Vicky Vette Is Queen Of the Internet !

Puma & Vicky- WOW!

NL- You saw it here first! Vicky Vette has added Puma Swede to her huge Army of pornstar websites. Vicky has also almost reached 200,000 followers on twitter. She is as popular as she is smart and beautiful. In the porn world where youth equals beauty, Vicky has shown that forty can be HOT! I’m PROUD to be a friend of this SUPERSTAR!


LOS ANGELES— Norway’s Number 1 Adult Star & Sweden’s Number 1 Star announce the signing of a long term web partnership today.  Puma Swede, Sweden’s #1 adult entertainer will be will be joining Vicky Vette’s popular "Dirty Dozen" of porn in the Vette Nation Army ( Network (VNA) of porn star websites. The move comes on the heels of AVN Hall of Fame superstar Julia Ann’s blockbuster move to the same network just two weeks ago.  Along with Vicky Vette, Puma Swede & Julia Ann, the VNA’s Dirty Dozen consists of Bobbi Eden, Sara Jay, Francesca Le’, Deauxma, Charlee Chase, Canadian Shanda Fay, Gabby Quinteros, Cuban export Angelina Castro & rising Wicked performer Carmen Valentina.

Puma Swede has been nominated by AVN for Webstar of the Year (2009) & by XBiz Web Babe/Starlet of the Year (2010).  She made sensational headlines on TMZ after performing oral sex on camera on a pilot while he was operating a plane, prompting an FAA investigation. Puma has branched into mainstream with a cameo in the comedy The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It. She remains one of the industry’s most sought performers, shooting with the likes of Kink, Wicked, Brazzers, Zero Tolerance, Girlfriends Films & Naughty America.  Vicky Vette is one of adult’s best known internet stars having been recently nominated by AVN for Web Star of the Year 2011. She is easily the No. 1 followed active Adult Performer on twitter with almost 199,000 followers ( Recent awards include Best Web Presence – Fans Choice 2011 from Nightmoves, runner up in overall fan voting in Miss Freeones 2011 & winner of MILF of the Year and Website of the Year 2010.  Vette runs the VNA Network & performs actively online. 

Puma Swede is quoted as saying: "Vicky and I have known each other for a long time & whenever we shot the fan reaction was huge. It was time to ramp up my Official Site and take it to new levels.  After looking at my options, there was honestly really only serious choice – Vicky has put together an amazing line up of stars & I wanted to be a part of it.  Her online presence & promoting is exciting.  I am actively shooting boy girl content for the new site & yes… I will be live for members regularly.  I’m in the VNA Baby & I couldn’t be happier!"

Vicky Vette is quoted as saying: "I long thought about approaching Puma to join forces but figured she was not available. She is one of the most recognizable faces in adult with a personality & ‘do anything – anywhere attitude’ that is legendary.  Her site has literally some of the best hardcore content I have seen – with some of the biggest names in adult. I have every expectation that her new site is going to kick ass & we are going to promote the hell out of it. It’s flattering that some of the top names in the business are leaving egos at the door & are asking to be VNA Girls.  The days of a glossy box cover hyping out girls as ‘stars’ are long gone – hard work, fun & commitment to the fans is priority number one. We’re not the size of Brazzers… but if you are looking for live entertainment & interaction with pornstars… I think the Dirty Dozen is a tough team to beat."

Puma Swede & Vicky Vette plan to re-launch with an all new look & all new features December 1. They also will be appearing for the first time ever together signing at Adultcon, Los Angeles, December 10-12 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.


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  2. BigDickDaddy

    Another blowhard porn press release thats full off non-sense.

    Vicky Vette – 200,000 followers
    Snooki(Jersey Shore) – 3,660,560 followers

    If there is a queen of the internet, its NOT Vicky Vette.

    Luckily for porn girls did doesnt cost any thing to type up a press release and people like Steve Nelson and Gene Ross are so DESPERATE for content they will post ANYTHING. No matter how stupid.

