Archean, Miss Rubber World 2011- Exclusive Interview & Pics

Special Exclusive to LIB by Jem

Photos from the competition are courtesy of John Tsidilis. Additional photos are courtesy of: kinkengineering-2010-01.jpg, Sean Ryan AdventureSeeker2, Lord Morpheous, Kindred's Muze

We had a chance to interview Archean, who was crowned Miss Rubber World2011 at the New York Rubber Ball. The prize came with thousands of
dollars worth of sexy latex clothing designed by some of the best in thefetish fashion business. Archean has been representing the title of MissRubber World at fetish events in the United States and Canada for the past year, and will be a judge at the 2012 pageant next spring.

LIB: Hello Ms. Rubber World 2011, even for our sex positive readers,such a pageant may be something completely new to them. Can you explain a
little about what the competition entails and what the event is about?


Archean: Miss Rubber World is a yearly event that takes place in New York City. It’s meant to showcase talent in the latex community.
Every year, models, designers and performers compete for the lucrative prize pool offered. In 2011 the prize pool was around $10,500, this year it’s
already at $12,500. There’s an introduction period, a question & answer period and a talent portion. Unlike most pageants, the talent portion revolves around reenacting a "latex fantasy." The fantasy performance is pretty loosely defined. I’ve seen contestants do strip teases, dance performances, BDSM shows (like flogging, animal role-play, etc…) and I did a magic show that involved an escape act from latex bondage!
The title itself goes to the contestant who would be the best latex ambassador to the community. It’s not just about looks or popularity,this is also about an honest love and understanding of latex fetishism.
LIB: So we’re not just talking about models standing around to look Pretty? It sounds like there’s a much deeper connection going on . . . .

Archean: Exactly. Just like any other fetish, there’s a big community of latex lovers. One of the roles of Miss Rubber World is to help that
community grow. There are plenty of gorgeous faces out there, but the contestants who bring a bit more to the table are usually favored. Designers, bloggers and performers usually have a big leg up in the competition as they typically bring the most creativity to the competition.
LIB: What leg up did you bring to the competition, and what were you up against? Obviously there’s a lot of latex going on here, but was there a vast difference in the backgrounds of contestants?
Archean: Well, everyone certainly had some amazing outfits, and I think I can safely say that they shared my passion for latex.  The backgrounds
ranged from professional models (including the lovely and supremely talented Jade Vixen) to designers, and a couple of lifestyle dominatrixes.
I think my advantage was twofold. I’m one of the co-founders of Kink Engineering, so we had access to all kinds of crazy bondage contraptions, and we worked very closely with a core group of really talented people. I had a local designer (Ego Assassin) make me a real show stopping outfit. That was the first outfit I wore, the red devil catsuit. I had a rope artist and professional magician help me choreograph my performance and we traveled to New York with a group of 5 people. So I had the biggest posse there. Ultimately it was the group effort that made my performance and outfits really stand out.
LIB: Looking at the photos, the devil suit was pretty obvious, especially with the Miss Rubber World 2011 sash, but was that you and
your team with the vacuum bed? It’s so hard to be sure, I hear you’re quite a chameleon.

Archean: Yep!  The vacbed crew was me, a body double (played by one of our employees, Droidsy), Lotuslily and my boyfriend/business partner
Matt. I do take pride in being a chameleon!  I like playing with different looks. I don’t think I’ll ever settle on just one, and it keeps people guessing about future outfits.
LIB: I’ve heard people describe rubber as an extreme fetish, but it doesn’t seem to have that severe issue of pain and intimidation that S&M
hints at. What separates rubber fetish from leather, BDSM or bondage? I’ve noticed some elements that overlap, but it certainly doesn’t appear to be the same.

Archean: There are a few different aspects to the rubber fetish. For me personally, it’s about the alter ego it creates when dressing up. I like
being glamorous or over-the-top in latex and then stepping out of the spotlight into a pair of jeans and a sweater in my everyday life.
For others, it’s about denial. My boyfriend loves latex because it creates a hypersexualized person (picture a girl in a catsuit… really hot,
right?) but denies access to the person themselves. For some people it’s all about the senses – the feel and smell of latex, which is where
it overlaps into leather fetishism. Then there’s always the restraint end – vacbeds, sleepsacks, any total enclosure, which is more in line with BDSM practices, like bondage.
LIB: So someone can be into rubber suits, vac beds, and rubber bondage without being into pain or signing their life way to a Master or Mistress?
Archean: For sure!  We make our living on selling fun latex bondage toys, and neither my boyfriend or I really enjoy pain.
LIB: Back to feel and smell… Adult humorist Gram Ponante joked about the smell of latex and body odor. At Luke is Back, we know smells can
play a big part in the attraction. Is there a pheromone type response you get when outside, away from work, where you suddenly detect a whiff and get that electrical notion of, "oh yeah, that’s the stuff"?

Archean: Absolutely. I adore the smell of latex!  We have a workstudio at home, and on top of Kink Engineering I run,
which has one of the largest inventories of latex in North America.  So my apartment always smells of latex.  For me, it’s the smell of home,
comfort, happiness … and orgasms.
LIB: It’s easy to forget, just because it’s rubber, doesn’t mean it’s black. There’s a lot of shiny colors to work with. What’s your favorite
to be dolled up in (or dress someone else up in)?

