Stoya Takes To The Air in Peep-Show

NL- This looks very cool. And look at the mudcle tone on her body, WOW!


Pretty Things 2011 Promo Video from steve prue on Vimeo.

Prepare yourself for a night of glitz, glamour and dazzling entertainment you’ll be talking about for years to come. Playground’s Stoya is going on tour with The Pretty Things Peep Show December 2nd-16th.  Stoya will be performing her breathtaking Lyra act with the troupe during their upcoming 12-city tour.

More info on The Pretty Things Peep Show go to :


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  3. jeremysteele11

    Glitz, tits, tats, deep throating swords and a mouse trap snapping shut on Mr. Price’s tounge! Don’t try this at home! Good looking broads and nice song, too.

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