) I’m too old for that bullshit. Anyway, I’m gonna call you again until I get in touch with you and hopefully by then that post will have been deleted and you will say ‘Yeah, you’re right’ Alright. Bye.”

    End of messages.

    For the record, I don’t know what Nick is talking about regarding deleting anything I’ve ever said, which I haven’t. Maybe he’s talking about the poontalk link no longer working, but I never deleted it, Mr. Poontalk let the site expire (although the original wordpress site seems to still be up).

    Nick says he’ll keep calling me until I get Darrah to remove the link. Darrah is no longer around. Besides, I agree with her that Nick East IS a douchebag. And the fact that Nick called me again and again after I asked him to let me sleep and he agreed to let me see what I could do or say about it in the morning sealed the deal that I would do nothing, but he’s too stupid to understand that. I’ve already changed my number which I’ve been meaning to do, due to telemarketers and other scum like Nick who like to bother me, so thanks Nick, who’s a stupid pussy calling from blocked numbers. Nick also states in his second message that he’s gonna start a fight with Luke Ford (or maybe Cindi?) and Darrah. According to the retard who’s too stupid for the human mind to comprehend, no news site has the privilidge to post anyone’s complaint about Nick, otherwise they’re picking a physical fight with him and he will answer with threats of violence.

    LORD, WHY DOST THY MAKE ME SUCH A MENTAL MAGNET? Nick, Sophia, Monica… the list sadly goes on and on! And by the way, thanks Sophia Mound for apologizing, admitting you lied and saying I’m a good guy. You should fucking tell Tony Tedouchie who stole my roommate who wanted to bang me, since he was such good buddies with Sophia and Nick and scared the shit out my ex roommate in to moving out of my place (telling her I beat women) and in with him so he can save money on rent.

    Ah, “The wonderful world of porn” to quote Sophia.

  14. Larry Horse Says:

    Who’d Nick come into the business with? ie his girlfriend at the time?

  15. Fartz Says:

    Are you seriously transcribing voice mails word for word on LIB? How much fucking time do you have on your hands, Steele?

  16. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Hey, FUCK YOU, FARTZ, you stupid obnoxious asshole. I transcribed two voicemails at a grand total of one minute, 39 seconds. It didn’t take long and it’s for the necessary purpose of showing how incredibly fucking stupid and deranged Nick East is. My goal has been to no longer post any more on LIB whatsoever so I can have even MORE time on my hands because talking to shits like you is not worth it. You’re not insightful, regarding this matter, clever or funny.

    I’m basically done with this business and happy about it. I’ve been dealing with some serious fuck-ups since I got in it. Porn attracts them.

    Kim Kataine is who Nick came into the business with, Larry. She died of a seizure, drowing in a shower. Along with the broken van window, Nick also accused me of stealing his video camera, which he said had a personal sex tape made with him and his late ex-girlfriend, Kataine. He claimed it was in his room which he always had locked, which was never broken into (although Nick invented some false memory recall that he once told me how easy it is to break into his room with a credit card and when I did my eyes lit up. A story which never happened. Why would he tell me? Why would my eyes light up in front of him like “Hey, stealing out of your room, what a great idea?!” And this accusation occured at the time he was moving out after his van window got broken, also at the time I was in the midst of hiring girls like Julia Bond, Sunny Lane, etc for $1,000 each, plus agency fees, out of my own pocket, after I had spent my own money on a video camera, still camera, furniture, lights, and revamping my old living room to look like a nice looking studio. So when “Deep Throat” (who has posted a grand total of 34 times on XPT, came on XPT to make up the story that I was caught on surveillence video- which does not exist- stealing Jim Power’s video, this made the stupid fuck-up Nick East even crazier. “Deep Throat”s malicious lie almost cause serious violence between and I and Nick East. I hope all you evil pieces of shit go to hell!

  17. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Here’s the youtube video, “Nick East is a Douchebag”

  18. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Here’s the youtube video, “NICK EAST IS A COMPLETE MORON (and a douchebag)!”

    Here is an excerpt of a conversation between porn stars Jeremy Steele and Nick East, who were once roommates. Nick publically and privately accused Jeremy of breaking his van window, parked on a Hollywood street. When repeatedly pressed for what his “evidence” is, Nick says it is based on the fact that Jeremy didn’t offer to help him clean up the broken glass, afterwards!

    “The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.”- Anon.

  19. origen Says:

    Jesus, Jeremy. Don’t you know you need a person’s permission to record telephone conversations! CALIFORNIA PENAL CODE SECTION 631(a)

  20. Michael Whiteacre Says:

    @origen — At least the first video is comprised of a voice messages. The party leaving a message knows it’s being recorded (that’s the whole point) so there is consent; and 2) It’s not a conversation of any kind.

    As to the actual conversation — yes, that’s problematic.

  21. origen Says:

    yeah it is. I saw his ramblings earlier and I thought it was just voicemail. Come to find out he posted a recording of the argument on Youtube. C’mon, son!

  22. jet_tits Says:

    Wasn’t Meltard totally butt-hurt when Monica posted his insane phone ramblings? I guess is it OK when he does it to others, but not when done to him.

  23. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I don’t give a fuck, Origen. How the fuck else was I suppose to prove this piece of shit is stupid, crazy, making shit up about me and telling everyone in the fucking industry? “Hey I know you broke my van window. You didn’t help me clean up the glass!”. That’s like a law where a burglar can sue you for breaking his leg while robbing your place. Laws are supposed to be created to protect the innocent, not the guilty!

  24. origen Says:

    WHO. GIVES. A. SHIT? I don’t know who the fuck Nick East is–why should you care what this bottom feeder says about you!

    You need to start hanging out with the big leagues and not the losers. You wanna associate yourself with low quality talent, keep on rambling about your relationship with low quality talent like Nick East.

    You should be hanging out with Manuel and Mr. Pete. Not siting behind a computer obsessed about this fucker. You need to realize your purpose and start acting right!

  25. origen Says:

    You were going somewhere with that studio idea and you can still make it into a very successful venture. But you are letting this low-life get the best of you!

  26. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Let me make something hopefully crystal clear to you, O-man. This piece of shit called me at 1AM the other night when I was in the midst of some deep, much needed sleep, about some post from Darrah from 2008, demanding I get her to remove it, and saying he will not stop “messing” with me until I do. My response was, I desperately need to sleep, having had very little all week and that I will see what I could do about it in the morning, to which his response was “Ok, pal”, followed by him hanging up. However, 15 minutes, that stupid piece of deranged shit called again… and again and again. As I just said, I was tired as hell, needed sleep, had no energy to talk, so I turned the phone off. This guy is harrassing me and I am doing this to expose him for the shithead that he is. That is all. I’m not hanging out with ANYONE in the business because I have no interest in doing so. I’m very busy these days working mainstream jobs that are typically very long hours which give me very little opportunity to sleep. If someone fucks with me and my sleep, maliciously, repeatedly, I’m coming after the motherfucker!

  27. origen Says:

    Jeremy. You undermine your character when you do shit like this. Please. Forget about Nick East (what a retarded name anyway). You changed your number now forget about him. Time away from LIB is a good idea too.

    Talk to your ex-girlfriend. You two can collaborate on building an adult network. Or not. Anyway, you need a website. You can always contact me if you want some free help and advice when it comes web and graphic design.

  28. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Thanks Origen. I am done with this matter and Lucky and I happen to have plans to hang out today. I owe her dinner because we had a bet that I wouldn’t post on LIB anymore before April and I lost the bet.

  29. origen Says:

    What a way to lose! lol I hope you both enjoy. She seems to really care about you. Even if it’s just as a friend.

    Congrats on getting your mainstream career up and rolling, BTW…

  30. RickMadrid Says:

    Fuck Football, I’ve never heard of her Richelle richey? I would love to have her book me though my agent and give her a real boost in the Attention and the marketing the would do for her..and shoot it in England at Robin Gibb’s monestery home in Oxfordhire on nice leather sofas…Shit , the website would rock!!…$$$$ for her. by the way Love that

  31. RickMadrid Says:

    Tongue…fucking latops from America suck!.

  32. RickMadrid Says:

    Anyway this Lass it mighty fine…I want to put her in one of out productions. See if she can hang with Latino porn stud…lol. Come one Richelle..$$$$.

  33. Larry Horse Says:

    Heard the Nick tapes, the pipe must have been out that night. Nick grow his hair in? I remember him shaving his head and still getting work. Steele, you ever get any work when you were working the mohawk?

  34. jeremysteele11 Says:

    You mean crack pipe, Larry? He’s always smoked a lot of dope but that doesn’t begin to explain his brain-damage, emotional issues and extreme lack of intelligence. And when I say extreme, I am not exaggerating. One time I drove his van for him to Vegas for the porno awards. He was in the back watching Star Wars, which he borrowed from me laughing at Han Solo’s “bring ’em on”, claiming that’s where George Bush got the quote from. I briefly was driving over the divider bumps between lanes and Nick screamed at the top of his lungs and wouldn’t stop about it. I almost pulled over and smacked him. Then we arrived at my old friend Michael Tierney’s apartment when he was living there (before he became “Joe Blow”), to crash and spend the night. That was the only night Nick was allowed to stay there. It was snowing there in Vegas. Nick left the door open three times, trecking back and forth to bring his stuff in, in spite of the fact that it was freezing out and that Tierney had a cat. He was told twice not to leave the door open but he did it three times, and the third time, the cat got out and it took Michael a long time to find it. Nick’s excuse for leaving the door open was that so he could find the right apartment. I explained to the buffoon that there’s 6 inches of snow out, it’s late, and our shoe prints clearly mark the path from our cars to Michael’s apartment and Nick goes “Oh yeah, you’re right”. And when Nick walked in the first thing he said in his super fruity, whiney voice was “I got first dibs on the mattress”. My response was “Fuck You.” I got you a place to stay in Vegas for free, I drove all the way here and I had to put up with your shit while driving so I’M sleeping on the mattress”. Then later in the morning, while Michael and Nick were sleeping I decide to cook myself something (which Michael had welcomed me to do). Nick wakes up and SCREAMS at the top of his lungs that how dare I cook breakfast without offering to cook for him. He screamed so loud that it woke Michael up and he had to ask Nick to calm down. This was the same trip, btw, that afterwards while Michael and I were at a parking lot after eating at a restaurant that he asked if I would suck his dick.

    Another example of Nick East’s extreme stupidity was the first and only time he and I jammed together. Nick is a horrible singer and his songs all sound the same. In fact it was so bad, that when my tape recorder died I thought that maybe it was because it committed suicide (j/k), but when I commented it wasn’t working Nick claimed that it’s because he was special powers. I simply explained to the deranged fool that it was an office recorder from Radio Shack and every single one I’ve ever bought breaks down within a few months.

    I know you’re reading this, Nick, as I directed you to do before I blocked you off of my facebook page. What, you got nothing to say now, bitch?

    I remember when he accused me of (and told others I was) walking Santa Monica boulevard, although I never did, selling my ass, because he claimed I never work in the porn business and he demanded to know how I make a living. What an idiot! I also remember the time he screamed something that made no sense at all while I had two girls over and he scared them both away. And it took 3 carpet cleans to try get his stench out of his room after he moved out and it still smelled in there. And then after he moved out he moved in with Rick Masters who told me he kicked him out for being a constant nuisance, a “douchebag” (that’s right, he coined the phrase before Darrah) and also trying to avoid paying rent. That’s when Nick became “homeless” as he likes to accuse everyone else of being.

    And yes, Larry, I did work while sporting the mohawk.

  35. nickeast Says:

    First of all, Jermy Steele is a waste of air and I wish I never met him. That being said, I never said anything about him. And I would not join his facebook page and he audio taped me without my permission or approval? I need to see a lawyer about that, but in the meantime…
    Let me again say
    I am not in the adult business. I have a real job.
    Jeremy has challenged me to a fight.
    I accept. Good luck, little guy!
    Anyone who would like to place bets on the winner, let me know, because I’ll take the action!!!
    Oh, and Jeremy is like a sticky bomb. Once he attachs to you you can never get his slimy shit off of you.
    Name the Gym, name the time, and lets invite all of your “fans”, lol!
    Okay, but seriously, lets do this so I can once and for all get you off my back!
    In the meantime, I’m going to document all of this harrassment that you’re giving me, Jeremy.
    You are a loser, and now I have to beat you up! Damn. But I guess it will be fun.
    Time and place is all I need or someone email me with his address and I’ll happily meet him at his new hovel! It shouldn’t be hard to find. I’ll just follow the stench!

  36. nickeast Says:

    Jeremy changed his number?
    Not likely.
    Most likely his minutes ran out and he can’t afford to buy more.
    Hey Jeremy, do you need bus money to get to the location of our fight? I’ll give it to you? And can we take care of this within the next few days? I have to deal with Luke Ford after we’re done.
    Hey jermy? You know we’re going to really fight now, right? This isn’t an act, and I’m going to have more fun than you will ever realize. Let’s make sure we have witnesses so you don’t pull any coward moves on me though, because you are a coward, jermy, a coward.

  37. nickeast Says:

    jermy married an austrailian girl who had a boyfriend so she could get a greencard. he also made money on bank fraud and I’d love to tell you all that story too, along with the authorities.
    Couldn’t let sleeping dogs lie, could ya, jermy?
    With the money he made on bank fraud with the help of his friend Sheol he went to mexico and got hair plugs! His bathroom floor is full of black powder that he puts on his scalp to hide his balding head.
    He… Oops, gotta go. But more on jermy is a waste of human life after these words.
    but lets leave you with an original song by jermy.

    there is a God and satan is His name,
    there is a God and satan is His name,
    come on jermy, give us all the lyrics. those are the only ones I remember since they repeat over and over again.
    I am going to lawyer up first thing tomorrow, but I still accept your challenge to a fight and I see no laws broken after your nose and teeth are broken. I also see no way for you to sue me since you’ve provoked me incessantly.
    Again, please somebody email me with his address?

  38. nickeast Says:

    jermy steals said…
    “According to the retard who’s too stupid for the human mind to comprehend, no news site has the privilidge to post anyone’s complaint about Nick, otherwise they’re picking a physical fight with him and he will answer with threats of violence.”
    Here goes…
    The post I wanted removed was the post of jermy challenging me to a fight. It was the same as if I was in the fifth grade, and someone wanted to fight me so another kid pushes me into him and yells “fight fight fight fight fight fight” to egg the fight on!
    Well, I will fight the kid who wants to fight me, but I’m also going after the other kid who egged the fight on, because he was the real bully. So Luke removed the post because he saw the sense in what I pointed out.
    Unfortunately, he also forwarded the message I sent him (which convinced him to agree to delete the post) to jermy steals and I didn’t know jermy posted it. I guess I should google myself more often, eh?

    Oh, and Monica? Thanks for the nod, but we talked.
    Please stay out of this one, okay?

    Just let me state one more time that I have a real GOOD job now and I wish porn would just leave me alone. Oh, except for our soon to be fight, jermy! I’m looking forward to that!!!!!!!
    To everyone else (including Monica),

  39. nickeast Says:

    Ah, hell, I have a minute.
    So lets have a little history of me and Luke Ford!
    I remember the days when Luke was just breaking in and when he had nude pics of him taken at Jim’s office (World Modeling). Again, let me state, Luke Ford had nude pics of him taken at World Modeling while he was acting as if he was trying to be an adult film actor. I thought he was funny, but when he started interviewing people and doing a gossip blog everyone started to hate him except for me.
    That all changed when he fell in love with my soon to be girlfriend (I met Kim K. almost five years after entering the business and we hit it off immediately) and found out she was dating me.
    From then on out he had it out for me, which is why he was happy to post jermy’s rant about wanting to fight me. He was small minded as always and when he realized I was going to kick his ass on my way to jermy he relented and removed the post.
    Well, since he then felt besmirched and wounded (cowards die a thousand deaths blah blah blah) he gave a voicemail that I had sent him to jermy and jermy posted it.
    I was unaware of it’s existance since I’m not a big Nick East fan and don’t really follow his work (yes, I know he’s me) but when I found it recently I had to wonder why it hadn’t been removed long ago and realized that people google me and see that slander? Well, I guess it’s time to find that nude pic of Luke Ford (I know I can talk Jim into giving it to me) and posting it online for the world to see!
    So stay posted, everyone!!!
    And now a word from our sponsors…
    “Have you read a book called “The Orion Compass”?
    Well, you should!!! It’s a good book!”
    And we’re back…
    So jump to yesterday and today…
    I’ve tried to call Luke Ford repeatedly but he’s a coward and won’t take my call. I can’t leave him a message because I know he’ll do the coward thing again and hide behind the internet.
    Then I finally check in on this website and find that jermy has been a busy beaver with hair plugs.
    And that, my friends, is why I am here today.
    I have a Grammy’s after party to get to so I gotta go for now, but stay tuned!
    Tomorrow we’ll get back to more true things that prove my case that jermy steals is a piece of human excrement.
    And if you’re wondering, I type 65 wpm.

  40. origen Says:

    Stay away from LIB, Jeremy. Nick East is a fucking nobody.

  41. jeremysteele11 Says:

    nickeast Says:

    “That being said, I never said anything about him.”

    JS says: Liar. You said said shit to Tony Tedeschi, who told my ex roommate and Sophia who told everyone else. That’s just for starters. Next…

    nickeast Says:

    “he audio taped me without my permission or approval? I need to see a lawyer about that”

    JS says: Go ahead, moron. The lawyer will laugh you out of the office. Besides I’ll countersue you for a lot of things, which I will not mention here/now.

    nickeast Says:

    “Jeremy has challenged me to a fight.”

    JS says: When I challenged you to a fight once upon a time here on LIB, that was in reference to a certain company which organized actual porn stars fighting porn stars in controlled settings with gear and rules. In fact, that’s what LIB was advertising, when I posted in the COMMENTS section!

    Your mind is so weak and demented that everyone but you see’s how stupid you are.

    This is Exhibit A, Nick, showing your utterly horrible reasoning skills and extremely low intellect*.

    Please don’t try to skirt exhibit A, you ultra-stupid “douchebag” (I’m just agreeing with Rick and Darrah, in regards to the “D” word).

    You interpreted my challenge to fight you under porn star fighting rules as:

    a. equating with fighting on the street.
    b. as justification to street fight not only me, but the source/reporter of the news story; in other words to get into a physical altercation/fight with Luke Ford, a reporter; to attack the reporter.

    And for the record you threatening him with violence, saying you’d kick his ass after you “warmed up” by kicking my ass. ha ha. Yeah, right, BITCH!

    (* and for the record, I will be stating numerous examples of your horrible reasoning skills and extremely low intellect. And let it be stated in advance that if/as you ignore these points you are only indirectly admitting that you can’t successfully answer them).

    I will meet you, in person, Nick, but first, I insist you answer (or attempt to answer) a few questions.

    There is a possibility that after we meet you might not be able to type for a while. Therefore, I would like for you to answer my points and questions first.

    This will also give your pathetic, old body time to train. I know all those years of cigarettes, weed, cereal, junk food, drugs, and how could I forget alcohol, has you not in the best shape, as you’ve even implicitly admitted on my voicemail.

    nickeast Says (in his effeminate bad ass voice):

    “lets do this so I can once and for all get you off my back!”

    Off YOUR back????????????

    YOUR back?????????????????????????????

    WHITE-TRASH WIGGA, PLEASE! Who the fuck called who at 1AM, demanding they make some other internet writer (who’s not been around for years now; namely: Darrah) pull some ancient post from 2008 that no one reads or thought about until you brought it up?

    What did you think I would suddenly be willing or able to do at 1AM? Why did you break your word about letting me sleep in exchange for me seeing what I could do in the morning?

    Let’s cover the details of this little matter:

    1. You call me at 1AM, going ape shit about some old entry by Porn Star Babylon titled “Nick East is a Douchebag”, telling me I’ve got to have this removed, or else you will not leave me alone.

    2. I explained to you that I was in the midst of some deep and much needed sleep toward the tail end of a long week, (with long hours, early call times, etc.) and said that I would see what I could do about it the next day/morning. Your response was “Ok, pal.”. You hung up, seemingly aimiably.

    15 minutes, while attempting to slip back into some much needed sleep once more, you call again!!!!

    This is exhibit B!: The fact that YOU harrassed ME and would not let me sleep, in violation of your word (and any civil decency), proves you are a liar, an idiot and a self-indulgent scumbag.

    What did you think you would achieve by harrassing me like that? And now you, moron of the millenium, have the AUDACITY to say I’M harrassing YOU? At this point, I am only responding to YOUR harrassment (as just explained).

    Btw, I was able to get my phone number changed free of charge, in spite of that fact that my service normal charges fees, because I explained to him in Socratic fashion (that is, with a question for him to think about): What would your life be like if someone didn’t allow you to sleep, interfered with your daily affairs, called from blocked numbers and wouldn’t leave you alone? How would YOU be able to function at your job and life? Haven’t I paid enough? Your service will not provide me with options and that is not my fault. You can’t blocked ‘witheld’/blocked numbers, which is like selling me sanctuary that includes non-locking doors or windows…, etc.” I was able to rightfully pursuade the customer service rep. to waive my fee because you really ARE THAT much of an harrassing ASSHOLE!

