Shelley Lubben Wanted NO “Playboy Club” -Now it’s GONE

NL-Shelley Lubben was protesting that this show was even going on the air. She told "The series looks like it’s all cute, taking place back in the old days — it seems harmless, but then they show a quick clip of three people going at it in the bathroom. NBC is breaking the law with this show — they’re not meeting FCC standards."

From  by Chris Harnick, posted Oct 4th 2011 1:22PM
NBC has pulled the plug on ‘The Playboy Club.’ It’s the first cancellation of the new fall season.

It will be replaced by Brian Williams’ new newsmagazine series ‘Rock Center’ starting Mon., Oct. 31 at 10PM.

Variety reports that repeats of ‘Prime Suspect’ will air in the Mondays at 10PM timeslot until ‘Rock Center’ debuts.

‘The Playboy Club’ debuted to 5 million viewers and has fallen dramatically since. Its most recent Monday night episode was seen by about 3.4 million viewers. It starred Eddie Cibrian and Amber Heard and told the story of the Playboy club in 1960s Chicago.

In addition to the low ratings and a poor critical response, ‘The Playboy Club’ was also targeted by the Parents Television Council for being indecent. One NBC affiliate even refused to air the series.


  1. jet_tits

    I really hope Luben has no issue with Monday Night Football. I would hate for her to also have that show canceled.

  2. Michael Whiteacre

    Shelley has much bigger problems today than the Fall Schedule.

    Check my twitter feed: @mrwhiteacre

    Video to follow.

    Bye bye Lubben. A despicable human being, bereft of decency and compassion.

  3. Michael Whiteacre

    A new Shelley Lubben video goes live tomorrow, friends, thanks to a beautiful and courageous former Pink Cross victim who approached me to tell her story.

  4. Karmafan

    I’m really surprised the Christian Mafia and Shelley have not been out in the media bragging how they crushed The Playboy Club?

  5. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL

    See can’t. Whiteacre has her on the run. It’s one thing to lie about your past, but when your family tells everyone your lying it really calls your credibility into question. As if the 8 ft Bo staff didn’t already, no mommy and brother wan a spit luggies in her eye

  6. maddy1

    Wow! Shelley definitely has nothing to do with this play boy cancellation she (SHELLEY) is back in recovery! Lol! Jenni and Roger two pink staff employees she has living at her pink cross recovery home maybe blogged this. All those two do is sit around with their laptops and read everyone’s twitter and blogs to update pink cross sites!

  7. origen

    Why does Shelly Lubben remind me of “Starr” from “White Oleander”? I hope she gets better but she needs to fix herself….

  8. maddy1

    I was told by friend Michael that Lubben posted a video of me on her FB by Ricky B and myself. Yes I can admit at the time I probably blamed the industry for my problems and addictions!Remember I am an addict and Shelley Lubben fed me my fix. Now I AM NOT IN DENIAL and I am the one that is responsible for what I did. NO ONE ELSE and it took me three years are so to admit this. I probably would have not made some choices in my past if I was not using. The drugs and the alcohol were all part of my bad choices and behaviors. Shelley knew what she was doing and yes I was pregnat at the time and just left industry so my hormones were all jacked up and was easy to manipulate.
    But, any how I contacted Whiteacre I am the one that is not in denial Shelley is. That woman is a user, manipulator, liar and an addict. Shelley wants to save lives and rescue woman out of the industry! She is full of shit and has no business counseling any woman if she is feeding them lies, pills and alcohol when she is using as well. I have been hurt more by her than any other porn agent or producer! Whiteacre did not pay me anything nor promise to heal me from porn. Like Shelley makes promises! I do apologize to the industry for some of my comments that I have made in the past! Again I won’t continue to stress on my addictions and behavior please keep in mind that fed me alcohol and we shared our pills together. She took me to the doctor to get me my pills and told my psychiatrist what pills to give me. I am now in an intensive outpatient and I am not even allowed benzos (ativan, librium, xanax, clonopin) or tranquilizers (ambiem) which all of the drugs she recommended for me in her so called recovery home which she never came around because she went to a nice impatient program in Utah which she was able to swim, hike and horseback ride and she made a point to tell me it costed two grand a day! What the FUCK she had me in her house living with a ex hooker and porn addict that were counseling me!
    One Jenni’s job position is a recovery specialist and to counsel the women. She don’t even have a high school diploma and I have my child she don’t have custody of hers. Second, Roger runs around like Shelley’s little bitch! Lastly, where is Lubben?????????????? (It’s like where is Waldo) She disappears from time to time on her binges!
    My whole point about exposing Lubben is so that other girls that leave to think twice about going to her! She will use and lie to get her donations….. Lubben is pimp and I was brave enough to expose it! Please any girls leaving you can do it on your own!

