My Friend Gauge Arrested…

NL-I love Gauge. When she was in the industry, and for a while after she left, we were good friends. I still consider her a friend, but haven’t talked to her in quite a while. She was happy living off the radar as a regular person, last I heard. But today I was sent a mug shot and arrest info. I hope she is working this out and still doing ok. I am posting this without her real name nor the website it came from in hopes this is enough to satisfy fans who want to know, without compromising her privacy too much. Gauge was and still is a very popular adult star, even though she has not filmed a movie in years.

Booking date: November 27, 2011
    Gender: Female
        Race: White
        Age: 31
    ▪    Classification: Misdemeanor
    ▪    Agency: Arkansas State Police
    ▪    Release date: November 27, 2011
    ▪    Classification: Misdemeanor
    ▪    Agency: Arkansas State Police
    ▪    Release date: November 27, 2011
    ▪    Classification: Misdemeanor
    ▪    Agency: Arkansas State Police
    ▪    Release date: November 27, 2011
    ▪    Bond: $1,000.00


  1. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL

    this post should be pulled….all this will do is alert another site to build her her own page..not suing her real name mean nothing since its been out there for years…

  2. Michael Whiteacre

    Really, Cindi, this is what you post about your “friend” — no longer part of the industry — who “was happy living off the radar.”

    Oy vey. NL- if i dont post it, it will be sent to OTHER gossip sites that won’t be as nice believe me.

  3. Larry Horse

    I cant find that dirty wiki website now, I imagine whenever they get back up it will be there. Most of the girls and a few guys are mainly folks with records, not that it makes it any better. Some are porn people, most are prosties or folks that have people out there holding grudges. I bet someone could put Donkey up there because he has an aka and a rap sheet. Spiegler still have his Donkey banners up?

  4. Jerkuliscious

    I hope her life is enough of a mess that she needs to do a couple hand stand anal scenes.

    She is one of the broads I wish was still around once porn went HD.

    Any chance of an interview with her? I’d really like to know if the wives tales of adult diapers at 30 is true for these anal queens.

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  6. jeremysteele11

    Sex is a misdeamenor, the more yu miss da meaner… ok old joke, but still a better joke than this “news” story. That this is a news worthy story is a joke but not funny.

  7. BigDickDaddy

    Thats a rough looking 31. She used to hired strictly because she looked underage. Those days are long gone.

    She is obviously living a hard life in Arkansas.

    I met her when she first got into the business and was married to a guy named “mojo”.

    I thought she was cute and sweet. Then she started talking. My mind was changed really fast. She talked fast, gravely voice and barely composed sentences and loved cuss words.

    Her hair is a complete mess and looked chemically burned and dry as fire wood.

    That massive forehead is going to have some serious wrinkles if she gets too much sun. Hopefully she can stay indoors or wear hats.

    Her eyes are tired and pitiful. She needs a really good nights rest. Maybe a week or two. That will help clear those bags up.

    Not sure who does their mouth like that. Its not a good look.

  8. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL

    That site is in a transitional faze right now, they are gearing more towards thedirty as far as content i have been in contact with the owner and have actually have hda few girls removed..I say this only because Larry decided to say the name…THEY ARE NOTHING LIKE PWL….

  9. Larry Horse

    Has the owner got any one who wants to be on the site to help their escort business? I think there were a handful of girls who wanted their names “removed” from PWL so as to get their names out there to get work.

  10. TedSploogent

    I guess if this is one of the benefits of friendship the lesson is don’t be friends with folks at gossip sites.

  11. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL

    yes, a combo of isanyup, the dirty, pwl would fit in between those sites..pwl was built on far as i can tell there site just posts public stuff..either way, i could care for those of you emailing me FUCK YOU…my circle has been reduced from 15,000 to about

  12. Fartz is just one man’s genius idea to out people who are dumb enough to post their naked pictures on the goddamn internet. PWL was a concentrated effort to harrass not only specific individuals, but their friends, families, and co-workers as well.

  13. Larry Horse

    I saw a scene of her with Ed Powers and some guy who looked even worse than Ed, poor girl, and not cause of Ed.

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