    Don’t you dare say I’m harrassing you, bitch. You started this. You started ALL of this, you brain-damaged piece of retarded, low-life shit!!!!!!

    End of part 1. Chew on this, bitch, because I’ll be back for more for you to strain your damaged, imbecilic brain with.

  42. jeremysteele11 Says:

    correction: Sorry, I meant amiably, not aimiably. “AIMiable” is something you could maybe say AIM (R.I.P.) once was.

  43. RobfromMarketing Says:

    So, Jeremy Steele has managed to derail yet another thread on LIB. Amazing. Is anyone actually reading the huge blocks of text these two tools are typing?

    Battle of the Mopes?

  44. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Obviously Rob you’re not marketing clues because you don’t have any. Larry is loving it and he’s one of our most loyal readers. LIB is about the LIBeration to derail, or branch off like a tree, or seperate by degrees. If someone wants to get back to the original topic, they are free to do so. But at least I’m keeping the Giants Victory story alive. Yay Giants! And you are free to not read this, but I recommend, if that’s the case to not pass judgement on it, then. Grassy Ass!

  45. jeremysteele11 Says:

    nickeast Says:

    “I wish porn would just leave me alone.”

    You remind me of Sophia Mounds, who
    was like you, intellectually challenged, patholgically dishonest, attacking others while crying “‘Leaf’ me alone”!

    I wish YOU would leave ME alone. But as you stated in your voice mail ( the youtube video, “Nick East is a Douchebag” ) you chose to “mess” with me and not let me sleep and live MY life for something I am not responsible for.

    Darrah and anyone else had the complete right to state their opinions about who you are and I’m not responsible for it. If anyone is responsible for it besides them, it’s YOU, not me, stupid.

    After all, anyone who reads the transcript of the message you left to Luke Ford can you see you’re a douchebag, among other things. Even cerebrally challenged Darrah was able to discern that. However, you still are need of some serious schooling on reality, dopehead.

    nickeast Says:

    “there is a God and satan is His name,
    there is a God and satan is His name,
    come on jermy, give us all the lyrics. those are the only ones I remember since they repeat over and over again.”

    I remember, imbecile, you telling me over and over I’m a Satanist. It seems you think that song is
    proof? Violet Skye also had some Anton LaVey books which you assumed were mine, but even if they were, that doesn’t mean I’m a Satanist. I studied Political Theory and was required to read “Thinking like a communist”, but I assure this is not proof that I am a communist, either, dummy.

    As for my song you attack that you’ve heard me play, “There is a God (Satan is his name)”; first of all, the reason you attacked it, repeatedly, obsessively and viciously, is because I had just criticized your music right before your remark, saying your singing sounds redundant. Yes, I do repeat the title line a lot, but it’s a cool song.
    I will provide the lyrics which I wrote and explain in advance to your imbecilic mind that the song decrys lamentingly how the world we live in seems to be ruled by Satan, or something satanic. You can take that literally or metaphorically if you like, but either way, there’s also Bohemian Grove and Skull n’ Bones to consider, which literally are Good Ol’ Boy clubs that practic satanic rituals. Some may consider it as just a fraternal thing, but others would proffer that there’s more to it than that.

    THERE IS A GOD (Satan is his name) by Jeremy Steele
    (I will omit some of the excessive repetition of the title, which you would otherwise hear in the song).

    There is a God, Satan is his name.
    I find he rules the players of his game.
    I find he rules the world and it’s games.
    He rules this world through laws of business, religion and government.

    There is a God, Satan is his name.
    Once again, he is smiling
    While the young children are crying.
    A savior for the lambs.
    He wants to offer you a hand
    Get you a good-paying job
    Fucking as many people as you can.

    I am not a religious freak.
    Just look around, you’ll see what I mean.
    Don’t pray to Jesus to come and row your boat.
    You’ve got to do it for yourself.
    It soon may no longer float.

    Melancholy friend is calling up again.
    Off goes the beeper of the grim reaper.
    But he is told again, the time is not quite when.
    He’ll come to him in time,
    But his time is not quite
    time yet.

    There is a God, Satan is his name.
    I find he rules the players of this game.
    I find he rules this world that’s gone insane.
    There is a God…”

    (copywrite- Jeremy Steele)

    Hey, if your imbecilic mind thinks this song proves I’m a Satanist, this only proves you’re stupid.

    nickeast Says: “And if you’re wondering, I type 65 wpm.”

    JS says: And I can shit at 40 mph. Your point is?

    nickeast Says:

    “jermy married an austrailian girl who had a boyfriend so she could get a greencard. he also made money on bank fraud… With the money he made on bank fraud with the help of his friend Sheol he went to mexico and got hair plugs!”

    JS says: I’ve never been married to anyone who has ever gotten a greencard. I have never been investigated for or charged with bank fraud and I have never had a friend or have known anyone by the name of “Sheol”. Sounds like a disease to me. How is that pronounced, “Shee-(h)ole?” You’re full of shee-it, you shee-hole! It is true, however that I’ve had hair resoration work by someone who’s better than anyone in the states.

    What about those other lies, you forgot, Nick? Like how I was a heroin addict and walked Santa Monica selling my ass? Like a jealous gay lover you asked me Where the hell I’ve been, because I used to like to take long walks (gotta keep that bottom in shape, I guess, right?). And based on the fact that I liked to take long walks (in part, as a way of keeping the fuck away from you), you concluded that I therefore was selling my ass on Santa Monica Blvd, diarrhea head.

    Furtherfuckingmore, the fact that I used to hide in my room to also be the fuck away from you as much as possible is your “evidence” that I shot up heroin.
    I did have a heroin-addict girlfriend (aka Violet Skye), who I was more of a friend/even father figure of, who I was supporting and trying to help kick the habit, following my stint of living with Frankie La Rue. I never have shot heroin, never will, I’ve seen and lived with or around those people. Besides I hate needles in my arm. I once did crystal meth off and on for 10 months in 2003 with Frankie La Rue who offered it to me (along with “coochie coupons”) when I was living with her. I smoked crack once in my life for 3 days straight in 1999 while I was recording “Just a Porno Star” in a studio because the producer offered it to me. I’ve done LSD, weed, E, coke but never heroin. Weed is the only thing I’ve done with any sort of semi-regularity for a while.

    Aside from weed (which also has it’s negatives, btw)
    I’d recommend everyone stay away from that other
    shit, most especially the harder shit. And as for the heroin accusations, go fuck yourself, you lying, stupid piece of shit!

    nickeast Says:

    “I met Kim K. almost five years after entering the business and we hit it off immediately) and found out she was dating me.”

    JS says: I stand corrected on that matter. When Larry, who’s a big fan of porn asked what chick got you in the biz, I assumed it was her. My bad.

    End of Part 2.

  46. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Forgot to also mentions, Shrooms. I’ve done it about 3 times. Also Salvia which was by far the worst trip of my life (and it’s fucking legal) That’s my entire history of illicit substances, douchebag. At least I’m honest, unlike you.

  47. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Ah, I see I pronounced Sheol right, Nick East. And since you’ve accused me of cavorting with the Devil and being a Satanist, of course I must be hanging out with a person with who’s name is Judaic for “underworld”, too…. That makes perfect sense, fucking moron! Did you come up with this vision while writing that Orion Compass book during overdoses of acid (you know, that self-published masterpiece selling off the shelves that was gonna make you a millionaire)?

  48. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Btw, this is where you’re going when you die, Nick. That’s you in the burning soup bowl on the far left.

  49. nickeast Says:

    again, coward.
    Time. Place.
    I can respond to your bs, but it isn’t worth it. I’m done. It is on. I have an idea where you live and I know you must go to the library to use the computer so since you’re too much of a coward to face me on mutual terms, I’ll find you. Again, you’re a coward and since I’ve accepted your challenge to a fight you’re backpedaling and showing what a coward you are.
    And Origen, you’re a loser. I’ve watched your posts for a long time and actually thought you were jermy’s alter ego, so if you want to talk shit to me, just make sure you’re there when I take care of jermy. And let me know who you are, you worthless piece of jermy’s excrement.
    To all the people who hate jermy as much as I do, thank you for being there.
    To anyone who thinks I’m a mope or a tool, aka Robfrommarketing. I invite you too. I am not a tool or a mope because I have a real job and I actually make more money than you do and I can prove it. So, Robfrommarketing, man up or shut up.
    jermy, you are going to be my bitch.
    stop being a coward and let me know when and where we can meet. And Luke, you’re next. And Darrah? Well, I’m not going to hit a girl, but I know plenty of girls who will, so? Come out of the dark, cowards. I will personally meet with each and every one of you, origon, robfmarkiting, luke, jermy, and any other takers who actually like the above people.

  50. nickeast Says:

    Anyone who wants a piece of me can email me at I’m talking to you, cowards, jermy steals and luke ford. Oh, also origen and robfrommarketing. It’s duck season and I want some duck soup!!! I am serious, give me a time and a place (any of you) and I’ll be there!!!
    come on cowards, someone say something! Something that ends in an actual fight with people meeting up, unlike your feuds with What’s his name and his wife.

  51. nickeast Says:

    Aleister Crowley, or whatever his name was, Tierney? had an affair with jermy steals. they are both satanists. fact.

  52. nickeast Says:

    Jeremy did marry an australian to get her a green card,
    and Sheol (okay, I don’t know how to spell his name) did go into a bank fraud scheme with jermy and Dino Bravo and that old guy from england who left as soon as the feds were on to him. Dick something or another? I don’t remember and I don’t have to right now. All I know for sure is that I want to meet up with jermy and luke and origen and robfrommarketing and give them a chance to man up or shut up.
    Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about how Marci Hirsh blackballed me from the industry. Until then, sleep well, and have a great tomorrow.
    Oh, one last commercial…
    Hey, you should read “The Orion Compass”!
    It’s a great book and just the start of a story that will be getting better soon. So friend me at nick east on facebook and see what happens next!!!
    Dick Nasty!!!!
    That was his name!
    Made a fortune in bank fraud with Dino Bravo and then hightailed it back to England.
    Yup, jermy was involved in that!

  53. nickeast Says:

    Oh, and don’t forget to look for the photos of Luke Ford that I’ll be giving away for free just like he gives away photos of me for free. He is nude and erect in them and I just received them from Jim Jr. and can’t wait to get to a scanner!!! I’d take a photo, but I want the highest quality when I give it away, right?

  54. nickeast Says:

    And the coward jermy’s phone number is still disconnected! How is he supposed to get mope work if people can’t contact him? Oh well! He started it!!!

  55. nickeast Says:

    Ya know what? Who am I kidding? If any law enforcement read this post and want to talk, I know the information that will send these and a few other people to jail for a long time for bank fraud. And lets not forget tomorrows story about Marci Hirsh and why she black balled me!!! Luckily for me, I don’t depend on the adult industry to make my living, so I can tell the truth! About everything!!!

  56. nickeast Says:

    Until then,
    Sweet dreams,
    and have a pleasant tomorrow!

  57. MonicaFoster Says:

    wow. well there’s definitely a Jeremy pattern here – especially when he uses the phrase “nice to you” – reminds me of those past threats he left me…couldn’t help but document this Nick vs Jeremy thing on pornnewstoday dot com and throw up the youtube vids of Jeremy’s threats to me along with some other items…

    So Jeremy had an affair with Tierney? Wow – funny how Tierney was involved in PWL and WAS close to Jeremy… and Will Ryder (according to TRPWL) was SOMEHOW a part of the group to “bring down” PWL and is often linked to Jeremy (Jeremy works for him often).

    Could it be due to his low male talent rate, or his willingness to get “low” on his knees…

    I think Jeremy is a Satanist as well Nick – he fits a certain profile as do quite a few people he’s affiliated and associated with.


  58. Larry Horse Says:

    I havent read much of the Jeremy-Nick war, I will later, but I assume it will top all other LIB battles period.

  59. jet_tits Says:

    Looks like Meltard is back to normal: hijacking every thread with his own issues, million word rambling posts, being “at war”… It truly never ends with him. Sad to see he has such disrespect for Cindi and this site.


  60. RobfromMarketing Says:

    Death threats, Fight challenges and Tranny’s, how could anyone pass up that $50 ad deal?

  61. jeremysteele11 Says:

    As I said Nick, the fact that you’re avoiding all of my questions and points proves you can not answer them. Why did you keep calling and calling (harrassing) me after I told you to let me sleep and see what I can do about your Darrah drama in the morning?

    And why do you think my challenge to fight you in some ultimate porn star fighting sport means you have the justification to threaten and attack the person’s who’s site the challenge was made on?

    To quote Sophia Mounds, that is unbelievably “stuiped!”

    I’m not sure who’s dumber, Nick or Moronica Fosturd. Seriously. Fosturd has claimed Whiteacre and innumerable people have threatened her. Yawn. You started it, turd-heads. Both Moronica and Nick still say I’m a satanist in spite of me providing and explaining my song lyrics. Holy shit, how stupid! And no, retard, I never had any affairs with Joe Blow/Michael Tierney. I was apologizing for Nick East in the parking lot when he asked if I’d blow him. Patterns… patterns… of horrible cognition, Mofo, you evil fool. I’m amazed with how stupid Moronica and Nick East are. It’s unbelievable. Neither of you have one single supporter. Moronica has to create aliases on LIB which are obviously her and Nick has to create fake names to claim that someone actually read his book and liked it.

    Why won’t you answer why YOU harrassed ME, Nick? Stop changing the subject and attacking everyone else, like Steve Hirsch, etc. because you can’t answer these basic questions, STUPID!

    Your sense of guilt is completely transparent.

  62. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And again, Nick, if you really want to fight me you gotta answer my basic questions first. I know you really want to fight me so answer, bitch! Why… did… you… harrass… me… and… keep… calling… me… when… I… said… I… desperately… needed… to… sleep?

    And I know you don’t think I simply changed my phone number (which was long overdue, anyway), but, just as you claim you have a real job, so do I, stupid bitch!

  63. origen Says:

    Hey Nick EAST,

    Jeremy’s not going to show up to your gay pow-wow, little man. He’s got better things to do.

    As for me. You don’t know who I am and never will.

    Fuck off, scumbag.

  64. origen Says:

    You’re a loser, Nick East. You are a fucking junkie who needs to straighten up his life. Stop trying to bring Jeremy down to where you are–the fucking gutter.

  65. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Btw, I’ve yet to comb over the details of shithead Nick’s über stupid anal-ysis of how he “knows” that I (or my “homeless” friends) broke his van window, as provided in the youtube video, “NICK EAST IS A COMPLETE MORON (and a douchebag)!”

    While pressing the point upon Nick that if he can just admit he has no evidence of his accusations that I will drop my beef with him, his response was, and I quote,

    “Uh, uhh. uh, uhhh, I, I, I, I, uhh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uuuuuh…”, followed by his claim that he’s “absolutely positive” that I’m the cause of his broken window and that I “took profound joy in calling” him on the phone, and then leading him to the site of his vehicle as I had found it in mid day, in order to see the look on his face. This, of course, proves that I broke it, huh? Uh, uh, uh, uh, I, I, I, I don’t think so, bitch!

    And btw, Nick, I told you in person, not over the phone. But let’s assume I told you over the phone, how the fuck do you perceive I was smiling over the phone, telling you this, thus proving I did it, idiot?

    Holy shit, you and Fosturd are stupid beyond belief! I respectfully disagree with Whiteacre on this. I don’t think you should eat shit and live. I think you should do yourselves and the world a favor and kill yourselves! All you do is cause other innocent people problems and that will never change until you fools stop breathing.

    Oh, yeah, and because I didn’t help you clean up the broken glass because some cholos who were tagging the streets nearby probably saw the video camera you forgot you had in there and broke into it, proves that I did it. Uh huh! In the court of public opinion (or any other court for that matter), YOU LOSE, LOSER!

  66. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Here’s the latest youtube video of Douchebag Extraordinaire, Nick East:

    “NICK EAST IS A FUCKING IDIOT! (Douchebag chronicles, Part III)”

    In youtube video “Nick East is a Douchebag”, Nick East leaves a voicemail accusing Jeremy Steele of having a “creepy” and “weird” voicemail message. For the record, here is the voicemail Nick was referring to. Decide for yourself whether Nick is right or whether NICK EAST IS A FUCKING IDIOT!

    Btw, the girl’s voice on the answering machine is porn star Lucky Starr.

    “The only way to comprehend what mathematicians mean by Infinity is to contemplate the extent of human stupidity.” – Voltaire

  67. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Get your Douchebag Autobiography here. Hurry up while supplies last!

    “What would you do if an angel asked you to write a book? Would you do it? Would you sit down and take the time to write your story and be painstakingly honest in your account? Well, I was suckered into it somehow, and this autobiography is the result! I never wanted to write it—I really didn’t—but my guardian angel asked me so nicely thatà Anyway, now it’s too late to turn back. Oh wellà If you’re up for it, come with me on a magical roller coaster ride to real worlds, imaginary worlds, Grateful Dead shows, run-ins with the law, the adult porn industry, soul mates (notice the pluralization), and trips all around the country. I hope you enjoy! — MST



  68. goatlord Says:

    I dont know Nick East personally, but you cant deny the fact that he worked alot and was a consistent performer. He’s done nearly a 1000 movies and has worked with some of the top chicks in the jizz bizz.

    He has done multiple scenes with Asia Carrera and Ashlyn Gere. Would these ladies continue to work with Nick if he smelled like diarrah ass? Or if he was a creep? Hes also worked with Raylene, Leena, Anna Malle, Christina Aguchi and lots of other babes. Nick must have some likeable qualites.

    I once saw behind the scenes footage of a Jerome Tanner movie with Nick and a blond (cant remember her name). They just finished their dialogue and were going to start the sex scene. Tanner told the blond to unbutton Nick’s pants and instructed Nick to make sure his dick was hard when she pulled it out. Nick said “I dont do viagra, so dont expect it to be hard coming out of my pants with no stimulation.”

    Good for Nick. He doesnt do viagra and he lets the director know it.

    Instead of duking it out with fists, how about a game of porn star jeopardy at Sardos between Jeremy and Nick? We’ll be fair and make sure to have a “grateful dead” and “conspiracy theories” categories

  69. jeremysteele11 Says:

    This all is nothing about Nick’s porn performances, Goatlord. It doesn’t take a genius to have sex on camera. No Ph’d required. This is about a stupid piece of shit who wants to get into a physical fight with everyone who doesn’t say something nice about him online, and who, like Moronica Fosturd, has absurd delusions, severely horrible reasoning skills and is a childish and malicious asshole (I’ve stated examples proving this, which Nick refuses to address, as I predicted). I had no idea how fucked up Nick East was until I had him as a roommate. As for viagra, Nick and I both started taking it later in our careers, although at first we both had contempt for all the newbies who could never have done what we’ve done without it. It was Nick who recommended I take it to keep up with the Jonses. I started taking a tab, and then a 1/2 tab after surprisingly bombing on a set, which is an unforgivable sin these days, because these days the attitude is like a New Yorker at a redlight cross-street expecting you to roar off right away as soon as the light is green. My cock still gets hard and soft naturally with the boost. Perhaps others have different affects, taking more than I do.

    Just wondering, Goatlord, do you think my song is “satanic”?

  70. goatlord Says:

    Jeremy, I actually meant to comment on your song in my last post, cause I really dug the lyrics.

    No, not satanic. I just think your condeming corporations who run (and destroy) this country. God is a man made corporate image. They put fear into the people, through religion and the media.

    Your song is not satanic. Slayer would not use those lyrics. Black Sabbath would not use those lyrics.

    Your song would be done by early Napalm Death or Brutal Truth. Grindcore bands. Fast, heavy shit with good intelligent lyrics that expose what all the sheep follow.

  71. MonicaFoster Says:

    The words of Jeremy the low level Satanist (in actuality he’s just a Christian who’s been throwing a temper tantrum over the past couple decades):

    “Holy shit, you and Fosturd are stupid beyond belief! I respectfully disagree with Whiteacre on this. I don’t think you should eat shit and live. I think you should do yourselves and the world a favor and kill yourselves! All you do is cause other innocent people problems and that will never change until you fools stop breathing”

    Jeremy means the OPPOSITE of just about everything he says. He lies easily because it’s the only way he’s known how to survive.

    Though I’ll probably never say this again, I agree with Goatlord. For Jeremy, this is totally about Nick East’s ability and success as a male porn talent. Considering Nick’s successful track record and unfortunate issues he had later due to being stalked and harassed by women who wanted to possess and own him – he was one of the best.

    If suddenly via a strange and unforseen twist of fate Nick East WERE to return to porn and make a comeback (this will most likely not happen – but you never know – it’s 2012) – Jeremy would never work again – in either adult or mainstream. Why? Well, because Nick and Jeremy have a similar look – but Nick is of better quality of the 2, so regardless of which role they’d both audition or be considered for – Nick would always be first choice.