  3. VickyVette

    Guess BigDickDaddy isn’t a fan of girls in camo.

    FYI, guys don’t ‘follow’ pornstars for fear of being busted by wives. Yes… following Snooki is easier than a porn girl. I am proud of having followers that I have. If you want to tear down the hard work that goes into websites and all things adult industry related that is up to you.

    Am I the Queen? I didn’t say it or proclaim it. It’s a nice compliment I did not expect.

    Have a nice day. Who is the Queen by the way? I’d like to sign her….


  4. bonerman

    I need to say something. yes she nearly has 200k followers but notice how many SHE is following? nearly 50k which means only one thing: that she uses an auto-follow script to get her followers. That means that many of those 200k never chose to follow her. Look at the other girls with a lot of followers and see how many they are following. Bree Olson and Nikki Benz combined don’t follow 1000 people.

    Vicky has a great body for a woman her age, and she is obviously smart but if you look at her affiliate program (there isn’t one! It’s just basic CCBill managed crap!) you have to fill in your affiliate ID in every link she sends out which is a pain in the ass and very 2001.

    Puma could be a huge star and make a lot of money with her website if she had not shot so many fucking scenes for every company out there. The value of her own content is much lower due to the saturation of her on every site online. She has a great following and it’s a shame she limited her value so much by shooting so many scenes for anyone willing to pay her rate. But at least she can have a real site now instead of that cookie cutter crap that Blazing Bucks uses. Those are Myspace pages more than porn sites 🙂

    Vicky is a very smart woman but takes a lot of short cuts and claims accomplishments that are ill gotten by scripts and not actual popularity.

  5. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL

    @bonerman she doesn’t use scripts, shes online 12 hours a day giving away free pics for retweets to get followers…ive had like 8 different accounts and she has found me each time..she truly is a twitter guru as far as keeping tabs…what yall dont understand about those bots is if twitter catches your account is deleted, big gamble if you ask me…i agree with you about ccbill.. i dont use anything ccbill anywere anymore i fukin hate it

  6. VickyVette

    Pornstars that don’t follow fans are missing the boat. I am not going to say why, but why wouldn’t you want to follow fans… fear they might write to you? Holy shit that would be horrible… that was sarcasm for anyone who didn’t notice.

    I regularly follow just about anyone who asks. The numbers are the numbers, and unlike some…. none of my followers are fake Indian accounts that were bought – yes there are people buying fake accounts. It is NOT about the number of followers but whether the fans actually interact with you, respond & are true fans.

    I have zero interest in keeping followers who are not interested in what I do. You cannot last in the business if you don’t have real fans buying memberships, camshows, downloads, DVD’s etc.

    I work hard, don’t take shortcuts & try to keep my tweeting lively & interesting.

    With the amount of tweeting I do… which is excessive, I actually lose a ton too.

    Shoot me…. I like twitter, engage the fans, follow whoever asks & try different stuff.

    Oh, and thanks for saying hello. I used to be a regular contributor around here but it got catty.

    CCBill? CCBill came to my aid a few years back when my Billing Processor went bankrupt. They are trusted by surfers. Got a better suggestion? I am all ears.

    Lastly… with all the geniuses in this business trying to get more followers am I the only person around who magically figured it out?

    I was told when I was 37 ~ “don’t get in this business, you have no chance”… not everyone is right, thank goodness.

    Off to tweet.

    Vicky Vette

  7. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL

    Heres a example of what im talking about, this was in reference to my above comment..this is what separates Vicky Vette from the others..She talks to everyone regardless of how far down the porn pole they are..

    vickyvette Vicky Vette
    @TRPWL Hunting you out… and thanks for your comment xo
    6 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

  8. VickyVette

    On the subject of Puma….

    When I went net only I had shot too many scenes for other companies. I was competing against myself. It is never too late to change things up, take new approaches, start putting out new material & having a fresh approach.

