Hollie Stevens Back in Chemo & Radiation

Hollie Stevens is back to chemo and radiation this Monday. The oncologist has found new growths in her chest, spots on her liver, and bone cancer in her leg. She will be on treatment for six weeks.

Her is a link with details and where you can help http://www.giveforward.com/holliestevens

There will be a fund raiser on Friday March 2, Here is the info-

Hollie Stevens Happy Hour Fundraiser
Friday, March 2, 2012
4pm – 6pm
at the El Rio
3158 Mission Street (at Cesar Chavez)

all proceeds from drinks and a raffle with some pretty awesome items to win will go directly to Hollie.

There is a new email set up for fans: helpinghollie@gmail.com to send a note of encouragement and let her know they’re cheering her on.

Presently, Hollie’s friends are looking for a donor to match any amount over $1k with an ideal person, company or people, willing to match the entire amount we are asking for – $5k.


  1. Lease Raven Alexis alone – doubting and questioning her illness is the most disgusting form of psychological abuse and bullying I’ve seen as of current of those in or attached to the porn industry. Apparently Raven has cancer AND this young lady as cancer. I wish them both well and pray that they both recover and live long and healthy lives.

    Everyone needs to send these women some positive vibes (and financial support even if you can afford to).

  2. Jerkuliscious

    Alkaline heavy mineral water curing cancer is as stupid as you believing you can pray away the crazy. Ask Steve Jobs and Andy Kaufman how Kook cancer cures treated them.

  3. Larry Horse

    Cancer is evil. I keep looking at what Jewel Shepard is going through with hers. One good thing about Jewel is that the movie she played a flapper in won something called an Academy Award for Best Picture tonight. Long long way from Hollywood Hot Tubs 2.

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