Selena Rose- Exclusive Interview- She is SOOO HOT!

Interview by Cindi Loftus
Photos Courtesy of Digital Playground
Cover by Xcitement Magazine

This little hottie is so adorable she looks like she belongs in one of those super sexy anime cartoons. With her huge gorgeous eyes and delicate features she really does resemble a beautiful china doll, one you would certainly want to play with! Her petite all natural body sizzles in her sex scenes. If you haven’t seen her in action yet, you are missing something spectacular. When she taunts and teases and finally pleases you can’t take your eyes off of her. After you get to know her a little bit, you can’t help but fall in love. She’s not only just about the loveliest lil Latina you have ever seen, she’s also the sultriest one you have ever heard! This caliente chica talks so sexy, she should be a phone sex operator. She was certainly distracting me from my interview while we were talking…And of course a girl that looks like Selena was on the porn market less than a hot minute before she was scooped up by the very wise Digital Playground. She has now joined their roster of the most smokin’ girls on the planet. Selena Rose certainly charmed my pants off! Read on, and make sure you have some lotion & a towel handy.
Xcitement: Hi Selena! So we are doing this interview for Xcitement magazine which I am sure you have seen because you are from Miami!
Selena: Yes, I am very happy and excited. Thank you for having me. I still live in Miami, I just go out to LA once a month to shoot.
X: That’s cool. What are your favorite things about South Florida?
S: The clubbing, my fans, my family, the lifestyle, the weather, everything.
X: You like the weather right now?
S: Its raining right now, but usually it’s sunny and beachy.
X: It is a fun place to live and I hear you like to party and dance.
S: Yah. And my twenty first birthday is soon so I will be legal. And I will have an ID to show.
X: You look really young so I am sure you get asked for ID all the time.
S: Tell me about it. Especially without makeup, I look like I am fifteen. I have a baby face.
X: You are gorgeous though. I love your eyes. You have really exotic eyes.
S: Thank you. I got them from my Mom.
X: You are Cuban right?
S: Yes my whole family is Cuban. I am the only one that was born in America. My grandparents are from Spain. So I am Cuban and Spanish.
X: So you speak Spanish?
S: Yah. I learned to speak Spanish first. But with school I learned English.
X: You have a little bit of an accent and it’s adorable.
S: I know it’s sexy! (Laughs)
X: Tu es mucho caliente!
S: Te quiero mucho!
X: Gracias! I don’t speak very much Spanish, but I am sure your fans love it. Do you ever speak Spanish in your movies?
S: Yeah I have in a couple of my movies. In Escaladies I talk a little bit of Spanish and a few other movies that are coming out.
X: I wanted to ask you about that movie. Because it’s Escaladies, not Escalades. At first I thought it was about the big black pimp cars.
S: I know, right? That was the first thing I thought of also. But it is about a bunch of Latinas, and some of them are corrupting me to be a slut. So it’s cute. In every episode I grow up more and grow up as a porn star.
X: You are getting more and more famous too.
S: Yah. (Laughs) I am growing up with Digital. I am surrounded by almost all blonde girls, except Stoya.
X: Digital has a good assortment of talent. I think you are the exotic one now.
S: I am all natural. Medium boobs, and a big butt. A lot of girls have fake boobs.
X: I like your boobs.
S: I like my boobs too! (Laugh)
X: Would you ever get fake boobs?
S: I thought about it for a while, but I would not do anything until I was a hundred percent sure, and now I’m a hundred percent sure that I would not get them because why ruin something that is already perfect?
X: Exactly. What were you like in high school?
S: I was the prettiest girl. The most girly girl. Everybody always thought I would be a porn star or something like that. And it came true.
X: Did you have a lot of sex in high school?
S: I had a few. I was the girl that everybody wanted, but I wasn’t a huge slut. When I finally lost my virginity I told everybody. Then I broke up with the guy because he had a small penis. (Laughs) And I told the whole school. After that I loved sex. I think about sex more than a guy. And I love watching porn and girl/girl flicks.
X: I have a quote that I read. You said “ I was born to do porn”, and I guess that you were!
S: I know right? My mom caught me watching porn and I used to watch porn on my step-dad’s computer. I would get with my friends and do little girl/girl stuff. My first girl/girl experience was with two sisters. It was a slumber party and we were alone in the house. We were in the pool and I was touching one of the sisters and getting horny. So I said let’s go up in your room and watch porn, and I was already thinking in my head, I want to fuck them. So I put in girl/girl porn and we are all looking at it and looking at each other, and then I started kissing, and playing with each other in bed. It was fun. It was hot.
X: I don’t have to ask any questions. I can just sit here and you can tell me sexy stories!