    This has probably bothered Jeremy for years, which is why Jeremy is so upset to this day.

    I have ordered Orion’s Compass and will give it a review on MonicaAtHome – ChristianPornstar edition. I think it’s wonderful that an Angel asked Nick to write his book and I’m sure Jesus Christ and God has a hand in getting it out to the public.

    Go back to the light Jeremy – then maybe you will FINALLY complete a project too so that you can be like Nick :)

  72. jeremysteele11 Says:

    “Low level Satanist”, Moronica? HOW??? Specify/qualify your stupid lie, idiot. And read what Goatlord Says:

    “Jeremy, I actually meant to comment on your song in my last post, cause I really dug the lyrics.

    No, not satanic. I just think your condeming corporations who run (and destroy) this country. God is a man made corporate image. They put fear into the people, through religion and the media.

    Your song is not satanic…”


  73. goatlord Says:

    I know its not about Nick’s performances. I was just pointing it out to show that Nick seems to get alot of work with top girls…yet hes described as crazy, dumb, and lazy.

    I would expect you to talk this way about Brick Majors or TT Boy…two guys that come across as major assholes on screen.

    Ever her of a band called “M.D.C.”, Jeremy? Your lyrcs would fit right in with them. Great band. Check out the song “john wayne was a nazi”

  74. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Regarding your other comments, Moronica. You truly are stupid beyond belief… thinking so, so fucking hard and missing the obvious with your schizophrenia and bias.

    The only thing that has ever bothered me about Nick is that he has fucked with and attacked me repeatedly for years for no reason, when I had never done anything to him. The latest was him “messing” (in HIS words) with me about Darrah’s post, calling me non stop after I told him I desperately needed SLEEP.

    Q: Why is this so fucking hard for you to understand, Moronica?

    A: Because you’re Moronica Fosturd- the dumbest piece of shit ever to spread her legs on camera (You used to be perhaps tied with Sophia, but she’s admitted she was wrong and made up lies about me, so you’re now the Queen of the Stupid).

  75. origen Says:

    God, Jeremy. Why can’t you just turn your back on these losers? The way you argue with them makes YOU seem crazy.

    let it go. please

  76. jeremysteele11 Says:

    It’s really profoundly sad, Origen. I’ve essentially BEGGED, pleaded, again and again, from the bottom of my heart for Nick East and Monica to listen to reason. In Monica’s case, She started viciously attacking me after I responded to Merecedes Ashley’s attacks. When I defended myself, bringing up the point that Monica actually agreed with some things that I had issue with about Mercedes A., Monica (who dares call herself a Christian) got even more vicious and insulting and that sadly lead to Monica changing the title and write-up of the video interview she did of me to viciously insult me regarding my alleged age, physical appearance and professional status. When I left voicemails explaining these things to Monica she turned around and called it STALKING and HARRASSMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Un-fucking-believable. Truly. Seriously. Why do these fuck-ups exist? Why am I such a mental magnet? What makes them so profoundly stupid? Why won’t these fuck-ups listen to reason? Why won’t Nick answer why he harrassed me? We may never get an answer, Origen… ever.

    I think I’ll play that “There is A God (Satan is his name) song, again” in an attempt to cope…

  77. jeremysteele11 Says:

    “Go back to the light Jeremy – then maybe you will FINALLY complete a project too so that you can be like Nick”

    Holy shit, are you stupid, Fosturd. Be like Nick? Like making threats of violence to women (did you miss that one, Moronica?) and anyone who tells him what he is? If I’m anything like Nick, please kill me. I give you permission.

  78. RobfromMarketing Says:

    Jeremy gets trolled way too easily. Jeremy, those of us with brains, full developed frontal lobes and 46 chromosomes know whats going on. You don’t have to type novels to get your point across that person(s) in question are mentally limited, they do it themselves.

  79. jeremysteele11 Says:

    You’re last sentence there Rob indicates slight mental lapse but I got your point. If you’re in a hospital and people everywhere are coughing on you, you’re likely to get sick. And if you’re in a mental hospital filled with Nicks and Moronicas you’re bound to get a little nutty, too!

    Key components of “trolls”:

    Deliberate attacks to cause maximum disruption, does not listen to or answer responses, has no substance or soundness.

    This describes Moronica and Nick- changing subjects, attacking others who weren’t even part of the discussion, avoiding points by throwing out insults (although only absolute idiots like Nick and Moronica would actually believe they’re virtuously victorious in their banter). All the while in Moronica’s case, while attacking and making up ridiculous shit, she poses as a Christian, says “come to the light”, while she’s completely in the dark.

    Imagine Nick and Moronica had a love child. It’s eyes would reveal the dumbest, most deranged, vacant and crazed look. It would attack you, ASAP, and when you cry foul, it will attack you again and cry rape, harrassment, slander, stalking!

  80. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Remember Moronica, when you first started attacking me, ending your comment with “I still respect you as a performer. That’s about it”. Then that changed to you calling me “D”-list talent.

    Is it humanly possible to get any dumber than you, Moronica? Nick East is a strong candidate in the dummy department. You two should hook up. I’m sure it’ll last a long time, just like ALL your friendships, Moronica.

    Do you know what a face with vacant, deranged eyes filled with stupidity looks like? Look in the mirror.



  81. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Anyways, my intention is to not post on LIB anymore. This collective of malicious and damaged people who have attacked me over the years (at least Sophia has atoned) have been a POISON, which I don’t want or need and which I thoroughly reject!

    I don’t deserve this POISON/evil, Cindi. I’m sure you must understand.

    It is a POISON to the soul, mind, heart and body.

  82. jeremysteele11 Says:

    One more thing, Nick. To further show your horrible reasoning and ascertation skills, you said “I know you must go to the library to use the computer”.

    Uh, stupid, I had already put up the youtube video,
    “NICK EAST IS A COMPLETE MORON (and a douchebag)!”, which briefly shows my living room and my cat on top of her condo/tree, and me at my computer.

    No, Nick, you can’t read a smile on my face while I’m allegedly talking to you by phone.

    No, Nick, your book never made you a millionaire, as you declared it would, again and again.

    No, Nick, I don’t have to use the library when I obviously (to everyone else) am using one at home.

    Yes, Nick, you’re an idiot, beyond the rational human mind’s ability to fathom.

    And Yes, you can meet me as soon as you answer the questions I keep asking you again and again, such as why the fuck did you harrass me and not let me sleep, dummy? Who’s harrassing who? You think you can treat me like that, stupid, and blame me for others’ opinions about you that you, yourself earned?

  83. nickeast Says:

    jermy? The reason I decided to keep calling you was because I had changed my mind. I was a fool to give you an out and was trying to correct my mistake. That is why I called you again.
    You had challenged me to be in that fight thing over the phone and I turned you down then. The only reason luke ford posted your “challenge” was because he had it out for me over a girl I had won.
    When he realized he was being a bully he deleted the post. The mistake that coward made was in giving jermy a copy of a voicemail.
    As far as Darrah’s opinion of me? Who cares. She wouldn’t have it if it weren’t for you and luke.
    You knew that post was still there and I’m sure you got perverse pleasure (like when you stole my camera and home videos) in knowing I hadn’t spotted it yet.
    Oh, you were getting the better of me, weren’t you!
    I am going to hit you so hard oweagain feels it. that is you anyway, and we all know it.
    Oh, and Monica?
    Thank you for ordering my book!!!
    But honey? It’s called “The Orion Compass”
    and I’m not self-published. It is actually published legitimately, thank you very much.

  84. nickeast Says:

    Oh, and Goatload? Yeah, once Viagra came around and the gay male prostitutes could get it up for girls and flooded the industry everything changed and I left and am sooooo glad I did. No, I will not be rejoining the industry, except as an insider who keeps his clothes on (even though I look better now than just about any other time in my life).
    So thanks for the props.

  85. nickeast Says:

    Anyway, I wish I had time to get into the whole “Why Marci Hirsh blackballed me” story tonight, but I have to go.
    Anybody who is following this post need not check the site over and over again, okay? I will not post again until the night after tomorrow (hot date, wish me luck!), I promise! By then jermy will have completely turned into the tasmanian devil and further destroy his world!
    Seriously though, Jeremy Steele is a piece of human excrement!
    Peace all!!!

  86. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Nick, you make no sense, as usual. An out for what? What was your purpose for continuing to call? You’re not being honest with me and/or yourself. You’re just an incredibly stupid dimwit who accuses me of writing from a library in spite of the video which shows my apartment and the fact that I’ve posted too numerously in recent history for me to be in a library. Only a dimwit would say he saw me smiling through a phone and that I’m responsible for your broken window because I didn’t help to clean up the broken glass. All your other accusations are also coming from the same highly defective mind inside that drugged out head of yours.

    The fact is you’re lying, Nick. And you’re too stupid to see how obvious it is. You left two voicemails after calling me 15 minutes later when you last said “Ok, pal”, agreeing to let me go back to sleep.

    See video, once again: “Nick East is a Douchebag”

    Nowhere in your messages do you state you’ve changed your mind and that you now want to fight me, you stupid liar. I’ve always been able to tell when you’re lying. You’re not clever. You’re an idiot. And to be a good liar you have to be at least smart and clever enough to make sense and not contradict yourself, dummy!

    Like Moronica, you have severe mental and emotional problems, and no common sense, whatsover. You’ve displayed this to me more times than I can count.

    Again, here are the contents of your two voicemails, as provided in the link above. Nowhere do you state that you’ve changed your mind about Darrah and now want to fight me. Instead you continue to insist that it is my responsibility to get Darrah to take her post down. However your actions guaranteed that would not happen, even if I had the intention or ability to do so. And again, your voice mails state you’re too old to fight and don’t want to fight YOU STUPID PATHETIC LIAR!

    Nick East, Voice Mail #1 (Feb 10, 1012): “Uhhh. For the record nobody is fooled by your answering machine with someone saying ‘Hi this is Jeremy’s personal secretary’. That’s actually kind of creepy and weird because, uh… DUH!… uh… what secretary would leave that message? It would be ‘Hi, you’ve reached the offices of buh buh buh. But it surely would(n’t?) be ‘Hi, you’ve reached Jeremy’s secretary’. Just for the record, ok? Anyway, uh, I will keep calling and messing with you until this post gets removed completely because you’re responsible for it and so is Luke Ford and Darrah needs to just remove it. And I think you agree by now that, Yeah, right? Ok, talk to you later. Bye.”

    Nick East, Voice Mail #2 (Feb 10, 1012): “Ok Jeremy, just so you know. You win. You want a fight? You got it. Ok, you guys have bullied me into fighting. And if you don’t want that to be the case, because I really don’t have a reason… and I don’t think you do, either. You deleted what you had to say. But if you can’t get Darrah to delete what she has to say then ALL of you are in for a fight. And I accept! I don’t want to though. (Come on?) I’m too old for that bullshit. Anyway, I’m gonna call you again until I get in touch with you and hopefully by then that post will have been deleted and you will say ‘Yeah, you’re right’ Alright. Bye.”

  87. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And regarding Luke Ford, considering his history outside the dubious one you claim to have with him, why would he not post my challenge to fight a legalized porn star match with rules and gear? There was also another female porn star, I remember, who said she wanted to fight another female. Why did Luke post that? You’re such a fucking idiot when you say: “The only reason luke ford posted your ‘challenge’ was because he had it out for me over a girl I had won.”

    And Luke has been assaulted, sued, etc. I’ve had beef with him from the very beginning when he got my story wrong in a really wrong way. What the fuck makes you think you’re so fucking special that he would delete my post challenge to kick your ass for reasons which include but are not limited to?…

    a. accusing me of breaking your van window and stealing your video camera based on no evidence.
    b. calling my cool and classy friends “homeless” and saying they stole your shampoo by pouring it into a zip lock baggie. Also of them possibly being the ones that busted your van window (You said you “know” one of us did it).
    c. Telling me and others I was selling my ass on Santa Monica Blvd based on the “evidence” that I haven’t been around the apartment all day (brilliant, dumbass)
    d. Telling my girlfriend Violet Skye that you walked into my room and when you did I frantically tried to x out “”, then asking her why I was on that site if her and I are together, even though that incident never happened. It’s possible I was clicking some site that wasn’t matchmakers impatiently because I had slow speed dial up at the time and it was like hitting a button at the intersection while waiting to walk. Either way, you’re a piece of shit for trying to fuck up our relationship for no reason. If you had any intrusive questions about my behavior you should’ve asked me, not her, scumbag!
    e. etc, etc, etc…

    And by the way, after you moved out of my place, Rick Masters kicked you out. He called you a “douchebag”. How come you never kicked his ass for that but want to find a girl to kick Darrah’s? You even called yourself “douchebag” laughingly, seemingly in agreement, afterwards, acknowleding Rick’s reference.

  88. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And HOLY SHIT Nick, the more I comb over your obvious lies and idiotic claims, the more hilarious it is:

    nickeast Says:

    “As far as Darrah’s opinion of me? Who cares. She wouldn’t have it if it weren’t for you and luke.”

    Again, this COMPLETELY CONTRADICTS THE CONTENTS OF YOUR TWO VOICEMAILS demanding I take HER shit down, or else.

    nickeast Says:

    “I am going to hit you so hard oweagain feels it. that is you anyway, and we all know it.”

    First of all, moron, you mean “Origen”, not “oweagain”.

    So you think I and Origen are one and the same… pathetic Earthling…

    You’re so fucking stupid and clueless, like I said. It truly staggers and boggles the mind.

    In very recent history, on this very thread, Origen assails me in numerous ways (I consider him a friend of sorts, but would I say the following?…):

    He tells me I’m breaking the law by taping our conversation. I’ve already emailed Origen privately saying I appreciate his concern but he could’ve told me that privately, not publically, and not given you any possibly problematic ideas. Origen has also told me my opinions about HIV/AIDS are crazy and dangerous (See my interview of Clark Baker on LIB titled “Industry Bombshell. HIV tests don’t test for HIV”, a subject which is very near, dear and personal to me, which I’ve done a fuckload of research on.)

    I can prove to you over and over and over and over that you’re an extreme dimwit, and, like Moronica, you’ll still never get/accept it. It’s for your own good to know you’re a dimwit, but you’ll let your stupid ego get the best of everytime, won’t ya? It’s almost like you and Moronica are on some kind of spiritual (and/or physical) suicide bomber/bummer mission.

  89. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And yeah, Monica, congrats on ordering Nick’s book. Nick should thank me now for advertising it. That should bring his grand total up to about 7 copies. Everyone else who’s read it says it’s crazy, but I’m sure you’ll say it’s brilliant.

    I think you got a little love interest thing going, Nick, from her part, at least. I sincerely hope you two hook up. Just don’t mention the “n” word in front of her like you did with me because she’ll insist that you’re a racist. Remember when I once said something about Jews and you accused me of being racist (when I wasn’t) and in response I mentioned how you screamed “I hate _______s!!!!”?

  90. jet_tits Says:

    @ Meltard: this is getting hilarious. First you write you had an actual conversation with Nick about you blowing him, then you admit to being a viagra junkie. Factor in the fact that you are psychotic, then no wonder Lucky dumped you.

    Do you have any remaining relationships with anyone?

  91. origen Says:

    pfft. what a moron. I’m not Jeremy…for one thing I’m a black man who lives in Texas…

    GET CLEAN, Nick!

  92. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And more reasons to kick your ass, Nick “insane in the membrane” East:

    e. After your ultra-stupid, audacious and super gay/jealous-sounding interrogation about where I go when I’m out and about, you and I were heading to AIM to get tested. In fact it was your totally gay sounding idea that “We should go get tested together!” As we were heading out the door I was just conversationally telling you a humorous story about how my ex-roommate Taylor Rain had once told me she was broke, despite the fact that she probably was working at least 20 times per month for much higher rates than you and I ever got. I said to you “It’s funny how I have more money in the bank than SHE does”, to which your response was SCREAMING… and I mean SCREAMING in the most hideously angry way one can imagine that “THAT’S BECAUSE YOU SELL YOUR ASS ON SANTA MONICA BOULEVARD!!!!” You SCREAMED this while you were behind me as we were walking down the steps outside for the entire neighborhood to hear as well. I had to restrain myself from throwing you down the stairs and breaking your neck. Later when I said “What the fuck is wrong you and why did you say that?”, your response, which of course YOU thought was clever, was “I was just saying that you and I are whores, that’s all”! HO-LEE SHIT, Nick, you are stupid beyond belief. This stupid, senseless lie for your behavior as if I didn’t hear you right when you SCREAMED it at me is right up there with your latest lie about how you called to fight me in spite of the contents of your two voicemails which contradict that claim. Of course, Nick, you will, like some kind of Electronica Moronica, ignore these points as if they don’t exist, which CLEARLY prove that not only you a major piece of shit, but are severely stupid AND mentally ill!

    f. Your claims that I married a girl so she could get a green card and have been involved in bank fraud. If that was the case, why would you be angrily screaming stupid, meddling questions of how I pay my bills and why would I have to sell my ass on Santa Monica Boulevard? If I was making so much money and already had a girlfriend living there, why would I have allowed you to move when you asked if I knew if anyone had a room available for you to live? And how the fuck would you know if I was married to a girl for a green card or involved in bank fraud? I hardly doubt that’s something I would’ve ever admitted to you, ESPECIALLY if I would later choose to supposedly vandalize your vehicle and steal your precious video camera. And the fact that you have absolutely no problem accusing a whole bunch of people of shit as well and attempting to bring them down for something I doubt they did as well because you “know” I did things to you based on your extremely unsound mind and complete lack of evidence is more than enough reason in and of itself to knock you down so you don’t get up…. EVER!

    g. Your constant accusations that I drank your beer and pepsi, ate your cereal, used your shampoo, etc. etc. Always the same fucking story. You just bought a whole bunch and half was missing. You know Nick, I had a shit load of my own food, and in particular 1,500 record albums, 100s of books, 100s of music tapes, 100s of CD, 100s of VHSs, etc. I also bought my own lights, video and still camera, had new valuable furniture, etc that you could’ve stole or messed with so I would never mess with your stuff just as I wouldn’t want you messing with mine!

    You’re seriously stupid, unethical and brain-damaged, Nick. I keep proving this to you, again and again but you won’t accept it. It’s no wonder Moronica is your newest and biggest fan.

  93. jeremysteele11 Says:

    correction: the date of those voicemails, as we should know, should read 2012, not 1012.

  94. jeremysteele11 Says:

    M.D.C., Goatlord. Good punk stuff. Thanks.

  95. jeremysteele11 Says:

    This song is about Nick East: “I’m an idiot”:

    And yes, I know reason e. for kicking Nick’s ass is an expansion upon reason c.

  96. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And yeah, Nick “Deadhead Douchebag” East. Me and Origen are both a black man from Texas. Hee Haw, Motherfucker!

  97. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Hi Chelsea, thanks for chiming in. If anyone is a Satanist or possessed by demons or the devil than it is The Roy Garcia(Peter Romero)/Chelsea Romero Family, Moronica “can’t kick off the crap from under my cap” Fosturd and Nick “dumber than rocks” East. You’re an idiot too, dishonest (“I’m not married”), so… Come to the light. Jesus loves you. Everyone else says you’re a piece of shit.

    Actually Lucky and I have a Valentine’s date tonight so go fuck yourself with that big rubber dick (the only big dick you got).

  98. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And where was I? oh yeah,

    h. How could I forget, Nick. Remember the whole Lie Detector Test thing? Along with your other accusations you said you’re gonna make me take one but I’ll never do so because you know I’ll fail, so to quote Bush n Han Solo, I said, “Bring it on”, moron. So, I waited, waited, months went by, I call ya up. I ask you, “Hey, what about the lie detector test you said I’d never take, when ya gonna set it up?” You said you were working on it. Months go by, I ask you again, you say you decided to not set it up because you “know” I won’t show up. I said, “bullshit”. Then you say it’s gonna cost you money so I gotta pay for it, I said “bullshit”, so you said “Ok, well both bring the money it will cost to take it” and if I pass, you’ll pay for it AND the money you owe, and if I fail I’ll pay for it and you get to kick my ass and my response was “Let’s do it”. Months go on, nothing happens. I call again, “Yo, what’s up?”, you say you’re gonna get around and do it, finally you say you got a specific date, tell me to make sure I got the cash in hand ($400.00), I withdraw it from the bank. The day comes, I call you, I ask you “What’s up”, you say “You’re gonna call him now”, you say you did but that the place said they’re not available to do so, so you didn’t even set the shit up in advance, you tried to do it the same day, you MOR-ON! And then the shit just went on and on…

    You and your effeminate, “I’m gonna make you take a lie detecor test, you’re not gonna pass and then I’m gonna kick your ass, you’re not gonna show up” badgering went on for years.

    i. We finally had a gentleman’s agreement. I saw you at PSK one night and called you outside to kick your ass. We go out, around the back, you told me I should really drop the matter, and if I do you’ll buy me a drink, so guess what? I figured I didn’t want to get locked up for possible manslaughter so I agreed. I saw the look in your retarded face that you at least seemed to truly believe in what you believed in. We went back in, you bought me a drink, we sat next to each other, and until recently I thought this shit was done with. You and Sophia have done evil shit to me, but she apologized and I took you offering to buy me a drink as the same thing, yet you suddenly out of nowhere start harrassing me, and especially considering all that you’ve done, which I decided to let go, I sure as FUCK ain’t gonna put up with your shit, you stupid piece of shit!

