Shyla Styles-Update


I have still heard nothing from Shyla or her agent Shy Love. But boy have I heard from others! A fan of Shyla’s called me Porn TMZ, and I’ve gotten so many bad Shyla stories from others, but I’m not even going to mention them.

Shyla’s friend Tya responded "pls stop this cuz I do not need this linked to me I know the real truth & non of that is true & that’s my statement so pls stop"  I have removed Tia’s last name from both posts so she is not connected to this through google searches.

What Tia says tho is cryptic.  With no further info, I can’t even hazard a guess.

I do know that the club that Shyla appeared at, that started this story lost a lot of money. According to the guy who runs
"Shyla cost Blush $10k in advertising and myself agony"

So there is a lot more to it than a star just not doing her scheduled shows. Clubs pay thousands in advance to advertise in local newspapers announcing that the star is coming, and when customers show up to see the star and she isn’t there, the club ends up with lots of pissed off customers who are unlikely to come back again.

Whatever the "real" story is behind Shyla’s troubles these last few months, I just wish she would tell us. She would have loyal fans standing behind her, and lots of industry folks supporting her. Whatever it is, I wish her the best, and hope she comes through it okay. She is a beautiful woman, with a ton of people who love her.

Shyla’s site is still down, but here is a link with more explicit pictures from her site here

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  1. Sean Tompkins AKA TRPWL

    No one says your pathetic, ive told you this many times..your like 1000s of other guys that love to have sex with porn girls..nothing wrong with that..heres the deal, like anything else in life you take the good with the bad.. you order a pizza and sumtimes its fucked deal with and move on..

  2. brutalscrooge

    I really can’t stop it from creeping up in my mind.. all the more reason to share the story with as many whore mongers as possible and spare them the potential grief. I get it, all you industry people haven’t been fucked over by her.. which means she picks and chooses who she fucks over. Which in my book doesn’t make her any cooler. If you would Michael.. whats your expert diagnosis of my mental illness? what disorder do I have exactly?

  3. brutalscrooge

    Like I said.. no one really has an argument.. we have michael waxing poetic about this hooker with a heart of gold and sean doing what he does so well. jumping into something that has absolutely nothing to do with him. Briggette Adair’s/ Bobbi Billards is the agency. I was offered a refund. I told them to donate it to kids with cancer. They reneged. Told me they were going to spend the money on getting my background info, which they did and shared with sean, who turned around and tweeted.. my families personal information. where my mom lives, where my sister works.. twitter. at the end of all this… I end up blacklisted. for standing up for myself. Whore mongers beware. This bitch sucks.

  4. origen

    You’re an idiot, scrooge. You should have taken the refund. Scratch that, you should have never paid for sex in the first place.

    Go fuck yourself or make an effort to get a girl to voluntarily have sex with you–you lazy scum.

    Merry Christmas, asshole.

  5. brutalscrooge

    You fuck with the bull you get the horns. I told Bobbi Billard (Briggette Adair) I would not be bullied out of sharing this story under any circumstances. I can’t help it, I can’t drop shit like this, its politics. This is why I don’t vote, or even watch the news.

  6. brutalscrooge

    I love how michael will just spam comments and shit when he feels like he’s in the right and just shrink and disappear when he knows he’s being fucking owned thoroughly. fucking twat.

  7. Michael Whiteacre

    @brutalscrooge — If you call five comments (out of sixty), three of which were about the patent fact that you’re mentally ill, an example of how I “spam comments” then I guess you prove my point.

  8. brutalscrooge

    no, Im talking about your twitter full of spam on Slubben, while you block me. Becase my issue is with one of your ex girlfriends, even though you know escort agencies shouldnt be able to operate like this. You turn a blind eye to arguments you cant win cause you’re a faggot.

  9. brutalscrooge

    Your ex girlfriend breaking the law doesnt make me mentally ill. Shes the one whose been puking her guts out for 15 years on cue.. talk about issues.

  10. Anthony Kennerson

    Ummm…getting back to the original subject matter….any updates on what Shyla is doing right now?? Is she officially retired, or what??


  11. brutalscrooge

    I just don’t check this site everyday. Not that theres anything wrong with that, you guys. ‘For the record’ Shyla is a working girl, you can find her on the escort websites under “available now”

  12. Karmafan

    There aren’t many porn girls that DON’T escort. Our own Mariah Milano is one that says she doesn’t escort. Does Monica Foster still escort (maybe only 1 of her personalities does)?

  13. brutalscrooge

    don’t know and don’t care, this thread isn’t about monica, its about what shyla stylez is up to. Nothing good. As far as I know she’s still with the same handlers that are getting such a bad reputation throughout the hobbying circles. good luck with that, “amanda”

  14. brutalscrooge

    Update: shyla is alive and well and averaging one new review on TER per two months-ish. Haven’t heard of any other extortion attemps either. Good sign? Only time will tell.. Jeremy lay off the crack you’re ruining the site

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