S: I know! (Laughs)
X: Hold on, let me masturbate while we are talking..just kidding. (Laughs)
S: Alright, let’s do it!
X: Are you making yourself horny while you are talking like that?
S: Yeah, hell yeah. I’m horny all the time. When we are done talking I am going to go to a girl’s house.
X: Do you watch a lot of porn now?
S: I do. But I like watching porn of people that I don’t work with. Porn from Europe or really exotic stuff, all kinds. As long as there is a hot guy, a hot girl and they are freaky with each other, I am all turned on.
X: Would you rather watch porn that has nobody that you know in it? Is it weird to watch people that you know?
S: It’s not weird, but I’d rather watch people that I don’t know. If I watch people that I know, I like watching myself with someone else. I just pretend that it’s not myself and I touch myself and think, oh she’s so hot. And then at the end I think Oh my god that was me! (Laughs)
X: (Laughs)
S: I make all these hot faces and I get so turned on and so wet and you know?
X: So basically you jerk off to yourself. (Laughs)
S: Yeah! I love doing that. That is my favorite.
X: That’s so funny. That is great!
S: The last time I did it was with the Escaladies movie. I have a threesome with Charlie Chase and Ramon and I was totally turned on. I was thinking she is my sister and she is making me a slut. In real life I don’t have a sister. I have an older brother who took care of me. But that’s okay. I like being the only child. I like being the princess.
X: You seem like you are a princess.
S: Oh, thank you.
X: How did you end up getting into porn? Usually Florida girls do a couple scenes for Reality Kings and Bang Brothers to start out with.
S: Yeah that’s what I did. I had fun. When I thought about it, I thought I’m really pretty, I should be on the top of the game. So my agents send my pictures to D.P. and they had me come over. As soon as I saw the movie quality and saw the office and met the people, I signed.
X: Who is your favorite Digital Playground girl?
S: I love all of them. But Jesse and Riley are like my best friends in DP.
X: Both of them are beautiful. I’ve known Jesse for quite a while.
S: I think so too. I think Jesse’s eyes look like mine. And I thought, I want to fuck her.
S: You know what, you do sort of resemble Jesse. You are like the Latin version.
X: I know we both have the same nose and the same lips and the same eyes. The same facial structure.
X: What would be your perfect date with a guy?
S: Go to the Bahamas and have a picnic in the sand. Walk around naked with a hot man who treats me like a princess. Then he feeds me food and makes out with me, and gives me champagne and we listen to music. Spend the day having sex and have a lot of orgasms than have candles and a Jacuzzi with bubbles, get a massage. That’s like a whole day. Ya gotta go big! (Giggles) A date with me would never end.
X: I’m sure a guy wouldn’t mind that at all.
S: Yeah, a guy wouldn’t mind at all. I love guys.
X: And they love you.
S: You know what is funny? Yesterday I fell asleep thinking about the DP girls and how beautiful they are and I was dreaming about that. And I fell asleep next to a guy.
X: So you were sleeping next to a guy, dreaming about DP girls.
S: Yeah, and he’s training to be a UFC fighter, so when I woke up I told him I went to sleep dreaming about girls and he told me he went to sleep thinking about fighting guys. I said this is so weird. I went to sleep thinking about girls and you went to sleep thinking about guys. (Laughs) Of course I woke up horny. I love morning sex that’s my favorite sex.
X: Morning sex?
S: Yeah, when you are still sleeping and your head is in the pillow, and you are sleeping with your ass up and you get it from behind.
X: Good way to wake up, huh?
S: Yeah.
X: What do you think the best scene you have ever done is?
S: So far was the one that I’ve done last month with Nacho Vidal. Oh my god, the chemistry was great. It was a very intense sex scene. I was squirting while he was fucking me. I was all over the place, on the floor. It was in the bathroom. Hopefully I get to work with him again.
X: I saw that you did another movie called “Sneaking Around”. I only saw the trailer so far. It looks like Manuel Ferrara plays a rock star?
X: Yeah, all the girls want to fuck him and are trying to,  but I am the one that gets too. I get to fuck Scott Nails also. I go, have fun, have sex and that’s it. (Laughs)
X: Sounds like you have a nice job. I also saw you did one called Prom where you do get to be like a princess.
S: Yes that was with Tony Ribas and we had sex in a limo. I was so sweaty, more sweaty than I have ever been in my life, because you know how they have to turn off the air during the shoot? (because of the noise) So it was really intense. And after that I had to do more dialog, so I had to do my hair all over again. It took like two hours.
X: What a pain. Do you like doing dialog?
S: Yeah, I like doing dialog. I’m more comfortable with it now. You just have to get into your character and say it how you would say it. Because if you worry too much it sounds fake.
X: Do you like the acting part?