    You wanna fight me? Like you said, you can find me if you want to and I’m not gonna hide. I will live my life and go where I want and I’m a frequent outdoors person when I’m not working and I will defend myself, put you down and teach you a serious lesson you stupid fool. And you better be armed because other wise my legs and feet are gonna kick your ass! Come on, Cunt-o-saurus, Douchebag Extraordinaire who’s too stupid for words to describe. Come find me, bitch!

  99. RobfromMarketing Says:

    For being “done,” posting on LIB 70 times in one thread kind of contradicts that.

  100. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And really Chelsea, I think you know I never said in any missive here that I blew any body or that they blew me. I said Joe Blow asked me to blow him. But I did not blow Joe Blow. Then again, you’re stupid, so that may reveal your Nick East-like skills of perception, although I suspect you’re just being a “satanist”. That’s why you’re still married to The Roypist. And viagra junkie? 1/2 tab per scene. Uh-huh. Jesus loves you. Everyone else wants to bash your head in like a poor seal.

    And Rob, I’m not done being done yet. I’m in the process of being done. Thankyou.

    Happy Valentines Day, go out and get a Valentine’s Lay!

  101. jet_tits Says:

    Agree with Rob here. Meltard has a long LIB history of declaring his intention of never posting here again, followed by a series of million word psychotic rants, hijacking thread after thread.

  102. RickMadrid Says:

    Hell Yeah !! This site Rocks!! I know to Producers that want to buy ad time on this MotherFucka!! and 4 more…to get there sites out…Hell cindi..not a bad idea!! we need to DRum up more Drama….Ideal IMAGE MGT get a biz license yet, Cindi?? Tee seems paranoid?? What’s up??? anybody….

  103. nickeast Says:

    Ta da!
    I told you all that he’d go completely insane! Poor little guy Germy! lol! I can’t stop laughing! Look, little guy, you knew that post was still there while you were accepting a drink from me. I did everything I could to just get you to leave me alone. You are a pathetic excuse for a human being

  104. nickeast Says:

    And germy did get married to a girl from australia in order for her to get a greencard. She made payments to him and she probably still does. So I guess he can’t marry Lucky (the only reason I can come up with as to why she puts up with him at all).

  105. nickeast Says:

    And as far as the bank fraud? Yup, I can prove that too! Germy is nothing more than a bottom feeding, talentless parasite and I feel sorry for anybody who gives him the time of day because as you can obviously see, he has no friends and nobody likes him. Yup, he really is a gay satanist!

  106. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Come on, Nick. As I’ve stated, which of course, you refuse to address because you can’t address it; you’re an obvious liar and idiot. You now say the reason you called me 15 minutes later to harrass me is you wanted to kick my ass because of Darrah’s old post which you say I’m responsible for (and I couldn’t get her to delete shit she said about me, what makes you think, moron, that I, even if I wanted or tried to, could get her to take shit down about you?) and “know” I was laughing about, yet your voicemails still state you didn’t want to kick my ass while repeatedly asking me to delete Darrah’s post. Moron! As always, you and your patheic brain make no sense at all! So keep laughing, moron! You’ve dissed homeless people but you’ve been one. You’re seriously mentally defective and ethically deficient. I keep proving this over and over, stating example after hilarious example, but since your brain is so extremely damaged you still won’t face the facts. You “know” I knew about and was laughing about Darrah’s post, but like everything else, that’s a retarded assumption and I’m not responsible for other peoples’ posts about you. You fucking stupid cunt, you threatned Luke Ford with violence because he didn’t delete a post I put up challenging you to a regulated porn star UFC match with rules and head gear. You are a douchebag, as both Darrah and Rick Masters, who kicked you out of his apartment, said. You “know” I’m smiling through a phone call telling you I found your van window broken. You “know” my radio shack tape recorder stopped working because you have special powers. You’re as stupid and crazy as Moronica (“LIB is run by the KKK”) Fosturd.

    I gave you just some of the reasons (a-i) I wanted and will kick your ass and of course you ignore them. I’ve made many valid points which you can’t answer. I’ve explained my song but of course you’re unbelievably stupid so still repeat yourself and haven’t learned a thing. You can’t explain how I’m a satanist (which I’m not). I provided the lyrics as you asked for. How are they satanic? You’re an idiot. Nothing new here. And you’re calling me gay while you’re the one who talks gay: See video, once again: “Nick East is a Douchebag” You’re the retarded fag-got who jealously and angrily demanded to know where I was when I went on walks, who said “We should go get tested at AIM together”, who says all the 80s music I listened to was “fag” music. Which reminds me of the time you yelled out your window at some woman who’s car alarm was going off and woke you up. Her response to you was “Shut up, faggot” (and this happened right after one of your constant “That’s fag music” repetitions). It was hilarious to listen to you declare from out your window “I am not a fag got, I have sex with woman”, etc. You and Moronica are so stupid it’s beyond belief! You talk like a fag, act like a fag, have this tremendous hatred for fags because you are one and can’t face the music, and what was the first L.P. of mine you asked me to play of my collection? The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack, you stupid fag! Go ahead and prove I was involved in Bank fraud (I wasn’t). You got me confused for banks. They commit bank fraud every day loaning out and charging interest for money they don’t even have.

    I can easily write a novel about you Nick, called “Nick’s Compass is Broke” and it would certainly sell better than your book. You are stupid beyond belief. I’ve made point after point also showing your a piece of shit.

    As I’ve said several times before, you’re refusal to address my points proves you can’t answer them. I badgered you to finally answer me as to why you fucking harrassed me with your phone calls after promising to let me sleep and you’re answer proves you’re a stupid liar as it contradicts what you just said. You don’t get that? Keep laughing, stupid, but guess how many are laughing at you, or just shaking their heads, going “Can Nick East reallly be THAT dumb?”

  107. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And again. It’s very simple, stupid Nick. You say I’m harrasing you, yet you admit to harrasing me. Make up your damaged mind!

  108. jeremysteele11 Says:

    harassing, whoops, see you’re making me crazy! i’m starting to spell more like sophia, at least i haven’t caught your logic disease yet!

  109. jet_tits Says:

    After Meltard admitted to doing gay-for-pay, it is not surprising he married for cash.

    Did both show up in wedding gowns on their wedding day?

  110. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Aww, little brain damaged baby Nick said “please” remove video and he complained to youtube. That’s fine I already made my point.

    Holy shit, Nick, you are a stupid scumbag. But I already knew that.

  111. RickMadrid Says:

    Hey is that True BIG jet-tits? Jeremy did a GAY for PAY shoots before? OMG!! are U serious? Damn I didn’t think dudes in LA would get that bad!. What causes that? Jeremy doesn’t do drugs are smoke “CRACK”. I know alot of JUTOS in LA smoke crack like some girls in this Industry that love ANAL some crack. They Nut crazy!! Anyway, I hope not Jeremy, I told this Porn Producer about giving some work and he doesn’t “fly” with that stuff. You know Italians. Next Article…

  112. RickMadrid Says:

    Anyway, if anybody who has married for money I did once and got $25,000 that day…….In Cash, Damn I need another David Lord for these to rich Philipinos girls that need a green card , and they cook good and love u a long time. So let me know. The INS is Crooked and they get paid off just like the rest the goverment. Beilive me I know. Fresh, 19-20 year old Asian girls with Virgina and Anal cherries intact. Ok think about it Poor boys in LA. Industry is doing bad over there and you might be on the street soon. looking for Movie Extra work to do and or PA’ing at least. $25,000. Just have a job and a bank account and show them your for real. ok, thats it..enough training dummies.

  113. nickeast Says:

    Heres the thing about germy. Anyone who enters his life eventually gets blamed for all of his problems, and if we’d just admit we were to blame and not him, he’d feel much better.
    I didn’t know him when I rented a room from the parasite, and he stole from me, and he tries to tell gossip about me online! Still!!!!
    Can you say obsessed? He is so jealous of me I bet he loses sleep.
    I highly recommend everyone just leave him alone in his hell, and laugh at the loser all you want to, but don’t turn your back on him.

  114. nickeast Says:

    Oh, and I sure as heck wouldn’t want him on a set, because he’s next in line to pull a Steve Driver!
    Just saying! I bet many on here would agree with me too.

  115. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Nick East, you and Fosturd are the dumbest fucks in the history of porn. Both of you ignore my points and, make up lies and insults instead and declare yourselves triumphant. Don’t try to give the world insights about me and tell people to buy your retarded book when you and I have just proven you’re a brain-damaged liar and idiot.

    You lied about calling me up 15 minutes later after waking me up at 1AM about an ancient post from Darrah circa 2008; you said you changed your mind and wanted to beat me up for what Darrah wrote about you, yet your voicemail states you’re asking me to have her delete it.

    I had droped this multi-facted issue I had with you (which includes but is not limited to points (a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i). You’re the obsessed with being a douchebag retard.

    I was living my life, minding my own business, as always until you started harassing me, yet again. I’ve proven you’re stupid, crazy and a lowlife and you just ignore it.

    1+1 does not equal 3, Nick.

    You can’t see someone smiling on the phone and when I lead you to the site of your vandalized vehicle I wasn’t smiling. And not cleaning up your damage doesn’t mean I did it. Do you think you could find one other person besides perhaps The Turd who’s agree with you?

    Your so stupid it defies belief. No one agrees with anything you say except maybe The Turd.

  116. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And Rick Madrid, you keep proving that there’s something seriously wrong with you, too. You already asked me about this and I told you over the phone when you used to call me non stop and I’ve already written about it, too. Re-read what you just wrote, Rick. Your brain is not working right. “Jet tits” is Roy Garcia’s wife. I’ve never done anything to her but she keeps attacking me because she’s Roy Garcia’s wife. You’re Lucky Starr’s friend on facebook but Roy has viciously attacked and insulted her as well, even though he’s never met her. They both CLEARLY show the pieces of shit they are yet you talk to them like buddies?

    I know there’s a lot of cool people in porn but why does it attract so many scumbags and brain-damaged retards?

  117. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Cindi, Pt. 2 isn’t working again on the old op/ed, plus it seems pictures never show.

  118. nickeast Says:

    Time and place, coward. Time and place. You don’t realize that you posting about me again is what has made me determined to kick your ass. I didn’t make you post about me on this thread. I just tried to talk to you again and you were a coward. You’re still a coward by trying to weasel out of a legitimate fight that YOU challenged ME to! Email me and tell me where and when, little guy, and don’t make me hunt you down like the coward you are. Fuck your “points”. I don’t give a fuck and I just want to hurt you for all of the bullying you’ve done not just to me but to everyone else you’ve ever met.

  119. nickeast Says:

    And I’m guessing that you’re trying to hint to me that Cindy is in fact Darrah? Is that true? Is Darrah Cindy? NL- come on, i’ve been in this biz for 20 years. I am ME & proud of it.

  120. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Again and again and again and again you show you inconceivably stupid you are Nick. Darrah is Cindi. I am Origen, etc. Darrah, like you, has proven herself to be extremely lacking mentally and only a person severely mentally lacking like yourself would make that assertation and accusation.

    “I didn’t make you post about me on this thread. I just tried to talk to you again and you were a coward.”

    “TRIED TO TALK” TO ME? NO, RETARD, you HARRASSED me at 1:15 after waking me up at 1PM screaming about Darrah’s post. I said I desperately needed sleep and please let me sleep and I’ll see what I can do in the morning, and what the fuck do you do, you piece of shit? You CALL ME AGAIN!


    It’s called HARASSMENT! YOU harassed ME! Get it? Of course not. You’re Nick “I’m too stupid for any human mind to believe, but Hey buy my book, it’s awesome” East!

    I called you out to fight you outside PSK and you said “Let me buy you a drink and forget about it”. Who’s the coward?

    I’ll fight you Nick. I’m sure we’ll see each other again, one day. In the meantime, I’ll continue to beat you down with words first. You keep showing everyone how stupid and low you are.

    “Fuck your “points”. I don’t give a fuck and I just want to hurt you…”

    No Nick. Fuck YOU! All my points are real, accurate, truthful and show the braindamaged, harassing piece of stupid shit you are and have been since you moved in! Imagine how angry I must be for all the shit you’ve done to me?

    “Cindi is Darrah!” My God, you and Fosturd say things that you have no idea makes you look so stupid but you don’t care. You have no supporters in the universe on this one. None!

    And it was more likely that demons were talking to you than any “guardian angels”. Just look at yourself. I’d sooner say you need an exorcism than to be listening to them.

  121. jeremysteele11 Says:

    corrections, whoops, should read:

    “Again and again and again and again you show how inconceivably stupid you are”…

    1PM should be 1AM…..

  122. RobfromMarketing Says:

    Steele is off the deep end, flying off the handle and as usual Rick Madrid posting incoherent blocks of text.

    This board is $.

  123. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I’m as sane as any mental magnet can be, Robfrom????Marketing.

    All my non-fiction verbiage on Nick East is comedy gold… that is unless you were experiencing it first hand as I was… then it was one episode after another of Twilight Retard Zone!

  124. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Nick East gets mentioned on someone’s list of “Which Male Pornstar Annoys You Most?”. Agree with it or not, there’s some funny comments, and a shitload of meat puppets are dissed, whoa! lol. Whoever it was who posted that their favorite porn stars are Peter North and Don Fernando has to be Don Fernando. Don doesn’t stop talking before, during and after the scene. He’s on the top (or bottom) of my list.

    And after all the shit I’ve dealt with, with that asshole Nick East, I can’t jerk off to any scenes he’s in. Thanks, pal!

  125. RickMadrid Says:

    RobFromMarketing; Jeremy, Was on here with Derrick Hays from LA direct a awhile back when they said he was going over to (BIG MANWINNIE)Digtial Playground and leaving LA Direct and was going to be “missed”. memeber?? Anyway, for you info Robbie, I am using a really fucked up Dell Laptop that my roomate has, and she bought it for 2,000 bucks and it sucks. And I really don’t have time for this Blog and other’s do to al the work and fan emails and all that Pr, and Marketing stuff going on. Anyway Have a great LA weekend, watching the news and its nice out for Good sex, beer,if u drink and BBQING. Go to Gorman. Tommy gunns throwing a camping party and Party! He’s cool, Jack Vegas and Nikki and all will be there Motorcycling. Beats haning around the house fucking pornstars all Saturday and smoking Pot. Later!

  126. RickMadrid Says:

    Hey Jeremy; Just going back and reading your other Comments; I don’t have time to read everthing posted so sorry about that. You’re the offical poster here and anyway I know who Jet-tits is, so? and Roy Garcia is not LittleDickDaddy. Its a Black dude. Read and pay attention, Brotha!. Got to go with Stacy Rae Blue right now for Tony Romas.mmmmmmm sure love those ribs.

  127. jet_tits Says:

    @ Rick: per his own odd admission, Meltard spent some time in jail, and while there experienced some new things. Once he was released, he started doing crossover work. He even allowed Peter North to com on him.

  128. Karmafan Says:

    I don’t remember seeing your name on that list of bad male talent either Jeremy. Not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing.

  129. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Me neither, Karmafan. I guess you’re nobody till somebody disses you.. well I guess that makes me somebody anyway.

    There’s more rotten nuts on LIB then an abandoned peanut manufacturing plant.

  130. jeremysteele11 Says:

    That’s nice, Rick. First you said BDD = Rocker, the bukkake wrangler. Now it’s a Brutha. Yeah, sure. And Nick was Albert Einstein in a past life.

    Please stop attacking me, Chelsea Romero. I’m gonna commit suicide!

  131. pornfan Says:

    I think the most annoying male talent right now, has to be ChristianX3. He is a fucking dickhead! Jeremy, what does the 11 stand for in your screen name?

  132. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Porn fan, I was born on the 11th, and for years I’ve had those weird “11:11” experiences that some “ascension” nuts talk about. I can go on and on and on about it…

    11 in numerology is considered a “master number”, double number. According to one site: “Number Eleven possesses the qualities of intuition, patience, honesty, sensitivity, and spirituality, and is idealistic. Others turn to people who are ‘Eleven’ for teaching and inspiration, and are usually uplifted by the experience.

    In systems such as Astrology and basic Numerology, eleven is considered to be a Master Number. Eleven can also represent sin; transgression and peril. Ten being the perfect number, eleven represents the exceeding of both. It is interesting to note that eleven when broken down ( 1+1=2) comprises the Two of duality. Number eleven is a master vibration and as such should not be reduced to a single number.People with this number could be both idealistic and visionary, and they are attracted to the unknown.They can be both unusual, interesting and magnetic personalities.

    Eleven brings the gift of spiritual inheritance, is gifted as the “Light-Bearer”. It is the number of the Light within all. Strengthened by the love of Peace, gentleness, sensitivity and insight. Greatest facility is the awareness of Universal relationship. Is related to the energy of Oppositions and the Balancing needed in order to achieve synthesis. Eleven is The PeaceMaker… Colours : Gold, Salmon, Prune, White and Black.”

  133. RickMadrid Says:

    Ok Chelsea; Thanks for that, I just Got trained by Peter North’s Trainer and I am now the Chicano- American Male talent version of Peter Norths. HEHHEEHE…No, seriously that’s funny Chelsea. Hey Jeremy listen, I just talked to the People I do business with to shoot the Content for the LA companies for the Investor’s that don’t want to deal L.A. productions. YOU NEED TO GO GET SOME HELP, JEREMY, Not here to fuck with you, Just some people think that your doing too much Cocaine or something, and you got hurt when LUCKY left you andu not help you advance where you need to go. We will support you, not KNOCK you, OPERATION RED BLOCK , go for it man. Type 9 isn’t doing jack shit for you. 60 day program and you’ll be in good shape to take on the World. Another thing Jeremy; I never called you NON STOP. You called me in the middle of a 3 some and I was deep in this chicks ass. What was I suppose to do, stop fucking her to talk to you? You crazy, I’m really happy to be out of L.A. and not having to shoot there again with a Rubber on my cock. My fans don’t want that and either do the girls for the sake of the sales and conuinity in this industry. Anyway take care, We’ll see in the near future about booking you and Lucky for a really good Hardcore scene together and that will rock. Take care!.

  134. RickMadrid Says:

    Damn; That was a long comment, Almost as long as Jeremy and Nick’s.

  135. RickMadrid Says:

    We need some more fucking PORN controversy!! somebody go over to the 101 and throw a rock on top of a vehicle and or kick the shit out of somebody, Damn we got to get another BLOG award here for reporting, its boring!.

  136. jeremysteele11 Says:

    “You called me in the middle of a 3 some and I was deep in this chicks ass. What was I suppose to do, stop fucking her to talk to you?”

    Rick Madrid. I have never called you. All the times I’ve spoken to you have been you calling me.

    What is the name of this producer you claim to work for and who did you work with in a 3-some? I can’t find any evidence of boy/girl scenes you’ve done.

    Lucky never left me. It was a mutual parting, but we’re still friends and exchanged Valentine’s gifts so STFU. Again you’re acting buddies with Chelsea, who’s husband is evil and trashed Lucky.

  137. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I’ve got an interesting how-to book about exorcism. Some interesting data, says Catholics are really big on this, as many as 1/2 of soldiers can be possessed, half the population, in some areas. A person who is weak from alcohol, drugs, illness, depression, even people who are allergic can be susceptible, according to this book.

    Certainly it was no guardian angel telling Nick to do the douchebag nonsense things he does; his false-memory “visions”, antics and accusations (see points a-i, for starters in my complaint file)!

    Oh, this is awesome. I got a great quote by Jesus that applies to Nick (and a few others in pornoland)… “O demon of deafness and dumbness… I command you to come out of this child and enter him no more”!

    It’d be great if this shit can work!… (cracking my knuckles)…

  138. Larry Horse Says:

    Right now I have no comment about this new Steele-East-Monica etc war. Today I was driving around and clicked to Legends of Porn on Spice. Christy Canyon hosts and usually Margold is around. Herschel Savage was in studio too. The conversation got around to Max, and Margold spewed out this hatred for Max and said he helped counsel girls who said they had been anally raped…Margold’s words not mine…by Max. All I could think is Margold you are such a piece of shit. Margold made it sound like he is some kind of protector of porn and porn people. Max is a piece of shit too but I would piss on his head if it was on fire to put it out, I would let Margold burn. Porn needs less folks like Margold, Herbie Dingle Kernes, Dr Mitch…where is she hiding? and so on defending it and more people who the outside world can take seriously.

  139. Karmafan Says:

    Speaking of blasts from the past…

    I’m surprised Shelley didn’t make an appearance here to claim porn killed Natalie Heck (Savannah Gold) a month or two ago. It was a brain aneurysm.