    Puma’s site has been a solid for years & she is a recognizable name & face in adult. Fans love her & she is a great performer. Her site is packed with extremely high quality scenes. That is not some BS promo. I was surprised by the amount and quality.

    We are gonna work hard promoting and take it from there. The fans & internet buying public are not stupid.

  9. Michael Whiteacre

    I’m happy to see this alliance, and I wish the best of luck to Vicky and Puma.

    Vicky is indeed one of the best in terms of interacting with fans. Period. She’s also a beautiful lady, and not just on the outside. All my interaction with Vicky online has been terrific, with zero BS. I’ve only ever asked her to do one thing for me and she agreed immediately. What more could anyone ask?

    Just this morning, I received a DM from her on Twitter. This is a very smart and personable lady who makes herself accessible to her fans.

    As for her taste in performers . . . Julia Ann, Puma Swede, Bobbi Eden & Francesca Lé. ‘Nuff said.

    Puma is a very unique performer — yes, she’s shot a lot of content, but she’s always a powerhouse and there’s no one else like her.

  10. Anthony Kennerson

    Having known Vicky since I first joined her site around 2005, I can certainly attest to her smarts and her business chops.

    Ahhh, Bonerman?? Think about the stars that do use scripts to pad their follow numbers..and don’t even get to 50K, let alone 150K followers. If she’s about to crack 200K, it’s because she works Twitter like a mutha…and to think someone had to persuade her to even use the app in the first place. 😉

    And sure, a performer can get oversaturated and shoot for too many companies…which is exactly why Puma joining the VNA is such BIG news. Between her, Julia Ann, Bobbi, Fran, Deauxma and Vicky, I believe VNA’s cornered the MILF market for the forseeable future. (And let’s not forget Sara Jay, either…)

    The motto “Where Fans Become Friends” isn’t just hype for Vicky and the’s the damn TRUTH.

    Next mission…lock up Shyla Stylez and really shut it down. 🙂


  11. bonerman

    yeah nothing like a sweaty drunk / drug addict to bring value to a website lol

    I didn’t say Vicky doesn’t run her business well. I KNOW for a fact that she used a follow script on her twitter because one day she had 20k followers and was following aroun 900 and a week later she had 70k and was following 37k
    so you REALLY believe she personally clicked 37k follow buttons in 7 days? come on. Twitter doesn’t ban follow scripts at all. I work for marketing firm in the music industry and we use them all the time for new artists. I guarantee you can start a twitter account tomorrow and use a follow script and have 100k by the end of the month. its not hard to do at all. It runs your around $1k at the very most.

    So you can go ahead and drink the kool aid but think of those numbers and then be realistic. 20k to 70k in a week but the amount of people she follows went from under 1k to 37k in the same period of time.

    I think Puma does great scenes and I wish her great success. I just want to point out that the hype of the Vette Army or whatever it’s called is script driven and manipulated more than it is earned based on popularity. It’s a fact.

  12. bonerman

    also I should point out the innaccuracy of the whole TMZ thing about Puma. It was a helicopter pilot she blew not a pilot who was flying a plane as the story says.

  13. VickyVette

    Bonerman – go pick a bone with someone else. Jeez.. helicopter vs. plane? Really? You feel the need to ‘clear up the record’. That distinction was so important?

    Calling out someone as a drunk/drug addict is a pretty pathetic low blow…. even in porn.

    I don’t know you & obviously you don’t know anything about me…..

    And one final note – anyone who knows me knows I work long into the wee hours, day in day out. I do my own computer work for the most part. I work very hard to stay in business, do well & stay an independent producer of adult content – when a lot of others are going out of business and failing. If that is not ‘earned’ – especially with all the male condescending assholes in this business … I don’t know what is.

    If this business was easy – or if getting & keeping followers was as easy as writing or using a script, trust me, Brazzers or some other girl would have more than me. Getting followers is not too difficult – it’s keeping them which is the hard part.

    Have a nice day.