S: Yeah, I love the acting part. I want to become a better actor and a better model.
X: Well you have all the raw material to work with because you are gorgeous. Maybe take a couple acting classes and you could be on a Spanish soap opera.
S: I love Spanish soap operas. I grew up watching them
X: I think it would be fun to be on a Spanish soap opera. They are always fighting and having sex.
S: Yeah I am going to tell Robbie (one of DP’s directors) that I want to do a Spanish soap opera porn.
X: That is a great idea! Just remember where you got it from! (Laughs) You could do it partly in Spanish with English subtitles. You fans would love to hear you speak Spanish. I love the fact that you are Cuban. I don’t think I know any other big Cuban porn stars. Selena Rose, Cuban Goddess! I heard you were moving to a new place?
S: Yeah I am. I got the best condo. I am going to turn one room into a sex room with a stripper pole and all fun sexy stuff so I can start doing web-camming there. I want to get those foam beds that make it easier to have sex from behind. I want to learn how to strip on my pole, because I’ve never been a stripper in my life.
X: And you need one of those things that you ride on and it has all the attachments, like on the Howard Stern show.
S: Oh yeah, I’m going to get one of those for sure. I already bought some of the coolest things, well you’ll see, you can come and web cam with me.
X: (laughs) Ok. Will you be camming on the DP site, or on your own site?
S: I have my own site But I am not sure yet which site I will be on, but probably DP.  I can’t wait. I start moving in tomorrow. My view when I wake up is the ocean.
X: That’s fabulous! So tomorrow you have to have sex there, because you have to christen every room.
S: I will bless the house! (Laughs) The Jacuzzi, the tub, the shower, I will be like carry me and fuck me around the whole house.
X: The kitchen counter is good too! Do you have an unfulfilled fantasy?
S: I have a lot. I have one where a bunch of porn stars that are my favorites like Manuel, Eric, Nacho; have them all naked on an island and fuck me. I’ve never really done a threesome with guys, not even two guys at a time. Then I would like a bunch of girls attacking me also in the ocean. And I also want to fuck in a plane. I’ve never fucked in a plane, but I don’t think you can fuck in a plane. Well maybe a private plane. Another fantasy I had was fucking in a tanning salon, but I did that yesterday. (Laughs)
X: Were you in the tanning bed?
S: Well leaning on it.
X: Because they aren’t very comfortable to lay in .
S: If felt so good.
X: So you had a guy sneak in your room?
S: Yeah, I brought him with me.
X: So you were quiet so nobody knew what you did?
S: Well when I was giving a blow-job I was making sounds, because it’s kind of hard to not make sounds when you are giving a blow-job. But nobody said anything.
X: So what is your blow-job technique?
S: When I give a blow-job the first thing I do is go really slow and I look at the guy in his eyes and I tell him look at my pretty face, look at my pretty boobs and touch me. I just suck it really fast and use my hands and I deep throat. I deep throat really good. I’m the best at sucking cock.  (Laughs) No for real, that is my best quality.
X: You have lots of good qualities.
S: Yeah, I know, but I love sucking cock. It turns me on so much especially when it is really, really, really huge and it makes my throat hurt and stretch out and I just like it, ya know?
X: Any guy who goes out with you is a lucky guy. If you could have sex with any famous person who would it be?
S: I really like Brad Pitt. I like girls too. Some girls I wanna fuck are J.Lo. She is really pretty and hot. I want to fuck Kim Kardasian, because she has a big ole butt. There are so many. Lady Gaga, I am sure she is into some really kinky stuff and I’d like to try it out. She would be fun.
X: Are there any porn stars that you would like to have sex with that you haven’t yet?
S: Jenna Haze, I really want to have a sex scene with her. I know Tera Patrick quit, but she is really pretty. Oh and Jessie Andrews. I haven’t had sex with her and she was my best friend when she was here in Miami but we never did anything.
X: I think she is adorable.
S: Me too. We both got into the industry at the same time.
X: You two would look great together, since she is all natural with blonde hair. I’d like to see that scene. Do you have any fetishes?
S: Well I like getting my toes sucked and I like watching guys jerk off to my face. I also like having on a collar with a leash and you pull me and say come here bitch, like I’m a dog. It feels really good when the collar is really tight. That’s not too crazy, but it’s hot. It’s like I am a little sex kitten.
X: Do you have a message for your fans?
S: I love you all. And I hope you enjoy my movies and if you want to talk to me my twitter account is SelenaRoseDP and my website is or you can see me at I look forward to making love on film to show you all, so you can jack off to my face!


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    THIS GIRLS ISN’T FAKE! she is From Miami and going to DO very good in this Industry. Just go home to Miami , when u don’t have to be in Nasty Ass L.A.! and you’ll do good!

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