  140. Michael Whiteacre Says:

    Dude, that’s like saying Candyman three times. You just invoked the gorgon.

  141. jeremysteele11 Says:

    You need to catch up, Larry. Or just wait till I put it all out in book form. “Nick’s Compass is Broken” will certainly net me a cool trillion before Nick’s “Orion Compass” makes him a millionaire.

    I just watched someone beat someone else up on the street tonight. No need for any t.v.s around here.

  142. nickeast Says:

    Jeremy Steele is a worthless piece of human excrement. There are absolutely no redeeming qualities in him. He is nothing more than slime.
    Oh, and he’s a total coward hiding behind a keyboard when I’m just waiting to take a swing at him.
    germy? I didn’t fight you that night because I felt sorry for you. You’re soooo pathetic I didn’t have the heart to make you even worse. And I knew you couldn’t afford a drink on your own.

  143. nickeast Says:

    You brought me into this comment section by telling everyone about my phone calls to you! Damn, you must be scared!
    Look, before you go postal and kill a bunch of people, you really should consider getting some help!
    Maybe after we meet again you’ll have no choice.
    You are a coward, and the funny part is that everyone here knows it.

  144. jeremysteele11 Says:

    STOP with the “everyone here knows it” shit you incredibly stupid monkey. You just said that about me being Origen and Cindi being Darrah. The only thing everyone knows at this point is that you’re an idiot! AGAIN, as I’ve said, you can’t answer any of my points. I’ve stated the many reasons why I wanted to kick you ass when I called you out, and you still can answer them. And you lied about why you said you callled and harassed me at 1:15AM last week, after saying you’d let me sleep 15 minutes earlier. Your actions and mind make absolutely no sense and you brought this upon yourself, stupid! There’s no reason for me to go postal or be compared to Steve Driver in spite of how you’ve treated me over the years. If I kill someone it will be you in self-defense following your repeated threats as stated here and elsewhere. And try to keep it in that extremely damaged and inept mind of yours that if/when we meet, it will not be a game, I will fighting as if in a life/death-like situation and I will be aiming the targets on your person which will do that, effectively and ASAP. You have no idea about me or yourself, Nick. If you did, at the very least you’d admit you were wrong to have called and harassed me after you said you’d let me sleep, stupid.

  145. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Yeah, and I’m a coward, that’s why when we were shooting a gangbang at a Jim Powers shoot you ran off to him to complain to him that I just told you I’m gonna kick your ass after we’re done with this shoot. And the fact that I called you out to kick your ass many times means I’m a coward. And gee, why would I want to kick your ass? Maybe it has something to do with all the points which you, still in 2012, won’t answer. I remember Rick Masters telling me how his SISTER beat you up, mistaking you for a drunken vagrant when you were living there and walking into his front yard area. He also told me you were trying to avoid paying rent by hiding in your room, he knocked on your door about it and you didn’t answer, but knowing you were already home he called you and laughed hearing your cell phone ring from inside your room. Then there was the time you knocked his motor bike over and broke the mirror. You never got it fixed or paid for it, finally Rick got it fixed and billed you for it. Amazingly, Nick, while you were badgering me about taking the lie detector test you repeatedly refused to set up, you brought up that you’re gonna ask me about ME breaking Rick’s bike!! And this was already after Rick told me what you did to it! There’s something seriously wrong with your brain, Nick. Your thoughts and actions make no sense whatsoever! Of course you won’t listen because you’re a braindamaged, stupid piece of shit.

    And then Rick Masters kicked you out, and from that point on, referred to you as “douchebag”. You never attempted to kick his ass for that, but you want to find and kick or have some girl kick Darrah’s ass for calling you a “douchebag”.

  146. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Meanwhile, Nick, you’re calling me ‘obsessed’ with you, after calling me out of nowhere at 1AM and onwards, harassing me, etc, and now you’re leaving douchebag comments on my youtube videos:

  147. nickeast Says:

    That’s funny! I just checked my email and no time and place from the coward jermy steals!
    I listened to the Monica tapes of jermy’s voicemails to her and okay, you little piece of human excrement, I’m calling you out. I already saw your apartment complex on the video of your hovel! Ha! You didn’t even hide your marijuana pipe, you loser!

  148. nickeast Says:

    and jermy has security doors on his hovel! None of the other apartments have thick security doors on them. what a pathetic life you have! No friends, slimy, no inheritance, no future. germy’s next place to live will be a dumpster or a tent under an overpass!
    Still, I’m going to find you.
    But until then, I’m going to answer the query asking what I know about jeremy feit and bank fraud!
    You’re a criminal and I can prove it so…
    Checkmate, loser.

  149. nickeast Says:

    One last thing. In that video you said that a lot of guys would say you had a “dream job”! You idiot! A dream job would be a job that pays so well that hotter chicks than porn actresses compete for you! Not a job where people are afraid to shake your broke hand for fear of catching some disease. Hell, the fact that you slimed into the adult industry (by telling some bleeding heart woman that you had a daughter to feed, liar) is actually a lot of why I got out of it. I didn’t want to touch anything that touched you, you slime.

  150. nickeast Says:

    Oh, and leave Rick Masters out of this, please? Stop bringing in other people. You are wrong about everything you’re saying about Rick and I’m sure he’d rather not be connected to you either. Anyone who even knows you ends up regretting it, loser!
    And again, please email me and set up a time and place. I’ll have friends to videotape it and you can too. that way you can make some money selling the video of me knocking your teeth out! Eh, parasite?

  151. nickeast Says:

    One last thing (sorry), I don’t drink and I don’t smoke and I don’t do drugs. My life doesn’t need those things now and I’m in great shape for it!!!
    Oh, don’t forget to get your copy of “The Orion Compass” and friend me on fb under Nick East!

  152. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Again, Nick, your mind is fucked. You harassed me, calling me at 1AM, then following your agreement to let me sleep so I could see what I do about your Darrah drama in the morning, you call me again. You’ve proven to all of us who have read all this that you’re a liar and brain-damaged. There was no reason to harass me if you wanted me to do something about Darrah (which I’m not responsible for), and then you lie saying you called to say you want to fight me, although your two voicemails state your continual asking of me to remove Darrah’s videos in contradiction of your stupid lie.

    Your actions and beliefs make no fucking sense, you piece of shit.

    You want to attack me because you can’t face the facts about what you are… You’re brain-damaged and a piece of shit!

    Points a-i and counting…

    Your mind is fucked.

    Your mind is fucked.

    Your mind is fucked.

    Stop ignoring this.

    Your mind is fucked. This has been proven.

    Stop changing the subject.

    And if you don’t drink smoke or do drugs, I can’t tell because your mind is just as fucked up as it ever was.

  153. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And King Tard of All Time says, “Oh, and leave Rick Masters out of this, please? Stop bringing in other people.”

    You have the audacity of saying this (and me bringing up Rick was to corroborate the point that your a “douchebag”, have been kicked out and are a scumbag), after talking shit about Marci Hirsh, Cindi, Dino Bravo, Dick Nasty, a demon from the underworld you’ve claimed to have met, named Sheol, and whoever else, who have nothing whatsoever to do with my beef with you!

    I guess it’s not possible to teach someone as stupid and resistant to learning as you, but in the meantime, keep proving to everyone else what you refuse to come to terms with… that you’re one of the stupidest pieces of deranged shit in the entire history of porno!

    I’ve clearly proven that you’re to blame for this, lowlife. You have the worst non-logic I’ve ever come across, along with Moronica.

    “You’re a criminal and I can prove it so… Checkmate, loser”.

    Go ahead, stupid. I’m waiting.

  154. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Btw, “THAT’S BECAUSE YOU SELL YOUR ASS ON SANTA MONICA BOULEVARD!!!!” that you once screamed (and later denied saying) is still ringing in my ear. Of course I was selling my ass on Santa Monica Boulevard. I wasn’t home all day therefore I was selling my ass on Santa Monica Boulevard.

    Yes, Nick. This actually happened (what you said I did, that is). You said it, rather SCREAMED it!

    This “logic” of yours, along with the insanely angry emotional content about something that you shouldn’t care about and is none of your business (where I spend my days) exemplies EVERYTHING about you, Nick East. All those points I’ve made about you also prove that YOU… HAVE… BRAIN… DAMAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who in the world would agree with your “logic”?


    Stop changing the subject. Stop changing the subject. STOP changing the subject!

  155. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Oh, and I have a weed pipe on camera, so what stupid? I also have my Medical Marijuana card. Meanwhile, I remember seeing your van littered with crunched, empty beer cans everywhere. You are damn lucky the cops never pulled you over and saw all that, stupid.

    Is it possible to get any dumber than you, Nick? I’m just wondering. All my points prove you’re an idiot. YOU harassed me at 1AM, 1:15AM and from that point it was ON, BITCH! You still can’t explain your insane behavior because there is no rational explanation. You gotta just change the subject and beg for me to fight you. Don’t worry bitch, we’ll see each other again, one day. If you try hard enough I’m sure you will find me.

  156. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And speaking of facebook, Nick, I asked Larry Horse on there who’s dumber, you or Moronica Foster and he’s say you are, and it’s not even close! That’s pretty staggering since she’s called everyone a stalker who’s threatened to kill her, and that LIB is run by the KKK, thinking that making statements like that doesn’t make her look like the total fool she is.

  157. Karmafan Says:

    Jeremy who are you having a conversation with? The last six posts in a row on this thread are by JUST YOU.

    Put the pipe down buddy and go outside. Go have a burger and fries somewhere or go sit in the park and enjoy the sun. This place will still be here when you come back.

  158. jeremysteele11 Says:

    It’s alright, KF. That’s how this game works between me n’ dipshit douchebag. We each shoot off several volleys at once. As for him, he just tries to keep dodging all of mine… dodger dipshit douchefag (nothing to do with mattingly’s team btw).

    Pipe down? Outside? I was about to spank my monkey and get drunky. Just kidding. Actually someone’s got a Kitten’s first birthday celebration, so I plan to be heading out to that…

  159. jet_tits Says:

    @ Meltard: do you really consider writing a series of threatenning, paranoia-driven posts to be a game? All you are doing is, yet again, demonstrating that you are a total nutjob. You are incapable of leaving anything alone, incapable of walking away.

  160. RobfromMarketing Says:

    Pathetically entertaining. Steele is gold because I can’t help but feel embarrassed for him, yet I can’t stop checking back to see him ranting with, himself.

  161. nickeast Says:

    “For example, a person with AS may engage in a one-sided, long-winded speech about a favorite topic, while misunderstanding or not recognizing the listener’s feelings or reactions, such as a need for privacy or haste to leave.”
    -Wikipedia Asperger Syndrome

    Jeremy, please get help. Please?

  162. jet_tits Says:

    @ Nick: Meltard does not have Aspeger syndrome. That is associated with a person’s ability to visually recognize the listener’s feelings. This is an on-line forum, where visual recognition does not exist.

    Meltard does have a lot of real issues, including most obviously paranoid schyzophrenia. He also has issues with his feminine size and his homosexual background.

    That being said, why do you bother with him? Why bother fighting the village idiot? It gets you nothing.

  163. jeremysteele11 Says:

    So we got Roy Garcia’s wife and Roy Garcia Lite attacking me; those who attack no one else but me, in spite of the fact that Nick posts numerous times at once, in spite of the fact that he’s proven he’s an idiot and mentally ill.

    1AM- 3 harassing phone calls. I answer. I plead to be allowed to sleep which I desperately needed. Nick agreed.

    1:15AM Nick calls again. The war is on.

    Any questions or confusions still?

    Anyways, I feel I am about to go back to my vow of silence. Talking to evil and stupidity is like drinking POISON!

    Ta ta.

  164. Fartz Says:


  165. RickMadrid Says:

    Hey you all and I just flew back from FT. Lauderdale/ Hollywood, Hard Rock cafe Concert set last night and tired as “shit” and I have a 5 pm shoot ( 3 some in a Las vegas high rise on a roof). and need to go get some sleep. Is all that Jeremy ranting like that from Alcohol, Drugs, and or loniless? A,B,C,? Please help the guy out so he can go back to work for Kevin @ type 9 models and get …..?? Work??. Too much time on here and Investors for the industry are watching this….. next serious atricle comment…

  166. Roy Garcia_01 Says:

    Germy Steele wrote:

    ‘So we got Roy Garcia’s wife and Roy Garcia Lite attacking me.’

    Who’s Roy Garcia Lite, Germ? You’re losing the last remaining of your mind. Also, I just read this in one of the incoherent rants you posted above:

    ‘I was selling my ass on Santa Monica Boulevard.’

    It’s official: Germy Steele is a gay hooker. It’s good to see you’re finally coming out of the closet and admit that you’re a gay hooker. Don’t worry, nobody holds it against you. A man’s gotta eat.

  167. jeremysteele11 Says:

    You know I never said that, Roypist. As usual, you’re making shit up. Go and re-read what you intentionally misread. Your wife and you are playing the same attack game.

    But now you’ve driven me to despair. You’ll never hear from me again on LIB because I’m gonna end my life. You broke me. I hope you’re both very happy. Goodbye Cruel World.

  168. Roy Garcia_01 Says:

    Germius Steelious,

    Here is what you wrote in comment #155:

    ‘Of course I was selling my ass on Santa Monica Boulevard. I wasn’t home all day therefore I was selling my ass on Santa Monica Boulevard.’

    Clearly, you admitted to turning gay tricks.


    Come on, answer these questions. Fuck you, you fucking fuck.

  169. jeremysteele11 Says:

    No Roypist. The stupid one is you.

    You keep proving how stupid you are and how stupid you have always been, Roy. Do… you… know… what… SAR-CASM… IS? ???????? ?????? ?????

    Of course not. Nor do you know when a nice guy is simply offering to help you type, you stupid, sociopathic douchebag, ra-ping closet fag piece of shit.

    I was merely making fun of another doucebag’s logic, or lack of. Of course, you don’t get it. Of course!

    Goodbye Cruel, Stupid World…

  170. jeremysteele11 Says:

    What’s scary is your wife is even dumber than you are. I thought you two at times were playing dumb. Nope. You’re dumb just as you’re scum.

    This is the ghost of Germy Steelius floating onward into better realms.

    End of transmission.

  171. RobfromMarketing Says:

    So this is the 10th time Jeremy Steele has quit posting on LIB.

  172. nickeast Says:

    I agree that I have nothing to gain by confronting germy steals but ignoring the waste of air didn’t work. Asking to not be associated with him on this blog hasn’t worked. Getting a malicious, damaging webpage deleted hasn’t worked. What’s left? Seriously? What the fuck is left for me to do to get that smear of diarrhea off of me once and for all?
    Germy!! I have never said this to anyone ever before but I wish you would kill yourself. Otherwise I am certain that someday you will take innocent people out with you. And if you need encouragement, just think of how long it will be before anyone misses you enough to check on you! Do us all a favor and die.
    Hoping that did the trick,
    Nick East
    P.s. You should all read my book, “The Orion Compass” because, seriously, if you wrote a book I’d read it!

  173. Roy Garcia_01 Says:

    Come the fuck on, Germius Steelious, you did admit that you’re a gay hooker, now you’re trying to flip-flop and pretend that your written testimony was an attempt at sarcasm?


    Hey Nick, if you have more information about Germy Steele turning gay tricks, share that with us.

  174. Larry Horse Says:

    My thought for the day is that people have paid Steele to fuck, other than yourself, Roy, or your wife in some shell corporation thing or I think Randy West, who the hell has paid you to fuck on screen. And if there are more than three, I bet the total is still less than the late Steve Driver.

  175. jeremysteele11 Says:

    You started this Nick. Stop, with the “What do I have to do to get him off me” shit, you idiot.

    Let me try to break this down to the most basic basics for he who’s light bulb in dimly lit:

    Nick East’s harrassment:

    1:15AM. 4th phone call, following promise to be left alone so I can sleep. War is on.

    Any questions?

    Re: Darrah. She’s got a shit talking post still up about me there, somewhere. I don’t care. But the point us, I’m not responsible for what she has up there about you. She is. You are. I’m not. And there’s nothing I could do anyway, even if I wanted to. And the fact that you harassed me guaranteed I would do the opposite of getting rid of that story. Now I’ll just remind everyone of it:

    Any questions?

    Stop acting like you’re too cool to learn anything.
    You cause havock with people because you’re stupid and insane. And you have what you think is a clever excuse for your literally insane and stupid behavior, but it ain’t. You’re a fool. Re-read what I’ve posted, dummy.

    I have no need or itch to take innocent people out. Considering all your audacious behavior, it’s amazing no one’s taken you out, yet. You’re not innocent. You’re guitly of all of this bullshit mess. You started it.

    If you were a business you’d have a huge complaint list that you’d claim you don’t need to read because you’d insist that all of the complainers are named Sid, and live in Amsterdam, and thus this proves their complaints are warrantless. No Nick, you’re a nutjob who’s too stupid to see how crazy he is.

    Holy shit, Nick. You’re pathetic beyond words to describe. Stop peddling your book, you stupid loser. You look like a jackass everytime you do, plus you’ve demonstrated how your mind works.

    I think they’d sooner order Dumb Ass Frank’s “Pimping Ain’t Easy” book, before yours. In fact, you two must be about neck and neck in sales, in spite of the fact that his title sounds possibly interesting (before you look at the cover) and is from planet Earth.

    I had to finish with a cool 11th time, Rob, thanks.

    Glad to be leaving this dimension behind.

    Beam me up, Scotty.

    End of transmission.

  176. jeremysteele11 Says:

    P.S. Nick. You just can’t be treating people like shit and abusing them… I remember once when Mr. Poontalk was over, in the living room. You walked up to him because of a story you heard in the news where someone committed some kind of crime. You walked up to Mr. Poontalk and yelled at him in a loud, disrespectful and threatening snarl that, “You do that to me, I’ll kill you!”, to which his response was, “I’ll fuck you up”, where-as you jumped back, startled. lol. You’re too stupid to understand what’s fucked-up about your behavior. Then there was the time when you were bringing some girl over and banging her, she was cheating on her boyfriend with you, as you told me. And you yelled at me that you’d “kill” me if I tell any one about it. My response was “FUCK YOU, You piece of shit! You don’t fucking talk to me like that!” You just don’t get it. You don’t talk to be people like that, bitch, and yell at someone like they’re guilty of something when they’re not, stupid asshole! Do the world a favor and kill yourself! It’s too bad your not a foreigner in a foreign land, and can be labeled “enemy combatant” because I’d join the armed forces just to go after You! Unfortunately, killing you, otherwise, is illegal.

  177. MonicaFoster Says:

    This Jeremy Steele performance on youtube should be illegal:

    Why are you asking people to “tickle your sphincter”? Is that your new theme song you’ll be using when you sell your ass on Santa Monica? I thought that rumor wasn’t true…

  178. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I’d say something sarcastic like “Oh you got me. This proves I sell my ass on Santa Monica and like it up the yinyang”, but a few buffoons would take me as seriously as Darrah would.

    Patterns… patterns… brain-damaged, malicious childish idiots going to all my youtube videos, leaving stupid comments. What’s with the obsession?

    It was actually the KKK that made me do it, Moronica. You know, the ones who secretly run LIB, like you said.

    Hmmm… Patterns… patterns… I’ve said to both Nick East and Moronica that I’ve always been nice to them… Hmmm… think…. hmmm… patterns, patterns… why? Hmmm. Oh, yeah, that’s because you’re both brain-damaged idiots, I’m a mental magnet and I WAS always nice to the both of you.

    Hmm… patterns… patterns.. let’s see the comparisons, shall we?

    Moronica Fosturd School of Logic:

    A. When someone has issue with your insults and tells you to take them down accuse them of STALKING and HARASSMENT, not only of yourself, but every other woman and performer in the industry.

    B. Make more enemies in porn faster than Mel Gibson in a sin-a-gogue. Accuse all manufactured enemies of stalking and threatening to kill you.

    C. Refuse to listen to reason.

    D. Avoid points made by those you attack which prove you’re wrong, and instead attack more and make up more shit. Then proudly declare yourself victorious.

    Hmmm. Patterns… patterns…. Hmmmmmmmmm Think REALLY hard (to no avail) as Moronica does.

    Nick East school of logic.

    A. Demand, like a jealous lover, to know, in complete, wretched anger, where your roommate has been all day. When he asks “What do you care”, declare “A-HA!”, that this proves he’s been walking on Santa Monica Boulevard selling his ass!

    B. Discover that someone busted your van window and stole your video camera. If your roommate helps you clean up the broken glass declare that this is only because he feels guilty for having done it and this thus proves he’s guilty of the vandalism. And if he doesn’t help clean up the broken glass declare that it’s because only a person who’d vandalize and break his window would not offer to help!

    C. Refuse to listen to reason.

    D. Avoid points made by those you attack which prove you’re wrong, and instead attack more and make up more shit. Then proudly declare yourself victorious.

    Hmmm… patterns… patterns… proving that porn indeed attracts a few losers who have severe mental and emotional issues, are unethical, crazy, stupid, can’t get a real job or have a healthy relationship with anyone!