Archean: Ohhh … that’s a tough one! Personally I like darker colors like metallic pewter, transparent black and blood red. To dress other’s
in? That depends on the person. I typically favor non-traditional colors like greens, pinks or purples. There’s also something to be said about
transparent latex with overlays on top. It’s a great way to get a nude look, but apply strategic patches over certain areas.

LIB: So you can be naked, and still dressed up?

Archean: Essentially, yes. One of my favorite pieces is a zebra print dress from Collective Chaos.  It’s "nude" save the zebra stripes!
LIB: What was your wildest rubber escapade?

Archean: There were a few adventures on our trip this summer. I’d say the scariest thing I did was hop in a vacuum cube that was thrown in a
pool to do an underwater shoot in Tampa. I couldn’t open my eyes underwater. There was a strange moment where I lost my bearings and
thought I was drowning. It was scary at the time, but I was perfectly safe! That was shooting with Lord Morpheous for his new book, ‘How To Be
I’d probably put that on par with the shoot that I did at House of Gord, where we mounted a vacbed inside the bed of a truck and my crew drove me
around town – 30 miles in total! I had some electrics on (a tens unit) and was fully encased in the vacbed, so I had no idea what was going on!  They
took me to a parking lot (the vacbed was covered by a tarp inside the lot so we wouldn’t get in trouble) and someone was trying to snoop under
the tarp … what a surprise he would have been in for!
LIB: What is your wildest fantasy that you haven’t been able to try yet?
Archean: Funny, as terrifying as that vaccube incident was, I’ve now become really obsessed with water bondage. I have a lovely, very deep,
claw-foot bathtub in my apartment. We just tried out a sleepsack in there, and are moving toward adding a gasmask to that so I can be fully submerged.
I’m incredibly lucky to be dating an engineer/mad scientist who is happy to indulge in all the crazy stuff I want to try … so all I
have to do is suggest something and he can make it happen in a matter of weeks, if not days!

LIB: Folks joke about people who should not wear things like latex, but you know a different side of this. How can someone use latex clothing to
their advantage, even if they don’t have a supermodel body?

Archean: What most people don’t realize about latex is that it acts very much like control-top pantyhose. A properly fit garment can really
sculpt the body and smooth out cellulite, tuck in flubby bits and support saggy bits. It’s a matter of finding something that works for
you, and most importantly, getting something that fits right! Latex that’s too small or too large can look catastrophic. Your best bet will
almost always be to contact a designer and get something made-to-measure. Even better if it’s a local designer who can do a
proper fitting.  Of course, I’m slowly updating my blog,, with tips and tricks on sculpting your body with latex,
pairing latex with other fabrics, getting partners interested in latex and fashion advice for men.
LIB: There are lots of women loving latex out there. For guys reading this who just have to give this a try, what do you recommend? What makes
a good starter kit for a guy wanting to try latex?

Archean: Funny, most of the time people say that it’s women who need starter advice! I think a good first item for a guy is a simple tanktop.
It’s easy to fit, easy to wear and good for clubs, parties and the bedroom. If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more intimate, a
nice pair of latex briefs is a good starter item. Definitely order from a reputable designer and don’t cheap out. A lot of people have had
disappointing first experiences with latex after buying something cheap from Ebay or Chinese manufacturers.
If you’re looking for something a little more risqué, a pair of loose-fitting latex pants are great to wear out to fetish parties and
vanilla clubs. Most people associate rubber with being skin tight, but I’ve seen some very fetching tuxedos made of latex, and a good pair of
boot-cut rubber pants (think something like jeans, but rubber) will often get men more positive attention at clubs than something
skin-tight. Personally, I’ve always preferred boot-cut pants on men, but that’s just me.

LIB: This year, you’ll be judging. You won’t just be judging newbies, but friends and peers. Is there anything you expect to see out of them
this year, or deeply have your fingers crossed that you’ll see?

Archean: I’d really like to see people do something new and exciting. I love to see a lot of effort go into their fantasy plays for the
competition. You can always tell when something has been rehearsed really well. It would be really awesome to
see more inflatable latex. Last year I had some inflatable horns as part of my demon suit. I think there’s an untapped, exciting area of latex outfits right there: crazy inflatable items!

LIB: You’ve got a Kink Engineering party coming up on February 2012, then of course the NY Rubber Ball on March 24th. Anything coming up in
December or January where you’ll be representing the title or showing off your goodies?

Archean: Well, we were just at Torture Garden Montreal at the end of November and we’ll be out in full regalia at the Subspace New Year’s Eve
Party in Toronto (my hometown).  I think we’ll be taking it easy in January!  I like to hibernate through the winter.
Archean will be a judge for Miss Rubber World 2012 at the New York Rubber Ball, March 24th at the Affina Manhattan on 7th Avenue. For
details on the event, go to Archean is a designer, creator and model for,, and also offers latex wholesale to designers through


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