  9. maddy1

    Hello! I am aware that Shelley posted a past interview of myself and talking about the industry. Yes I admit that I am an ADDICT and she fed me my fix I am not in denial and I am now responsible for my actions nor do I blame anyone for my behavior or addictions. When leaving the industry I was pregnant and coming down off drugs and alcohol and was at the time was so easily manipulated. I met Shelley and had no idea what her intent was and new nothing about her! Yes, she comfort me,she loved me and at the time was a warming caring person that gave me hope and gave me great expectations! It wasn’t till after I had my daughter that I relapsed and reached out to Shelley for her guidance. Shortly after that I started helping her out at events, meeting and social gatherings. I started to see her true colors and what Shelley Lubben was all about and see that she wasn’t who she said she was and noticed she had issues.
    I moved to her recovery house (which I was the only one there) in Bakersfield because I was having some issues. Shelley was the one who took me to the psychiatrist and requested certain medications for me that she was taking. So shortly after I was on the same meds that she was on! And that is when we started sharing our pills which she frequently borrowed mine and at times I didn’t have any. Now, me detaching myself from her and the pink cross foundation I came to the realization that SHELLEY was my trigger and I put myself in a intensive rehab program that one does not allow benzos nor tranquilizers which she fed me in her so called recovery program ativan, clonopin, xanax, librium (benzos) and ambiem (tranquilizers). She drank with me and took pills with me. That is not a recovery program. Shelley has a ex hooker (JENNI) and an ex porn addict (ROGER) running her program. One Jenni’s occupation title is a porn recovery specialist (what the fuck) and Roger’s title is Lubben’s little bitch!Miss Jenni has a nice title with her doing 12 movies and no high school diploma. I am glad that Shelley got proper treatment in a luxury rehab that she boasted to me that cost two grand a day and had leisure activities such as hiking, horse back riding, swimming, etc. (nice rite?) She must have got some nice donations exploiting my daughter and I. Shelley is a liar, manipulator, drug addict and user. She makes us girls pose with her, helps write our so called testimonies! She has did more damage to me than ANY agent or producer. She exploited my daughter and my real name!
    I contacted Michael Whiteacre. I did not receive any money for the shoot and he did not promise to heal me from my addictions and porn like Lubben does! I just got braver by the hour and stronger by the days and don’t want any other girl to go through what I am healing from and witnessed.
    Lastly I want to apologize to any agent, performers and producers that I talked bad about but, again I won’t stress on my addictions are behaviors from my past!
    Thanks Maddy

  10. Anthony Kennerson


    Thanks so very much for having the ovaries to speak out, and for surviving what must have been basic hell.

    All the best to you on your continuing recovery.

    Oh…and try as Shelley might take credit for The Playboy Club getting run, they did that all by themselves. To say that that show sucked is an sucking.


  11. Michael Whiteacre

    Amen, Anthony.

    As I wrote earlier this evening, if you trap someone in a house with a semi-literate trailer park hooker (Jenni ****) and a chronic masturbator (Roger ******), fill her head with “I am your prophet” bullshit, feed her alcoholism with booze and get her hooked on pills, you can probably get her to say anything you want for the cameras.

    Lubben the “Rebel Prophet” has been weighed in the balance and found wanting.

    Madelyne contacted me via Facebook and email. I reprinted some of her statements in the video. She said she wanted to expose Lubben but feared she was too weak.

    But, soon after, she called me and told me: “If we don’t stop her, she’s going to hurt more people.”

    It was a difficult and emotional shoot — as you can clearly see during the last segment, about Shelley telling her to get rid of her baby if it turned out to be black — but Madelyne has guts.

    @Madelyne — You are THE hero of the Pink Cross saga — the insider who dared to blow the whistle on the sins of Shelley and Garrett Lubben.

    The best news is: you are not the last whistle-blower. People are now lining up reveal THE TRUTH about Shelley Lubben, in the name of decency. I’ve been doing interviews for the last two days.

    But you, Maddy, were the tipping point.

    This blight known as Pink Cross Foundation is coming down, and there’s not a damn thing that that self-serving fraud Shelley Lubben can do about it.

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  13. Fartz

    I Love the name Parents Television Council. Too fucking lazy to monitor their children, so they’d just rather pull the plug altogether. What a fucking disgrace.

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