  179. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Another thing you two morons have in common.

    I remember when Nick was all but foaming at the mouth when he once screamed at me: “I HATE _ _ _ _ _ _ S!!!!!!!!”

    Meanwhile, on another LIB thread, Moronica is currently decrying those “bunch of old ass WHITE DUDES”

    And The MoFo has found Jesus, but Jesus says “Stay away from me crazy woman!”

    And Nick claims to speak to guardian angels.

    But really, what kind of “angels” are these you two think you’re talking to?

    You both may very well be in need of an exorcism!

    “O demon of deafness and dumbness, I command you to come out of this child and enter him no more” – Jesus

    If ever there were two fools who are truly deaf and dumb, look no further than in your respective mirrors, Nick and Moronica!


  180. Karmafan Says:

    Sounds like the 2 of them need to put their tin foil hats back on.

  181. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And btw, Monica, Jesus was a WHITE DUDE!

  182. nickeast Says:

    Whatever happened to that pic of germy in the bi-sexual movie he did? I bet I could find it.
    He whipped his tiny wart filled baby penis out in front of Monica pathetically trying to seduce her.
    He WAS on methadone when I met him. so was his girlfriend at the time. I videotaped her high and that’s why he stole the video camera.
    Anyone who has a legitimate story showing what a piece of whale vomit germy is gets attacked by him preemptively as a means of self preservation.
    The enemy of my enemy is by default my friend. So… Anyone who hates germy steals is by default awesome in my book!!!!!
    Oh, and I hear it’s difficult to get a copy of my book? Well, just go to and they’ll be happy to hook you up!!!

  183. nickeast Says:

    As a matter of fact it was aliester crowley who showed it to me in the first place. (The picture of germy in the bisexual movie). he was worried that if he got into porn that he’d have to do the things germy had to do. He asked me if I had to do them and I told him I hadn’t.

  184. jeremysteele11 Says:


    D. Avoid points made by those you attack which prove you’re wrong, and instead attack more and make up more shit. Then proudly declare yourself victorious.

    example: 1:15AM: 4th phone call, after Nick was told I desperately needed sleep after a long week with very little of it. Now he cries I’m “harassing” him.

    example: “He whipped his tiny wart filled baby penis out in front of Monica pathetically trying to seduce her.”

    Your lies are not always hard to disprove, Nick:

    “He WAS on methadone when I met him. so was his girlfriend at the time.”

    Hey retard. She was. I never was. I never shot heroin, so had no need. Another example of the Nick East School of Logic: You said because I used to hide in my room (to be the fuck away from you) that I was therefore shooting up. This is right up there in terms of genius along with your I wasn’t home all day, therefore I was selling my ass on Santa Monica Blvd theory. And of course, all your theories to you are facts.

    Why don’t you just come clean yourself, Nick? Your brain don’t work right. I predicted from the beginning you’d ignore all my points. Nothing’s changed.

    This is about you harassing me at 1AM and 1:15! You started this dummy.

    As soon as you can make any sense I’ll buy your next copy of “The Orion Compass” by MST all about talking angels, Deadhead concerts and soulmates!

    In lieu of point C. (Will not listen to reason), come on dead-head. Put up or shut up! Prove I’m a criminal and all your yadda yadda bullshit. And I’m sure everyone’s still dying to hear you rant you promised about Marci Hirsh blacklisting you, dummy.

  185. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I have several answers for this comment:

    “The enemy of my enemy is by default my friend. So… Anyone who hates germy steals is by default awesome in my book!!!!!”

    a. Oh, no. Not another book by Nick East.

    b. You got a great new friend by the name of Moronica Fosturd. You two have lots in common. However if her enemies are also your enemies you’d better hide, just like she is in Nevada.

    c. What if I hate myself? Would you be my friend? I hate myself at times when I think of how nice and patient I was with dipshits like you. Now I avoid mental cases like lepers. I have absolutely no sympathy for or patience with scumbag mental cases like yourself. The first sign of trouble and I make like a tree and branch off.

    d. As soon as you can provide proof that I’m germy or steal, I’ll buy your next copy of “The Orion Compass”- proof of your mental ineptitude, craziness and bad and boring prose.

    And that gay, effeminite voice of yours is still ringing in my ear when you kept proclaiming, “Hey, I wrote a book. I’m gonna be a millionaire!”

  186. jeremysteele11 Says:

    “Whatever happened to that pic of germy in the bi-sexual movie he did? I bet I could find it.”

    I remember you said to me once you found a picture of a gay movie I’m in on searchextreme. No stupid, that’s a fetish movie where my ass got paddled, called “Mandingo Mistress” shot by the late Ron Sullivan. So I was wearing a jock strap. Wow. More proof of your horrible mental gymnastics.
    (and that old email of mine listed there hasn’t worked in many years and I have never been aka Jeremy Iron)

    And what does all this have to do with your harassment, calling me at the wee hours of the morning when I said I need sleep?

    “Anyone who has a legitimate story showing what a piece of whale vomit germy is gets attacked by him preemptively as a means of self preservation.”

    No, stupid, you’re denying my point D. (about avoiding points) about you and Moronica. That’s why you won’t answer any of my points and keep saying more stupid shit as a diversion.

    I could’ve had sex with 100 year OLD gay lepers. This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that YOU harassed ME at 1AM and 1:15AM and started this, DUMMY!

  187. jeremysteele11 Says:

    “As a matter of fact it was aliester crowley who showed it to me in the first place. (The picture of germy in the bisexual movie). he was worried that if he got into porn that he’d have to do the things germy had to do. He asked me if I had to do them and I told him I hadn’t.”

    As a matter of fact, in contradiction of your matter of lies, Michael Joe Blow Aliester Crowley Tierney hated you after you came over, left his front door open 3 fucking times (even though we told you twice to stop doing it), causing his cat to run out into the snow and causing him and I a lot of fury, as he didn’t find it till the next day. This is how you made your acquaintance with him. You woke him up screaming at me for not cooking you breakfast while you were still sleeping as a guest in his place. I’m the one who got him in the business so there was never any need to talk to you, you piece of stupid shit!

    Your so stupid with your many lies and acts of complete idiocy. After leaving the door open in snowy Vegas the third time in a row you claimed you had shut it the last time and thus are not blamed for the cat disappearing. I know I never left it open, nor did Michael.

    You’re truly stupid beyond belief. Was your mother on drugs, Nick, before she bore you? Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?

    The evidence that you and MoFo are fucked up in head is abundant and crystal clear. You fools are in serious denial!

  188. Larry Horse Says:

    I was told to say that Monica and Nick are both crazy. Monica is still hot. They ever shoot together. Maybe Nick shot a load of crazy into Monica or Monica’s juices went right to Nick’s brain.

  189. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Thanks for your help, Larry. I appreciate it 😐

  190. jet_tits Says:

    There is only one nutjob melting down about a late night phonecall. Maybe next time Mr. Paranoia will simply just turn off his little phone.

  191. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Academys… and el Blimpo is just cruising around below Hollywood, killin’ time at the moment.

    Have you seen The Turd’s website or video picture of her dumb blank eyes next to a big Jesus cross? Lord, have mercy! Those big, white, blank, dumb, crazy evil eyes…. Say “Duuurrrrrr!” and put on a Steve Driver look of cerebral well-endowment.

    When you look in those eyes you realize it’s not possible to get anything through to her… A real angel would say, “No, Monica. Saying LIB is run by the KKK is not a good idea. It just makes you look dumb. Don’t let them know the truth”.

    Nick and MoFo are so dumb, maybe they’re posessed by malevolent disembodied spirits that leaped in. I can’t fathom or explain such levels of dumbness.

  192. goatlord Says:

    Referring to Nick yelling out that your “selling your ass out on Santa Moncia blvd” in front of your neighbors…Ive had my friends say much worse in public to me in front of others. Heres 2 examples:

    -One of my male friends, when leaving my place, would turn to me and yell “SEE YOU LATER, THANKS FOR THE BLOWJOB!!”

    -In high school, about 200 kids mingling outside a movie theatre. I drive up beside the kids and my passenger spots our friend Paul who his talking to some girls. We yell out a “hello” to Paul, he smiles, starts walking over, then my friend yells “HOWS THE HERPES? ARE THE SORES GOING AWAY?” “HOWs THE HERPES, PAUL???!!!”

    Its just friends busting each other choppers. Embarrassing yes, but relatively harmless and some funny memories looking back

  193. jeremysteele11 Says:

    That was not the situation, Goatlord. You have no idea. He was yelling it psychotically furious and loud about it. Amazingly, he later denied saying it and instead said, “I said ‘You and I are whores”…. Can you say “Dain Bramaged”? He’s done this more times than I can remember, as well. Fucked up a date I had x 2. Something seriously loco in the cabesa.

  194. goatlord Says:

    Im really shocked to hear this about Nick. He looks so innocent, boyish and harmless in the movies.

    He looks like a quiet guy, not this raving manaic. For chrissakes, hes a deadhead, he’s supposed to be peaceful and mellow!

    I think Nick and Tim Lake liked the wacky tabacky

    Nick East probaly likes gummy bears and poprocks

  195. RobfromMarketing Says:

    Going for 12 I suppose.

  196. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Yeah I was shocked about Nick, Sophia (well, I knew she wasn’t all there, but…), Moronica (I knew she wasn’t all there but…), Tara Akinloser, and a few others who turned out to be really dumb and malicious psycho-nuts who can’t be reasoned with no matter how hard you desperately try. But, as Sophia has labeled it, that’s the “Wonderful world of porn” for ya… Twilight Retard Zone, episode after episode, season after season. And getting pussy from crazies is never worth it. Talk about cautionary tail… But I thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christopherson that I survived and no longer have roommates!

    I’m about to quit this crackpipe called LIB, now, for the 12th time. Thanks, RobfromIdontwannatellyoumarketing…

  197. nickeast Says:

    I DO love gummy bears!!!! But lets be serious, you get more bang out of the gummy worms, right? Don’t care for pop rocks though.
    So thank you all for making me laugh my ass off this morning!!!
    Yes, I used to poke germy with a stick every chance I could because he had and has absolutely NO sense of humor. When I said he has Aspergers Syndrome I wasn’t joking. Look it up people!!!
    When I met him he wore a burger king t-shirt (I know, germy, tell them what the shirt really was) to an awards show to show his ?????? I don’t know what the point was supposed to be, but he looked like scum.
    So I, like others, tried to help him act normal, but got bitten in the ass for it (just like the others).
    germy asks for people to “prove” he’s a thief.
    People? That is his greatest accomplishment. Nobody can PROVE anything. He is a thief, but he’s good at it. The only proof I have is Occam’s Razor. However, that is enough proof for me!
    Oh, and one time he entered my bedroom (thinking I wasn’t home) and started rummaging through my things while I watched him from under my sheets until I calmly asked him what he was doing in my room. That incident happened before things began disappearing or else I would have addressed the situation much differently at that time.

  198. jeremysteele11 Says:

    HO- LEE – SHI’ITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nick East has got to be the dumbest person on Earth, in the history of planet Earth… it’s one thing for you to be crazy, Nick, but look at the shit you say!

    Unlike you, I actually address your points, in spite of how stupid they are, while you ignore all mine again and again. This is the point I made about how you ignore what I say, make more shit up and declare yourself victorious, while all it simply proves is that I’m right! Imagine you were in court and you never answered the other side’s arguments and evidence? Who’d win, stupid?

    Addressing your last point first. This shit is hilarious, it’s so stupid. You say I entered your bedroom and started rummaging through your things while you watched me from under your sheets….

    Uh…. Nick…. Earth to Orion, do you read me? Over!

    You might be skinny, but you’re not THAT skinny. That’s the stupidest thing you’ve said, yet. I didn’t see you under your sheets?

    You keep altering the story that you altered to begin with. You told Tony Tedouchie that I walked into your room once, thinking you weren’t home. Now you’re adding that you were under the sheets and I didn’t notice you?


    Seriously. Is there any brain out there that can be donated to Nick East? The one he has is highly defective!

    What happened you stupid douchebag was, I went to my kitchen area looking for my hammer which I had in a certain drawer, discovered it wasn’t there, realized that yet again, you’ve “borrowed” something without asking and then didn’t have the decency or soundness of mine to return it. I went to your door, knew you were in there (In fact it wasn’t quiet so I HEARD you in there, stupid), I KNOCKED on your door, and then one second later opened it, about to mouth off at you for taking shit of mine without asking it and not returning it. You started screaming to not ever open your door and my response was I don’t care, where the fuck is my hammer? I gave you a 1/2 second to prepare yourself in case you were jerking off. You then told me you borrowed my hammer and it must still be in your van, which it was. You fucking moron! You borrow my hammer and leave it in your van after you’re done with it!

    Come on Nicky Poo. WHY THE FUCK WOULD I KNOCK if I wanted to rummage through your smelly, dirtbag room filled with nothing but empty beer cans and your computer? ALSO, YOU ALWAYS LOCK YOUR DOOR WHEN YOU’RE NOT HOME! HELL-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO???????????????????????

    It’s impossible to wake you up, Nick. You’re just completely resistant to common sense and reality.

    Ho- Lee Shit, Nick! Seriously!

    And you say I have no sense of humor. No fool. You have no sense, period! I’ve already displayed on LIB, alone, that I have a sense of humor. Having one requires enough wit about the world, and is required in order to cope with the pangs of life and fuck-ups like you who persistently cause innocent people mayhem and harm. I remember times when I’ve said things that were either harmless, humorous and/or well-intentioned and you’d scream at me like I just insulted you! You and I keep proving again and again and again that your mind is not working right. How do you hide under the sheets that I don’t see you, stupid? It’s one thing to hide your pencil dick in your pants but that’s quite a stretch that only a highly defective imagination could drum up!

    Nick said: “germy asks for people to “prove” he’s a thief.”

    Hey stoopid, I don’t ask “people” for anything. YOU are the one who said YOU have PROOF I am a thief, bank robber, and all that other bullshit. YOU SAID YOU CAN PROVE IT AND WHAT DO YOU SAY NOW? Occam’s Razor (Interesting, because that was mentioned by Clark Baker in my interview of him here on LIB), which means it is the requirement of the accuser to prove his accusations, not the accused to prove he’s innocent.

    And what does your “That’s enough proof for me” consist of? Examples, again, include:

    a. Seeing in your imagination that I was smiling when I supposedly told you over the phone that your van window on the street, as discovered at day time, was broken.

    b. “Knowing” I broke your van window because I didn’t help you clean up the broken glass.

    c. “Knowing” that “Everyone knows” I’m Origen and that Cindi is Darrah, despite that solid evidence that this notion is patently absurd.

    d. “Knowing” I shoot up heroin because I’d hide in my room to be the fuck away from you!

    e. “Knowing” I’m selling my ass on Santa Monica Blvd. because I haven’t been home all day (to be the fuck away from you)!

    Hey, I understand, such conclusions are “proof enough” for you, stupid.

    And speaking of sense of humor, one has to really have none to not laugh at how mind-blowingly stupid you are.

    There is nothing else to call your absurdity of mind and behavior other than “Nick East Syndrome”. According to Larry Horse it indicates a level of idiocy greater even than Monica Fosteritus.

    Yeah, and I used to have a t-shirt that looked like BK, but said “Booty King”, with a brutha in a pimp hat, and posing hoes. Let’s just say that was part of my “Germy Steelius” pornstar jackass schtick for a while around the time Mr. Poontalk/Porn Star For Rent was shooting me and others in a documentary.

    And it’s been over 7 years since that project began. The prelude project he kept saying is almost done for years still hasn’t been completed either. I wonder what it would take for him to come to terms with himself and that has serious issues himself.


    This all blew up of late because you harassed me. Let me try to explain again to your highly damaged mind:

    Let’s say you were in love with some girl. You call her at 1AM asking her to marry you. She tells you you just woke her up from some much needed sleep she was in the midst of, that she has to get up early and needs desperately to get back to sleep so you say ok. Then you call back 15 minutes later DEMANDING she give you an answer, yes or no! Well, guess what, moron? You’ve guaranteed that you fucked up whatever possibility you had of attaining your goal. Get it? Of course, you don’t. Because you’re NICK EAST, THE DUMBEST ASSHOLE ON EARTH!

    And your lie that you called to kick my ass as an excuse is more proof of your stupidity. You already left two voicemails (which I’ve transcribed on this thread) asking me to get Darrah to take her “Nick East is a Douchebag” thread on Porn Star Babylon down. You say and do stupid shit and instead of coming to terms with that fact you avoid it by coming up with idiotic excuses for your behavior that make no sense and prove your a liar!

    Keep laughing, stupid, but the jokes on you and the joke IS you!

  199. Lucky Starr Says:

    Honey Badger, what did we talk about?

  200. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I know, but I can’t help but respond. This is becoming funny at this point. Look at this shit! He was hiding under the sheets, he says. It would’ve been more clever for him to say he painted himself the color of the wall to camouflage himself and was waiting for me to sneak in and steal his weed pipe.

    Even Sophia Mounds on two bottles of wine and a bag of blow knows this is crazy.

    I’m in a good mood now. I got hired help knocking down and soundproofing my bedroom wall.

  201. jet_tits Says:

    Cuckold, even your owner has identified the problem is your innability to let things go. You were the one who refused to turn your phone off, now you are the one looking (yet again) like the crazy person.

  202. MonicaFoster Says:

    I can vouch for the thievery. I loaned Steele a pair of my sunglasses and he never returned them or even offered too. Fortunately I can let things go.

    By the way – I’m reading the screenplay to Nick East’s book The Orion Compass – it’s quite good so far.

  203. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Thievery, Moronica? I would’ve gladly given those women’s sunglasses back to you, but you started attacking me for responding to Mercedes Ashley’s attacks, which was none of your business, and from the point on, viciously insulting me and relabeling our interview by calling me various epithets (and what’s the cost of that compared to cheap sunglasses?). Of course, my attempts to have you remove or change it resulted in you putting up a youtube calling me a “stalker” (as you’ve also called many) who harrases women. How do you live with yourself, MoFo? Seriously. LIB is run by the KKK? I’ll mail your sunglasses back to you if you could kindly remove your “stalker” references on the internet. How the fuck do you call me stalker for having issue with your insults and attacks? And my voicemails are what lead Roypist Garcia’s wife to call me “Meltard” and say I’m the crazy looking one. Funny how she hasn’t criticized one thing Nick has said, uh-huh. And Roy is innocent of all those movies he mailed to starlets’ boyfriends and parents. They just made the accusation up from all different times and places. That’s why Chelsea Romero tries to hurt me, even though we’ve never met.

    Why does porn attract evil and imbeciles?

    “SCREENPLAY” of Nick’s book? That’s even funnier and dumber than your LIB/KKK concoction.

    Btw, Nick, although you say you’re off alcohol and drugs, you’ll still as fucked-up in the head as ever.

    In the book “50 Signs Of Mental Illness” by James Whitney Hicks, M.D., I happened to turn randomly (seemingly like divination) to p. 173: “Drug Abuse Can Be Confused with Other Mental Illnesses… When drugs or alcohol are abused over a longer period of time, over days to months, then there are additional effects. Drugs and alcohol have a poisoning effect on the brain, leading to a whole range of psychiatric problems that are described elsewhere in this book, such as anxiety, depression, mania, memory loss, and psychosis.”

    I know you think mental illness is just somehing “other” people suffer from, remember you told me your doctor told me you need to stop drinking or you’ll die. You also told me your asshole used to have diarrhea all the time. That means your sick, not just physically, but mentally. Nutrionally deprived. The bottom line is you’re just a piece of shit (smelled like it, too) and the sooner you can come to terms with it, the better.

    You suffer from serious mental problems Nick, including memory loss, false memory recall, mania, psychosis and pitifully horrible reasoning skills.

  204. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And, really, assholes, you shit-talking moronic scum really think your opinions and viper attacks are gonna phase me? And what if write a fucking novel? Some are worth reading… and writing. But I can’t expect certain fools to appreciate what something like that might be worth, as opposed to a 90 minute Hollywood depiction of it with the biggest names in it.

    So, while I’m at, Nick, let me just point out that, regardless of the causes of your mental illnesses, you really ARE a lowlife piece of shit…

    I remember this particular piece more than once, because for some reason, that damaged piece of mind of yours had the habit of repeating the same thing over and over, as if I hadn’t heard you the first, second, third, fourth times, and so forth…

    That one you loved to repeat about the enlarged picture of a man falling from one of the WTC towers, he was falling headdown, the p.o.v. was to his side. You kept saying in your nasal effeminite “ahhh” whine, “Look, he’s doing the riverdance, da-dah-dah-dah-dah…. look, the riverdance, he’s doing the riverdance.”, because his legs were semi-crossed as he was in the process of his fall.

    No, bitch-hole. Someone should’ve thrown you off the WTC once so you could’ve done the riverdance on the way down.