  14. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL

    Bonerman, twitter has strict follow guidelines , your full of shyt when you say she was able to follow 5000 people a day for a week.. Go create a twitter a count and try to add 2000 people. See what happens. They suspend you are lock your account down ..this whole argument is stupid. Twitter followers is power, if it wasn’t there wouldn’t be scripts, and there wouldn’t be limits. Does VV have a army, she has a huge following that will do what she asks..she has the power to create traffic. She can send out a link to ANY website and that sites traffic will go up significantly for a short period. She has the trickle down effect. Tweet a boob pic, followers retweet, followers followers see free boob and follow. It is what it is, VV has used her boobs for good instead of evil

  15. VickyVette

    … so Gabby Quinteros – IN MY NETWORK – has 178,000 followers, the most for any in the business. Sara Jay has 150,000. Gee… What a coincidence.

    … my website also gets more traffic than just about any porn girl in the business… I suppose that is all rigged & no one likes it.

    … note to LIB, don’t ever post anything nice ever again.

    By the way, it is Sara Jay’s birthday today… tweet her a happy birthday @SaraJayxxx

  16. Michael Whiteacre

    I can substantiate what Vicky and Sean write, above. Vicky was kind enough to run a mention of The Devil and Shelley Lubben on her site, and boom — instant substantial traffic spike. Thank you again, Vicky.

    Hail Vicky Vette — she does indeed use her magnificent boobs for good instead of evil. LOL

  17. Anthony Kennerson

    To add to the pile on:

    OK, Bonehead….when Bobbi Eden (ANOTHER VNA girl, BTW) had her 2010 World Cup #TeamBJ bet that she would give hummers to all her fans if her national soccer team won the World Cup (they lost), her Twitter followage jumped to nearly 120K. Was that from a follow script, too??

    And…Puma’s not drunk or stoned….she’s just NUTS. And, she was holding her own as a star even before she signed up with the VNA.

    Oh..and Gabby was actually attracting plenty of Twitter followage thanks to her daily tweeting even before she joined the VNA. It’s simply gotten accelerated to the next level.

    The only script I’m seeing is a crafty businesswoman using her tools and assets to the max. But, I guess scoreboard sucks for some people, right??


  18. Jerkuliscious

    Yeah, so if I get a twitter account and spend the $47 to get 1000 bogus Korean made followers, then they will lock my account?

  19. Anthony Kennerson

    Besides that…IIRC, most Twitter accounts tend to be public anyway, so it’s actually quite easy to follow someone once you see their tweets. Those who have private locked accounts, though, require you actually approve them to follow.

    Not to mention, Twitter’s recommend features also make following people easier.

    The people most likely to try to game the system using scripts are mostly telemarkers pushing spam, tube sites or affiliates pushing faked up “egg” profiles of supposed “sexy women” for harvesting for their own spam sites, or businesses using Twitter for pimping their own goods.

    If Vicky really wanted to cheat and artificially make up followers, don’t you think she would then make up dummy accounts for the other VNA girls and then prime the pump that way?? Thankfully, she has business sense and saavy and morality, and simply doesn’t play that nonsense.

    Also…you would think that Vicky, if she was gaming followers, would be transferring all or most of those 200K followers over to other girls in the network. Well, let’s check the stats for the top VNA girls for Twitter followers and follows as of right now:

    Vicky Vette @VickyVette: 202,571 followers, 54,795 follows
    Gabby Quinteros @GabbyQuinteros/@CuriousGabbyXXX: 174,150 followers, 708 follows
    Sara Jay @SaraJayXXX: 151,177 followers, 1,350 follows
    Bobbi Eden @BobbiEden 91,082 followers, 358 follows

    And remember that last year, Bobbi was up to nearly 300K Twitter followers when she made that classic World Cup #TeamBJ bet…and that was BEFORE she locked up with the VNA.

    Hard work, clean living, and 36DD boobs do pay off. Scoreboard only sucks to those on the wrong side of it. Don’t hate the playas, hate the game..and then up YOUR game. Or, as they say…”Score more points, and stop the other team better.”


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