    Of course I was born on the worse day in American history. Yeah, I’m from NY, uncle is FDNY, I knew a guy who signed my H.S. yearbook who died that day, etc. etc…

    Go Fuck Your Mother, the addict that bore ya!

  205. jet_tits Says:

    Meltard, is all this anger from you simply because Nick wrote a book that is well received, while you write million word hijack posts that nobody really reads?

  206. jeremysteele11 Says:

    “Well received” by Moronica translates into something entirely different to anyone else, unless it’s a bogus, political proclamation; and what a pitiful thing to have such affiliations with such a low and crazed entity. I’ve already explained a few reasons I’m upset but since you admit to not really reading it that would help explain your constant sleights of reason and observation. Why don’t you try a variation once in a while, like “Hundred Thousand Word Rant I Haven’t Really Read But Am Passing Judgement On” comment or something? You’ve said million more than Carl Sagan at this point. You don’t even have a million brain cells. In fact, you were such a pathetic loser in life you had to marry that scumbag Roypist so to have your meal ticket while he goes off Royping the day away.

    (Pat, pat on the noggin) Good little dipshit earning her mealticket from the Roypist.

  207. nickeast Says:

    Yeah, booty king! that was it!!! That was the t-shirt!
    You are a joke, germy! or should I say, booty king?
    Wore it to an awards show!!!! With gay boots (have fun with that one, booty king).
    I guess it’s time to ask someone for your address and see you in person. You really shouldn’t have said anything about my mother.
    Oh, and Lucky? People look at you funny because of your association with germy steals. You are known by the company you keep, so in case nobody else has told you this? You really look bad because of your affiliation with that scum. I just feel sorry for you.

  208. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Yeah, moron. How could I have forgotten all the times you called my Harley Davidson boots “fag boots”? I’ve instructed you to go up to a biker and say how gay his boots are. Oh is Nicky Poo mad? Go read all my reasons for being mad with you. You keep saying more shit but never answering mine. Thanks for proving I’m right, yet again, dummy. Seriously, what drugs was your momma on? I’m trying to understand why your brain is so amazingly fucked up. Unlike you I don’t need to make shit up to try and seem triumphant. Go look for me, Nick. I’m sure you’ll find me at some place, function or another. I’m not hiding. You should’ve never tried to fuck with me over and over and over and over, Nick, bitch, stupid shit. FUCK YOU and YOUR MOMMA! She should’ve used birth control and done herself and the world a favor. I’m gonna riverdance on your face, fagtard.

  209. jeremysteele11 Says:


    (repeat this message on auto-play, yet this will still never sink in for poor witless Nick).

    And if anyone can demonstrate how Nick is right and I am wrong, I’ll give you my phone number and address to give to him so the silly bitch can harass me more and find me.

  210. RobfromMarketing Says:

    13th* —

    Lucky what do you see in this guy?

  211. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I’m handsome, witty, charming and above average in length.

    And stupid Nick, stop pulling Moronica moves of avoiding all my points while having the audacity of making up shit ‘n insults as an evasion tactic.

    Apparently this has been your M.O. you’re whole idiotic life. That helps explain why you’re so extremely stupid.

  212. MonicaFoster Says:

    I just finished Nick East’s screenplay of “The Orion Compass” and I was AMAZED! Nick’s screenplay truly is a gift from Jesus Christ and God – the story is a complete game changer and has forever altered my perspective.

    Jeremy is DEFINITELY VERY JEALOUS of Nick – as he should be. Nick is a phenomenon – his work is powerful.

  213. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Bah-ha! Thanks for the laughs, MoFo. Of course you were amazed. You two have lots in common.

    That’s a BOOK he wrote, NOT a screenplay! A screenplay would be a movie adaptation. Maybe you should do that instead of the Queen of the Damned movie you were gonna have me in (remember that project you asked me to play Lestat and fuck you in, until you decided, being the Jesus lover you are, to lie and say I harassed you because you wouldn’t have me in your movie?)

    I asked you why you had the audacity to call me a “stalker” and harasser of Women (plural), past and present just because I had issue with your insults and relabeling the youtube interview you did of me.

    And just like you, Nick is a phenomenon, MoFo. Both of you never answer any of my points which prove you’re both crazy idiots the like that no one has ever experienced before. That’s why he says I’m to blame for Darrah’s post (which called him a doucehbag for threatening to beat up Luke Ford for publicizing Nick’s threats of violence).

    Threats of violence, Moronica. He also wants to have a girl beat of Darrah. Is that what Jesus would do, Moronica?

    A gift from Jesus and God? Is that why Nick, according to Larry Horse, is much dumber than even you, Moronica?

    Do you agree Moronica that I am responsible for Darrah’s 2008 post calling Nick East a douchebag because of his threat to Luke Ford for not deleting my challenge to fight Nick in a legal porn sponsored UFC fight with gear and rules?????????? Is this the man and the mind that I’m jealous of? Please explain because I just don’t understand, MoFo. Please, please, please, please explain…. Hurry, Jesus is coming soon so please explain before the world ends.

  214. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Typical dialogue between me and Nick/Moronica:

    JS: “You said a., but you also said/did b. which contradicts a.

    Nick/Moronica: “You know Jeremy is the kind of person who was never loved in life, has Napolean complex, is just jealous, is 4 foot 2, blah, blah”

    JS: “You’ve completely ignored my points which prove you’re wrong/crazy/stupid/lying.”

    Nick/Moronia: “You know Jeremy is the kind of person who would sell his sister’s ass so he can go buy crack and a bottle of Colt45 at the local liquor store.”

    JS: “You’re still ignoring my points, and all the others I’ve made in response to your additional dozen items of bullshit. Why won’t you ever simply respond?”

    Nick/Moronica: “You’re just jealous…”

    Wow. What a dialogue.

  215. jeremysteele11 Says:

    You know, if Nick and Moronica were in The Wizard of Oz, the Wizard would have to hand out THREE brains!

  216. jeremysteele11 Says:

    correction: that should read beat ‘UP’, whoops (“He also wants to have a girl beat of Darrah. Is that what Jesus would do, Moronica?”)

  217. nickeast Says:

    Hey booty king!
    1. You call me, asking me to fight you in a ring. I say no, I want absolutely no connection to you because you are scum and I am embarrassed to let anyone know you even know me. besides, you’re too small.
    2. YOU call Luke Ford and he posts the challenge on the internet. WTF!!!! Why would you do that? And also, why would Luke post it? Bullying at its finest!
    3. I tell Luke that you’re both being bullies and that I’m going to mess him up on the way to messing you up since I get a kick out of bully busting!!!
    4. Luke is a coward and pulls the post. BUT he died one of the thousand deaths cowards die and so he sent my voicemail to GERMY.
    5. Germy posts it himself and posts my voicemail to Luke. WTF!!! Is anyone paying attention?
    6. As I’m thinking it’s all in the past, I find a post by Darrah which speaks of the situation HOW MANY YEARS LATER? And it’s still there!!!
    7. I call germy and after he hangs up I realize there is still more that I need to say to him so I call him back. He doesn’t answer, so I keep trying because I am pissed off.
    8. The next day I find that the coward is hiding behind LIB saying mean things about me ONLINE! How did my phone calls lead to dirty laundry being displayed ONLINE! How is this cyberbullying even legal?
    9. Look up Occam’s Razor, germy. Your proof of YOUR stupidity is obvious in your posts.
    10. Monica read my SCREENPLAY! You fucking idiot, never thought I’d write the movie version of my book? But remember how she and I are both racists!!! Just one of all of the lies you post.
    If anyone would like me to email them a copy of my screenplay just hit me up! I’d be happy to oblige.
    11. If Luke Ford sees me and he doesn’t run, I’m going to have a good time. If germy sees me and he doesn’t run, I’m going to have a great time!
    Watch your back, germy!

  218. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Stupid people really get on my nerves. Liars really piss me off. Crazy people drive me nuts. So guess how Moronica and Nick East make me feel?

    Come on Nicky Poo, where are you? I would like to once more address this idiotic statement you made, which you’ve still refused to reply to (Maybe even YOU are starting to see how absurd it is?…)

    Nick East said:

    “Oh, and one time he entered my bedroom (thinking I wasn’t home) and started rummaging through my things while I watched him from under my sheets until I calmly asked him what he was doing in my room. That incident happened before things began disappearing or else I would have addressed the situation much differently at that time.”

    First of all, how does your damaged mind not remember how you SCREAMED at me the second I opened your door (after I knocked, in regards to you stealing or “borrowing” my shit without returning it)?

    You claim now you were hiding under the sheets watching me, where I didn’t see you, you were CALM about me suddenly coming into your room after knocking?

    Does that make sense, in addition to me not seeing you, that you’d be CALM about me suddenly opening your door?

    Man, you couldn’t get a rubik’s cube right if all the sides were one color!

    You saw me smiling through the phone! You saw me shooting up inside my room! You know I was selling my ass on Santa Monica Boulevard because I wasn’t home all day!

    Oh yeah, Monica I’m jealous. I wanna be Nick. I want to make threats of violence to women, meat puppets and journalists while talking about I converse with and am guided by angels!

  219. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Holy shit, Nick. Wow. Again, stupidity at it’s finest.

    The crux of this latest issue between us revolves around your point 7: “I call germy and after he hangs up I realize there is still more that I need to say to him so I call him back. He doesn’t answer, so I keep trying because I am pissed off.”


    You called me at 1AM bitching about an old post by Darrah. I told you you woke me up from some much needed sleep I desperately needed because I was working very long days all week and had very little of it. I had no energy or ability to talk and asked you to please let me sleep and said I’ll see what I can do about it in the morning. You cheerfully said, “Ok, pal”, agreed to leave me alone and hung up.

    Then you call me back 15 minutes later!

    At that point, you were harassing me. NO ONE FUCKS WITH MY SLEEP! NO BITCH LIKE YOU IS GONNA ‘MESS’ WITH ME LIKE YOU SAID YOU WOULD! And after that, YOU call ME “cyberbullying”?????????????




    You harassing me made no sense, you stupid piece of shit.

    Darrah called you ‘douchebag’ (as Rick Masters, who kicked you out, after you moved out of my place, did) because you threatened Luke Ford with violence. That’s her opinion. I am not responsible for it. She also has some stupid piece up about me calling me a liar about claiming to know a girl who faked suicide.

    I challenged you to a fight because of many reasons. Just a few of them include:

    a. Telling everyone I broke your van window and stole your video camera based on no evidence (Your evidence you now say is that I was “smiling” through the phone when I told you this and that I didn’t help you clean up the broken glass)

    b. Telling everyone I’m selling my ass on Santa Monica Blvd.

    c. Telling everyone I sell drugs and am a heroin addict.

    d. Having my girlfriend in your room behind closed doors and making up a story that you caught me on and asking her why I’d be doing that.

    e. Your behavior during our Vegas trip on our way to Joe Blow’s place.

    f. You screaming at me while I had two girls over for no sensible reason.

    g. You screaming psychotically and loud outside the front door for the neighbors to hear that I sell my ass on Santa Monica Blvd.

    h. Owing me several hundred dollars rent.

    i. Saying I married a girl to get her a green card which if true could put me (and whoever I supposedly married) in jail for a long time, I’d presume. And why? Because I or my “homeless friends” (another reason to kick your ass. They were very cool people) supposedly broke your van window parked on the street. The “evidence” being, well we know the story… idiot!

    j. Telling people I bounce checks, commit bank fraud and a bunch of other nonsense.

    I have more than enough reasons Nick to want to fight you. And I was decent enough to challenge you in a setting that would be legal with gear and rules and even money and free pussy for you even if you lose, and how does your damaged mind interpret that? You say I’m “bullying” you, even though you also say I’m too small. You also interpret that the jouralist who allows this statement to be read is “bullying” you (a legal challenge for a porn star boxing and/or wrestling match that would’ve paid you money and given you pussy even if you lost), and thus you made threats of violence (an illegal act of terrorist threats) to Luke, me and now Darrah Ford.

    I challenge you to a porn star boxing fight (for the reasons mentioned) but you call me a bully.

    You made illegal threats of violence to Luke on his answering machine and he posted it. What’s wrong with that? And because you left threats of violence to Luke Ford, Darrah called you a “douchebag”. You had no problem with Moronica Fosturd youtubing me attempts to take her epithets about me down (which she called “stalking” and “harassment” of women and porn stars plural, past and present. yeah, right MoFo you’re an honest genius and Jesus loves you).

    And Occam’s Razor means the “burden of proof” is on you, although you’ve proven you’re an idiot beyond the human mind’s ability to fathom.

  220. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Oh yeah, another reason to kick your ass.
    At you also claimed I was “homeless”.

    Actually, Nicky Poo, it was you, after Rick Masters (who called you “douchebag”, although you never wanted to kick his ass for it), kicked you out of his place, who was homeless. You want some woman to beat up Darrah for her opinion (which you say that I’M responsible for!), but you won’t mess with Rick because even you admittingly addressed yourself as that, after I told you he said it about you! AMAZING!

    And at that site, it reminds us you said to Luke Ford, “I swear to god I could care less about the way people view my complete insanity”.

    Maybe you should take your own advice. Who cares what people say about you, especially when you couldn’t care less about the persistent wrongs you to do to other people!

  221. MonicaFoster Says:

    What I read was the SCREENPLAY adaptation of the beginning of Nick East’s “The Orion Compass” Jeremy – I have ordered the book as well.

    I’m still mentally digesting Nick’s screenplay, and the more I contemplate the profound beauty and truth of Nick’s perspective – the more amazed I am in regards to what a wonderful story and relation of a true life experience it is – on a multitude of levels.

    Like I stated before – Nick East is a game changer. I believe he will wind up revolutionizing our society’s mindset in many ways. Nick has the power to forever change how people view adult entertainers, how the mainstream public views itself as individuals and as a collective, how we understand our relationship with God and Jesus Christ and much much more.

    Nick East gave me a VERY clear cut REASON for Christianity which was one of the most beautiful simplistic and amazingly powerful breakdowns I’ve ever heard – and I hope in time it will be included in his work. Nick’s work encourages you to PICK UP YOUR BIBLE which is why I know that his story is TRUE.

    I read Nick’s screenplay at THE PERFECT time in my life. It was meant to happen and I’m very grateful for the opportunity and gift. The experience of reading The Orion Compass screenplay for me, was a validation of my life’s path which lead me to create Christian Pornstar.

    I feel that Nick East’s screenplay and book The Orion Compass should be REQUIRED READING for anyone contemplating entering the Los Angeles porn industry and the entertainment industry in general. Actually it’s a book anyone could read who is hungry for some solid meaning and understanding of themselves, purpose and their general being.

    Jeremy, I’m glad I was able to meet you so that I can truly appreciate the contrast between someone like yourself and someone like Nick East. You know, according to IAFD you’re less than 1/3rd of the performer Nick is…I’d have to say that IAFD’s numbers are very kind in regards to the numbers the universe would throw at you when it comes to how you really measure up.

    I’m not sure what’s going to transpire from here on, but what I do know is that the rollercoaster ride has begun. I’m buckled up and just might be willing to let go of the handrail this time!

    Please read Nick’s work people – there’s definitely divine intervention at play here.

  222. jet_tits Says:

    Meltard, thanks for yet another million word rant. Nutcase.

    So Nick writes a game changing book, and Meltard writes a rambling op-ed about his experience as a gay performer.

    Clearly explains a lot of the anger issues.

  223. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Wow, Moronica. Strange that Larry Horse says Nick is way dumber than you, yet you’re in awe of his book. The same mind that says I’m responsible for Darrah’s post, that makes threats of violence to Luke Ford for posting my challenge to fight him in a legal Ultimate Porn Fighting match with rules and gear, you say is the author of a great gift to anyone who reads it. The same mind, Moronica, who sees nothing wrong with harassing me after I told him I need to sleep, expecting such behavior would not have caused the reaction it has…. Hmmm… patterns… patterns…. of incomprehsible stupidity!…

    Moronica, as usual, you’re too stupid to recognize your own contradictions. You bad mouth porn, saying like a Lubbenite that there are much better things life has to offer, yet you’re saying I’m only a 1/3rd of a performer, as if my human worth is based on how many times I’ve been a professional whore on camera. Number of performances has never been my issue with Nick. How many times do I have to explain this to you, stupid?

    And again, Moronica, insults from you. When I tried to point out that the very first time you attacked me was wrong, you attacked me more. When I complained to you about it you re-labeled our interview insulting me about my alleged appearance, alleged age and alleged quality level of my performances, and when I asked you to take it down you then labeled me a “stalker” and harasser of women and porn stars, past and present. How do you live yourself, you Fake Christian?

    That’s right, FAKE CHRISTIAN!…. God doesn’t appreciate it.

    Jesus knows you’re lying. He’s been counting all your lies, including all the people you claim are also “stalking” you and threatening to kill you.

    And Nick wrote a screenplay of his book? Cumming soon to a theatre near no one!

    Gotta go…

  224. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I wonder if this thread will keep going until The Giants win another Superbowl Championship! However, if Nick has nothing more to say, then I’m done.

    Anyone who’s trying to bring me down means that I must be above them.

  225. RobfromMarketing Says:


  226. jet_tits Says:

    Meltard, since you are the one who wrote most posts on this thread and that you cannot control yourself, then yes, this thread might just go on for a very long time.


  227. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Tonight, before we went to watch Spamalot (which had a reference to Ron Jeremy, btw) Lucky asked if this “Jeremy Steele Fan” on twitter is me:!/JeremySteeleFan

    I read it and laughed. I told her it’s obviously someone pretending to be me, pretending to be a fan of me. This seems like something someone from XPT or my ex friend Mr. Poontalk/Porn Star For Rent might do.

    I’m laughing at the Peter Romero (“jet tits”/ Chelsea Romero’s husband Roy Garcia) links where he calls himself “Bear Lover” etc. Yeah, there’s a reason Chelsea Romero is constantly attacking me. Roy “Bear Lover” Garcia is her meal-ticket.

    But for the record, I would never accuse Nick East of shooting heroin or stealing. Yeah, he took a few things that weren’t worth much while moving out, thinking they were his, but I wouldn’t accuse him of stealing and I’m not concerned and never have been about his porn performances, as this alleged “fan” of mine is.

  228. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Plus, I would also never pick that profile pic if I was me, pretending to be a fan of me. I’m not a fan of that look/picture. That was just phase. I’d pick a much better looking photo and much more recent photo instead of that one from 8 or so years ago, plus I wouldn’t be asking people for gangbang work on twitter.

    For shame Jet Tits, why did you marry this guy (BDD/little dick nasty daddy) who write this shit? Were you really that hungry?

  229. Fartz Says:

    I give it 1 maybe 2 weeks before Monica makes unfunny cartoons about Nick East and accuses him of looking in her windows and threatening to kill her.

  230. goatlord Says:

    Nick East likes gummy bears! I knew it, I just fucking knew it.

    Gummy worms do pack more of a punch. They are also much more enjoyable to eat than the dime sized gummy bear.

    I would dare to say Nick East enjoyed some gummy bears on the set. Perhaps even shared them with his co-stars, maybe even the crew.

  231. jeremysteele11 Says:

    You could be right, Fartz. Moronica liked me a lot, until I dared respond to her friend Mercedes Ashley’s attacks. Then she went off the crazy/stupid/satanic deep-end. I know she’s desperately lonely because who in the world could she ever hook up and stay hooked up with? She has serious anxiety meeting people in person (and she confided to me. She even told me after the alleged fact, that I whipped my cock out in front of her, when I never did) and I wouldn’t be surprised that a love thing is brewing, as the first and only person besides Nick himself has given him high praise for his book. I know he’s been desperately waiting years for this kind of acknowledgment, and it seems she’s also been waiting for years to read his insane book, and have a fellow nut who also hears strange voices to find a kindrid, wayward soul. I’m glad I gave Nick free advertising for his book, inspired her to buy it, and I sincerely hope they both hook up. They truly, amazingly, do have a LOT in common!

    And the next insult from Roy’s wife, and up goes that nasty daddy link, so watch it, Chelsea Romero (so named after that gay loser husband of hers).

  232. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Another interesting “daddy” co-ink-a-dink (there are so many)… BDD/nastyD living down in S.D.. Roy sure loves to call himself “daddy” everywhere, which is strange coming from the sociopath that he is; sort of like a fat paedophile playing Santa Claus, telling little girls and boys to sit on his lap because he has a toy under there.

    To quote Moronica… patterns… patterns.

  233. MonicaFoster Says:

    Jeremy I never “liked” you – I did however think that you were halfway normal – that is until I realized that you’re a pathological liar. You’re a decent actor but you can’t keep up your act long term (which is why you’re a life failure).

    You crossed the line when you whipped out your penis in my apartment midget. You actually thought you could fuck me … that’s very funny to think about.

    Go on and on and on about how “crazy” I am all you like – the bottom line is that you have serious issues and will probably wind up homeless in a shelter or in jail.

    Nick’s screenplay IS great, and he was one hell of a performer (plus Nick is a hot guy). I can see exactly Jeremy why you have done what you have to him and why you say what you do. You will NEVER measure up to the quality of which Nick East is – and it kills you a little more each day to think about.

    Sucks to be you Jeremy.

  234. origen Says:

    I’m sorry Monica but at one point you did want to fuck Jeremy. No shame in admitting it…

  235. MonicaFoster Says:

    I’m sorry Origen, but you are incorrect. Furthermore the only person on this planet who knows who I have any true desire to fuck is ME.

  236. origen Says:

    That is correct. I mistyped the last comment. I meant to say at one point it SEEMED like you wanted to fuck Jeremy…

  237. MonicaFoster Says:

    Well, Origen, I’m sure it SEEMED at one point (maybe at several points) that I did want to fuck Jeremy – solely with my strap on – but in ACTUALITY I wouldn’t even want to do that with him.

    Now if anyone ever WOULD like a listing of people that I DO have a desire to fuck, feel free to inquire via my official website.

  238. jeremysteele11 Says:

    It kills me, Moronica, that I can’t be Nick East? Nick called me up at 1AM screaming that I’m responsible for a thread that Darrah put up which called him “douchebag” for threatening to beat up Luke Ford because I had issue with all HIS harassment and lies and called him out for a legal boxing match. Why would I want to be him? Have you read my detailed list of grievances that neither him or you have addressed? Nick East accused me of vandalism based on the “evidence” that he could see me “smiling” through the phone while telling him about it, and “evidence” of me not helping clean up broken glass. I spelled it all in detail, Moronica. Whenever you can’t confront the facts, you simply switch to throwing out irrelevant bullshit insults, but, besides Nick you’re the only idiot who thinks that’s clever. Try arguing the specfic issues, Moronica and Nick, if you expect ANYONE to be on side of this “debate”.

    Crazy people never accept they’re crazy, Moronica. When we were still friends (before you attacked me like the asshole moron you are for defending myself against Mercedes Ashley’s attacks- an issue you can’t even address) I explained to you I never whipped my cock out in your place after you claimed I did. I SWEAR ON MY MOTHER’S LIFE I NEVER DID THAT. And I surely would never do such a thing if I was lying, you stupid piece of shit! You have extreme mental problems. Everyone here says that yet you think everyone else is crazy. You say all these people have threatened to kill you, stalked you, etc. You have the audacity of saying I stalked you and am a harasser of women and porn stars past and present because I had issue with your childish insults and relabeling that interview for which you sought me out. You can’t argue points, Moronica, you can only prove you’re a piece of shit and idiot by resorting to insults, and are the only fool in the universe besides Nick who think that’s clever.

    DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE ALL THE MANY, MANY PEOPLE YOU CLAIM HAVE STALKED AND THREATENED TO KILL YOU, IS REAL, MORONICA????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  239. MonicaFoster Says:

    What “mother” Jeremy? We all know that in actuality you’re Lucifer’s twice removed spawn.

    Try again to seem truthful you pathetic irritant.

    Yes – the list of those who have harassed, stalked and attacked me is real (and referenced and sourced) – here it is (it’s not THAT many people):

  240. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I have absolutely no idea whether you’re kidding about being Lucifer’s spawn, but probably not.

    You love to repeat the word “TRUTH” in capital letters while calling me “STALKER”. Do you know what “STALKER” means? Why do keep ignoring the fact that you started viciously attacking me because I answered Mercedes Ashley’s attacks? She attacked me because I had issue once with her repeated bulk texts waking me up at 3AM, etc, said she didn’t like working with me for a job I booked her for, then out of nowhere you claim I’m lying, it must be true, as if you were fucking there years before you even got in the fucking business, mouthing off to me about something that was none of your fucking business, that you were guaranteed to know nothing about, in spite of the respect I always gave you up to that point. When I pointed out that you agreed with at least one issue I had with her you became DEMONIC! First you said suddenly you lost ALL respect for me EXCEPT as a performer. Then that changed 180 degrees to you re-labeling me “D list talent” and other insults that you put up on that interview. And because I had issue with you childish, uncalled for insults (which any intelligent mind knows makes you look bad, way worse than me), you call me a “STALKER”



    You and Nick’s stupidity is unfathomable!!!!!!!!

    The only reason for my voicemails, which included responses to your text messages (a fact you intentionally omit) was seeking you to take that interview down or fix the epithets you put up there to describe me. THAT’S IT! THAT’S ALL MY VOICEMAILS WERE ABOUT. That and explaining other absurdities of your attacks of me and others.

    On your site you call me a PREDATOR?



    “Jeremy Steele – an online and offline predator / stalker who has problems with rejection. I interviewed him once for my website. Soon after, I realized that due to personality conflicts I didn’t want a friendship or professional relationship with him. For weeks afterwards he harassed me. Jeremy has left me multiple threatening voicemails and text messages of which I can provide direct links to upon request. In his voicemails he consistently refers to Will Ryder / Jeff Mullen and states they both “hate me” which leads me to believe Ryder / Mullen may have encouraged Jeremy to harass me. I have had to file a court order for harassment against him. For direct links to his threats you may contact me : gettingintoporn at yahoo dot com – In my view Jeremy is a GANGSTALKER assistant.”

  241. MonicaFoster Says:

    And once more ladies and gentlemen, re-live my summer of 2011 terror – the threatening psychotic voicemails of Jeremy Steele aka Meltard …

  242. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Again, Moronica, how do you live with yourself? How do you call yourself a “Christian” seeking “TRUTH” when you say that both I and Michael Whiteacre harass and attack women. Where the fuck do you get off saying that, you stupid piece of shit? Neither of has “STALKED” you or terrorized, in spite of your libel and malicious attacks via the internet. And certainly, we’ve never “stalked” anyone else!

    Moronica claims: “Michael Whiteacre – “habitually terrorizes, stalks, harasses and attempts to intimidate women in or attached to the porn industry”

    NAME ONE…. ONE…. WOMAN, BESIDES YOU, FAKE CHRISTIAN, WHO CLAIMS SHE’S BEEN STALKED OR TERRORIZED OR HARASSED BY WHITEACRE! He has issues with Shelley Lubben’s crusades, but I doubt even she’s ever thrown these labels upon him.

    HABITUALLY? STALKING? How do you live with yourself, scumbag?

    You are obviously lying, you schizophrenic piece of shit! Even Jesus doesn’t love you for that, Fake Christian!

    R U Gonna prove me right yet again, by ignoring these points, and throwing out insults and stupid anecdotes as an avoidance stategy?


  243. MonicaFoster Says:

    Easy. Nica Noelle.

    Jesus loves me this I know. For the Bible tells me so.

    Little ones to him belong. Those like Jeremy Steele are weak while those like me are strong :)

  244. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Does Nica Noelle claim Whiteacre has stalked, harassed and terrorized her, as he supposedly has with you, according to you?

    God said thou shall not bear false witness. And even higher up the “Do Not” list, God said thou shall not make any graven images. You are a horribly poor sculptor of others’ likeness, because you have severe mental problems and are extremely unethical. That’s why, Moronica, you started VICIOUSLY attacking me, even though I had never done anything to you. That’s why you repeatedly ignore my points that you started it with me, I was only nice to you, and that you are wrong.

    You can recite the Bible, Moronica, but NO ONE IS BUYING YOUR BULL!

    The words of the Bible when coming from your unholy mouth can only mean “Buy Bull”.

  245. MonicaFoster Says:

    I’m not asking anyone to “buy” my thoughts or feelings in regards to Jesus Christ, God, Christianity or my other spiritual beliefs Jeremy. My ChristianPornstar webcast is a free resource.

    I’ve documented Whiteacre’s online activity in regards to myself, Nica and others on – how is that “false witness” when it’s direct screencaps? I think you just want it to be false because you’re fearful of the light of Jesus to entering your soul Jeremy.

  246. jeremysteele11 Says:

    I have more light then you’ll ever know, MoFo.

    Continue to ignore my repeated insistence that you answer me how dare you fucking label me “STALKER”.

    IN the name of Jesus Christ, come clean, heathen.

    O Demon of Darkness and Dumbness Depart from this imbecilic loser!

  247. MonicaFoster Says:

    Well, in your reality and your little world Jeremy, I suppose that you are 100% just and right in everything you’ve spouted off about this evening.

    You’ve worn me out you little nugget of negativity – so I’m done conversing with you. However I will leave you with a book recommendation that I think you would learn quite a bit from…

    That book is called: The Orion Compass

  248. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Looks like Dr. Steele is progressing slightly with mental patient, Monica. I’m not talking negativity; I’m talking TRUTH, as you like to scream in capital letters.

    But in order to advocate Nick East’s book, that means you should also advocate all the evasive nuttiness he’s said on this long thread. After all, it’s all coming from the same mind. Not one single person, including you, being the sole fan in existence of his work, has come forth defending any of his specific points and arguments. Nick East was going around telling everyone I broke his van window parked on the street and stole his video camera based on the “evidence” that I didn’t help him clean up the broken glass. He told everyone I was shooting up because I would hide in my room to keep away from him and he told everyone I was selling my ass on Santa Monica Boulevard based on the “evidence” that I wasn’t home all day. Is this the mindset of a man who’d you say has a great gift to offer humanity in book form? Please enlighten me, MoFo. Of course, you can’t. You and your latest love (that is until you meet, most likely, and freak out on him as well) have got nothing to say about it.

    Duh… winning!

  249. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And Monica, I’m ready to accept Jesus Christ into my life, be bathed by his light and vaccuumed sucked right up into heaven as soon as you admit you’re a lying piece of shit calling me “STALKER”. You keep avoiding the nasty “s” word, don’t ya? You can’t admit you’re wrong, while saying you’re seeking TRUTH? As Jack says, you can’t handle the TRUTH… BITCH!


  250. origen Says:

    Speaking of Jesus Christ, Cindi should just ban both of you for airing out your persona drama. This is really bringing the site down and making it less profitable.

    This site used to be on par with AVN and XBIZ when it came to Industry news and gossip. It could be that way again if people like you would just SHUT UP and take your personal shit elsewhere. That way, no one is being slandered and no one is being “attacked” or insulted. Case closed.

  251. Karmafan Says:

    I agree with Origen. Perhaps not ban but no longer allow all the personal attacks as it brings the site down.

  252. RobfromMarketing Says:

    Amen, Steele needs to learn what “TL:DR” means, and disappear, banning would be great. Then it would be his 15th time quitting LiB.

  253. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Hey, this is cheaper than psycho-therapy, and I need therapy from all these psychos. Now if no one else has any shit to toss I’m going back into retirement for the 15th time.

  254. nickeast Says:

    Wow! germy NEVER tells the truth!
    1. he married an australian girl for money. True.
    2. He shot herion. True.
    3. He was involved in bank fraud with Dino Bravo, Sheol, Dick Nasty, etc. (Fuck you criminals if you’re upset that I’ve outed you). True. then he went to Mexico for hair plugs!!!
    4. germy is a coward. Obviously true.
    5. he drives people away from LIB and yet Cindy lets him just post away. True.
    6. The next time I see him he’d better hope he can outrun me. True.
    7. He won’t name a time and place to settle this like men. True.
    8. He hides behind LIB to attack and harrass people with Cindy’s approval. True.
    9. germy steals does not have one single redeeming quality. True.
    10. It’s hard as hell to get a copy of my book “The Orion Compass” right now. True! But temporary. I just contacted my publisher and they’re correcting the mistake, yay!
    11. I DO love gummy worms, but my favorite candy is Skittles, Starburst, Sweettarts, and sometimes Snickers.

  255. nickeast Says:

    12. Also, anything that anyone says about germy steals is most probably true while anything he says about other people is most likely not true.
    That statement is most definitely TRUE.
    13. Noboby can sue him for defamation of character because the most you’d get is his cardboard home and his shopping cart. True.
    14. I want germy steals to live a long miserable life in the hell he’s created for himself. But I do ask that every time he looks in the mirror he wishes he never talked about me online while inspecting the place his teeth used to be (I know he can’t afford to replace them). True.

  256. jeremysteele11 Says:

    How’d you get so stupid, Nick East? Keep proving again and again that I’m right by avoiding all my points. You haven’t proven or intelligently argued one thing yet. And saying something is true don’t make it so, stupid.

    Hey you stupid shit, why do you avoid my points? Coz you can’t answer them. Regarding yours,

    1. I married who for how much money? Evidence?
    2. I shot heroin based on what evidence? Don’t lie again, Nick. God is watching you. He’s gonna curse you everytime you lie, again. You know you never saw me shoot up, dummy.
    3. I, Dino, Dick, etc were involved in bank fraud based on what evidence? Who the fuck is Sheol? Oh yeah, that guy from the underworld you met while talking to “angels”, right?
    4. I challenged you to a fight, you bought me a drink on the condition that I wouldn’t fight you. You’re the coward who was calling me from a blocked number. Don’t worry bitchy poo, this is a game of “Go Find me, Bitch”. I’m sure if you look hard enough you will.
    5-10 False.
    10. Who cares? You’re never gonna be a millionaire.
    11. You’re a fa ggot.
    12. You’ve proven yourself a stupid liar when you said you called me over and over to kick my ass about Darrah’s post (you can’t even intelligently argue why I’m resonsible for her opinions of you)
    when you left voice mails asking me get her to delete her posts.
    13. I have no shopping carts, and unlike you I’ve never been homeless (You lie: TRUE)
    14. Making threats of violence over and over is illegal but that’s ok, I’ll be teaching you a lesson, stupid bitch, in spite of how resistant you are to learning.

    Now go meat (spelling correct) your new girlfriend, Moronica. Thanks to me, you’ve doubled your book sales!

  257. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And Clueless Nick, based on your “logic” applied to the original Luke Ford, I should be threatening Cindi with physical violence because she allows these posts to go up (Don’t worry Cindi, I’m not a stupid lowlife retard named Nick East, and I wouldn’t seek to hire a woman to beat you up like he said about Darrah)… In fact, based on your logic I should threaten her with even more severe violence than you threatened Luke Ford since my original calling out of you then was for you to participate in a legal kickboxing/grappling setting with rules and gear that would’ve paid both of us perhaps and even got us laid. All you had to do was ignore it or say “No”, if you didn’t want to fight.

    If you think you’re upset with me Nick, imagine how upset I am with you… all those lies, accusations, assumations you’ve made, talking shit about me to my ex, etc, etc, etc. Your head should be on a stake!

    And I wonder if Dino or Dick have any friends in L.A. who’ll do them a favor for you talking shit that you can’t back up.

  258. jeremysteele11 Says:

    And Moronica, you have that youtube post labeled “STALKER who likes to harass current and former pornstars”.

    Over and over I ask you why the fuck you call me “stalker” and you can’t answer. Those voicemails were about YOUR harassment, re-labeling our interview to a bunch of epithets for a title, etc. Each subsequent voicemail followed a text response from you which you intentionally omit. You also say “current and former pornstars” plural when those voicemails were soley about you and your harassment and defamation.

    You’re obviously full of shit and too stupid to realize it.

    You can not call yourself a Christian while obviously and deliberately lying and doing evil. That will not get you through the gates of heaven.

  259. nickeast Says:

    You FUCK UP!
    you say “All I had to do was ignore it or say “No”.

  260. jeremysteele11 Says:

    No, brain-damaged fucktard. I never asked you before posting it on LIB. I challenged you here to fight me in a controlled setting, legal. Your mind and actions make no sense, all of them. You told my ex I was on matchmakers and asked her why I was when I never was. That in and of itself if grounds for me to kick your ass, in addition to all your other shit you won’t answer.

    I’m not the one who’s brain-damaged, saying your powers make Radio Shack products stop working or that I’m guilty of selling my ass on Santa Monica because I wasn’t home all day, etc.

    It’s clear as a day your brain is severely damaged.

  261. nickeast Says:

    germy steals egged me on to a fight after I had refused his offer because I could not possibly look good beating up a midget. he egged me on using Luke Ford’s website. Luke removed the post at my insistence but then sent my voicemail to germy.
    germy then sent his side of the story and the voicemail to darrah ford who posted a derogatory web page about me as a consequence.
    I find out about it and ask germy to get it removed.
    The next thing I know he’s hiding behind LIB and telling lie after lie about me (so many it’s not worth pointing them out). Cindy just lets it happen!
    Nothing else is really relevant. No why’s or when’s how’s or what’s. Those basic points are correct and unless that waste of human waste can argue the truthfullness of those basic statements everything else is irrelevent.
    Oh, and germy? Look up Occam’s Razor, please. you look like an even stupider retard right now.

  262. jeremysteele11 Says:

    How come I can answer point by retarded point of yours but you can never do the same. It’s never been possible to have a conversation with you because you’re a piece of shit, crazy, an imbecile and a scumbag. Let me have a friend record our fight and I’ll name the time and place, bitch.

  263. jeremysteele11 Says:

    “germy steals egged me on to a fight after I had refused his offer”

    False. I challenged you on LIB, never privately. I was giving you a chance to make money, stupid and for me to kick your ass without going to prison for it.

    “Luke removed the post at my insistence”

    Your “insistence”? Luke removed it because you made threats of violence to him.

    “germy then sent his side of the story and the voicemail to darrah ford”

    No, I didn’t, stupid. Another one of your idiotic assumptions. Obviously she read it from Luke’s site, as she does regarding many of the threads she posts. Again, you can’t argue why I’m supposedly responsible for her opinions of you and whether she posts it publically or not. I had absolutely no contact with her whatsoever about her thread: Again, this is old shit from ’08

    “The next thing I know he’s hiding behind LIB and telling lie after lie about me (so many it’s not worth pointing them out).”

    No. The next thing was you called me at 1AM THREE times in a row while I was in the middle of some much needed sleep. I was too tired to talk or explain things to you so I said let me sleep, you agreed, but then you called 15 minutes later. Your actions make no sense and is proof of your harassment. You bring up point after bullshit point about me, I always answer but you won’t anwer mine. And they are all true. That’s why I have the moral upper hand. Unlike you, I don’t need to make shit up.

    Your mind is severely damaged. You keep proving this to everyone who reads this. You harassing me at 1AM and especially at 1:15AM guaranteed the results that bother you so much. You started this and we can finish this if you like. Let me have a friend video our meeting and I’ll name the time and place, bitch.

    LET’S DO IT, COWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  264. MonicaFoster Says:

    Well, if you really want to fight someone Jeremy – I’ll fight you. I think Nick East is a bit to large of an opponent for you to fight – however I’m about your size.

    The only reason you want to fight Nick on your terms is for attention/publicity so you might as well go full force and fight me – I have tons of traffic and a built in fan base so you’d get all the exposure you could hope for.

    I have no problem with the fight being recorded by your “friend” – hell, I’ll have a friend record the fight too! Lets get some model releases drawn up and a venue established and we’ll be all set.

    I need about 3 months to train, and fortunately Nick has said that he would train me – so let’s rumble! Eagerly awaiting your reply.

  265. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Moronica, you keep taking your stupidity to ever deeper depths. It becomes beyord words to ascertain or explain.

    You’re a piece of shit, Moronica but I do not get into physical bouts with women. But if you want to me to make an exception in your case, write up a non-liability release and I will defend myself against you. I’ll just keep my dukes up while you attack me, keeping your “stalker” shit talk in mind as well as all your other evils. And when you get tired, I’ll ask you again, why did you call me “stalker”?

    Btw, why do you keep ignoring my question of why you called me “Stalker”?

    It’s Nick who insisted on fighting, not me. In fact, I had dropped this issue until he harassed me. Now you say the only reason I want to fight is publicity? I just want to video it show everyone who’s ass gets kicked.

    Is there anyone (including Moronica) who can agree with Nick’s arguments and points? Him calling me at 1am and 1:15 am about Darrah’s posts, claiming I’m responsible, after she put it up because of his threats to Luke Ford?

    Nick has proven himself to be the biggest imbecile in porn. Only Moronica could support him, but even she can’t argue any of his points, just as she can’t argue any of her own.

  266. MonicaFoster Says:

    Great! So you’re saying I can beat you up and you won’t hit me back at all – fantastic! I’ll get the releases together ASAP. Pick a time, date and place for 3 months from now. Time to start training – I’m going to be a lean mean Steele destroying machine!

  267. nickeast Says:

    A note to any future employers considering hiring Jeremy ***** ,( NL- NIck u are on mod for using real names.) Los Angeles, CA …
    He is also known as Jeremy Steele and is the dominant poster on this comment thread. Be careful before you consider hiring him!!!
    That is all.

  268. jeremysteele11 Says:

    Again, Moronica, why did you call me “stalker”? And why in the world are mad at me? What exactly did I ever do to you?

    Again Nick. What did you expect when you decided to harass me at 1:15? How am I responsible for Darrah’s opinion about you after you threatened to beat up Luke Ford.

    Neither of you can argue the fact that you started this shit. You started the end of our friendship Moronica when you started attacking me about something you knew nothing about and was none of your business.

    And Nick, I answered all your points. You’re a brain-damaged, pathetically stupid piece of shit, stupid beyond belief. Just as surely as you have no idea how stupid you are, you have no idea how I’ll put you to the ground, and you won’t get up.


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